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Finding Hope by darkest knight
Chapter 1 : One
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Good news. no... the best news!!



Straw covered the floor and a mouldy, damp smell filled the room I guess that’s why I was never disturbed here, my bed room was the only place I could think. I thought about my life, my problems, I thought about my wishes how there were never to be filled and I thought about destiny. Was it true? Or was it a lie?


The rain spluttered against the window the chill sweeping my bones giving me goose bumps up my arms and legs. I pulled the mouldy blanket over my shoulders and shivered into it as it adjusted to my temperature. When I was little I use to pretend that I was the princess of a very grand castle and that mouldy blanket was my cape of course the blanket was a little less mouldy back then and it was longer than I was; now it only reached halfway down my calf. when I was little I had hope, I had hope that my life would change for the better and I would be free from my prison here, alas as the years went by I realised that I would never be free and slowly I gave up hope, I stopped trying and stopped getting disappointed when I failed. My life went into a blur as I patiently waited for it to end.


Movement up stairs pulled me out of what I was thinking. Another day was starting; I was one more day closer to the end. Knowing the consequences of not being there on time, I got up and hastened to the stairs, I didn’t get punished much anymore I knew what they wanted and did it to stay away from confect, it worked, most of the time.


"Good morning' my voice was hors and cracked I cleared my throat.
"WELL, I'M NOT GOING TO WAIT ALL DAY" My mother was a charming lady, in her late forties she was at her prime, she sat at her white Georgian styled dressing table her dark her hung around her knotted from not being brushed yet and bare face set in and impatient expression.


"S..Sorry' have you ever counted how many times you use a specific word in a day. I have, that particular word averages in about two thousand times each day.
"THATS MINE Kell give it back'
'NO IT ISNT IT MINE MUUUM' Kelinda walked into the room her satin night robe floating behind her gracefully as she walked "mum tell Kaitlyn that she doesn’t own a purple bag, hers is pink"
Mother got up, as I was finished with her hair and make up and I had also already helped her into her day clothes. Kalinda took her spot as Kaitlyn came running in her room "NO mines purple yours is pink"
"Girls, where are your manners? Good morning" my sisters hastily said a good morning and gave mother a kiss on each cheek "Now about this bag, how about when we go to Diagon Alley this morning, I get Kaitlyn a new purple bag and you, Kalinda a new pink one, so there’s no fighting, hmmm"
the girls smiled at each other a glint in their eyes told me that this spew was totally planned and they had both got what they wanted like they always did.


I left them there because I had other things to do, like make breakfast, than the beds, the flours needed scrubbing and the curtains need cleaning, than lunch had to be made and the table set for dinner, the list went on forever and no matter how long and tirelessly I worked it never seemed to get any smaller, it would be a whole lot easier if I were allowed to use my wand. I unlike my sisters didn’t go to a magic school instead; I got their old text books and was only allowed to use my wand in my bedroom from half past nine in the morning to five o’clock in the evening. It was the Christmas brake at the moment and my sisters were going back to school in two days time, I liked it when they weren’t here because than Mother was rarely home and I got the entire house to myself.


The breakfast was made, homemade porridge with home-grown honey, homemade pumpkin juice with bacon, sausages, fried tomato and scrambled eggs which, I collected this morning before dawn, if you were wondering who makes all the home made food, I do, mother prefers organic foods.
I rang the bell that indicated breakfast was ready and than went to put the scrambled eggs on the table. They ate quickly messing all over the table and dropping food on the floor for me as if I were a dog, I ate on the floor, in the corner of the room away from the conversation at the table. Once breakfast had ended and my family had left to buy more supplies for school I hurried to get the table clean and the chores for today done, so I could practice some magic, which I hadn’t done in so long it was shameful but I haven had any time. The only reason I even got a wand and was allowed to practice magic was because mother heard that witched and wizards who couldn’t release their magic, could be dangerous and there were two reasons she didn’t kick me out after hearing this 1) she needed someone to do the chores and help her dress 2) she made an unbreakable vowel to my father as his dying wish that she would keep me, he knew her and knew I wasn’t her favourite the twins were and he knew what would happen because of it , my Mother regretted the vowel as soon as she made it and regarded it as one of the biggest mistakes of her life.


Potions is my favourite. I love the way you can make something so extraordinary out of just mere ingredients no incantation no magic just what you have in front of you
I spent hours in my room practicing everything the books said and I just started to wonder when my family would come home to spoil my fun when I heard the front door close and my name being called with much more force than usual
wondering what I could have possibly done now I hurried up the stairs a quickly as possible and stopped in the entrance room at the face of my mother and sisters
"there you are Eleanor, how many times do I have to call, before you come" she looked rather upset and my sisters looked mortified, maybe the shop had run out of pink and purple bags?
"I have some bad news" my mother went on "due to business I have to leave for America in three days time and stay there for the remainder of the year, I would leave you here, but it is against the law to leave an underage witch home alone for more than two weeks, so I’m afraid you will have to go to Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry with your sisters"
I stood routed to the ground my mouth literally falling of my face.
I was going it school?


