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The King Of Hearts by loopyluna
Chapter 3 : Jack
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Jack Nott


I tapped my quill against the glass ink pot infront of me. I caught my finger on the end of my quill. I screwed up my face as I examined the tip of my index finger. A small line cut itself on to my skin, jagged. The quill pricks. A small line of blood seeped out from the cut and I wiped it on my trousers.


I jabbed my finger in to my mouth in an annoyed manner, missing the moment as Scorpius wondered in to the full class and slipped in to the chair next to mine. I didn’t need to look at him to know that his book was rolled up in his back pocket, that his tatty, over worn leather jacket covered his uniform and that the expression he wore on his face was smug. He gave nothing away.


“You’re late,” I acknowledged.


Without looking up from the desk, nor even sending the Professor a glance, he replied. “No I’m not; everyone else is simply early.”


“You’re a Malfoy, not a God.”


“What’s the difference?”


He spoke so formally he could have even fooled the best of the best. That was his opinion; he would follow it to his grave. But if you put him in a room with a muggleborn, he wouldn’t bat an eyelid.


I merely rolled my eyes. “Modesty for one.”


“Oh yes,” he chided. “Because you’re the King of the subject.”


“Actually,” I replied with a weak smile. “According to Bambi, I’m the King of Hearts.”


At the front desk, Flitwick continued to mark papers, flooding the sheets in red ink. I suddenly felt remorse for the poor student who filled out that paper. A small pile of books sat at the edge of his desk, threatening to fall off. They’ve always been there, never moved.


The desk infront of us sat two people, again blondie was in the Hospital Wing, missing another day of classes. Bambi took her place. Not that I was one to complain; her company was a lot more interesting.


Today her hair was pulled up and pinned to the back of her head, smaller pieces fell out. On my sister, I would have leaned forward and chopped them off, but all I could do now was fight the urge to brush her sweeping fringe behind her ear.


I could hear the taunts now, about my mental state. I have never had to compress and urge such as this before. On any other girl, they would have swooned – I’m a Potter – but I’m sure that Bambi would turn round and jab me in the eye with her quill.


I didn’t need another Quill related injury today.


One is enough.


Scorpius saw me looking and my finger and batted it away from my eye line. “I don’t know how you would cope with a bludger to the head.”


“I wouldn’t,” I said. “But then again, I don’t have to – my Quidditch ability is shot.”


“I’m sure your family dies a little inside every time you say that.”


I shook my head. “Nope, I just get glared at by Lily.”


He caught me looking at my finger again. “Shall I make the funeral arrangements now?”


I simply sighed and put my hands in my lap. I then bit down on to my lip as Scorpius said ‘Good Boy’. Ignoring that one was a great difficulty. I wanted to hit the bludger myself.


He leaned forward before I even had the change to head for the Quidditch Equipment shed and kicked the back of Jacks chair.


Nott pulled his hat off of his head and glared at Scorpius. “What?”


“Can I borrow your owl for the weekend? I need to mail my father.”


Jack seemed as confused as I. “What happened to yours?”


“It may have lost the feathers off of its wings.”


“Please tell me you did not pull them off.” I inquired, staring at him with intense annoyance.


“Please, Ally.” He sighed. “I wouldn’t have the time or patience to complete that task. The owl was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s going to be alright, it’s a strong owl!” He added at Jacks expression.


“It worries me that you didn’t add, ‘have the heart’, to your list of reasons.”


He smirked at me weakly. “If the owl annoyed me enough…”


“You’re disgusting, you know that.” Bambi said from infront.


She turned around slightly in her seat, facing her cousin. Her skirt hitched up over her slender legs as she moved. As a normal 18 year old guy, I couldn’t help but look.


Scorpius raised a brow. “Oh really, and who are you exactly?”


“Nancy Carter,” she introduced. No hand shake. Merely a name.


“Well, ‘Nancy Carter’,” he began firmly. “You are-“


“Bambi,” I muttered. “She’s Bambi.”


“Wait, this is Bambi?” He inquired, jabbing his thumb in the direction of the brunette. “I was going to insert an insult, but Bambi will do.”


She rolled her eyes. “You can call me Nancy.”


“Well you can call me Master,” he snapped back smugly, a recognizably smutty look glazed over his eyes.


Jack scoffed.


Bambi moved her fringe from her eyes and grinned. “I will call you Master the day that Rose Weasley looks you in the eye.”


“Touchy subject there Nance,” Jack warned in a low tone. “Take a few steps back.”


“And yet you allow the jeering comments when they are the other way around.” She said, examining her cousin’s hat closely.


Scorpius smirked and crossed his arms, leaning forward on to the table. “That’s because I’m a God.”


