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Misunderstood by wolfygirl
Chapter 1 : A Sensitive Soul.
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Draco Malfoy paced back and forth in the Room of Requirement, overcome with angst and woe. His eyes were like pools of liquid silver, swirling with turbulent emotions. As he paced, a single tear slid down his chiselled, alabaster cheek.

“Why me?” he groaned, shoving a hand through his shining, white-blonde hair. The motion made his bicep bulge beneath the thin material of his Hogwarts uniform. Despite being only 17, Draco possessed a body that would put Greek gods to shame. Beneath his Hogwarts shirt the muscles rippled and flexed, begging to be released from their cottony prison. In a fit of angst Draco granted their wish, reducing the garment to tatters that fell to the floor. Firelight glinted off the newly revealed ridges and planes of his abdomen. A delicate trail of silvery hairs ran down from his belly button and past the waistband of his pants, delving into th– oh, uhem. Right. Got a bit carried away there. Where were we?

Ah yes, Draco was sad.

With a mournful sigh, Draco slumped down onto a couch opposite the roaring fire. A tiny kitten jumped up next to him, and he picked it up with surprising tenderness. Placing it gently into a pile of blankets he had crocheted himself, he sang it to sleep with a lullaby of his own creation. The hauntingly beautiful song echoed through the Room of Requirement. Doves appeared out of nowhere, conjured by the sheer beauty of Draco’s voice. While he sang he also painted a stunning portrait of a woman. Her back was turned, but you could still sense her sadness. Clearly Draco had untold and unimaginable depths of sensitivity.

Draco was so caught up in his painting, singing and general sexiness that he didn’t even hear the door to the Room of Requirements being opened. It wasn’t until a soft gasp sounded that he realised he was no longer alone. Spinning he was shocked to find Hermione Granger standing in the doorway. He opened his mouth to insult her, but the words escaped him. How had he never noticed her beauty before?

Between 6th and 7th year, Hermione had become a goddess. Her previously bushy hair now fell in a tumble of sexily-messy curls down her back, and her lips formed a sensuous pout that sent a rush of heat through Draco’s body. The uniform that had once hung off her, now hugged tightly to a set of curves that begged to be touched. Those honey-coloured eyes watched him, and all of a sudden Draco couldn’t keep up his cruel act any longer.

“Hermione,” he whispered.

Hermione’s golden eyes widened in surprise at the use of her first name, but she was too distracted by Draco’s shirtlessness to formulate a response. The firelight danced across his chiselled abs, and flashed in his silver eyes, and Hermione was struck by how handsome he was. Wrenching her eyes away from his manly perfection, she noticed the kitten sleeping peacefully.

“What is this? Why were you singing, and what are you doing with a kitten?” Hermione asked suspiciously. After all, this was Draco Malfoy. He was evil, and she wasn’t about to forget it. Even if the sight of him shirtless made her want to kiss those perfectly defined abs, and– No! She did not find him attractive! “Are those doves?” she added, noticing the birds resting peacefully around the room.

Draco’s silver eyes darkened with emotion, and he moved toward Hermione. “I was just singing this poor orphaned kitten to sleep, and the doves were drawn here by my angelic voice.”

“But you’re evil.” Hermione protested. Even as she said it Hermione was second-guessing herself. How could evil have such hauntingly sensitive eyes?

“I’m not evil Hermione. I am a deep, caring soul.”

“But you’ve made my life hell for years!” Hermione cried, for some reason close to tears. She couldn’t understand how this stunning boy before her could be the same creature that had emotionally tortured her for years. How could it be!?

Draco fell to his knees before her, and groaned in anguish. “Oh how I loathe myself for that! But you must understand, I did it for your own protection! I’m…too dangerous.” His voice caught and Hermione could barely resist the urge to reach out to him.

“What do you mean?” She whispered.

“Hermione,” he replied softly, unable to look her in the eye, “I’ve been cruel to you for your own good! It’s too dangerous to allow people to get close to me.” Finally Draco found the courage to meet those golden orbs, and Hermione was shocked to find tears filling his eyes. Voice brimming with self-loathing, Draco continued. “I’m a vampire.”

Hermione gasped. Suddenly it all made sense! Draco’s cruelty had been his way of keeping people away. He didn’t hate her, he was protecting her! Shocked and overjoyed by this revelation, Hermione dropped so she was kneeling with Draco.

“Oh you poor tortured soul! You kept this act up for years to protect me. I know I’ve hated you for the past six years, but this changes everything. I love you Draco!”

A look of wonder leapt onto Draco’s face. “Oh 'Mione I love you too! I’ve loved you since the moment I realise how hot you were.”

Looking deep into Draco’s eyes, Hermione tugged down the collar of her shirt. “Drink my blood, Draco.”

Draco obliged, drawing deep draughts of life from Hermione’s slender neck. As he drew back, he realised something. “Your blood has somehow changed me. I am now free of my desire for human blood. Your loving sacrifice has cured me! Also I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll now sparkle...”

Overcome with joy, Hermione kissed him deeply. They then went on to live happily ever after, in a world where no one questioned this illogical partnership and nothing bad happened ever. Also Draco tamed unicorns for a job, and Hermione invented a spell that made everything rainbows and joy.

The end.

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Misunderstood: A Sensitive Soul.


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