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Actions Have Consequences by nmegirl
Chapter 5 : My Brother Hates Said Boyfriend
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All the first years had been sorted into their houses, the only notable Gryffindor addition being Lucy Weasley, sister of fifth year Molly Weasley and relation of the Potter/Weasley family. McGonagall then gave a speech about how the forbidden forest was off-limits to all students, and mentioned the ever-growing list of banned products, made by Filch. After the speech the food appeared.

“Now this is what I’m talking about!” Albus’s eyes lit up, as he dove straight into the chicken drumsticks.

“He’s so graceful isn’t he?” said Dominique Weasley from my left. Dom shared a dormitory with me, Holly and Rose.

“Now I think about it, none of the guys in your family can eat properly” I shared.

“Or Rose. But it’s because she lives with Uncle Ron” Dom added. “He practically inhales his food.”

“thasnoffairm” Rose mumbled, her mouth full of food making Dom and I laugh. I looked down the Gryffindor table. Lily Potter and Aiden, who I hadn’t seen since the platform, were surrounded by other people in their year, catching up with friends and telling stories about they’re summers. Further down, was Jack and his mates, who all had their heads together, like they were planning something.

“Is it just me, or do they look like they’re up to something?” All of them, glanced to where I was looking.

“Yeah, but it’s them, they’re always up to something.” said Rose, disregarding it and reaching towards the apple pie, the dessert having appeared.

“I’m sure we’ll find out soon anyway” said Albus. “I’m guessing someone’s skin will turn red, or it’ll start raining in here.”

“You know, you’d be just as pretty if you straightened your hair. You should try it some time.”

Feeling slight Dejavu, Everyone within hearing range all turned and looked at Holly with looks of bewilderment on their faces. However this time even I had a confused expression, as the statement was aimed at me.

“My hairs already straight” I said slowly.

There was a pause while everyone waited for a response.

“Oh yeah. And it is.” She replied, before picking up some treacle tart and eating it, without feeling that anything out of the ordinary happened.

“Has she got nuttier since last year?” Dom questioned. I just shrugged. I felt like that question was gunna come up a lot this year.

When the feast was over, Rose and Albus both left to do prefect duties, leaving Holly, Dom and I to walk up to the common room, after they’d told us the password for the term.

“You know what we should do? Have some sort of get together. We could celebrate the start of the year, as well as our OWL results” Holly announced excitedly.

“Maybe, not tonight though, I’m exhausted.” answered Dom, who looked dead on her feet. “Mum made me and Louis get up really early, even though we’d already packed.”

We approached the fat lady, where she was talking with one of her friends, Violet. She stopped talking and turned towards us.

“Password?” she asked.

“Devil’s Snare.” Holly said. The fat lady didn’t respond, but swung forward to allow us to enter. We collapsed into some seats near a window, feeling full from the feast, but thinking it was to early to go up to bed.

As time went on, the common room got more and more crowded, especially when the new first years were led in by Al and Rose. After showing them, which dormitories were male and female, they headed over in our direction. That’s when we noticed the commotion by the fireplace. Weasley, Potter, Wood and my brother were all laughing as the three latter boys were all pushing Fred Weasley up onto the table.

He cleared his throat before shouting out “Can I have everyone’s attention please!”

The noise in the Common Room completely died down as everyone focused on the red head standing on the table.

“Us four have decided, it being our last year at Hogwarts and all,” the moans and whimpers from the fan girls being emitted (one girl even burst into tears, pathetic sod), “We’re gunna throw a Party here in the Gryffindor Common Room, tomorrow at nine, to celebrate the last year we can call ourselves students. Anyone third year and younger is not invited, as we plan to have vast amounts of alcohol lying around.” He made to get off the table. “Oh and another thing. Pass the message on to your friends in the other houses. This will be a Hogwarts party after all.” He finished the speech with a grin, making the majority of the girls sigh, before jumping of the table to sit with his mates.

“He stole my idea!” Holly whispered to us harshly.

“ I don’t think he knew what you were thinking Hols.” Dom smirked, as Albus and Rose didn’t know what Holly meant.

“We may as well just go to their party” I said. “They’ll make sure everything runs smoothly, and we just have to show up.”

As the number of people in the Common Room started to dwindle, us girls decided it was time to call it a night and headed up to the dorm. As we entered, all our beds looked the same as we had left them, and we all made our way to our respective sleeping areas. After setting the alarm for school tomorrow at 7:30, I prepared for bed.

“Should be fun eh?” Holly said from her four poster bed.


“The Party. Tomorrow.” She responded.

“Oh. Yeah, I guess. I’ll invite Jason.” I decided. It would mean Jase could spend more time around my brother, and they could get used to each other.

“Is that a good idea?” Rose asked, climbing into bed. “Don’t you think the less time they have in each others view the better?”

“They don’t have to spend all night together.” Both me and Dom copying Rose, by getting into bed.

“Well good luck with that idea.”

“Thank you. I‘ll need it.”


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