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Bedposts and Broomsticks by potterwriter340237
Chapter 13 : Lonely Lily
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AN: My amazing and lovely beta butterbeergal! Alsooo check out chapter 7 on for some amazingggg chapter images!! Look for Luke Wood in there..let me know if I did him some justice :D

The small broom closet was only lit by the tip of my brother's wand, and I sat across James, Fred and Luke with an old desk and four rickety chairs squeezed in.

  All three boys looked at me with serious stares. All I could do was roll my eyes at them.

  “So why was I dragged in here? I’m going to be late for Potions.”

  James ignored my question and interrupted with his own comment. “Welcome to our office, Lily, you-”

  “It’s a broom closet James,” I interrupted and motioned around the enclosed space, my knuckles brushing across the dirty stone wall. 

  Fred leaned forward setting his elbows on the wooden desk, his expression serious. “No talking, Little L. Now as co-captain of the Quidditch team-”

  My brother gave him a disgruntled look and nudged my cousin who smirked, and then James looked at me. “As the only captain of the Quidditch team, I am here to discuss grave tidings that have reached our ears.”

  Oh, bollocks, and I thought I had managed to keep this whole debacle off everyone’s radar, because somehow I had managed, without even meaning to, to get myself a boyfriend.

  Upon seeing Eric’s beaming face to my accidental agreement, I couldn’t bear to tell him that I hadn’t been paying attention at all and I would very much like to take back my answer.

  In contrast to Eric’s ecstatic response, Luke’s expression almost made me run from the common room. Confusion then unmistakable anger had crossed his face. He had got up roughly from his place in front of the fire and stalked up the stairs to the boys’ dormitory leaving me even more confused and slightly ashamed.

  So for one week now, I had been officially off the market and my new boyfriend had yet to be discovered by my family. Until now.

James threw down the morning’s edition of the Daily Prophet, page six;

  A Lonely Lily No More

            Your favourite gossip columnist, Romilda Vane,  from the Daily Prophet here to announce one of the most exciting tidbits we have had in quite a while, folks. It turns out The Chosen One’s only daughter is no longer one lonely flower. Bridgett Harris, Ravenclaw Fifth Year Prefect, one of Lily’s good friends and classmates, told us that the youngest Potter was feeling rather desperate to find a boyfriend considering she has yet to kiss a boy. “It’s rather cute really, there both just so...quaint together!” Harris gushes over her best friend’s new found love. And readers, who do you ask is the lucky man? Why none other than Eric Creevey, nephew to the late Colin Creevey who lost his life fighting for Harry Potter at the Battle of Hogwarts. With Choir boy good looks and an awkwardly endearing charm the couple is simply-”

  I stopped reading and pushed the paper back to my brother. I gave the three boys an insolent look. “And...?”

  In reality I felt slightly sick. I had yet to be written about. Most of my other cousins occasionally had their names strewn across the papers and tabloids, but we usually managed to avoid it due to the fact that my mum worked for the Daily Prophet. But Vane was a wily one and she really did seem to have some sort of vendetta against my mother, which in turn extended to her children.

  Bother, and I had done such a good job of keeping this from James and Al, even I didn’t think the secrecy would last this long.

  And Merlin I knew I was going to have post pouring in once my family saw this.

Luke looked at me, his face completely void of any emotion. “Well, if you’ve broken the rules Potter...”

I shot him a dirty look. If this was what it was coming down to, I had broken the stupid rules my brother had laid out for me and Roxanne before Eric had even asked me out... with Luke.

  And speaking of, what a true mess I had made of that. My relationship had been frosty at best with Luke ever since I agreed to be Eric Creevey’s girlfriend. He had also made it so he and I were never alone, so I couldn’t even get a chance to explain myself (thought I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to say).

  In the last two tutoring sessions we had together, he ensured that James and his two partners, Amanda Phillips from Hufflepuff and, much to my dismay, Bridget Harris, studied with us. Aldridge approved it as he thought that more heads together was a wonderful idea and in my next Transfiguration class he had announced that everyone was free to pair up with another group. Next thing I knew Louis had joined us.

  “I’m going to kill Harris.”

  Fred shook his head. “That is by-the-by Lily, what we need to discuss is your blatant disregard for the rules our dear captain has set out.”

  He clapped James on the shoulder who nodded. “Now we have to think of a punishment, because I really don’t have the time to try a new seeker.”

I was seething, as if James actually considered kicking me off the team!

  “No. You are not punishing me for this. It’s bullshit. All you boys have to do is not shave and even you three are failing at that!”

