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The Art of Seduction by hp77fanactic
Chapter 19 : Firewhiskey
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“Blaise, what the hell is all of this?!”

The Head’s common room was barely distinguishable underneath the layer of decorations that had been strung about. A disco ball floated above the middle of the room, and all the furniture had been replaced by a long buffet style table draped in a black cloth and covered with food and drinks. Every color she saw was black or emerald and the only person in the room was a smirking Draco Malfoy, who nodded at Blaise in acknowledgement.

“Well? Is it to your liking?”

Blaise smiled. “Looks great mate. Thanks.”

Hermione stared between the two before throwing her hands up. “You’re back less than an hour and you’re already wrecking havoc! What in the world are you up to, and what have you done to my common room!?”

Draco chuckled. “Haven’t you heard? Blaise’s old man kicked the bucket!”

“And that’s a reason to celebrate?!”

Draco laughed and went to sit on one of the bean bag chairs Hermione hadn’t noticed. Blaise shook his head as he smiled and wrapped his arm around her waist. “In pureblood families we always celebrate after someone’s death, it’s just a tradition.”

“I don’t understand, this all seems kind of messed up...”

Blaise squeezed her waist. “It’s not a celebration of their death, it’s a celebration of their life!”

Hermione nodded and looked around the room. “Party of 3?”

Draco, who was getting up and walking towards his stairs, shook his head. “Party of pureblood’s, all the kids of the old families. They’ll be showing up soon.”

She glanced at Blaise. “But...”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. I even bought you a dress you could wear, it’s waiting for you on your bed.”

Hermione looked doubtful but nodded and slowly moved across the floor and up the stairs to her room. The last thing she needed was to be surrounded by people who hated her because they believed she was beneath them... But Blaise needed her right now, that’s what mattered.

The dress Blaise had bought and laid out for her was an expensive looking strapless fitted black party dress with an emerald green ribbon across the waist, the color he adored most of course. At the foot of the bed on the ground were a pair of black paten pumps. Hermione sighed as she took it all in, wondering and worrying about how the Slytherin’s would react to her, especially with the new look. Blaise hadn’t exactly been on the best terms with his housemates since he had started dating Hermione, but she knew their blood ties were stronger than that, just like hers with her fellow Gryffindors.

30 minutes later, as Hermione was fingering her now smooth curls, a knock interrupted her thoughts. She was surprised to see Draco when she opened the door.


He ran a finger through his hair. “Blaise sent me to come get you. Everyone’s here.”

Hermione nodded, realizing that she could hear music and voices in the background. “I’ll be right there.”

Draco shuffled from his right foot to his left, stuffing his hands in his black pants. “Look about last night...”

The sentence hung in the air a few moments before Hermione realized he was expecting her to say everything was fine, that it was ok he had snapped at her. She thought about saying those exact words as she took in his silver button up shirt, the sleeves rolled to his elbows. He looked fantastic, and maybe if they hadn’t argued the past few days she would have told him so.

She sighed, telling herself it would always be best to act like the bigger person. “It’s fine. Everyone has bad moods.”

He nodded. “I didn’t,” he paused and reconsidered. “Yeah. We all have bad moods.”

Hermione attempted a smile, but it faltered and fell into a worrisome look. “Can I be honest?”

Draco raised an eyebrow but nodded once.

She sighed. “I don’t think I can do this...”

“Do what?”

Hermione gestured behind him towards the stairs. “This, being around all of you for a night. I know it sounds kind of... Childlike... But... You know what I mean right? You know where I’m coming from?”

Draco nodded. “If you’re worried someone’s going to start something you couldn’t be more wrong. I’m sure none of them care too much anymore; you’re dating Blaise and if he’s fine with it then by extension we will be too. Sheep, they are, the whole lot of them.”

They stood in awkward silence until Hermione cleared her throat. “I suppose we should go down then?”

He nodded and offered his arm, shrugging as Hermione gave him a quizzical look. “Like I said – if he’s fine with it, then by extension we will be too. We’ll suffer through a truce tonight for Blaise’s sake but this will in no way become your new trio.”

Hermione nodded and continued down the stairs to the common room with Draco. The party was in full swing, full of well dressed purebloods and pounding music. If she didn’t know any better she could’ve sworn she was at another common room party, not a celebration of life for the passing of Blaise’s father.

“You look stunning.” Blaise said, offering Hermione and Draco drinks.

Draco nodded in thanks before wandering into the crowd of his old friends, brushing off a few pair of hands that tried grabbing at him for attention.

Hermione watched him disappear before turning her attention to Blaise. “It’s great that all of your friends came out to be with you.”

Blaise shrugged. “I suppose, it’s not like-,”


The couple turned to look behind Blaise, where a tall pair of dark haired twin boys stood smiling. They were almost identical except for their smile.

“How are you doing mate?” The twin dressed in the navy blue shirt placed his hand gently on Blaise’s shoulder, squeezing lightly.

Blaise shrugged, something he had been doing for a while now. “I’m alright, truthfully kind of glad to be rid of the old man.”

Both twins laughed before turning their attention to Hermione. The twin in the dark green shirt nodded in her direction. “You must be that Gryffindor everyone’s been talking about, what’s her name...?”

His brother snapped. “Heather!”

Hermione blushed and set her drink down on the table before tentatively extending her hand. “Hermione, actually.”

The boys smiled and slapped her a high five each while Blaise introduced them. “This is John,” the twin in green winked, “and Michael.”

Michael, the twin in the navy shirt with the dimples, the distinguishing feature between them, pulled out a flask from his pocket. “Care to take a celebratory drink in the name of your old man?”

