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Fighting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 9 : Skipping Class and Some Awkwardness
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Chapter 9 

Rose had always found Muggle studies interesting but this year when they had gotten a new professor her favorite class had become one that she dreaded going to. As she sat in class she could feel the insides of her eyelids slowly falling shut. For some reason it was the sound of Professor Smith’s voice that was like a lullaby to her. Also it probably didn’t help that they were discussing Muggle history. Rose could barley pay attention to Wizard History so focusing on Muggle history was out of the question.

She had just started to relax into a comfortable slumber when a loud knocking jerked her up right. Rose looked around the class room to see what was going on and noticed that everyone’s eyes were staring at the door. 

Professor Smith was frustrated that his class was being interrupted casually walked over to the door. Rose could hear mumbling at the door from a somewhat familiar voice although she couldn’t place it.

“Who is that?” she whispered to Albus, who was sitting beside her.

“I don’t know stupid Smith is blocking my vision. You know he could do with a nice diet.” Albus mocked.

“Albus.” She gasped. Rose rolled her eyes at the statement no matter how true it was she didn’t feel you should show disrespect to a teacher that is unless the said teacher was professor Jingles and in that case he was a moron and disserved to be told it.

“What.” Albus said with wide eyes, “It’s true and might I add that I should be allowed to say whatever I like seeing as how you made me take this bore of a class.”

Rose whipping her head around with one of her brads hitting Albus and replied “Correction, you took this class because Uncle Harry told you too. You took the advanced class because you love me.”

“That’s a technicality. Regardless I'm in here because of you so I can say whatever I bloody well please about the professor.” Albus ended his argument by crossing his arms and nodding his head.

Rose determined to have the last word countered “Technicality, regardless of what class level you took you would still be bitching about the professor and I would still tell you to shut your mouth.”

Albus almost laughed at how easy it was to get his cousin into a tizzy. “You win.”

“Thank you.” Rose stared at the door she couldn’t help but feel that something odd was going on. Her suspicions were confirmed when Professor Smith shut the door and walked over to Rose with a folded piece of Parchment in his hand.

“You are wanted in Professor McGonagall’s office immediately Miss Weasley.”

Rose took the parchment from Professor Smith. “Thank you sir,” She said politely, trying not to show her nerves. She wasn’t the type to be called to McGonagall’s office for anything other than fighting and she hadn’t cursed Scorpius in months. She stood up and gathered her things while Albus tapped her giving her a questioning look. “I don’t know.” She tried her best to hold herself together but honestly every step she took was making her feel weaker and weaker.
The second she walked out of the door she felt relieved as her heart stopped racing and calmed down “You prat.” Rose said to the blond boy leaning up against the wall with a grin on his face.

“You know I generally don’t call people names after they’ve just done a favor for me.” He said.

Rose walked over to him a smile on her own face “And what favor was that? Almost giving me a heart attack?”

“No, getting you out of a class you hate.” Scorpius replied.


Thinking about his reasoning for a second Rose said “Thank you, but how did you know that this was my least favorite class?”

“Rose honestly I don’t understand how you are so smart if you can’t even remember what you tell people.” Scorpius said shaking his head. Pushing himself off the wall he glided over Rose “Shall we?”

“Shall we what?” Rose asked with a puzzled look on her face.

Giving her an amused look he exhaled “Shall we leave Rose?”

Rose’s eyes became wide at the thought of skipping a class “Do you know what could happen if were caught skipping a class?” she scolded.

“Yes we’ll get detention and by this point I highly doubt that another detention would really matter.” Scorpius pointed out.

“I don’t know Scorpius I’ve never missed a class before.” Rose said.

Scorpius just stared at her with a shocked expression on his face taking a serious tone he said “Are you serious? You have never missed a class before?”

“Well I have been sick before but other than that no I have never missed a class.”

“Well being sick doesn’t count because you can’t do anything fun when you’re sick.”

Rose looked down at the floor and replied softly “You can read.”

Scorpius met her eyes with a gentile look “Rose come on.” He said in a serious tone.

