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Sunny-Side Up With Pumpkin Juice by orderofthephoenix
Chapter 1 : Sunny-Side Up With Pumpkin Juice
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“Right, listen up,” Albus called out. “We’ve got to do something for April Fools’ Day. We can’t let the day pass us by without paying tribute to the legendary pranksters that Fred and George Weasley were.”

Scorpius and Lily turned away from the game of Exploding Snap they were playing and paid attention. Considering it was only March, the weather was pleasant and they’d made the most of the opportunity to go outside and enjoy the sun. They’d both heard the wonderful tales about the infamous pranksters and had always wanted to do something similar. It was Albus and Scorpius’ seventh year now and the perfect time to do it.

“I’ve been thinking about that for a while and I’ve got a few ideas, but we’re going to need Rose’s help if we want to do them. She’s the only one with the knowledge,” Scorpius said.

“Let’s find her then,” Albus replied, pushing himself up from the grass.


Rose was curled up in one of the comfortable chairs in the common room, reading. It was emptier than usual; many of the younger students were out playing game of Quidditch. She looked slightly annoyed when Albus disturbed her and when they’d moved to the empty library she turned to trio.

“So, let me get this right? You want my help to find you spells that you can just as easily go and look up for yourself?”

“Yep, that’s pretty much it.”

“Although I’m not so sure about the ‘just as easily’ bit. You know this library back to front so you could do it so much quicker.” Scorpius looked at Rose with a pleading look.

Rose huffed. “Fine, alright, but you have to help. I’m not doing all the hard work myself.” The other three nodded enthusiastically, wide grins on their face.

“Tell me more about this prank then.”

“Well, it’s got to be a good one,” Scorpius spoke.

“Yeah, I get that, stupid.” Rose and Lily rolled their eyes. “Who do you want to play the prank on? Teachers? Students?”

“Hmm, I think we’d get the best reaction out of the teachers, don’t you think?” Lily said.

“Oh definitely. And maybe we could even do something to the Slytherins?” Albus asked smiling.

“No. That’s not fair. Otherwise we do it to Gryffindors as well and I know you won’t agree to that,” Scorpius protested. “Anyway, I’ve been thinking, we could do something where we turn their robes and hats different colours. Like a colour changing charm, but better. Except they won’t be able to see anything’s wrong.”

“Yeah, that sounds quite good actually. So even when they look in the mirror they’ll just look the same as usual?” Lily asked.

“That’s right! Think of the fun we’ll have!”

“But how are we going to do that?” Simultaneously, Lily, Albus and Scorpius turned to Rose who had annoyance written all over her face.

“I know I’m only doing the hard work for you, but if you let me get a word in edgeways I might be able to help!”

“Sorry,” they said.

“A potion would probably be the best. It’s fast acting and lasts longer too. Unfortunately, that would take at least a month to prepare and April 1st is only a week away.”

“I could try asking Uncle George. I mean, he’s got to have these sorts of potions. And I’m pretty sure he’d love to help us,” suggested Albus.

“Alright, but we’ve got to do this ourselves. We’ll need supplies from outside, but we need to do the spells ourselves.”

“What about something to stop the teachers from realising what we’ve done?” asked Lily.

“Yeah, that’s harder. I don’t know any spells like that. Do you?” All three shook their heads. “That’s what we’ll start researching first then.”

Albus stood up from the desk he’d been leaning on and starting walking around the room slowly. “I’ve got an idea! What about those fireworks Uncle George used to sell ages ago? We could have fun with those during classes.”

“Do you think he’d let us use them though? You know he stopped selling them when his brother, Fred, died,” Rose asked concernedly.

“That’s a good point. Lily, you’ll have to ask him. You’re his favourite niece.”

“Oh, it’s always me, isn’t it? I’m sixteen now, not six. I don’t think that works anymore, Albus.”

“Oh, it does, believe me,” he said with a smirk on his face.

“Stop bickering, you two. We all need to do our bit so Lily, you ask your Uncle George if he can get us the potion and the fireworks,” Scorpius said. “What do you want to do with the fireworks, Albus?”

“I’ve got a few ideas. Leave it to me; it’ll be a surprise.” Scorpius looked suspicious but didn’t say anything else.


Lily ran up the stairs softly and crept into the seventh years’ boys dormitory.

“Oi! Albus, get up!” Lily shook her brother awake.


“We need to go. It’s six o’clock.”

“Yeah, in the bloody morning!”

“And you can go back to sleep afterwards if you want. Aguamenti!” Water cascaded down on Albus and he shot up in bed. The freezing water trickled down his face and back making him wriggle in discomfort.