Blaise nodded and accepted the flask gratefully just as Draco appeared with yet another Slytherin boy Hermione had never seen before. “Mind if Davin and I join you lot?”

John hit Draco playfully on the back. “Of course not mate, lets drink up!” He pulled out a flask similar to his brothers and poured some in new glasses before winking at Hermione. “Firewhiskey, never know when you might need it!”

The only type of alcohol Hermione had ever consumed was a glass of wine at her parent’s Christmas party the year before. Firewhiskey was always plentiful at the Gryffindor common room party’s but she had never really been interested in trying. She accepted the glass Michael offered her and clinked it with the boys, gulping it down quickly in one sip like they did. It burned her throat as it slithered down, and despite knowing what she was doing was wrong, she kind of enjoyed it.

Davin, the dirty blonde who had come up with Draco, wound some of her hair through his fingers. “Oy Blaise, she’s a right fine beauty ain’t she?”

The boys nodded as Blaise smiled, taking her glass and filling it with spiked punch. “That’s my girl!”

As the boys caught up, Hermione excused herself and walked over to a bean bag chair that sat where the couch had been. All around her were beautiful, powerful, children of dark wizards, and here she was dressed up like them and acting as if she belonged. It was strange for many reasons, but the one that stuck out in Hermione’s mind was knowing they only accepted her because of the way she looked now. Even if she hadn’t been dating Blaise and the party had still occurred in her and Draco’s common room, they would’ve been inviting because now they saw her as a sex object. It was her fault, of course, for following the book and the advice of a Slytherin. But there had to be more to it than that, something she just wasn’t getting.

Throughout the afternoon and in to the evening Hermione stayed by Blaise’s side as most she could, weather they were drinking more shots or dancing too close. While she had been sitting on the bean bag chair a voice in her head kept telling her to just relax and let go, to enjoy the party and worry about the little details later. She wanted to drink, she wanted to have fun and be wanted. Wasn’t it every girl’s dream?

John and Michael had introduced her to almost everyone who had shown up, but they and Davin had been the only ones to really seem interested in being her friend. They were there when Blaise excused himself to mingle, brought her drinks and cookies, and kept her laughing with jokes about their classmates growing up. She relished the way jealousy burned in the eyes of girls as they watched her move about the common room with an air of importance she didn’t know she could possess around Slytherin’s. She noticed every lustful glance she got from Blaise’s friends, and realized that she was now hyper aware of every part of her body.

Around dinnertime, the common room steadily emptied as now drunk Slytherin’s wandered off to the Great Hall or their dorm. Blaise had excused himself and left with Draco to get dinner, leaving Hermione with Davin, who had offered to help her clean up the mess before they joined their friends to eat. Surprisingly it wasn’t too great, mostly just scattered empty cups and crumbs from disregarded food.

Hermione hadn’t realized how much she had to drink until she swayed and fell to her knees laughing in euphoria, completely unfazed by the dull throb coursing through her legs. Davin extended his hands to help her to her feet, and when she was up she fell dizzily into his arms smiling.

“Feeling alright there, Granger?”

“I neeeeeever drink,” she chuckled, running her fingers through his hair. “Does it aaaalways feel like thiiiis?”

Davin laughed as he draped his arm around her waist, kicking aside plastic cups as he began leading her to the portrait. “Don’t be a lightweight!”

She laughed as she stumbled out of the portrait. “Just gimme a spell to make it feel betttter.”

He mumbled under his breathe and waved his hand absentmindedly over her face, and though he look distracted, Hermione noticed she instantly felt better. The urge to vomit was still lingering, but her mind was clear and she didn’t feel so fuzzy. She took a step away from him in fascination.

“I’ve never seen anyone do wandless magic at Hogwarts.”

Davin shrugged and offered his hand out to her. “Eh, boys and their toys, love.”

Despite herself, Hermione entwined her fingers with his and bit her lip. They walked at a leisurely pace to dinner, in no hurry to leave each other’s company.

“Tell me something about yourself, I don’t know much.”

He considered it for a moment. “The cultivation of the pleasures of the senses was ever my principal aim in life. Knowing that I was personally calculated to please the fair sex, I always strove to make myself agreeable to it.”

Hermione stopped outside the doors of the Great Hall and gaped at him, completely captivated. “Even though you sounded like Draco, that was beautiful.” He shrugged. “Is it really your aim in life?”

Davin pushed the doors open with his back and led her in by the hand. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

He kissed her on the cheek, lingering slightly, before walking off to the Slytherin table. Hermione watched him go wondering what had just happened, as the lightheaded and fuzzy feelings had returned. She was so caught up in thinking about what Davin had just said that it took her a minute to realize it was quiet around her, almost too quiet. She turned her focus to the full of the Great Hall, suddenly feeling very exposed in her tight party dress holding hands and accepting a kiss from a guy who wasn’t her boyfriend. Though the hall was only half full, the majority of eyes were on her. Color began rising to her cheeks as she glanced around trying to find Blaise. When she finally found him already approaching with Draco, she turned and walked straight out the doors. After the boys emerged, the doors closing noisily behind them, Hermione stopped and turned to face them.

Blaise was shaking his head as he stalked up to her. “Good move, Granger. Good move.”

She wrung her hands together. “It wasn’t what it looked like...”

He cocked an eyebrow. “It seems you’re catching up a lot quicker than I thought. This is the perfect time to tell you we’re through.”

Hermione’s mouth fell open. “What!?”

Blaise looked at her blankly as if she wasn’t the brightest witch of their age. “We’re. Over.” With that said, he turned on his heel and walked towards the stairs and out of sight.

sorry it took me SOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOONG to update! I hope you liked the chapter, I have 20 already in the works :]
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