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Reckless by Siriius
Chapter 7 : Chapter Seven
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“Well, that was an interesting evening,” Louis said as he fell down onto the bed next to Benjamin.


“James doesn’t give up, does he?” Benjamin questioned, rolling over onto his side to face the other boy. “How many times did he ask you to forgive him today?”


“Too many times,” Louis muttered under his breath, grabbing Benjamin’s hand and clutching it tightly in his own. “You know my mum will kill me if she catches me in here.”


Benjamin smiled and squeezed Louis’ hand gently. “But you don’t care right?”


“Of course I don’t,” Louis whispered before rolling over and engaging Benjamin in an eager kiss. “We’ll just have to be quiet.” He threw his leg over the boy’s lap and lifted his arms, allowing his shirt to be removed. He felt a shiver shoot up his spine when the slight chill in the air hit the skin of his back. Leaning down, he pressed his hands into the mattress on either side of Benjamin’s head and kissed him deeply.


“Louis,” Benjamin whispered, lifting the boy’s lips off his own. “The door....”


Louis glanced over towards the bedroom door and shrugged. “Problem?”


“Lock it,” Benjamin chuckled, pressing his head back into the pillow and smirking. “I don’t want your sister running in on us again.”


“Or worse,” the blond-haired boy laughed before jumping off the bed and hurrying over to lock the door. “I could have easily done this with my wand but fuck it.”


Benjamin sat up and threw his legs over the side of the bed, reaching out as Louis made his way back over to him.


“This,” Louis murmured, tugging at the end of the other boy’s t-shirt. “Needs to be removed, pronto.” He pulled it off over Benjamin’s head in one swift move and flicked it over his shoulder with a flourish. He cradled the other boy’s neck in between his hands and lowered his lips back down onto his.


Benjamin wrapped his arms around Louis’ back and held him firmly into the kiss. “Is there even anyone here?” he whispered against his lips.


Louis grinned hugely and shook his head. “Who cares? As long as we’re not disturbed....” He couldn’t help but squeal loudly when Benjamin stood up, keeping a tight hold on his legs as he did. As he was rolled over onto his back, he pulled his bottom lip in between his teeth and chewed on it in anticipation. He assisted Benjamin with the removal of his jeans and arched his back as the boy brushed his hands up along his legs. “Stop teasing and get on with it,” Louis whispered.


Benjamin pressed his lips to Louis’ neck and slipped his hands around his waist. Lifting himself up, he slowly began to remove the rest of their clothing before giving the boy a small smile and resuming the kiss.

Louis awoke with a start to the sound of Victoire and Fleur arguing. He gazed around, only to realize he was still in Benjamin’s room. He dived out of bed and began gathering his clothes up off the floor.


“But Maman, I’m twenty-one!” Victoire screeched. “You can’t keep me here forever.”


“What the bloody hell is going on?” Benjamin’s muffled voice came from under the duvet.


“Teddy asked Victoire to move in with him and I don’t think mum is taking it very well,” Louis answered as he pulled his t-shirt on over his head.


“Really? I thought they already lived with each other. She’s never home anyway.” The older boy laughed and tossed the covers off him, exhaling deeply.


“They can’t keep their hands off each other, that’s why.” After having a quiet chuckle, Louis fell back into bed beside Benjamin, fully-clothed, and rested his head next to his shoulder. He smoothed his hand over the boy’s stomach and closed his eyes. “They can’t say anything if they catch us now,” he whispered, his eyes closing with exhaustion. “I have my clothes on.”


“Where’s Louis?” Victoire’s voice sounded through the underside of the door.


“In here,” Louis cried, refusing to lift his head up off the pillow.


After several failed attempts at opening the door, Victoire pulled out her wand and cast Alohomora. She slowly entered the room with her eyes closed and poked her head around the side of the door. “Are you decent?”


“Gods Vic, I’m a good boy. I don’t do that sort of thing in this house,” Louis laughed, leaning up on his elbows. “You okay? Mum was really going at you.”


“Good boy, my ass,” Victoire muttered, taking a seat on the edge of the bed. “And I don’t care what mum says. I’m twenty-one. I can move out if I want to.”


“I know what it is,” Benjamin said, sitting up against the headboard and pushing his hands back through his hair. “You’ll be living with Teddy. Your mum has to get used to the idea of you two sharing a bed and –”


“Benjamin!” Louis laughed, giving the boy a playful slap on the arm. “Great, now I’m picturing...not nice things.”


“You’re twenty-one. You’ve been with Teddy for four years now. She can’t expect you to remain a virgin until you two get married!”


“He’s got a point,” the younger boy said, folding his legs underneath him. “Oh gods, Vic, leave the room, please?”


“Why?” she questioned, raising her eyebrow quizzically.


“I don’t want to picture you and Teddy...doing it!”


The girl snorted quietly as she got to her feet and headed towards the door. “We’re not as bad as you two.”


“Shut up, shut up, shut up!” Louis cried. He grabbed the pillow from underneath Benjamin’s head and threw it in his sister’s direction. “Oh god, the images!”


Later on that day, it began snowing quite heavily and soon enough, the sand surrounding the extended cottage was covered by a thick, white blanket.


“I don’t think it’s ever snowed this heavily before,” Louis said, poking his head outside and gazing up at the sky.


