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What Even is a Squib? by music_love_fred
Chapter 1 : The Prologue
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The daughter of one of the most powerful wizards ever known to the Wizarding World. She shares a first name with his mother. Her middle name is of a girl he once attended a Chrismas party with. And a last name that will be written in the history books for all time. She has great friends, who just happen to be her cousins. Her tongue is quick when coming up with witty retorts and funny comments. But when asked why she doesnt attend Hogwarts, she can never form the simple words. But there's only one answer:

Lily Luna Potter is a squib.


When I was a child, my father would do magic around the house. Sometimes my older brothers could make things move. They encouraged me to do the same. I couldn't. Mum said I was just a 'late bloomer' and that she was too. But after James and Albus came back from their first few years at Hogwarts and could do all these amazing things, I couldn't wait for my magic skills to start. They didn't.

The summer before my first year, I didnt recieve a letter of acceptence. I didn't go shopping for my first wand. Mum and Dad didnt help me pick out the books I would need or the right sized cauldren. James and Albus didn't tell me which teachers to avoid, and which to befriend. There would be no late night trips to the kitchens, or secret snogs in empty classrooms. I wouldn't stay up late talking with my new friends about which Hufflepuff boy was the cutest.

My parents felt terrible and I think... Ashamed? They wouldn't get to brag about what a great witch I was. Or that I was a star student in Potions and Transfiguration. They wouldn't get to receive that letter telling them that I was the star Quidditch player in my 6th year.

Instead of all that glory and magical happiness, I was home schooled. I immediately was given a tutor. We would meet every day to get me caught up. And when I was, it was time for High School.

During those terrible days at home, my mom and I grew awfully close. Sometimes my aunt Hermione would visit and we'd all have fun, little girl's days out. We'd do muggle things such as: going to the movies, or the spa. My favorite was getting my nails done. They did a wonderful job.

Since Hermione was muggle born, she told me all about Muggle schools. It would be so different from what I was expecting from Hogwarts. At High School, I didn't stay or live there! They have teachers and not Professors. The subjects are also quite different. No potions or charms, but Chemistry and other "science" classes. Math was also new to me. Also, an English class? Seriously? 

Why, oh why wasn't I a Wizard?

So, this is the squiberific story of my squibtastic life. -sigh-







AN: So, just a quick opening to the story. The next chapter will start at the summer before her would be first year at Hogwarts, to right before she would attend High School. Please review. It's needed. :)

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