  James rubbed his chin self-consciously. there were a few stray hairs coming out of his chin but other than that his face was bare. Fred had managed to grow an extremely patchy beard which was coming out in a strange shade of red... Luke, in all truthfulness, was the only one that had managed to grow facial hair that didn’t make me want to run and grab a razor. Stubble lined his chin and made him look older, and, I pinched my leg as I noticed, even better looking.

  “Mine is coming in nicely!” Fred countered, looking insulted.

  “You look like a gay lumberjack.”

  Fred opened his mouth to retaliate when James cut him off. “Regardless, Lily, you broke the rules. Something has to be done.”

  “No. I’m telling mum. You can fuck off James, this is ridiculous.” I was taking low blows saying that I was going to go to my mother but at this point, I really could not care.

“Doesn’t matter Lily, Dad will completely support my decision.” My brother looked smug, thinking he had one upped me and gone and won the argument.

 “Do you think he will support your decision to try and lose your virginity to one of the easiest girls in the school? ‘Cause Merlin knows we had the same sex talk James, and I highly doubt Mum or Dad, two people who have only been with each other, will be impressed with your choice.”

James’ mouth gaped open like a goldfish. Fred looked at me with a small smile of approval covering his lips. “Looks like she’s got you there, mate. Guess this no-dating thing for the girls really isn't going to work out.”

I smirked. “Thank you and for one, I know Roxanne will be overjoyed to hear that.”

Rising out of the chair and ignoring Fred’s splutters, I made to leave the broom closet.

“Oi, Lily, wait up. We’re going to visit Krum in his common room, we’ll walk you to Potions,” James said as he quickly rose too.

Great, now I get to spend even more time being lectured by my family and ignored by Luke.

I stepped out of the dusty closet and squinted due to the brightness of the corridor. Luke stumbled out after (Fred had pushed him) and ran into me.

  Anticipating a fall, I was surprised when Luke managed to catch me, his arm came around my waist roughly as I tried to catch my balance.


Both our heads swiveled to the new voice. Natalie was standing with a heavy textbook in her arms and was looking at us with an amused expression.

Good Godric, I knew what this must look like, I had just come out of a broom closet with Luke Wood...

His arm hand immediately dropped from my side and he backed up quickly putting an entire corridor distance between us.

“Oh...” Natalie started to laugh as Fred and then James clumsily made their way out of the broom closet. I joined in laughing, mostly from relief.

“How are you, Ashworth?” Fred asked casually as he dusted himself off, as if coming out of a broom closet with his two cousins and best friend was a normal occurrence.

 “Just fine Freddie, thanks for asking,” she said as her eyes flicked from me to Luke, then back to me. I felt myself blushing horrendously under her gaze.

 “Anyway boys, Lily,” she nodded at me, “I’m off to the library I’ll see you all later!” She walked by us, her blonde hair swinging behind her.

 Fred shook his head in bemusement. “Bloody Ravenclaws, always in the library.” My cousin turned to Luke. “Mate, I still think she has a sweet spot for you, you should definitely go for that again.”

  Luke’s glowing hazel eyes fell on me for no longer than a second before he swung an arm amicably around Fred’s shoulders. “You know, Weasley, I just might.”

  The boys laughed but all I could do was stare. A flippant comment like that should not have the power to hurt this much.

 Merlin, Luke and I could not even be considered friends if I really thought about it. I was only his best friend’s little sister and a fifth year he was tutoring. How did I make this into something so much more complicated? Hell, he obviously had no interest in me.

But, he had kissed me...

I shook my head, trying to get the thought out of my already overactive mind. 

 Fred’s voice interrupted my thoughts. “You know, I don’t think human beings are meant to be monogamous. I mean look at the animal kingdom, you don’t see any dragons with only one girl for their entire lives”

“Actually, all dragons mate for life, Fred.” 


 “How in Godric’s name do you know that, James?”

 My brother shrugged. “Dragons are cool.”

Thank you, my seventeen year old brother for acting with the mental capacity of a five-year old. Dragons are cool. Honestly!

My laugh was cut off by Fred waving his hand flippantly. “Well whatever, dragons were a bad example. But if you take lobsters, now lobsters know how to live...”

 Thankfully, any further conversation was ended as we reached the first dungeon. I gave them all a curt goodbye and stalked into the dungeon without looking back. Stupid boys.

I sneaked into my seat beside Roxanne as Professor Reisman wrote the daily instructions on the board for the Draught of Peace. Eric offered me a shy wave, and I forced a charming smile back.

