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Penultimate Year by GREX101
Chapter 10 : A Recipe For Disaster
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Hey ya’ll :P keep reading and reviewing x

A few weeks had passed since the David Berkeley affair. Now, the marauders sat at their usual table at the three broomsticks, planning their annual Halloween prank. So far, a few ideas had been tossed around, not many of them sticking. James lifted his butterbeer off of the greasy table and to his lips, taking a swig and gulping it down noisily.

“We could draw a fire picture on the quidditch pitch.” He suggested, Sirius shook his head as he took a heavy sip of his own butterbeer, the liquid chilling as it crept down his throat.

“Nah, too much hassle. We won’t possibly be able to top that next year for the big finale, but keep that in mind.” He sighed. The others nodded in agreement.

“So what do we do?” Remus asked to no one in particular. The others all thought hard, but were unable to think of anything. Each then shrugged their shoulders and sighed in annoyance. They were then distracted by the sound of two people laughing loudly as they entered the building. James, Remus and Peter passed it off but Sirius looked on as Marion and David entered and sat at the table on the other side of the room. Marion smiled at Sirius before she sat down, coaxing a small and rather pathetic wave from him in return. He winced as Marion turned away and he heard his friends snigger behind him. His attention now religiously trained on his butterbeer, he hoped that the guys wouldn’t say anything. For once, his prayers were answered.

“This is impossible!” James cried, “How can we, we, be out of ideas?!”

“Yeah. We’ve pulled so many good pranks we may as well leave a notice for Filch letting him know what supplies he’ll need to clean it up two weeks in advance.” Remus sighed. The others smiled as they revelled in the memories. it was true, they did tend to leave a mess for the after-pleasure of watching Mr. Filch clean it up.

“Yeah, the bloke loves us.” Peter put in sarcastically. Sirius’s head then snapped up, an idea popping into his head at light speed.

“What if we did something to Filch? You know, for all the times he’s confiscated all the stuff we like and putting us in detention?” he suggested. The others all nodded, liking where he was going with this.

“Expand.” James encouraged, thumping his friend on the back. Sirius thought hard, and then delivered the rest.

“Well, his weak point is definitely that ruddy cat of his. What if we did something to her?” he continued. The others all grinned but Peter’s soon faltered.

“We’re not going to really hurt her are we?” asked Peter with concern.
“No, why would we do that?” Sirius snapped, “We’re prankers, we don’t torture animals. How would you feel if one of us ripped off your little rat whiskers? You wouldn’t pull my tail would you?”

Peter looked a little nervous, but James cut in.

“Calm down, Padfoot. You were saying?” he said, breaking the tension that had built between Sirius and Peter.

“Right, right.” Sirius got his train of thought back on track, “so, Mrs. Norris. Who else do we owe a thrashing to?”

“Peeves, remember he gave us up to McGonagall when we blew up the girls toilets.” Remus piped up. James and Sirius liked him better when he was like this rather than lecturing them on what was right and wrong.

“Right, so Mrs. Norris and Peeves.” Sirius clarified as he welded the information together in his head. He was trying to think up the perfect scheme. His face suddenly washed with a smug enlightenment, causing his friends faces to light up also. He leaned into the middle of the table, the others doing the same, and began to explain. Excited grins spread like wildfire across their faces as Sirius’s plan was bestowed upon them. When he had told it all, they drew back from the centre of the table and gulped down the rest of their butterbeers. Each one of them was filled with anticipation and excitement. They had no idea that someone else in the room had heard every word of their diabolical scheme. They were to happy and oblivious at this point to notice anything.

“Just for that amazing idea, Pads, the next round is on me.” James cheered as he got out his wallet and waved over the waitress. Sirius stared off into space for a while, and then a blinding light hit his eyes from the other side of the room.

As he winced away from the light, shielding his eyes from it and looking around the room to find the source, he realised that it was the light from outside reflecting off of the fork Marion was holding. She was laughing, loud and tingling like bells tolling in the distance. Sirius found he was unable to take his eyes off of her. It was a strange feeling that was forming in his gut. He couldn’t quite describe it. He was subconsciously cataloguing every movement. Every time she waved her hair or turned her head. Then the waitress returned and obscured his view, bringing him back to his senses. He took the butterbeer that she held out to him and sat back in his chair, slouching and sighing in confusion. What was it that this girl had over him? One minute they were friends and the next they were at each other’s throats. He didn’t hate her though, he could never hate her.

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Penultimate Year: A Recipe For Disaster


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