Its a dream I was dreaming only I never had dreams like this any more I had long passed the days when I would dream to go to school but it cant be real I pinched my self nothing happened so I slapped myself still, nothing but this had to be a dream there’s no way in her right mind that mother would send "the disgrace of the family" to school, no way. 'Well if it is a dream you might as well enjoy it while it lasts' 


'but shouldn’t I wake up? I mean, shouldn’t I be working?'
'Its ok you’ll be doing that for the rest of your life, you’ll face her anger when you wake up, this dream is far to good to leave'
'your right I will' and with that I turned on my heel and left to find mother





The rest of that day I spent getting things ready for school.
I cant believe it I haven’t woken up yet and it 1 o'clock I'm morning I cant sleep I'm too exited to even think about sleeping, the straw was scratching my back as I lay down looking at the stars through that window, my trunk, which was second hand from Kaitlyne because both of them had got new pink and purple ones with diamonds, was poking into my side from the lack of space in my bedroom, in the trunk were my new robes which were also second-hand from my sisters, they were faded, had a few stains and one had a small rip, but other than that they were in good shape.


There was also a cauldron, it was starting to rust and was wearing thin at the bottom but at least I had one, a few clothes my best to be precise the ones that didn’t have mould on them or weren’t so dirty they were going grey and last but not least my books which were doggie eared and had a few useful notes Kelinda and Katlyne had written on the sides of the pages.


Thinking about my sisters brought me to remember their reaction to yesterday mornings news, Kelinda had been so angry that when mother had asked her to get me some of her old robes she had dragged me off by my hair to try them on and Katlyne had kicked me all the way to the attic to get her old trunk. today was going to be tough it always was the day before the girls went back to school but I had a feeling it was going to be tougher than usual, yet the thought of the coming day could not suppress my excitement and joy for finally getting to go to and actual Wizardry school...


The stars started to fade and disappear, than be replaced by the hint of pink on the clouds from the sun touching the horizon and back, I went to go and wash, Sunday was my wash day because didn’t have eggs to collect and mother and my sisters went to breakfast at grandmother Rosaline, mothers mother. The snow bit my toes and the frost ate my skin as I walked to the lake, soap and towel in hand, I took my shift off and hung it on a tree my wand sticking out from the deep pocket in the middle, than I stepped into the ice crusted lake shivering from head to foot, I didn’t get use to the water.


In summer it was quite delightful to bathe in the lake, the fish coming up too greet me every once in a while and the birds chirping their stories to me from the tree tops, in winter there was dead silence, only the rustle of the chilly breeze and the sway of my shift to keep me company.


I got out of the lake as quickly as I could rapidly dried myself and threw my shift over my head than hurried inside as fast as could, thinking of the warm fire waiting in the drawing room.


I entered through one of the back doors the one leading into the informal kitchen. The informal kitchen was one of my favourite rooms, it had a cosy cottage feel to it with its bright blue cupboards and whipped cream walls it was enough to make a heart of ice melt.


"OH heavens finally" my mother was there an angry expression running trough her face she grabbed my arm and tugged as heard as she could, almost pulling it out of its socket, I tried my hardest to keep the tears of pain from leaking over my eyes as my mother dragged me into the formal kitchen it was a total opposite to the informal kitchen the black marble counter tops pristine from hours of scrubbing and the dark grey walls bringing gloom and reversing the magic of the informal kitchen making your heart freeze all over again.


"We aren’t eating at my mothers this morning, she has fallen ill and is enable to have us, so the girls feel like pancakes and I want something to do with hollandaise" she ordered laving me a heap on the floor as she left the room "oh and make sure the hollandaise is made correctly we wouldn’t want a repeat of last time" instinctively my hand went to the cracked, dry old scar on my left forearm I tried my hardest to suppress the memories that shoved their way into my brain. I only just managed to puch them out of my mind by thinking the of the happiest memory of my life, when i was told i was going to school.


NO, I was not going to let myself think of that this was a happy time I mean I was finally leaving I was finally going someplace out the walls of the villa I was finally going to see the world with my own eyes and nothing was going to make me sad nothing, not even that. I sat at my usual spot for breakfast eating whatever scraps my messy family messed on the floor. The rest of the day went pretty much the same as any other day except for the fact that I was getting a lot more snide comments and punishments than usual but I didn’t mind like I said nothing could put a damper on my mood now.


Mother and my sisters had gone out for their "good bye dinner" at their favourite restaurant which left me at home alone with the task of packing everyone’s bags Kelinda's purple trunk sat on her purple bed in her purple room and Kaitlyn's pink trunk sat on her pink bed in her pink room I had never liked my sisters rooms they were too bold and pink and purple for my likening. My favourite bedroom was the fifth guest room which no one used it was a white with wheat coloured wooden shelves and headboard, the unsuited bathroom carried the colour scheme just adding a hint of blue I liked that room it also had the best view of the now white lake.

I didn’t hear my family get back it; I know it was late into the night because I was fast asleep dreaming of all the things that could happen on my new journey.

A/n: HI so i hope you like it! im sorry its a bit slow I just wanted you to get to know Ele a bit  more!! please review I would LOVE to know what you think!

Thank you so much!


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Finding Hope: One


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