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Family Life and Child Development by elainesilva
Chapter 3 : The Star
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A/N: This chapter is revamped. 

Hermione was boiling with silent rage as she threw the door labelled Draco and Hermione forcefully open after her brief confrontation with Ron. She was not that happy that she was still holding Draco's wrist, granted a little harder than truly necessary, causing him to whimper in silence.

Not daring to speak in his normal voice, which he knew very well would  further infuriate her, Draco managed to make his voice as small as possible. “I think it’s time to give life to the baby.” Hermione, hearing this,suddenly became aware of her surroundings.

Her eyes darted to the two twin-sized beds with a little side table in between. The right corner was transformed to be a little nursery infused within their bedroom with mobiles and a crib in place. They had full closetsand study tables for both of them, on the left side of the room was a large window, complete with a big window sill that had Hermione thinking that the room had been specifically made for them given she loved to sit on window sills during her 'lazy days'.


She walked towards the wooden crib, painted in white, and grabbed the note placed on top of the doll. Draco followed her and picked up the vial of purple potion next to it. The lioness opened the letter and held it a little away from her so her partner could read it with her.

Dear Mister Malfoy and Miss Granger,

I am very pleased to know that  you have found it in yourselves to cooperate with this program. I assure you both that this will help you in the near future.


As for business matters, you should have seen the potion beside the doll and probably thinking what was its purpose (and are probably wondering about its purpose). I ask you to put four strands each of both your hair in that potion and shake it well. Then you must pour the potion to the doll, leave it in the crib and go out to the common room. After half an hour, you must go back and you should see your baby/ies. (You will please put four strands of hair in the potion from each of you and shake well. Then pour the potion over the doll, place it back in the crib and leave the room for half an hour. When this time has passed you will return to your room and find your baby or babies waiting for you).

Now I know you, Miss Granger, will have some questions. First of all, you need to attend the FLCD class every Monday so that Professor Merrywood can keep track of your progress. Secondly, she will give you a task every week to be fulfilled by the deadline. These tasks areimportant in your family training class.

The babies will grow every month to the equivalent of a year, so that by the end of the year you will have ten year old children to look after. Any further questions would be gladly answered by your professor.

You are allowed to decorate your room. I hope you learn to get along well, remember that the goal of this course is not only to prepare you for your future as adults but to create unity between you as young adults who were forced to grow up quickly. 


Professor M McGonagall

Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Both Hermione and Draco were satisfied with the letter and, after exchanging glances, each picked four strands from their own heads and mixed them into the potion. The purple liquid turned blue then pink changing until it was devoid of color. Draco looked at Hermione, his eyes asking if the potion was ready for him to pour it over the doll. He still didn’t trust his voice after seeing the feisty Gryffindor, her punch was still etched very clearly in his mind.

Hermione nodded ever so slightly but Draco took notice of it and not necessary gradually poured the potion over the doll. White light engulfed it and Hermione took hold of his wrist once more to lead him out of the room, leaving the blinding light behind.


The common room was silent as nobody dared to talk about what had happened a few minutes before. Everybody was present by the time Hermione and Draco arrived; everybody exculding Ronald Weasley. Harry and Ginny were in the loveseat in front of the fire, snuggled up to each other with Harry wearing a nervous and amused look on his face and Ginny an excited smile on hers. Padma and Luna were seated across each other on the floor with the coffee table between them, arguing about the existence of wrackspurts. Blaise was at the play pen, inspecting every nook and cranny of the ‘thing’ as he so eloquently had put it. While Hermione sat as per usual at the desk in their own private mini-library and, once in a while, she glanced up from her book to take in the atmosphere that was present within their unusual set of roommates.

She had purposefully ignored the absence of Ron as she was still infuriated with his childish temper. But one thing had taken her concentration from her book and, as a result of which, Hermione was reading the same line twenty times and still couldn't grasp what it meant. That thing, or rather person, was Draco Malfoy.

He was sitting on one of the other loveseats, farthest from Harry and Ginny, by himself. He seemed to be deep in thought for his silvery blue eyes were far off and cloudy with ideas. This intrigued her a lot because, after the war, Draco Malfoy had become an enigma.

Her wand vibrated with the alarm she had set up after leaving their room, it was time to meet the babies. She placed a bookmark between the pages she was reading and pushed the book to the top left side of the table. Hermione really intended on finishing the book for tomorrow’s classes.

As if on cue, Draco composed himself, uncrossed his legs and began standing up. That was when Hermione had joined him. With a quick nod in her direction, he walked towards their room. “It’s time.” She said before opening the door herself.


“She’s a lovely girl,” Hermione thought as a five-month girl with short and straight golden blond hair, silvery blue eyes, petite and soft limbs, and a sweet smile on her face stared at Hermione and Draco. Both teens were afraid of taking her out of her crib for opposite reasons; one was scared to hold the child as she looked so delicate and precious and one feared that the lack of knowledge would put the child in danger.

Finally, the Gryffindor lioness plucked up her courage and gently put her hands under the child's neck and lower back as she lifted her to her chest. This gave Hermione the chance to inspect her closely. She had long lashes and rosy cheeks, her complexion was a perfect combination of their skin. “She’s prefect,” she breathed daring to look at the other silvery blue orbs that were intent on taking in the sight before him. “Yes, that she is.” Draco softly agreed.

If Hermione wasn’t holding her baby girl, she would have probably been shocked at the use of the quiet tone by the Slytherin Prince which lacked the normal malice and venom. But with the little girl in her arms, she hadn’t taken notice.

“We should show her off. Her beauty deserves that.” She suggested, and with a slight nod of (from) Draco, Hermione started walking towards the door.



She turned her head back to look at him, her amber eyes looking at him questioningly. “We should name her first.” 

“Right, we should.” She said, her face lit up with excitement.

“Cassiopeia,” Draco said tentatively, Hermione vigorously nodded in agreement.

“Cassiopeia Nicole Granger-Malfoy. What a perfect name for a perfect girl.” She then opened the door and took a step out of their room.

Draco had a small smile on his face as he whispered to himself. “Welcome to the world, my star, Cassiopeia Nicole Granger-Malfoy,” following the mother and daughter into the common room.


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