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I Surrender by rj_sunshine
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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By Padma Patil

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Last night, the Wizarding World received some peace of mind when the aggrieved murderer and former death eater, Draco Malfoy fell to his tragic and unseemly death. The Venezia Hotel, Venice, Italy at the Annual European Wizarding Ministerial Dinner Party was where the scene took place with only muggle witnesses to view the ‘suicidal sociopath’ step off the ledge of the roof. The Ministry’s authorities quickly handled the state of affairs and took over from the Italian Police Squad upon their almost immediate arrival. The drama had all ensued during the party with no ministry members able to confess their knowledge of the escaped convicts arrival.
Most of the wizarding community will show no remorse for this death as Draco Malfoy was the third most wanted wizard with a reward sum of ten thousand galleons on his head. The minority will see that this was the worst outcome possibly imagined: unheard evidence had not been shared by Mr Malfoy which could answer many ambiguous questions.

   Draco Malfoy, 21, was found guilty and sentenced to twenty years imprisonment in Azkaban prison on the 31st December for the abominable crime he had committed: the torture and murder of hero, Ronald Weasley, best friend and aide to the legend, Harry Potter. He played a very intimate role in the salvation of our world, relinquishing its hold from evil. For that we thank him, Harry Potter, Ron’s fiancée and friend, Hermione Granger and all others who have lost their lives and assisted the cause.

  The trial which the Wizarding world never forgot lasted almost seven months; gathering evidence was difficult and especially when Mr Malfoy continuously protested his innocence. Hand in hand with this, Draco Malfoy refused to speak of his whereabouts and goings on during the week surrounding Mr Weasley’s death, but many have the feeling that vital information had been held back. His representative and close friend, Blaise Zabini, did his job well, but nothing shocked the country more than when Malfoy changed his plea from 'Not Guilty' to 'Guilty' halfway though the court process, thus delaying it for another few months. However, this did nothing for the outcome, as it was almost inevitable that the verdict would be 'Guilty', as many had settled on from the outset.

  Just three months after his imprisonment, Malfoy escaped, maybe with help from his mother, Narcissa (investigations are underway) and seemed to have literally fallen off the map. The Department of Magical Law Enforcement had traced him all around the country and then it seemed Europe, at various rendezvous points, possibly meeting former members of You-Know-Who’s fallen alliance. Nothing has been confirmed by the Minister for Magic nor Ministry Officials at this point. The Magical Law Enforcement Squad’s trainee, Miss Granger (as mentioned above) was part of the ongoing investigation of Mr Malfoy’s sudden disappearance as her knowledge of the facts were flawless. After being promoted to a low level Hit Wizard, Miss Granger followed the senior team around the world in search of him. She has withheld all comments, but primary sources believe she was at or near the scene last night when Malfoy took his life. Another leak has revealed that a retrial had been scheduled that could have proved that the evidence after all had been incorrect or otherwise faulty.

  The murder was first discovered, on the morning of the seventh of March, just six days after Ronald’s twentieth birthday. Almost a fortnight later, Harry Potter had this to say: ‘Ron was my best friend, like a brother to me. I couldn’t have ever accomplished what I have without him…and I will find whoever did this.’ From this point onwards, Harry made it his mission to avenge his best friend’s death. He and Hermione Granger assisted the Ministry in initially highlighting Draco Malfoy as a suspect and it all began from that moment.

  Who knew that this would be the outcome? Has an innocent man just lost his life?

Is Ronald Weasley’s killer still out there?

Still many things unanswered have left the Wizarding World confused and appalled by the Minister’s lack of communication to the public. Even now that safety has been assumedly returned to the streets of the villages, where is the justice? Where is the evidence?

Most importantly, where is the truth?

I and so many others wish to know: What happened on that rooftop?


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