Roxanne shot me a look and remained silent. She had been rather huffy lately and I had no idea what her problem was. But then, her waking up ten minutes earlier than she was supposed to could set her off into a mood.

“What?” I asked annoyed, she rolled her eyes and turned back to her book. Bollocks. This week was turning to shit very quickly.

  We worked in silence for the rest of the period, which was extremely rare. We used Reisman’s extreme absentmindedness to gossip and slack off. Roxanne’s quietness unnerved me and made me even more irritated than I already was. I was being slightly unreasonable and I knew it. It was no one’s fault but my own that I was on edge and feeling horribly, horribly guilty.

  It didn’t stop me from ‘accidently’ spilling frog livers all over Roxanne’s skirt.

  “What the hell, Lily?” she yelled as she jumped up, the innards of the amphibians sliding down her school uniform.

  Many people glanced around trying to figure out what had happened. Roxanne sat down with a sulky expression and ignored the whispering that had broken out. She gave me a dirty look and returned back to her book.

  “Sorry!” I gave her a mock expression of concern. I had no idea why I was pushing her. I just hated to be ignored. And I still had no idea why she was so cross with me, she had been blatantly avoiding me ever since I told her about Eric.

  Roxanne scoffed. “No, you’re not. You did that on purpose, you twit.”

  sually such names were laced with an endearing tone, but right now I’m pretty sure she meant it.

  “Okay, who the hell pissed in your pumpkin juice this morning?” I asked exasperated. Me and Roxanne rarely had any problems, but she was really someone you didn’t want on your bad side.

  She ignored me.

  Looking her up and down, it dawned on me that she was actually seriously cross with me; her figure was tense and she was looking pointedly away from me. I noticed her skirt was way shorter than regulations allowed, which was odd because she never rolled it up that high.

“Why is your kit rolled up that high?”  I asked giving her another look over. She looked at me with a look I had termed in third year as her ‘bitch face.’

  “Why do you care?” she added sassily back.

  “Well you look like cheap slag.”

  I was really making friends today.

  She swung around, her hair flying in all directions and her face livid. The bell rang, dismissing the class, and she roughly grabbed her stuff and tore out of the classroom leaving our station in its disorganized state.

  Bugger. I swung my bag over my shoulder and ignored the flustered Professor calling my name as I raced out after her. I found her a hallway ahead of me.

  I ran up to her, grabbing her arm and pulled her into an empty classroom, locking the door with my wand behind me.

 She wouldn’t look at me.

  “Seriously, Roxanne? You being petty is the last thing I need right now!”

  My cousin finally turned on me, a sneer marring her pretty features. “So typical Lily, not enough time for everyone else...”

  “What has gotten into you? What are you talking about?” I asked, now just bewildered.

  Roxanne let out a laugh devoid of humour. “Eric’s an amazing bloke, Lily. He’s one of our friends. I mean I thought you would do the right thing and break things off with him since you obviously don’t give a damn about him!”

I made to interrupt but she continued her stream of ranting.

“But no! You just play the coward. What do you hope? Things will just work themselves out? What about Luke? He’s a nice guy too and here you are screwing them both over because you’re too scared and selfish to admit you did something wrong!”

  I was speechless. She had managed to call me out on all my bullshit in a matter of a few well chosen sentences. I felt like I had been backed up against a wall. Here she was still livid with me and all I felt was shame and totally defensive, scrambling for something to say.

“You’re jealous!” I exclaimed pointing at her accusingly.

  Her dark blue eyes flew open in shock. “Are you fucking joking, Lily? This is not what it is about at all. This is about you being an indecisive cowardly cow!”

  Bloody hell, Roxanne is mean.

  “Just because you’re used to being the center of attention! You hate that Luke kissed me and that I have a boyfriend before you ever did!”

  Our voices had reached an almost earsplitting din.

  Roxanne picked her bag up off the floor and gave me one last look of anger. “You need to get over yourself, cousin, and stop being so damn selfish.”

  She strutted out the door and slammed the door sharply, leaving me sitting on an old wooden desk wondering what the hell had just happened.

  Minutes later the door opened again, and my heart lifted slightly thinking it was Roxanne already coming back in too apologize.


  I tried to hold in my sigh. “Oh, hello, Eric.”

  He entered the room giving me a reassuring smile. “Are you okay? Did you and Roxanne have a row?”

  “Something like that.”

  He shifted from foot to foot still watching me, and he finally asked tentatively. “Do you want to go down to lunch with me?”

  “Yeah, that sounds brilliant. Thanks, Eric.”

  How come I could barely look at him without Roxanne’s words ringing in my ears?

