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The One That Got Away by AriellaGranger
Chapter 2 : A Welcome Feast, Indeed.
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 The welcoming feast was, as always, a grand affair. The first years seemed to be smaller than when Draco was at school but all just as frightened. Amongst some of the faces, he could see the offspring of his own classmates, including 5 Weasleys and 2 Potters. From up at the teachers table, Draco could see everything, including his son, Scorpious claiming a lot of attention at the Slytherin table. 

Draco found himself seated next to Neville Longbottom, the Head of Gryffindor and Herbology teacher, who spent most of the feast having an animated discussion with Luna Scamander, who was the new Care of Magical Creatures teacher and Head of Ravenclaw. On the other side of Draco sat Hannah Longbottom, Neville’s wife, and also the Head of Hufflepuff and Transfiguration teacher. To Draco, it almost felt like he was back, but not as a teacher but as a student.

“Draco? Is everything ok?”Hermione asked. “You seem really quiet, and you haven’t eaten anything.”

“I’m fine Hermione. It just feels a little weird to be back.”

“You sure?”


She smiled at him with that and then stood, to address the school, her long purple robes swamping her.

“Welcome all, to a new year at Hogwarts! Welcome to all our first year students, and welcome back to our returning students. We also have a welcome to a new teacher. I ask you all to give a round of applause for our new potions teacher, and the Head of Slytherin House, Professor Malfoy!” Draco stood as Hermione swept round and flashed him a wide smile as the hall filled with a smattering of applause. Draco simply gave a nod of his head before returning to his seat, feeling quite self conscious, never having had this many eyes on him before.
“Now Mr Criss has asked me to remind you all that the Forbidden Forest is out of bounds and has no problems with giving out detentions to anyone caught there. Now, it is late, and we must all go to our beds. PREFECTS! Please show the first years to their dorms. Goodnight everybody.”
The usual deafening sound of benches being pushed back and a thousand voices starting at once filled the hall. Draco remained in his seat, waiting for everyone else to leave before he went to his office.

“Draco? Do you want to walk with me?” Hermione stood over him, still looking mildly concerned.

“Sure, Professor, “he smirked and stood. They slipped through the side door and into one of the back corridors. There were a few straggling students here and there, but a sharp look from the Headmistress had them heading for their dorms quick. “So, how long have you been teaching here?”

“Well, almost 15 years. I started off at the ministry but then I heard there was an opening for a Muggle Studies teacher, so I took it. Then I was appointed Head 3 years ago when McGonagall retired.”

Draco simply nodded. “And you still managed to have 2 kids as well.” Again, Hermione blushed, making Draco smile.

“Yes, well Ron does visit the school, on occasion. Usually when there’s a Quidditch game happening.”

“Are either of your kids here?”

“Rose is. She’s 2nd year this year. Hugo starts next year. So what about you? What have you been doing these past 16 years?”

“Not an awful lot to be painfully honest,”Draco said as they descended the stairs to the dungeons. “With my parents in Azkaban for the next 20 years, I had the manor to myself and not a lot of work to do. But then Pansy told me she was pregnant, and I thought I should probably marry her. So we’ve been married for nearly 13 years, I think.”

“She didn’t mind you coming back to teach?”

“Nah. She works for Witch Weekly and she travels a lot to do it, so she probably wouldn’t even notice me not being there.” ‘It’s because she travels a lot that we’re even still married,’ Draco thought to himself. They had reached Draco’s quarters and stopped outside his door.

“Well, good night, Professor Malfoy. Shall I see you tomorrow?”

“Maybe. But I’ve got my first classes tomorrow. So we shall see. Who knows, they might get me,” he joked.

“Yeah, you gotta watch out for those first years. They’re pretty vicious...”

“Especially the small bookworms with bushy hair, “Draco said with a wink, before retreating into his dark office. 

(AN-I know its short. I promise to make the next chapter longer :))

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