“Scorpius it just doesn’t seem that smart.” Rose countered.

“That’s it.” He said walking over to her he slyly clutched her book satchel from her hand.

“What are you doing?” Rose asked hotly.

“Just trust me will you.” He said but not even a second later he started to walk off.

“Scorpius!” She whispered shouted.
Scorpius turned around walking backwards and gave a sneaky smirk on his face “If you want your books back you have to come, end of discussion.”

Rose’s jaw dropped “You are such a jerk.”

“Yeah it comes with the territory of being a Malfoy.” Scorpius had a devilish grin on his face now. He turned back around and continued walking.

“Well at least wait up.” He heard Rose say after he had given up hope of her coming. “Oh wipe that grin off your face it looks ridiculous.” Rose said passing Scorpius and walking through the doors into the blazing sun outside.


“So how exactly did you get me out of class because I know McGonagall wouldn’t be dumb enough to actually give you a pass.” Rose asked while lying on a mountain like rock beside a creek, hidden from the sight of the school.

“Well I used a forgery charm that my father taught me.” Scorpius answered while climbing up a tree. Finding the perfect branch that was steady enough to hold him and not too far up, he sat down. “My father said that it came in handy when he was in his sixth year and was working on the vanishing cabinet.”

Rose was surprised to hear Scorpius actually talk about his dad’s Death Eater days “I remember my dad telling me and Hugo the story about that when we were kids. Only he would say this is the story of the murderous blood raging lunatic that allowed Death Eaters into Hogwarts and how he did it.”

“Wow my dad’s story has a title.” Scorpius said.

Rose smiled to herself at the memory of her childhood “Your dad’s story has many titles in my house.”

They both sat in silence for a minute Scorpius slightly chuckled to himself “It’s a rather long title wouldn’t you think. Why not just the Murderous Lunatic or How the Death Eaters got in to Hogwarts?” Scorpius joked.

“Well daddy is a little over the top when it comes to your family.” Rose stated.

“Well if it makes any difference I’m sure my father would agree with what your father says, although he is to prideful to admit it.” Scorpius said gently.  

Rose listening carefully to his words, abruptly said “Does your father tell you a lot about his past?”

Scorpius felt a catch in his breath and then released it slowly “There are certain things my father had to tell me.”

“Why did he have to tell you?” Rose interrupted.

“Well I had a right to know why everyone was going to hate me.” Scorpius had a bitterness in his voice.

Rose had never considered that aspect before “Is that how it has always been?”

“For most of my life.” Scorpius had a note of sadness in his voice

“I guess that it’s true that our parents have made our reputations.” Rose said sharply.

“What do you mean by that?” Scorpius asked.

“Well think about it your father was a Death Eater and for that you have to pay. People don’t want to be around you either because they fear you or they hate you, never giving you a chance to be there friend. Then look at me I'm well liked because my parents helped Harry Potter defeat Voldemort. You see neither of those things we physically did, our parents did but for that we suffer.”

“On the contrary I think I could argue that you are well liked because, regardless of how much you hate to do it, you are nice to everyone.” Scorpius concluded “Well except me that is.”

“That’s because you are the one person that I was never pressured to make happy. You were the only person that I’m allowed to hate.” Rose said absentmindedly.  

“That’s a sorry excuse to hate a person.” Scorpius said hurt. “Although I can’t say that my reasoning for hating you would be much different.”
“Well we are our parents.”

“Merlin I hope not, I never want to be like my father. Always having to watch my back and do everything perfectly to please people, no room for a single mistake.”

Rose couldn’t help but see the similarities between Mr. Malfoy’s life and her own. “Is his life really that bad?”

“No, it’s as good as it could be for all the mistakes he has made. You know it’s funny how the decisions you make when you are a kid affect your whole life.” Scorpius stood up on the limb and attempted to walk across it like a tight rope, slowly and gracefully.

“I wouldn’t know what it is like I don’t make mistakes.” Rose exclaimed.