“No, you’re just a Malfoy.” She said somewhat carefully.


“You two are a match made in heaven.” Scorpius somewhat spat towards me.


Bambi ignored him, as did I.


But he resumed. He wasn’t done. “Who are you to comment on my family history anyway? I’ve never heard of the ‘Carter’ family.”


“That’s because I’m a Nott.” She said knowingly. “Jack’s my cousin. Why does this come as such a shock to everyone?”


“You’re Little Nancy Nott?” Scorpius questioned.


Jack cut her off before she could reply. “She dropped the little.”


“And the ‘Nott’.” I finished.


“I gathered that.” He deadpanned. “Thank you.”


Bambi shook her head. “You’re all unbelievable.”


“No,” I rounded. “You’re just predictable.”


“And you’re a dolt.”


Scorpius popped his lips and nodded, leaning his head towards me. “I like her.”


“You would.” Jack shot back.


Scorpius has always had a strange affection for people that insult others.


We never brought him up on it.


I’m sure that it’s fear of the answer.


I smiled at them all weakly and returned back to nursing my finger. Scorpius and Bambi began to talk animatedly, casting the odd glance over to Paul Wood. It seemed that they had found common ground.


Scorpius hadn’t been happy when he retrieved his book from my possession. I wasn’t sure whether it was because I took it in the first place or because I had smudged jam on the cover. I assured him that it blended in with the blood but he refused.


My stream of thought was interrupted. “Oh bloody hell Albus, just ask Nancy to kiss it better already and then lets all move on.”


“What’s wrong?” Bambi asked curiously.


“Battle wound.” I explained.


“Against your quill?” Scorpius snapped. “He cut his finger.”


“And it hurts.” I whinnied.


The blonde snorted. “Sorry Ally, do you want me to take you to the Pansy Wing? You can talk to the decaying Madame Pomfrey and she can give you a plaster with dinosaurs on it.”


I bit down on my lip.


“Or you could just ignore me and go back to your conversation. I would be very grateful for that.” Jack nodded in agreement with me. “Scorpius, Bambi loves the same book as you.”


Somehow Bambi’s cards had found their way in to her hands. They slipped through her fingers at a fast speed, joining the bottom of the pack with a skill that only she possessed. This seemed to evade Scorpius as his eyes grew wide.


“A Study in Scarlett?” he questioned.


She gave one simple nod. “My mother gave it to me when I was young. It’s my favorite.”


“Scratch it, Albus is a tosser - you’re my new favorite company.”


I raised a brow. “Thanks.”


“Anytime.” He shot back. “Advice…never let Al touch your books. He will break them, or leave them on a sunny windowsill – or God forbid that he is eating jam while near a book.”


A glare.


He brushed it off.


But as time passed, I couldn’t help but notice as the Queen of Hearts found its way to the top of her pack once more.





I heard someone call my name in the busy corridor and my heart did a little jump. I turned rather quickly, almost taking out a small child in the process. I came face to face with a rather smiley Bambi.


She jogged down the stairs, holding on to her bag as she went and met me at the bottom.


“Bambi,” I greeted in a sing song voice. “How lovely to see you here!”


I could see she was biting back a smile. “It’s Nancy - and I actually have a favor to ask you.”


“I only perform sexual favors on a Tuesday, today is Wednesday.” I interrupted her reply. “But for you I could make an exception.”


She stood with her arms folded, another tattered book in her hand. “Funny. Could you give this to Scorpius for me?”


I scratched my chin. “What? No comment on my offer; I put my heart and soul in to that.” She simply arched a brow. I took the book. “I will pass it on.”


She smiled a thank you and made to turn away.


My longer legs quickly caught up with her strides. “So have you started a book club?” I questioned nosily.


“No, just a common interest in fiction.” Bambi said with a quizzical expression. “We would invite you to join, but neither of us was sure whether you were literate.”


I scowled and feinted a look of hurt and shock. “I believe it was you who said that I was a genius.”


“You don’t need to read to be intelligent. You’re more street smart than Scorpius. You have more common sense.” Her blue eyes shined. But I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. “So are you?”






I held back another scowl and nodded. “Yes, yes I am literate.”


“But have you ever completed a book without pictures?”


“What is this, Interrogation Hour with our very own host, Bambi Carter?” I questioned running a hand through my hair nervously. I was rather worried as to what she would ask next.


She rolled her eyes. “I was merely paying an interest.”


“Well stop,” I ordered. “It’s creepy.”


Bambi grinned at me. “This coming from the boy who just offered out sexual favors.”


I clamped my mouth shut.


She may have been the first girl to render me silenced.


