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Baby, look up when you're down by ClearCutDiamonds
Chapter 8 : IIX.
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IIX. Baby, look up when you're down — Chapter 8




A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal.


Oscar Wilde


Teddy Lupin rolled his gold eyes and sighed. After much probing, Cameron Wood had convinced Teddy to tell him, in great detail, what had happened with Victoire the night before. Cameron had made himself comfortable, stretching languidly across Teddy’s bed as Teddy recounted the events of the previous night. He paused a second after he’d finished the story and waited patiently for Cameron’s response.


‘Wow, that’s so cute I want to vomit,’ remarked Cameron after a moment.


Teddy shrugged. ‘You’re a cynic, of course you hate the idea of love.’


Cameron flipped over onto his stomach, staring at Teddy disappointedly. ‘Teddy boy, you did not just say love.’


Teddy just grinned. ‘One day, you’ll know what it feels like.’


Cameron laughed and shook his head. ‘Not me, mate.’


‘Famous last words,’ replied Teddy, shaking his head with a smile.


‘How could you say no to Chloe Davies?’ asked Cameron.


Teddy groaned. ‘Will you ever get over it?’


‘No,’ replied Cameron. ‘You’re clearly insane. Or a girl.’


Teddy hit Cameron with a pillow. ‘I’m just not fooled by her pretty face anymore. I’ve never felt the way I feel for Victoire for anyone.’


Cameron rolled his eyes. ‘Yeah, yeah, just don’t think Chloe’ll give up that easily. She’ll raise a little hell first.’  


Teddy was about to respond to Cameron when a knock  sounded on Teddy’s door and the door opened to reveal a tentative Victoire. Teddy couldn’t help but smile at the sight of her. ‘Hey, your Nana said you were up here. Hey, Cameron.’


Cameron slid off Teddy’s bed and came forward, bowing theatrically for Victoire. ‘Lovely to see you again, Victoire.’


Teddy smiled and shoved Cameron, coming forward to kiss Victoire.


‘You two disgust me,’ commented Cameron dryly. ‘A pleasure, as always, Victoire,’ he continued, tipping an imaginary top hat. ‘See you later, Teddy.’


Teddy waved and shut the door, turning back to kiss Victoire properly.


Her soft, full lips trailed up the light dusting of stubble on his jaw line and finally slid over to his lips. Her hands pulled the tucked-in lapels of his button-down shirt from his pants and her fingers slipped underneath to his warm bare skin.


With extreme willpower, Teddy encircled Victoire’s wrists and pulled away before she continued any further. ‘What’s the rush?’ asked Teddy, forcing a smile. He kissed Victoire’s forehead quickly and began tucking his shirt back into his pants.


 Victoire grinned. ‘I don’t know. I guess I just…’ she trailed off, shrugging her shoulders, embarrassed.


‘I’m really happy to see you,’ said Teddy, tucking a blonde lock of hair behind Victoire’s ear.


‘Me too,’ said Victoire, looking up at him through her lashes. She turned away and sat down cross-legged on his bed.


This was probably a bad idea, thought Teddy. The moment he sat down next to her, she lay down and rested her head on his knee. He adjusted himself uncomfortably but immediately gave up. ‘What did you tell your parents?’ asked Teddy.


‘The truth. That I came to see you, why?’ replied Victoire, rolling onto her stomach and looking up to see Teddy’s expression.


‘What exactly are we?’ continued Teddy.


‘What do you mean?’ asked Victoire, furrowing her brow.


‘Like, are we dating? Are we going to come out and tell people? Is it a good idea to do that? I’m mean, we’re young, what if something goes wrong?’


‘Where did this all come from?’ asked Victoire, shaking her head.


‘I don’t know. But we need to think about this stuff,’ said Teddy.


‘Okay. Do you want to come out and tell everyone? I’m not ashamed of my feelings and I don’t care about what anyone thinks… except you.’


‘Neither am I. It’s just… complicated.’


‘Why does it always have to be like this with you?’ asked Victoire angrily. ‘One minute you want to be together and the next you don’t know. Maybe you need to make up your mind.’


‘Look, Vic, I don’t want to argue. I think we need to really think about this,’ reasoned Teddy.


‘What else is there to think about? I like you, I think you like me. Last night you want me to confess my love and now you don’t even want to kiss me?’


‘Vic, I don’t want to hurt you,’ replied Teddy honestly.


‘You hurt me a lot more by not reciprocating my feelings,’ answered Victoire, frowning.


The sound of sharp tapping against glass broke the silence between Victoire and Teddy. A snowy owl sat perched on the windowsill, a letter tied to its leg. Teddy sighed and got up to open the window. The owl flew in as soon as the window opened. Teddy took the letter from the owl’s leg and let owl fly away.


He frowned at the loopy script in lavender ink. Tearing open the letter, he saw that there was only one line written.


I always get what I want. Don’t forget that you’re what I want. — Chloe.


Teddy crumpled the letter as soon as he’d read it and tossed it onto the floor.


‘Who was it from?’ asked Victoire, concerned.


‘No one,’ replied Teddy, scraping a hand across his face.


‘Okay.’ The smile that spread across her face made Teddy’s heart ache. She lay back down on his bed and he followed, lying down next to her. He felt her hand drift up towards his head and rake through his indigo hair. He changed the colour to pink and twisted his head lower to kiss Victoire. Her lips parted and he kissed her more deeply. Rolling on top of her, he pinned her underneath him as she ran her fingers through his hair. He bent lower and began kissing her neck and Victoire sighed. He pulled away for a second to look into her eyes.


‘I wish we could stay like this forever,’ he whispered. Victoire didn’t reply, but instead brought her lips to his own.






Teddy stood in front on the oak doors of the house, his hand poised above the knocker. He’d been standing there for a good five minutes, contemplating if he should even go through with what he had to do and what he had to say. He finally knocked twice and stood back to wait. The door opened to reveal a house elf.


Teddy cleared his throat. ‘Is Chloe at home?’


The house elf invited him in and went off to find Chloe as Teddy stood in the foyer, clutching her letter. Chloe came into the doorway a moment later. Upon seeing Teddy she quirked an eyebrow. ‘I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist coming to see me.’


Teddy exhaled angrily. ‘What the hell is this?’ he asked, lifting the letter. ‘I made it clear to you, Chloe. It’s over.’


‘Nothing’s over until I say it is,’ replied Chloe, tossing her long dirty-blonde hair over her shoulder and staring Teddy defiantly in the eye.


‘Look, I came here to tell you to leave it alone. Find someone else to play with,’ said Teddy, trying to control the anger in his voice.


‘Teddy, you might be temporarily blinded by love, but you’ll realize soon enough that I’m what you want,’ replied Chloe.


‘Chloe, I don’t and will never want to be with you ever again,’ said Teddy.


‘You’re honestly choosing Victoire Weasley over me?’ she asked, annoyed.


‘Yes,’ said Teddy honestly. ‘I only want to be with her.’


‘We’ll see about that,’ answered Chloe.


‘What is that supposed to mean?’ snapped Teddy.


Chloe smirked and raised an eyebrow. ‘Good-bye Teddy,’ she said before turning and walking away.


Teddy shook his head angrily and one thought crossed his mind: Chloe Davies always got what she wanted.



Author's Note I'd love to know what you all make of this chapter! Predictions, comments and thoughts are all welcome. Thank you all for reading! :)



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Baby, look up when you're down: IIX.


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