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The One That Got Away by AriellaGranger
Chapter 1 : Owls at 4 am
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 As the owl tapped at the window, Draco snapped out of his daydream, where he was once again prowling the corridors of Hogwarts. It was 4 am, a strange time to be receiving a letter but Draco was already awake. He found 4 am was the best time to deal with investments-no distractions.

‘Tap Tap Tap’
“Yeah yeah yeah, I’m coming.”He muttered, pushing back from the desk and throwing open the window.  The large barn own simply perched and waited to be released of its duty. As soon as Draco removed the letter, the owl flung itself back into the pitch black night.
Flipping the envelope over, Draco saw the very familiar Hogwarts crest of a lion, serpent, badger and eagle, entwined around a golden ‘H’.

“What would Hogwarts want at this time?”

Tearing open the envelope, a thick piece of parchment fell into his hand, and his curiosity grew stronger as he read the loopy green script.

Dear Mr Malfoy
I apologise for the extremely late hour but I have an urgent request. Due to the recent passing of Professor Slughorn, we are in need of a potions master and Head of House for Slytherin, ASAP owing to the return of students in only two weeks. My mind turned to you almost instantly with hope you were still loyal to your old house and school. Please respond promptly.
Hoping you are well,
Hermione Weasley

“Well, well, well...”

“Draco? Did I hear an owl just now?”Pansy’s voice echoed from the doorway and as Draco turned around she stepped into his study, wrapped in a silk robe. They’d been married 13 years but to Draco it felt like a lifetime.

“Yes Pansy. From Hogwarts.”

“Hogwarts? But we already have Scorpios’ school supply list?”

“I’ve been offered a teaching position. Ol’ Sluggy died and they need someone to fill his place. For some reason, Headmistress Weasley has asked me....”

“Weasley? As in-“

“Granger, yeah...”

“I see.”

Draco simply stared at his wife. She was a journalist for ‘Witch Weekly’ and she travelled a lot so he had no reluctance when he said “I’m going to need a new trunk,” as he turned back to his desk, to respond the Hermione’s letter.


Arriving at Hogwarts a week before the students reminded Draco a lot of the Christmases he experienced as a student himself. The castle was quiet without the shouts along the corridors, spells being fired and potions exploding. It was peaceful and Draco was enjoying it.
Having never really ‘taught’ before, Draco spent time going over Slughorns previous lessons plans and planning other lessons from what he remembered about his lessons with Professor Snape. Reading it through on paper didn’t seem so hard, but bringing students into the mix would probably complicate things.

The day before the students arrived, a knock on Dracos’ office door brought about the meeting he’d been anticipating since his arrival. Opening the door to reveal a tall, slim woman, her hair curled up into a loose ponytail, her pale blue robes hanging from her shoulders and a small smile playing on her lips.

“Well, well, well. Do come in,” Draco smirked and returned to his desk. Hermione followed him in, her eyes taking in the large number of books covering the walls. “How can be of assistance, Professor Granger?”

“That would be Weasley, thank you Malfoy.”

“Oh right, I do remember hearing about that. How is old Weasel King?”

“Ron is just fine, thank you. He’s working at the ministry as an Auror now.” A slight blush was decorating Hermione’s cheeks as she stood there, taking in the man in the chair, no longer the pale, angry Slytherin boy who had tormented her for 6 years of schooling. He wasn’t a boy any longer. “Right. Well I did want to say thank you, Draco. I know it was short notice, but it’s a great help you doing this. Although I hadn’t seen you around the castle, I was starting to wonder if you had changed your mind, or simply screwed me over.”

“Who? Me? Come on now Hermione! Would I really do that to you?”


“Well, yeah, maybe. But come on Weasley. I’m all grown up now. I CAN behave myself.”

“I should hope so.”

The Malfoy smirk flashed across Dracos face as Hermione’s blush increased.

“Right. Well um, I have things to do. Will you join all the other teachers in the Great Hall for dinner?”

“Most definately.”

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