“I can believe it, Rose Weasley has never made a mistake that sounds about right.” He said with a hint of mockery in his voice.

“You see even you wouldn’t accept it if I had said that I make mistakes.” she was sitting up right now.

Smirking to himself he said “I might add that I said I could believe it that doesn’t mean that I do.”

“Oh really and why do you say that?” Rose questioned as she saw Scorpius jump from the tree limb on to the rock and take a set across from her.

“Because in the few months that I have gotten to know you I have already seen you make a mistake.” He stated firmly.

“Really and what might that be?” Rose had an odd expression her face.

“You trust me.” Scorpius said catching her eyes as he said it.

Rose couldn’t help but smile at him “Trusting you, isn’t a mistake Scorpius, you doing something to lose my trust would make it a mistake.”

Scorpius bit his lip as he stared at her; he had never seen someone so sure of themselves in his entire life. She had a look of satisfaction on her face when she said things that would prove people wrong. Distracted in the moment he also realized that it was a bit awkward too. Clearing his throat he glanced away to the direction of the tree. “You know this class period is almost over we better get back before we miss too much.”

“That’s a good idea I think skipping one class is enough for one day.” Rose smiled “Do I get to have my bag back now?” she questioned.

Scorpius laughed at his own foolishness “Yes you can have it back.” He stood up and went back over to the tree pulling his wand out “Wingardium leviosa.” He said levitating her bag out of the tree branch that he had placed it on.

“Thank you” she said retrieving it and putting it on her shoulder. As she started to walk off she turned around to see him staying still “Aren't you coming?”

Turning around he shook his head “Nah I think I will stay here the rest of the day.”

The way the sunlight hit his hair made him look more like an angel than a boy. “All right then.” She said a little stunned at the thought of the realization that she had “I guess I will see you tomorrow morning for detention during the Quidditch game.

He nodded his head and turned back around “See you bright and early.” he said not looking at her.


Rose stood in the shower letting the steaming hot water fall down her back. She heard the door of the bathroom open as someone walked in. Slowly rinsing her hair out, she yelled over the water “How was it today?” she asked her heart pounding for the response.

“It went alright not what I expected.” A deep male voice answered.

“Really I don’t understand what they are complaining about, you did save the girl.” Rose said back agreeing with the man. 

“Well I did do it in an unorthodox manner.” The man’s voice was smooth and relaxed.

“That’s bollix and you know it. You had every right to do what you did.” Rose argued as she washed herself with soap.

“I know I did.” He said solemnly.

“So how much trouble are you in?” Rose could feel the man climb into the shower behind her. He reached his hand up and slid some of her long red hair aside and bent down touching his lips to her neck, giving Rose goose bumps. Slowly he wrapped his arms around her waist while continuing to give her light kisses on the neck. “Scorpius you have to tell me how it went.” Rose said weakly.

Scorpius stopped what he was doing and let go of her so that she could turn around. Rose looked up into those light blue eyes that always relaxed her when she was nervous about something. Scorpius bit his lip with a slight smile on his face “They promoted me.”

Rose was stunned “Are you serious?”

“Yes.” He was smiling now almost laughing with happiness.

“I love you.” She said as he bent down and kissed her, causing Rose to go weak in the stomach. Wrapping her arms around his neck she pulled him closer to her. He gently held his arms around her body as he lightly traced swirly motions on her back.

Rose jolted awake from the dream that she was having. She was in drenched in sweat and her heart was pounding. What in Merlin’s name was that? Rose thought. She looked around at all her roommates as they were asleep. She stood up and received a slight shock as her bare feet hit the floor.

Standing still she looked out the window to see that the sky had an almost purple look to it. Rose relaxed at the sight of dawn, it always feeling comfortable at this time of the morning. As she got ready the simple thought was in her mind what on earth would have possessed her mind to have a dream like that?

She knew that the sun was most likely to be rising soon and she had been told to report to Hagrid’s hut before sunrise. Quickly and silently Rose got ready brushed her hair and teeth. It was surprising how much quicker she could get ready when she wasn’t sharing a bathroom with five other girls. She slipped on a pair of ratty jeans and sneakers along with a button down polo; she made her way out of her corridor.

