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Sugar Free Sweets by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 3 : Tease
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Disclaimer; Except for Lauren, Melissa and parts of the plot nothing in this story belongs to me- It is all the work of J.K Rowling.


Melissa didn’t sleep well that night, she tossed and turned and stared at the curtain that separated her bed from Remus’. She was worried about him, why exactly was he in the Hospital Wing? He didn’t seem like the kind of person to get in a duel and considering that his friends had carried him up to Madam Pomfrey she doubted he’d started a fight with one of them.


What else was there? Dragon pox? Spattergroit? But neither really explained the bloodstained shirt that she had seen. Her worry getting the better of her, she untangled herself from her sheets and quietly placed her heels on the ground. Melissa poked her head through the curtains, her eyes setting on Madam Pomfrey desk which was lit up, however the nurse was fast asleep. As quietly as she possibly could, she pulled back Remus’ curtains and took a step towards the chair beside his bed.



Melissa couldn’t believe her eyes; the Gryffindor was covered in deep cuts that were covered in dry blood. She winced, sitting down in the chair next to his bed. Without even thinking about it, she took Remus’ hand and squeezed it softly. It was rough, and like the rest of his body- covered in dark red blood, for some reason she found herself using the wet cloth that was placed on his side table to wipe away the blood that hid his pale skin.


She wanted him to wake up, so she could ask him what had happened even if she didn’t get the truth, she just needed to hear something, but it didn’t feel right- waking him up. Melissa knew he would be exhausted, and they weren’t friends so to speak, in fact he hadn’t come to see her once since he bought her up to the Hospital Wing. Melissa sighed- she guessed that she’d probably never find out, and let go of his hand. She wasn’t quite sure why, but before turning back to her own bed, she placed a kiss on his forehead.



Early the next morning, Melissa found herself being awoken by Madam Pomfrey for her blood sugar levels and some breakfast. She could hardly believe how hungry she was and she quickly finished off her cereal before she decided to take a short walk or rather pace, around the Hospital Wing.


She hadn’t even made it half the way around the room when she heard a wolf whistle. “Nice pyjamas Sanchez” Melissa flipped around to see ‘The Marauders’ all smirking at her. She bit down on her bottom lip nervously and looked down at her pyjamas, a pair of incredibly short dark blue pants that could easily pass as underwear and left nothing for imagination, and a stripy tank top that once belonged to her cousin but had become too short for her.


 “Care to strut a bit for us?” Sirius Black raised his eyebrows suggestively and Melissa stared blankly at him, before turning on her heel and pulling her curtains closed behind her. “Oh, stop teasing us. Remus here wouldn’t mind a go…” Melissa turned crimson as she pulled a plain white dressing gown over her body, and slipping out the other side of the curtain and heading to the bathroom.


Once she was finished in the shower, she dressed herself quickly in some jeans and a hoodie, stuffing the pyjamas she planned to burn once back in the Hufflepuff Common Room, in her toiletry bag. Aware of the loud fits of laughter she could hear that obviously belonged to the Gryffindor boys- they were probably still laughing at her pyjamas. God, why were boys so immature?



It wasn’t for at least another hour before the laughter died down- a moment for which Melissa was glad for but was short lived when again came the voice of Sirius Black from the other side of the curtain. ‘’Hey Williams, let your best friend know that it’s not nice to tease” Lauren! Melissa sat up straighter in her bed as her best friend pulled open her curtains.


“Hey, Let’s walk” She said, pulling Melissa out of her bed and out of the hospital wing- calling to Madam Pomfrey that she’d have her back before lunch. “Spill” Lauren half yelled the moment they turned the corner. “How exactly did you tease Sirius Black? And why? I thought we agreed that while he may be fit- He’s a pig” Melissa sighed.


“I didn’t mean to” She replied, before checking that there was no one around who could spread rumours- The coast was clear. “You see, Lupin came in all bloody last night and I worried about what was wrong with him and you know what I do when I worry” Lauren nodded.


“You pace, and oh dear Merlin. Please tell me you were dressed” Melissa bit down on her bottom lip and Lauren shook her head. “How bad were your pyjamas?”


“They were the blue ones” Lauren cringed and wrapped an arm around her best friend.


“Sweetie, it could have been worse. You could have been wearing the stripy top too” Melissa blushed and quickly tried to hide her reaction from Lauren who noticed it immediately and chuckled. “You’re kidding me- oh you are never going to live this down!”  Melissa groaned and buried her face in her hands.


“Please, just kill me now” Lauren chuckled again and gripped onto Melissa’s shoulder tighter.


“It still could have been worse- You could have stripped in front of ‘em” Melissa turned herself away from Lauren who groaned. “Don’t tell me you did that too”


“No, but you’re right- I’m never going to live this down for the rest of my Hogwarts career. I bet you everyone knows by lunchtime” Lauren rolled her eyes.


“Trust me- They won’t spill because if they do, I’ll just mention a little something to Miss Lily Evans and they’ll shut up soon enough” Melissa laughed.


“Merlin, She has that Potter whipped” Both girls laughed and continued through the hallways- betting on how much longer it would take before Lily fell for James.


Authors Note; Hey There guys! I was going to try and make this chapter a bit longer but I sort of hit a wall- You see, I did have this chapter all written up and then after a problem with my laptop- I lost all 1,000 and something words and needed to restart. Crossing my fingers that it won’t happen again.


Okay- Concerning updates for other stories, I’m currently working on like ten different chapters for things so it really depends on what I finish next. I’m guessing it’s going to be either Chapter Seven of BEL or Chapter Two of my new story Intoxicated with Madness. And I believe that is all- until next time.

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Sugar Free Sweets: Tease


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