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The Promise by Siriuslover177
Chapter 1 : Broken Promises
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The Promise

“Promise me something” she told him a breathlessly as the dying woman lays on the floor an inch away from death.  

“Anything love, anything at all” her lover responded as brave as he could mutter out, tears running down his already beaten and bloody face.  

“Whatever you do, just remember that it isn’t your fault. You couldn’t hold onto this promise, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep this one. Fall in love again, live a happy life. Someday we’ll meet again. But until then, forget about me” She sad woman told her first true love.

Shaking from fear, grief, and plain exhaustion he promised her. The last ever promise he could ever make to  her was one he was afraid of. He broke his promise he made to her before they even left Hogwarts. The one to never be separated again. They wont lose anyone else to this war. They where going to beat them, beat them together.


Deaths are a common thing now and days. Everyday someones runs out the Great Hall in tears, because a loved one is either dead, or missing. The one thing everyone feared, was the daily profit. The only way to make sure they’re fine.  

No happy faces were detectable at breakfasts As me and Ashley sat down I saw tears in every-ones already stressed faces. I didn’t realize what happened until I read the daily profit.

Reading slowly, and carefully I read this days horrifying death.  

Death At The Ministry!

Young Molly Cruz dies from the Avada Kedavra cures right in her own office.
Officials believe that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has infiltrated the Ministry, right under every-ones nose's  
Early this morning Auror Mitchel Collins found the dead woman in her office a little before two in the morning.
Friend and family members are holding a memorial for her, and all of the other brave Aurors who risked they’re life fighting for the Wizarding World.  
This Auror was looked up to for many years, and will be missed greatly.

RIP Molly Cruz

I looked up from the paper and took a shaky look at Ashley. This was indeed her mum. Her eyes filled with tears and she got up and ran out the door, never once looking back.  

Following quickly I chased her. I caught up with her somehow and put her in a comforting hug showing her how deeply sorry I really was.

I led her outside by the shinning Black Lake and sat her down. She was still sobbing in my black T-Shirt. I rubbed her neck softly to calm her down.  

When she controlled herself she looked me straight in the eyes tears streaming down both of our faces. She said three words that meant the world to me.

“I Love You”

My heart latterly skipped a beat. We’ve been dating this whole year and we’ve never told each other that we loved each other. Not once, it was just to painful to think about with everything going on. But now and days you never know what’s going to happen. You can die anyday.

“I love you too Ashley. So much” I told her kissing her forehead gently.

“Promise me something?” She whispered in my ear, tears still steaming down her beautiful face.

“Anything love, anything at all” I tell her looking straight in her almond colored eyes.

“Don’t let us get separated. We can’t die on each other. We have to win this war. We need to be together.” She says hoarsely holding back a sob.

“Don’t worry love. We’ll all live this. No one will ever separate us ever again.”   

End Of Flashback.

“Ashley” I choke out putting my hand on the familiar grave. “I’m so sorry. I know you don’t blame me in even a little. But I know I could have saved you. I didn’t keep my promise to you. I know that where ever you are I will find you when it’s my time. I love you so much” I told the grave exsactly ten years after my fiances tragic death.    

“It’s been ten years and I haven’t been able to forget you, my first love. I still cry at night that I broke not one, but two of my promises to the only girl I can and will love. I miss you so much. And I hope where ever you are, you are happy” I finished my speech to the grave.   

That night the man dies, no one knows how but he does. And when he leaves the world behind him, he finds someone. Ashley is still waiting for him, her first love.

Every broken promise behind them.

RIP, Sirius Black, and Ashely Cruz             

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