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A little problem called a house by harrie_t
Chapter 1 : The Odd Sorting
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''Bye mum see you '' sighted Ginny as Luna came over with a few issues of The Quibbler in her arm.Luna is in Ginny's year and is her BFF and

Luna said '' did you know that the sorting hat will have a change in mind this year , I mean that because it has bee alone for 1,000 years it would be full of wrakspurt and thats why first years are aways out in space.''

Ginny did not know that and right on time the scarlet steam trains whisle went of to signal time to leave. As the train moved forward Ginny and Luna found Seamus Finnigan a fellow Gryffindor in Harry's year.

Finally ariving at Hogwarts Luna said again''the hat has had a chang in mind.'' but Ginny was to hungery to be listening and just noded politely. To Ginny the carts were going twice as slow as usual , and Ginny jumped out of th cart and ran up to the castle were her bed lay and food was ready to be eaten.

But Luna's pediction was right and half way through the first studands walk to the stool, the hat suddeny spiked up and bellowd around the hall '' Teachers and studants I have decided that their shall be yet aother house here at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizerdy that house shall be teated as the others and we need a new table , common room and dormeteries for thous studants worthy anough for this challeng let the new sorting ceremony begin.'' and fell silent

A mur of talk had escaped the children and everyone was wondering about this new house.

The hat stured again and said with great pleasure the detals about the house'' the house is called 'Ravens lion badger's surpant' the house colours are brown and sky blue it shall have a few studants from each house and one person shall be the house leader . ''

A mumer of talk once again escaped the childrens throughts , the tables were being pushed back and a new table apered out of no were and once a gain everyone looked at the hat .

The hat said '' I shall call your name and you will have to move to the new table

Weasley , Fred

Weasley , Ginny

Lovegood , Luna

Malfoy , Draco 

Parkinson , Pansy

Zabini , Blaze

Diggory , Cedric

and I shall sought the new studants out into all 5 houses ''

after that the soting went by in a blur Ginny , Fred , Luna and Cedric all sat together they had been discussing who should be the top person and they all decided it should be Cedric because he is the oldest and smartets their but Malfoy , Pany and Blaze all thought it should be Blaze at the end they came to an agrement that Luna should be the leader, once that went by there realy was nothing to talk about and at the end the new house stayed behind and asked were they were going to sleep .

and a Professor said that they should have the Room of requrement for now until they get a area for them .

They leaft the teachers and moved towards the room of requrement and once there Cedric changed all the badges and colours of the robes to mach the new house , in the room it had 2 bathrooms 4 bedrooms and a banner with the new house sing hanging in the common room , the common room lookeed like it was from aT.V show the celling was sky blue and so was the floor it gave an effect of walking on air and the furnitur was a golden brown with was a diffrent shade of brown in every room.

The fire place was massive and it did not have bleu/white flames or glonden/red flames it had a greeny/yellowy look to it. the place was amazing to everyone and the down side is that their were 3 ex-slytherin studands in there. so everyone was so tired they went to bed after that and a minor convesation with Ginny and Luna  and Malfoy. 

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