I felt oddly proud of her.


I called to my brain for a comeback – my supply was out.


She pointed her index finger at me and hit me square in the chest. “Just give the book to Scor-“




Her finger shot from my chest like it was on fire.


Someone had interrupted our conversation.


Someone who happened to be tall. With floppy brown hair.


Adam White was infamous in Hogwarts. He was a rival of Scorpius, as they liked to call it. I personally liked to dislike him for the sake of it. We had no classes together, nor did we barely acknowledge each other existence. This may have been the first time in months.


We spoke at the Hogsmeade Platform back in September.


He threw my books on to the track.


I broke his nose.


My textbooks probably still there, I had no need for them anyway. My cousin Dominique – constant lifesaver - gave me her old ones; there was no way I was asking for new ones off of mum. Besides, they would hardly be touched anyway.


The brown haired bloke stood infront of me, beside Bambi. She looked a little uncomfortable. Her fingers caught in her own hair as she bit down on her lip.


I raised a brow and grinned at her as her eyes caught mine. The blush on her cheeks was coming along quite nicely.


“Was I interrupting something?” White questioned coolly.


I clicked my tongue at Bambi’s sudden loss of speech. I steeped in.


“Not at all.” I said a little resentfully. “We were just talking about sexual favors weren’t we Bam’s?”


“You’re an idiot.” She practically spat.


I she didn’t bother looking at White’s face. It was rather horrified. Sweet little Bambi – possibly, but hopefully not, his sweet little Bambi – was simply glowing pink.


“Ahh,” I mocked knowingly. “But I’m your idiot.”


“You have five seconds before I shove Scorpius’s book up your arse.” She threatened.


White glared at me, not daring to look at Bambi again. “I think that you should leave, Potter.”


It was then that I noticed. “Where are your cards, Bambi?” I acted as if I hadn’t heard White’ suggestion and leant back against the bottom of the stone banister for the staircase, my arms were crossed.


“In my bag,” she answered quietly. “Why?”


I shrugged. “You are usually playing with them. I was just curious.”


“Leave Potter.”


“It’s a free school.” I chuckled. I slapped the book that was in my hand against the palm of the other. “I’ll give Malfoy your book.”


“It’s not mine,” she replied. “It’s his. He leant it to me.”


My mouth dropped open. White didn’t move away.


“He trusted you with a book” I questioned. “He must really like you. He doesn’t even lend them to me.”


“That because you ruin them,” she answered. “And you’re illiterate.”


“For the last fucking time, Bambi, I am not illiterate.”


White’s brows furrowed. “You want to watch your language Potter, it’s not nice to swear infront of the lady.”


“Shit, I’m sorry.” I said rather childishly. “I promise to watch my fucking language while around the pretty fucking lady.”


“You’re a child,” he spat with dark eyes.


I snorted. “And you’re a twat. But I was polite enough to hold it in.”


“Be quiet, the both of you.” Bambi reasoned, stepping forward a little to between the both of us. “You’re as bad as each other.”


White scoffed. “I’m as bad as him, Nancy, he thinks he’s all that because he’s a Potter.” I raised my brow a little bit and set a smirk on to my amused face. Bambi knew as well as I that I detested the stereotype. “All the girls think he’s a ‘bad boy’, but he’s not, he’s a coward.”


“Ouch,” I replied with a small grin. “I’m going to be the bigger man here and simply walk away.”


“Bye, bye, bad boy.” Bambi fare welled.


I smirked. “A bad boy,” I repeated to myself in mock approval. With a small tap on her head with the book I winked. “Something every good girl needs.”


White’s jaw seemed to lock.


I only suppressed a laugh. “Bye Bambi. It was lovely to see you again White. Let’s meet again at the train station at Christmas. You can throw more of my stuff on to the train tracks, and I can break more of you. It will be fun.”


I gambled it.


I turned back around as I merged in to the passing crowd.


They walked together. White’s arm around her shoulders.




AN; There was chapter three. I hope that you all enjoyed it! Don’t forget to leave me a little review! :D

Who’s your favorite character? And who’s your worse character?

I will update soon with the next chapter.

Speaking of which, here is a preview;


“Then why doesn’t she chuck him?” I asked him. “She didn’t try to push him away when we were talking yesterday. Oh by the way, Scorpius I have a book for you.”


“Later,” he pushed. “This is important. Exactly how many hexes are we throwing at White today?”


“None,” Jack snapped. “Albus, if you want Nancy to like you, don’t go around hexing people that she talks to. She may be sassy but she’s a Hufflepuff for crying out loud.”


“So can I still hex him?” Scorpius questioned.


I hope that you enjoy! 

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