  He reached for my hand with his and held it somewhat awkwardly, our hands never finding a happy medium. We were both blushing like mad, though. He slowly brought his other hand to my cheek and leaned forward ever so gently, brushing his lips across mine.

 Taking my lack of movement as a positive sign, he leaned forward again and kissed me harder, a proper snog.

  He pulled away, breathless, his blue eyes dancing with happiness. “That was my first kiss.”

  I gulped, swallowing my guilt. “Me, too.”

  Eric beamed and leaned forward kissing me again. 

  Bloody hell, I had really fucked up somewhere along the line.

It was really hard to eat with one hand. Eric had my hand in a vice grip, unwilling to let it go, even to let me refill my pumpkin juice. He chattered happily to Edie and Sam, both giving me giddy smiles every so often.

I was looking for two people, neither of whom I could find. Both Roxanne and Luke seemed to be missing from the extremely busy Great Hall.

The doors opened once again, and my neck swiveled so fast I must have cricked it. I found Roxanne walking in, hand in hand with a handsome Ravenclaw seventh year.

Edie and Samira immediately burst into whispers, and I turned to Eric, stunned.

“Since when do Roxanne and Ashton Davies hold hands?”

Eric shrugged, seemingly immune to gossip and girlish excitement. “Since Monday.  He asked her to Hogsmeade and from there I guess they’re going steady now.”

Going steady. Who even says that anymore?

I watched disgruntled as Roxanne gave a smug look over the masses. Davies pulled her into a passionate kiss, completely inappropriate for the Great Hall, before he let her sashay over to the Gryffindor table, her short skirt swirling around her long legs as she grinned to girls who were watching her with expressions of envy. Fred shot a stinging hex at Ashton who flipped him off in return with a cocky smirk.

She sat down next to Matt Davis, a fellow Gryffindor fifth year, and grinned at our friends while completely ignoring me.

Edie leaned forward and squealed. “Roxy, you are such a lucky girl! Ashton is so dishy!”

Even Samira, quiet as she is, whispered something to Roxanne causing both of them to giggle.

I rolled my eyes and shook off my boyfriend’s hand before getting up from the table. Everyone except Roxanne looked up at me confused by my sudden movement.

“I, uh, have to go to the library. Forgot to do the Herbology assignment,” I rambled, searching for an excuse.

Eric looked at me slightly confused. “Didn’t you finish it with Natalie? In your tutoring session?”

Circe, I hate perceptive people.

“Uh, it’s not quite perfect yet, yeah, so I’ll see you in class!” I leaned forward and gave him a quick peck on the cheek, blushing as Matt and Edie whistled, and scurried away, but not before my name was hollered across the Great Hall. I saw Al waving frantically from the Slytherin table. Great.

“What do you want, Al?” I asked bluntly. I had no patience for any more arguments today, I had definitely filled my quota.

Al grinned at me, Scorpius offered a small polite nod and the rest of the Slytherins ignored me.

“Well, since you missed breakfast today, I helped out by collecting all your post for you!”

Out of his bag he pulled out a rather large bundle of letters. Sometimes I hated having such a big family. I took them, flipped through them quickly and groaned. There was one from pretty much every member of my family.

I offered Al a sarcastic ‘thanks’ as I threw the papers in my bag and trudged out of the Great Hall wondering what on earth I was going to do with myself.

“Oh, Ms. Potter?”

Turning I spotted the slightly dotty Professor Reisman peering at me through her thick lenses.

“Yes, Professor?” I asked trying to be polite and keeping the frustration out of my voice.

“I left your work station for you and Miss Weasley to clean. Just because you have famous parents doesn’t mean other people will clean up for you!” she trilled and then floated off, leaving me seething at her remark and having to clean up our Potion by myself because there was no way possible I was talking to Roxanne right now.

I stalked off  back down to the dungeons and flung open the door to Dungeon Two.

I was not expecting to see my cousin bent over a cauldron and covered in a bright yellow substance.

“Hugo? What in Merlin’s name are you doing?”



AN: Hiiii, I am so so so so terribly soorry for the extremely long wait my lovelies! The next chapter (full of excitement, quidditch an MIA Luke and snoggggging) will be not take nearly this long! Thank you so much for allll the support, I really cannot thank everyone enough. What do you think about Roxanne and Lily? Lily and Eric? Luke? Everything :)?

Alsooo check out MIscellany, another one of my stories for little drabbles about each main character you will see in this story for a little bit more back ground info and some future hints :)

Thank you soooo much again!

Much love...Miranda.

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