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Penultimate Year by GREX101
Chapter 9 : Creepy Guy, Creepy Date
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Hey, Hey, Hey! Chapter 9 is up! REVIEW!!!!

The next Saturday, Marion and Lily were sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room reading on the scarlet sofas. Studying was slowly taking their lives as they got into the usual school rituals. Lily was reading the Charms book and Marion was flicking through the Divination book for the third time. The words seemed to go right in one ear and right out of the other the more times she read it. Then, she was interrupted by two all too familiar voices.

“Hey, Preston.” She raised her head from the book and laid it next to her as she saw James Potter standing with Sirius Black at the arm of the sofa. Lily just sighed and turned the page.

“What do you want, Potter?” Marion huffed in her usual superior tone. James just grinned.

“So, what went on with you two in that broom cupboard, eh?” he asked openly, stepping out into the room. He crossed his arms and looked from Marion to Sirius, “Any snogging?”

“Ew, no!” They both said together, causing James to raise his eyebrows in suspicion. Lily exhaled loudly and slammed her book shut.

“You know, Potter, sometimes I wonder if there actually is a brain between your ears.” She snorted in annoyance causing James to blush and Marion and Sirius to chuckle loudly. James said nothing after that.

“So what are you up to today, Preston?” asked Sirius suspiciously.

“Never you mind, Black.” Marion smiled cheekily. This alerted Sirius that she indeed had something to do.

“Oh, yeah? You can tell us.” He cooed. Marion looked at him with a smirk.

“Ok then, I have a date with David if you must know.” She said, causing Sirius’ eyes to widen and eyebrows to rise in confusion. James struggled back a grin at his reaction.

“What? No waiting comeback?” Marion taunted as Sirius tried to find something to say. Not knowing what else to do, he just shook his head as Marion got up out of her seat.

“Well I better be off then,” she said cheerily, grabbing her jacket from the back of the sofa and waving goodbye to the three in the room, “I’ll see you all later.”

And with that, she was gone.

The date was scheduled to be at the Room of Requirement for a nice lunch. David was there 15 minutes early and was left pacing outside the door for a while, letting out a deep sigh of relief when she rounded the corner. She came up to his and aimed to kiss his cheek, but he converted it into an awkward hug. Marion tried not to let it shake her. As she pulled back, David gave a smile that looked like it was strained.

“I thought you were going to stand me up.” She sighed shakily. Marion shook her head and used a tac tic that she referred to as ‘flirty eyes’. It was usually a dead lock, but David tried to look away and waited impatiently for the door to form in the wall. Marion again removed that notion from her mind as the large door formed and that stepped through. On the other side was a beautiful, garden-style terrace covered in flowers and birds. In the centre, was a lunch table, with all of Marion’s favourite foods. It was pretty, but not really Marion’s cup of tea. Of course, she didn’t mention this to David as he seemed perfectly content with what he had conjured up. He escorted her to her seat and pulled her chair out for her, tucking it in after she had sat down. They ate little things like sandwiches that had already been cut and folded and tea, which Marion neglected to tell David she didn’t like. The whole thing was rather odd, more like having lunch with Lily than with a boyfriend. Sure he was nice, and he listened, and he laughed at all of her jokes, but still he shouldn’t. He’s a guy. Still, Marion was willing to give him a chance if he really liked her, which was apparent. At the end of the ‘date’ David walked Marion to the Fat Lady portrait. He seemed to have enjoyed himself thoroughly. Again, he refused to kiss her, but the hug he gave this time was a lot less hesitant. He smiled as he walked away.

What a strange guy she thought as she mumbled the password and walked into the Common Room.

As she passed through, she was yet again ambushed by the marauders. This time though, by all four of them.

“How was it?”

“Was it good?”

“Any snogging?”

“Where did he take you?”

“What did you do?”

“Any snogging?”

“Did he kiss you?”

“Do we have to kick his arse for you?”

“Any snogging?”

They bombarded her with these questions until she shouted over them.


The boys were stunned into a silence.

“Now listen carefully because I’m only going to say this once.” She said, and then she drew in a deep breath, “It was good. Yes. No. Room of Requirement. Sat and had lunch. No. No. No. And no.” she said, taking in a deep breath to replenish the one she had used. The boys looked at her, impressed that she had managed that all in one go. Marion then smiled at them and left for her dorm room, where she found Lily and Alice sitting on their beds waiting for her. Mary was also there, but she didn’t seem as interested as she was reading a copy of Witch Weekly. She was still mad at Marion for going out with a guy she had pointed out to her as a guy she fancied.

“So, how did it go?” asked Lily excitedly for once. Usually she was less than enthusiastic about boy conversations.

“Fine,” Marion said, first trying to brush off the entire subject to avoid telling them about the awkwardness of them.

“What’s wrong?” the red-head asked again, walking over to Marion on her bed and squeezing her a little in comfort.

“Honestly, it was fine. But I can’t help thinking weird.” Marion said, giving in to her persistent friend before they tried more violent ways of coaxing out the information.

“How do you mean?” Alice quizzed as she came to sit with them also. Marion told them every last detail, causing her friends to lull into a silence of confusion.

“Well that sounds kind off… nice.” Alice managed, not to convincingly.

“Seems kind of gay if you ask me.” Mary called from the other side of the room.

“No one asked you, Mary.” Lily replied to her bitterly. “I’m sure it’s all fine, he was probably just a little bit nervous. Remember the first time he asked you out? He was terrified, wasn’t he? And loads of guys have asked you out, I suppose he might feel like he’s got a lot to measure up to.” She reassured her. It wasn’t usually something Lily was good at when she was around other people but Marion seemed convinced enough.

“Yeah, probably. Thanks guys.” Marion thanked, snuggling into her friend’s shoulders. Down in the Common Room, the marauders were interrogating Sirius once again.

“So, looks like you’ve got some mean competition Padfoot, my friend.” Remus joked, patting Sirius on the back. Sirius glowered and shook his head furiously.

“You think I’d fight with anyone for Preston’s affection? No thanks. Plus, even if I did want to take her out, I wouldn’t be as dopey as to not kiss her. What kind of idiot must this Berkeley guy be?” he said rather convincingly.

“He has a point.” James put in, “We all wouldn’t make that mistake. If the girl wants to go out with you, she wants you to kiss her.”

“But then again, James, you wouldn’t know. The last girl you kissed was in fourth year. Since then you’ve been tailing Evans and it’s not like she’s going to be kissing you any time soon.” Peter squeaked, causing the others to roar up in laughter. James only blushed and smiled a little awkwardly. Sirius walked over to him and slapped his red cheeks.

“C’mon, mate! Only girls blush, Prongs.” He laughed; the rest of them started a fresh round of giggles. James gave in and laughed along with his friends. Sirius was relieved that they had dropped the subject of he and Marion. It wasn’t like they were right at all; at least he was pretty sure that they weren’t. It was just, there was only a certain amount of time you could disagree with these guys until they took matters into their own hands. And that, was something no one would’ve wanted.

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Penultimate Year: Creepy Guy, Creepy Date


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