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Twelve Step Program for Romance: Weasley Style by Lucy Weasley
Chapter 4 : Step 4: The Carefree One and Perfect Love
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Chapter Image by bellatrixx @ TDA

Disclaimers: I only own Miss Ava.

I'd pull the sun out from the sky to light your darkest night
I wouldn't let one drop of rain fall down into your life
Put your heart in my hands


"That will be three Galleons, four Sickles, and two Knuts." The boy handed over his money; he turned to leave but froze when he saw a girl come out of the back. Freddie, busy counting the coins, didn't notice until his cousin coughed. He looked up and chuckled at the expression on the preteen's face.

"Move on kid. She's out of your league." The other boy's face went red, and he hurried out with his bag. Freddie turned to look at the redhead behind him. Dom's arms were crossed over her chest, and she looked very annoyed.

"That was the sixth one this week. Sometimes I think your dad gave me robes that are too small on purpose." Even with her blue eyes snapping, her flame-colored hair pulled messily up, and her clashing magenta robes covered in soot, Dominique Weasley was very attractive. Unlike her brother and even her sister, she didn't like being looked at for her looks and preferred to work in the back, leaving Freddie to deal with the customers at the counter.

"Has Ava been here yet?" Dom asked him. Freddie shook his head. Ava Jordan had been his girlfriend for almost three years. She was a year behind Dom and Freddie in school. Since they wouldn't be seeing her for the next ten months, she had said that she would stop in while she was buying school things.

"She said she'd be here this week.. You don't think she came in while I was out making deliveries do you?"

"No, she didn't," Angelina Johnson-Weasley called to them from the back, "your father has been here all week, and you know he would have said something." George stuck his head out from behind a shelf of Canary Creams.

"She didn't come in; I promise I will tell you if she does." He looked at his niece. "And I did not give you robes that are too small on purpose; they aren't even too small, just tighter then what you normally wear.." Dom stuck her tongue out at him and returned to the back. George chuckled and ducked back behind the shelves. Freddie returned to his thinking about Ava: her silky black hair, her habit of twitching her nose when she concentrated..

"Earth to Freddie! Freddie, wake up now!" Ave grinned at him; her hazel eyes sparkled as she leaned over the counter to kiss him. Freddie couldn't help noticing that her shirt was cut lower then normal; he certainly wasn't complaining!

"Hello, Miss Jordan, won't you come back?"

"Why thank you Mr. Weasley, you're so kind." Instead of walking around the counter Ava jumped onto it and slid over into her boyfriend's arms.

"You can't do things the easy way, can you?"

"I love you, don't I?" She asked, stepping past him to the back. Dom pretended to gag when she saw them.

"You two are cutesy to the point of making me sick." The girls hugged; after all, they'd been friends before Ava started dating Freddie. Angelina smiled and reached out to Ava, who hugged her just as tightly has she had Dom. After hearing people complain about girlfriends and mums not getting along Freddie, he was still getting used to the fact that his mum loved Ava. Sometimes it seemed better then him.

"So you finally decided to put Freddie out of his misery and come down? Where were you this summer? We hardly saw you." Ava shrugged and put an arm around Freddie's waist.

"I was home mostly. We went to see Dad's family for a week. I wish we had come over here more. I didn't get to see anyone all summer ,and now I'm going back to Hogwarts without you." She hugged him tightly. "And I only have a few minutes; Mum and Dad are already waiting at the bar with the boys." Angelina grinned, and moved past them to the door.

"Well it was nice seeing you, Ava, but I have to go watch the counter." She hugged Ava one last time and disappeared. Dom winked and followed, leaving them alone in the back room.

When they came out five minutes later it was with messy hair and flushed faces. Ava checked her watch, gave Freddie one last kiss, and hurried out the door.

Later that evening, as the Weasley family sat down to supper, Freddie got up the courage to ask something he'd wanted to ask for a while.

"Dad, I was wondering...-I mean, you think that I could possibly transfer to Hogsmeade?" Both his parents looked at him.

"Why?" George asked.

"Well, because of Ava. I didn't get to spend time with her this summer, and if I transfer I could see her on weekends...I miss her." Roxy snorted.

"We could tell; you spent a lot of time in the back room today." Freddie glared at his sister. Angelina hushed her daughter and shared a smile with George.

"We thought you'd never ask," She told him. Freddie looked at their faces hopefully.

"Is that a yes?" George nodded, for once, looking serious.

"You and Ava seem serious about each other. We talked to her parents, and we all think it would be fine for you to move closer to her." Freddie jumped up from the table, grinning like a little boy on Christmas.

"Thanks Dad.. and Mum." He hugged them both tightly, ignoring his sister and her muttered comments, while picking up his plate to take it to the kitchen.

"We knew Ava's dad in school; he had a thing for your mum." Freddie gagged where they couldn't see him. "But besides that, he was a fun guy." Angelina chuckled.

"I forgot about Lee's crush. He couldn't go a Quidditch match without saying something about my looks. I'm glad he finally got over it!" Her husband nodded enthusiastically. Freddie, walking back through on his way to his bedroom told them:

"Ava's middle name is Angelina."

A/N: Song-I'd Lie for You-Meatloaf



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