Outside this time of morning was always nice there was a nice fresh breeze and the scent of pure innocence in the air. As she walked she tried her best to not think about the dream that she had had but no matter what her mind kept coming back to it. She had no clue how she was going to even look at Scorpius today while serving her detention. As far as she was concerned he was the absolute last person that she wanted to see right now. Just the image of seeing him naked in a shower with her was enough to make her sick to her stomach. Not to say that he was bad looking or unequipped, it was just that she had never thought of him like that and she certainly didn’t want to think of him like that. And the fact that they kissed, it was just all too much.

She thought about it so much that she didn’t even realize that she was already at Hargrid’s hut. He was standing outside feeding water to a very odd and unusual looking best. “Hagrid do I even want to know what that is?” she questioned.

Hagrid turned around with a bright smile and rosy cheeks on his face “Well it is a… a… a… you know it may be best if I just keep that secret for now.”

Rose couldn’t help but look at him and laugh. “Alright then.”

Hagrid put down his watering can and walked over to her giving her a bear size hug. “You know Rose I would like it if you and Albus and James would stop by more often. You three would always come around when you were little, now only Lily and Hugo stop by.”

“Hugo still stops by?” she asked curiously.

“Oh yeah at least once a week, last week he brought by a book that he had just finished. It was about a all these types of creatures in Siberia.” Hagrid smiled “Did you know that there is a dragon in Siberia that can breathe fire and water. It truly is amazing.”

As Hagrid went on Rose stopped paying attention this was a conversation that was better suited for her brother. She heard the snapping of a branch her instincts forced her to flip her head around and see what the noise was. Regretting it the second she turned around because she Scorpius walking down to the hut. The second she saw him the image of him from her dream popped into her mind. Quickly she turned around and looked at the ground.

Scorpius walked up and stood next to Rose. Waiting for a moment he nudged Rose slightly with her arm, making her jump “Sorry,” He said surprised by her reaction.

“Hey,” she said glancing up to look at him then quickly squeezing her eyes shut and turning her head to the direction of the ground.

Scorpius stared at her as if she were crazy “You’re weird in the morning.” He stated and then turned to Hagrid.

Rose trying to get a grip on herself, opened her eyes slowly making sure that they were only on Hagrid “Hagrid can we get started with our detention now seeing as how we are both here now.”

Hagrid looked up and was surprised by their new found guest. “Sure let me grab the pails.” He said quickly turning around and grabbing two buckets from behind him, handing each of them one. Calling Fang to his side he started to walk “Lets go.”

Following him Scorpius asked Professor Hagrid “What exactly are we doing for detention today?”

“Well Mr. Malfoy the head houself in the kitchen has decided that he wants to make Truffle soup tonight, so you will be digging for turnips this morning until you buckets are full.”

“These must be some damn special truffles for us to be here at the crack of dawn.” Scorpius mumbled to himself.

“Oh but they are, these turnips only are good when they first rise so they have to picked and pre pared before noon.”

Leading the way to a large valley Hagrid said “This is where you will find them. I will leave Fang here to help sniff them out.”


They had been out there a few hours and Rose had been nothing but rude to Scorpius the entire time. Every time he would make comment or asked a question she would only respond with yes, no, or say nothing at all. Eventually he just quit trying to talk to her. Rose felt horrible about it but it was the only thing that she could do to keep from thinking about him in an inappropriate manner.

Scorpius couldn’t figure out what it was that he had done wrong. Last time he checked him and Rose were getting along just fine it was right after he had filled he bucket up that he walked over to Rose and asked “Do you want any help?” he asked crouching onto the ground to help her.

“No I'm fine.” She said digging her hole a little bit deeper.

Becoming annoyed with this silent treatment he grabbed a hold of her hands to make her stop digging “Rose if there is anything I did to offend you I have the right to know.”

Rose closing her eyes with frustration opened them and looked up to Scorpius “You didn’t do anything.” She sighed “This is all me.”

