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Object of Their Affections by ReignLee
Chapter 26 : Almost Real
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Chapter image by me as usual. :D

A/N: Because my last chapter validated so quickly, I wrote this today and procrastinated my homework once again for all my lovely readers.  Keep reviewing! :)


Over the next few weeks Rosevine continued to be with Draco—only really leaving him for her study sessions in Gryffindor tower. Rose and Harry bickered to the point where she missed the silence that had fallen between the two of them in the past.

Rosevine started to see a different side of Draco, and she almost felt guilty for deceiving him the way she was. Almost. The soft, kind person he was when they were alone paled in comparison to the harsh, evil creature he became when he was with his friends, particularly Blaise. Rose hated the fact that he was always on her mind. However torturous the thoughts of him were, Rose knew that they also helped her on her mission. Draco seemed to truly believe that she cared for him.

“Rose?” Hermione asked snapping Rose out of her trance. “You okay?”

“Of course Hermione,” Rose sighed softly. “Just nervous about today.”

“What’s today?” Ron asked with a mouth full of food.

“Ronald! Honestly. Do you ever listen?” Hermione scoffed.

“Today I go wedding dress shopping with Draco and his mum,” Rose answered quietly, hoping that Harry wouldn’t hear her. She really wasn’t in the mood to fight with him. Much to her dismay, Harry turned away from his conversation with Ginny, who he seemed to be spending an awful lot of time with lately.

“Did I hear dress shopping, Malfoy?” Harry asked sarcastically making use of the nickname he had recently forced on her. Rose smiled softly, thoroughly enjoying the flicker of anger in Harry’s eyes when he saw her unfazed by his insult.

“You did Harry,” she said gently. She continued in a dreamy voice as though she was daydreaming about the possibility of her wedding. “We’re planning a Spring wedding here at Hogwarts so all our friends can come. You’ll be invited of course,” she added with a grin.

“And why would I want to go to a Malfoy wedding? I think I’d rather curse myself,” he said angrily.

“Your loss Potter. I should go,” she said happily taking one last sip of her orange juice. “I’ll see you later ‘Mione,” Rose said leaning over the table and placing a soft kiss on Ron’s cheek. Rose and Hermione chuckled in unison as Ron’s cheeks exploded in a deep blush. Rose sauntered over to the Slytherin table with a smirk feeling Harry’s eyes follow her. She approached Draco on the other side of the hall and took the seat next to him placing her lips on his quickly. She gave him a big grin and watched in fascination as his lips curved up in response. It wasn’t quite as magnificent as his genuine smile, but it was the best she would get in public. Her eyes returned to find Harry’s angry gaze watching her from across the hall. She smirked at the effect she still had on him despite their obvious hatred towards one another.

“Are you ready to meet Mrs. Malfoy?” Pansy asked from across the table.

Rose couldn’t help the protesting thoughts screaming no in her head, but she managed to control them with a small nod. “I must admit I’m quite nervous though,” she said with a small giggle.

“Don’t be nervous love. My mother will adore you,” Draco answered. “Just be sure to act like the proper little pureblood we all know you aren’t,” he whispered in her ear with a laugh. “In fact, she’ll love you forever if you let her pick your dress. Mother loves that kind of thing,” he stated louder for everyone to hear.

“Well, from what you’ve told me, that will not be happening. No princess gowns for me thank you,” Rose laughed.

“You’ll never get the opportunity to feel like a princess after this Rose,” Pansy stated. “I’d go all out and make the best of it.”

“I have every intention of feeling like a princess on my wedding day Pans. I just don’t feel like I need to wear a huge ball gown to look like one. Sometimes less is more,” Rose said despite the fact that she knew Pansy didn’t understand the concept. Her makeup and attire was clearly proof of that.

“Just try to have fun Rose,” Daphne Greengrass laughed. “You tend to overthink things,” she chuckled.

“I do not!” Rose shrieked throwing a scone at Daphne playfully. Daphne laughed furiously. Something about Daphne put Rosevine at ease. She could be herself with Daphne, she could be real-well almost real.

“Hey!” Draco yelled. “I was going to eat that,” he said sulking.

“But Draco! She insulted me. Do you expect me to let her get away with that?" Rose asked faking her best puppy dog eyes.

“I didn’t hear anything,” Draco said sternly. “Did you Blaise?” he asked letting out a small chuckle at his friend’s astonished look. Rose smacked Draco gently across the shoulder.

“Fine,” Rose said continuing to pout. She glared at Daphne when the very same scone hit her in the forehead. Rose motioned to stand.

“Good idea love. We better get going since McGonnagall is expecting us,” he said putting his arm around Rose’s waist. Rose allowed Draco to drag her away from the Slytherin table, but glanced back at Daphne over her shoulder. Trying to fight off the smile threatening to cross her lips, she pointed her pointer and middle fingers at her eyes and then at Daphne, feeling like a complete dork for using that symbol out of every possible threatening mannerism she could have used. Daphne only laughed harder in response and Rose couldn’t control the urge to stick out her tongue. So she did just that. Feeling like a child, Rose couldn’t ignore the irony that she felt like a child as she walked toward the fireplace that would take her to a bridal boutique to shop for a wedding dress. Her wedding dress. She gulped noticeably wondering what the hell she had gotten herself into.

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