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The Memories to Come. by griffindorechicky101
Chapter 7 : unexpected moments.
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 Right at that moment fire burst from the windows and throughout the yard. Everyone could be heard screaming, and Fleur quickly grabbed the kids and  flooed to Grimauld Place.  Bright flashes of deadly curses broke out all over the place and Harry ran out the door.

Bellatrix walked through the grasses, with a fake sullen face and her natural dark clothing.  Sirius running after her.
“ Expelliarmus” yelled  Sirius, flinging his wand at her, but she deflected it with ease.

“ Tsk Tsk Tsk, you think you can beat me dear cousin?”  Bellatrix said throwing the cruciatus curse at him. He writhed in pain.

“ Now you see dear cousin , I will beat you ,how would you think it would ever be possible to beat me?” She then through another spell at Sirius, tears of pain streaming from his eyes.

 Ginny was fighting Mr. Malfoy, she fought hard and long, and was hit with a curse that knocked her out. Harry saw and ran towards her, and at the same moment was hit with a curse and entered into a battle with Draco Malfoy.

“ I’ve saved your life twice, and you want to defeat me when I’m trying to save my wife, what the fuck is your problem.” Harry spat angrily at Draco.

“ Because for once in my life I will win against you, you always get everything!”

“Has it ever occurred you I don’t fucking want all this shit?” Harry yelled, throwing a spell that knocked Draco on the ground.

He answered with a simple, “ NO!” , and apparated away. Harry  just shook his head and ran towards his wife, he took her inside and ran up to her room. After getting Ginny to safety Harry ran back out side to help with the fight. He looked around and everyone was strong, except Sirius.


“ I will win dear cousin!”

“ Fuck no you won’t.” Sirius screamed, although from anyone else’s point of view it seemed like Bellatrix could be right this time.

“ How dare you talk to me like that, crucio!”

 Sirius could hardly breathe he was in pain and was slowly going unconscious ,the next time he got the chance he was going to kill her. With all the hopes he had he would not let his fate be what Alice and Frank Longbottoms were he would live, without being insane. He had a baby coming and a wife, and a godson.  

“ Tsk ,cousin, Tsk, what about you go to saint mungos, or maybe just a kill should work, Adava Ked-”

She was stopped short by Sirius she couldn’t believe he was standing and now a green spell was headed straight for her head. She was like a dear caught in head lights she had no time to react, she fell like a board, as did Sirius.

All the death eaters stopped dead in there spots and stared at the very spot  that there leader of the mission has now fallen, Voldermorts infamous  leader was dead. All stood still besides her husband, who came running full force to Sirius.

Harry jumped in, “ Stupefy!”

“Stupid boy you will not will against me.” He began to apparate away. Not  before Harry caught his coat and apparated with him.


Just Then Ginny awoke in pain and screamed, her family turned to run into the house with increasing speed. The death eaters apparated away all at once.

“ Ginny!” Mrs. Weasley yelled as she ran up the stairs to Ginny’s room.

She got up there and Ginny was screaming in pain holding her stomach and sweating.
 Thank God Angelina was a midwife and also married to George.

“ Move aside! Please, Okay  Ginny I know it hurts but if you want your baby to be okay your going to need to let me see your stomach, okay?”

Ginny shook her head and  pulled up shirt up. Angelina  moved her wand over her stomach and looked at the baby, her heart rate was fading and  the picture was getting fainter.

“Ginny I need you to stay calm,  your daughters heart rate is fading and  the picture is getting fainter I need you to drink a potion and get to saint mungos if it doesn’t improve.”

Ginny didn’t answer she couldn’t her  voice was being interrupted by her tears, her heart was broken, all she could  was drink a potion, she wanted Harry she needed him, “Harry..”

No one had the heart to tell her that he had gone with a death eater, but they knew they had to, they new she new it was going to come someday . However one would have expected that it was come along with a baby. They felt for it  but Bill decided to take one for the team.

“ hey there Gin,  How you feeling.”

Ginny just said that shook her head and she choked on her tears, “ Where is my Husband?”

“ Gin I am so sorry.”

“ NO!”

“ He caught onto a death eater as he apparated away.”

“ NO! no, no..” Ginny was broken , it was the hardest thing this family has ever had to deal with, even Ron and Hermione were lost, he’s never been against them with Ron and Hermione.

Everyone was sullen and waiting to hear something. Ginny lay in her bed at her parents house her baby was getting better. She couldn’t bare going home to her bed, hers and Harry’s bed.

 Fleur was caring for the children, her own daughter screaming for her daddy.  Fleur didn’t know what to do ,her daughter would sleep and wake to nightmares. Teddy dear poor teddy wanted his mum but only his dad was there to comfort him.

“Mon little Daughter J’avais  amorous vous.”

“ I love you too mummy” Victorie said and snuggle  into her moms chest.


“ Oh, arthur your home! Our family, our daughter, what are we going to do!?”

“ Shh, my love everything will turn out for the best. I promise. Ginny will be fine  she is strong Harry will come back he always does he will for his daughter and his wife.” Arthur  replied and snuggled closer into his  wife.


  Ron went to  lavender and  held her as she cried in fear of what she saw and  Hermione snuggled up to Fred. Fred took her up to his room and george and his wife went home and Ron and lavender when to Ron’s room.  Everyone else decided it would be best to go to there homes and  calm down together.


“ Yes, love?” Fred answered   while stroking her cheek.

“ Don’t you ever   jump on a death eater while he is leaving like my dumb ass best friend.” Hermione answered with a smirk.

“ Okay baby.” Fred answered with a chuckle and kissed her  as he  pulled her close and put her to sleep.

 All was quiet, and so was Ginny. It was peaceful maybe a little cold but it was bearable, it  was as if tonight’s drama had never happened.

They soon found Sirius and took him carefully to Charlie’s old room.


 “ HARRY!” Ginny screamed and  was up breathing hard and suddenly and alarm went off as soon as she  felt  cramps in her stomach, every one in the house was up and in her room,  meanwhile  Molly called angelina and they were over there, faster then you could say jack rabbit.

 “ Ginny lift your shirt!” Angelina said as she walked into the room . She did and she told and went unconscious and  the wand was shown over her stomach.

“Shit,” Angelina  said and she  poured a potion down  Ginny’s throat. “ She is having contractions this should stop them.”

“ Agghhhhh!” Ginny yelled as she woke up  again. “ What the hell is going on?”

“Ginny your having contractions I gave you a potion to stop them,  they should be stopping them now is it feeling any better?”

“NO!” Ginny said as her  heart stopped.

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