“Well can you tell me why you have been a royal bitch today?” Scorpius said, letting go of her hands now that he had her attention.

Rose felt her cheeks flush as the thought of telling him what the real reason was passed through her head. “It’s nothing really.” She said.

Scorpius amused by her reaction stated “You are a terrible liar you know that.”

Rose half smirking answered “Yes I know.”

“Please Rose you have to tell me what's wrong.” Scorpius pleaded.

Rose looked him in eye. She knew that she wasnt going to be able to hide this from him for long because he would just keep asking her until she would give an answer. Finally giving up her battle she decided to give up and tell him. Well part of the truth that is. “You see last night I sort of had a dream.” She said slowly, making sure that she chose her words wisely. “And well you see you were sort of in it.”

“Ok so I was in your dream not exactly a nightmare.” Scorpius pointed out.

“Without a shirt on.” She finished.

There was a moment of an awkward silence “Oh,” Scorpius said “Well was I at least hot” he asked playfully, laughing as he said it.

Rose gave him a stern look “It’s not funny Scorpius. It was really weird.” She said crossing her arms.

"Rose,” he said seriously “It is not that big of deal you see guys without their shirts on all the time and I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure we all have the same basic package. So what makes me so different?”

Rose hadn’t put it into that context but what he was saying made sense, even if she was lying about part of the truth. “Ok I see your point.”

“Good.” Scorpius smiled as he started to help her dig the hole deeper. “So was I hot?” he asked smugly.

Rose sarcastically rolled her eyes and gave a shrug “You weren’t horrible looking.”

Scorpius looked up to her and grinned “I knew it, you think I'm hot,” he said in a sing song voice.

“Oh Merlin,” Rose muttered

“You think I'm sexy.” He said again in the sing song voice.

“I’m going to regret the day that I told you this aren't I?” Rose sighed

“Yes you are.” He said in the stupid sing song voice.

“Ok stop that.” Rose commanded giving him a fierce look.

Scorpius started grabbing truffles and throwing them into the bucket. He couldn’t stop chucking as he did it. Rose looked up at him with a smile on her face. “What?” he asked.

“Your zipper is open.” She said in her own sing song voice while smirking at him.

Scorpius got a sarcastically amused look on his face that said ha ha ha very funny. He looked down at his paints zipper and sure enough it was down, slowly he turned around and zipped himself up. When he turned back around he could see Rose and how she was about to bust out lauging. “Not a word.” He said and he continued to collect truffles.

“I wasn’t going to say anything.” Rose grinned even wider. “But if I had said anything it would have been payback’s a bitch isn’t it.”

Scorpius just stared her down “Can we please call a truce?”

“Sure why not.” Rose said lightly.

They both went back to working again when Scorpius said “You know if we get done early enough we could probably catch the end of the Quidditch game. I know an excellent spot that we will be able to watch it from.”

Rose nodded along “Alright but you might should know that I don’t understand a thing about Quidditch and that I may be boring to be around.” Rose truthfully said.

“Not possible, and if need be I tell you all you need to know.” Scorpius said filling the bucket up some more.

“Alright then it sounds like a plan.” Rose said.

They both worked quietly each one of them lost in their own mind. In fact Scorpius was feeling a little relieved because at that moment what was crossing through his mind was a dream that he had had about Rose a week ago and they were together in an empty class room secretly kissing each other and craving one another, but he wasn’t even considering telling Rose about any of that. That little thought would go to his grave with him. 

A/N: I hope you liked my update. A couple things you may want to know about.

One being that my next update will be at the beginning of June. L I am very busy right now and I don’t have that much time to write but once June comes I will have a lot more free time and I will be posting chapters like crazy.

The Second is for everyone who has complained about my absolutely horrible grammar and spelling errors I have some good news which is that I have found someone to edit my chapters. YAY!!! So hopefully I can get that started soon and be able to repost all of my other chapters with better grammar.

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE review I love it when you do. Tell me what you think about this chapter and if it’s good. 


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