“Close the door. It’s fucking freezing,” Benjamin said, jumping out of his seat and hurrying over to shut the door. Before he could, Louis turned around with a wicked grin on his face and grabbed Benjamin’s arm.


“Benji, say ‘hello snow’!” he sang before swinging the older boy out the front door and throwing him into the snow. Before Benjamin landed, he managed to grab hold of Louis’ waist and pulled him down into the snow alongside him. Since the both of them were completely shirtless, they cried out when their bare skin hit the cold.


“Mother of Salazar!” Benjamin screeched as he jumped to his feet and raced back into the house. “If I get pneumonia and die, I’m taking you with me.”


Louis cackled loudly, following the boy into the kitchen and shut the door after him. “You won’t get pneumonia and die,” he said, continuing to snigger noisily. He grabbed one of his own t-shirts out of the dryer and handed it over to Benjamin. “Put this on before you develop pneumonia,” he said mockingly.


Benjamin sighed and snatched the shirt from the boy’s hand. He pulled it over his head and reveled in its warmth from the dryer. He sat back down at the kitchen table and continued filling out the order forms for the new Potion ingredients the Apothecary needed to stock up on. The boy was currently working part-time at Slug and Jigger’s, which was situated in Diagon Alley. As well as having a job, he was also training hard to work on the third floor of St. Mungos, which dealt with injuries caused by potions and plants.


“Benji, it’s the day after Christmas,” Louis whined from his spot by the fridge. “You’re not meant to work over the holidays.”


“It’s just a few forms,” Benjamin muttered under his breath.


Huffing with annoyance, Louis hurried over and snatched the quill from the other boy’s hand. He stuck his tongue out at him and snapped it in half. “There. Now you can’t work anymore.”


“Louis –”


“No!” the blonde cried out. “I’m going back to Hogwarts soon and all you can think about is work. Come January, you’ll be able to do all the work you want. Can’t you forget about it for the next couple of weeks and spend time with me?”


Benjamin cringed at Louis’ raised tone before nodding and pushing the papers away. He leaned forward and rubbed idly at his eyes. “Okay, I’ll stop then. M’sorry.”


 Louis dropped the snapped quill onto the tiled floor and stood behind the boy’s chair. He slipped his arms around his neck and rested his head on his shoulder. “Thank you, baby,” he whispered into his ear, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. “But just so you don’t get tempted....” He swept the forms out from underneath Benjamin and held them up over his wand.


“No, Louis, don’t!” Before Benjamin could do anything else, Louis set the forms alight and they went up in flames.


“Whoops,” Louis whispered, not sounding the least bit sorry. “I only did it because –”


“Because what? Those forms took me two days to fill out and I wasn’t even finished!” Benjamin jumped out of his seat and pulled the fridge door open. “Did you not believe me when I said I was gonna stop? You can go to Slug and Jigger’s for me and get some more of those forms before you go back to school.” Grumbling indignantly, he grabbed the rashers out of the fridge and slapped a few slices onto the pan.


Louis watched Benjamin with pursed lips and hopped up onto the counter next to where he was cooking. “Benji.”


Benjamin ignored him and instead of answering, he started humming quietly and flipped the bacon using tongs.


“Benji, don’t ignore me,” Louis said, swinging his legs and hitting the back of his heels against the cupboards. “You’re no good at ignoring me, you know.”


“I’m starving,” Benjamin said in a casual tone. “Do you want some?”


Louis shook his head and scooted along the counter so that he was sitting closer to Benjamin. “You can’t stay mad at me forever.”


“I’m not mad.”


“You can’t ignore me forever.”


“I’m not ignoring you.”


Louis sighed heavily and wrung his hands together. “Sorry for burning your papers,” he mumbled in a quiet voice.


Benjamin exhaled sharply and let go of the pan. He grabbed a plate from the cupboard and set the cooked bacon onto it before moving over to the other boy and smoothing his hands up along his thighs. “Don’t worry about the papers,” he whispered, pressing several gentle kisses to Louis’ neck.


The blonde smiled and hugged his arms around Benjamin’s shoulders. “I’m not worrying.” He lifted his face up to Benjamin’s and kissed him gently, moving his lips with the lightest of touches against the other boy’s. He twisted his fingers into the blonde strands at the back of Benjamin’s head and deepened the kiss, pushing himself away from the counter and further into the boy in front of him. He pulled away and released a shaky breath, tightening his grip on his boyfriend’s hair.






“You might wanna put a shirt on before your mum and dad walk in.”


Louis pulled away with a blush and slid off the counter. “Come on,” he said, tugging on the older boy’s hand and leading him down the hall towards his bedroom. “You can help me find one.” He pulled Benjamin into the room with a grin on his face and kicked the door shut after them.


“I thought you were meant to be looking for a shirt, not removing mine,” Benjamin chuckled as Louis tugged at the hem of his t-shirt and yanked it off over his head.


“I’m just making up for lost time,” he said in a hushed voice, cradling the older boy’s neck between his hands and leaning up to kiss him. “Or you know, I could just forget about it and go put on a shirt,” he added teasingly. He let out a loud squeal and laughed when Benjamin held him around the waist and dropped him onto the bed.


“Nah, I prefer to...make up for lost time.”

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