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Harry Potter and the Ravenclaw Progeny by HarryGinny05
Chapter 28 : Epilogue: The Search Begins
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Harry opened his eyes just as the sun was rising from behind the stronghold. He smiled at finally seeing the sun after an endless night. He stood up but felt something constricting his chest. He looked down to see muggle bandage around it. Hermione! He muttered exasperatedly, making the bandage disappear with a thought. He scanned his bare chest, glad no scar was left by the red blood sword.

Only then did he look around at his surrounding. A makeshift roof was above him. Scattered not far away are tents and sleeping bags. It seems they haven’t been able to save the stronghold as he noticed smoke still curling into sky from it.

The pit bog had disappeared together with the remains of the two giants. On its place was a huge hole were most of his friends were congregated. Smiling, he searched for a signs of fiery red hair and apparated beside its owner.

“Who…”Ginny whirled pointing her wand. “Harry!” She shouted before jumping into his arm and claiming his lips. The others snickered and they only broke apart when Mr. Weasley cough embarrassingly.

“So what do we have here?” He asked looking down the hole. He saw the blood red sword lying on its floor.

“We thought we’d bury it together with the dead of his army but Ginny rejected the idea.” Hermione explained. “Its magical essence might resurrect some of them again. So we transfigured their body into woods and burned them while you were er…sleeping. The sword…”

“You thought to bury it.” Harry finished for her.

“Yes, a lot of them wanted to bury it deeper but I don’t really think it would matter. Any one who wants would find magical way to retrieve it.” Ginny explained, looking at glowing sword.

“The sword once finally laid to rest cannot be touched or use by anyone other than the host of Damocles.” Harry raised his right hand and his twin wand appeared in it. He pointed it down the hole. Slowly molten rocks seeped out of the soil to swallow the sword. He flicked his wand again and the surface of the now mini lake of molten rock glowed and solidifies. Another flick and the hole disappeared. It was as if there was no hole in the first place. “Now only Damocles can retrieve it.” Harry chuckled, walking on top of the ground that was used to be the hole.

“How about we all get some rest.” Harry suggested embracing his wife. “We still have a lot of things to do.”

“What more can we do, Potter?” Draco asked. He and Hermione haven’t yet talked about what happened to them during the fight. “Except for rounding off the other death eaters.”

“For one thing, we need to look for Ron.” Harry answered. He noticed Hermione and Draco winced guiltily and decided to drill the two later. He sighed looking up at the sun that has now fully risen. There will be time to sort this all out. He thought to himself.
“We’ll find him.” Ginny assured him, hugging him and placing her head on his chest.


Not far a way, on a hill over looking the plane of the last battle, a hooded figure watched as Harry and his friends walked back to their makeshift camp. The morning wind buffeted his red and purple cloak but he paid no hid to it. Today, he savors the feeling of daylight.

“Her plan actually worked.” He murmured even as a soft ‘pop’ signaled somebody apparating behind him. “What took you so long? Have you gone nostalgic with me and decided to stay longer in the midst of your former friends?”

“I am passed that.” The newcomer pulled off her cloak, revealing the scarred face of Lavender Brown. “I had the luck of disguising myself as a resistance member that Apolline knew. I spent the whole time following her stupid orders.”

“Did you learn anything important?”

“Ron is still missing…”

“Are you still pining for that fool?” the hooded figure snarled.

“It is the way he disappeared!” Lavender retorted defensively. “The werewolves will pay.”

“It is not for you to decide on that.” The wind once more buffeted his cloak and as it flapped with the wind, an empty sword scabbard was revealed tied to his waist. “Now, come. The time grows near when all of my machinations come to fruition. Harry Potter will rue the day he time turned.”

Without even a tell tale pop, the hooded figure disappeared. Lavender glanced wistfully at the makeshift camp, before turning on the spot and disappeared with a soft pop.

(Watch out for Harry Potter and the Hufflepuff Covenant)

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