“What was that for, Lily?!” he tried to shout, but she was too fast for him. With her hand still clamped to his mouth, she quickly checked that the other occupants of the dormitory were still asleep.

“Get downstairs now! Everyone’s waiting for you,” she whispered fiercely. Albus shot her a dark look and started to peel off his wet nightclothes.

“Finally! Take your time, why don’t you?” said Scorpius sarcastically, as Albus stumbled downstairs. “It’s not as if we’ve got a lot to do!”
Albus finally remembered why he had been woken up at this unacceptable hour. It was, of course, April 1st; the day they had been preparing for the last week.

“He’s never been a morning person,” Lily murmured to Scorpius.

“Right, let’s get this over with.” Albus stalked out of the Gryffindor Common Room, the others hurrying after him.

“Have you got the potion, Rose?”

“Yes, Albus. We know what we’re doing, so let’s get on with it before people start waking up.”

Albus snorted. “As if anyone’s stupid enough to get up at this time!”

Within a few minutes, the four teenagers arrived at a painting of a bowl of fruit. Remembering what George had told them, Lily reached out and scratched the pear in the bowl. It squirmed as if it had been tickled and became a door handle. Pushing it open slowly, the students looked inside. The huge kitchen was bustling with small house elves who were preparing breakfast for the school. As soon as they were recognised, no fewer than six elves ran up to Albus and his friends asking how they could help. While the other three distracted the elves, Scorpius crept away unnoticed.

There were five long tables in exactly the same positions as they were upstairs, in the Great Hall. The house elves would lay out the food on each table and at the right time, the food would appear in exactly the same layout in the Great Hall. Scorpius was counting on this for the prank to work. He found the replicated High Table and looked around him, before casually dropping a few drops of Colour Change potion into the pumpkin juice, orange juice, and milk. Most of the teachers would consume at least one of these drinks during breakfast and its purpose would soon take effect.

Taking a slice of toast from the table, he rejoined Albus, Lily, and Rose, who were enjoying an early breakfast at a table.

“It’s done,” he said in a low voice and the others smiled. “So now we wait. We’ll have to go to breakfast early and you’ll have to cast the spell on each teacher as they come in, Rose.” At Lily’s surprised look Albus elaborated.

“Rose managed to find a mild Disillusionment Charm so that the teachers can still see each other, but they won’t notice their unusual appearances.”

“That’s great! This is going to be brilliant! I can’t wait!” Lily jumped up and down in her seat. The four finished their breakfast before returning to the Common Room.

When the pranksters arrived for breakfast, there were only a few second and third years already downstairs. Shortly afterwards, the Ravenclaw Quidditch team trailed in looking exhausted after their early training session. The Captain, David Shortis, smiled brightly at Lily, who looked down at the table blushing. Albus sniggered and nudged his sister who promptly pushed him away.

Rose silenced them as the first teacher walked towards the High Table. As Professor Longbottom passed the Gryffindor table, Rose whispered the incantation under her breath, her wand pointing at the Professor. When she saw a colourless outline surround him, she released the breath she didn’t realise
she’d been holding.

“Phew! One down, several more to go.”


Half an hour later, all the teachers had the Disillusionment Charm unknowingly placed on them and were enjoying breakfast. Most of the school was also in attendance and there were even some students who had dyed their hair a rainbow of colours for April Fools’ Day. One Ravenclaw fifth year had a pair of bunny ears growing out of his head and a little first year was wearing a Muggle joker's hat.

Albus tried his best to keep his eyes on his food or to keep his mind occupied by talking to friends, but he couldn’t help glancing up at the staff table every so often. When the morning post flew in, he stole another look before realising an owl was almost sitting in his porridge. Opening the letter, he recognised Uncle George’s handwriting and eagerly shared the letter with Rose and Lily.

Dear Albus,

Today’s the day! You four have planned well for this prank and I couldn’t be prouder of you. It has been my pleasure to help you perform this in memory of Fred and I know that he’d be as proud as I am.

By now, you’ll have done the preparations and are waiting for the effects to take place. I can’t tell you exactly what those effects will be but I can tell you they will be spectacular.

I hope today is a success for you; enjoy yourselves and try not to get in too much trouble.

All the best,
Uncle George

P.S. If all has gone to plan, look up at the High Table!

Glancing at each other, they looked up at the Table and stared. No-one else had noticed yet, but there were some changes being made to the Professors’ attire. Professor Longbottom’s robes were lightening in colour; Madame Pomfrey’s uniform was starting to sparkle and Professor Flitwick’s robes looked paint splattered. Sure enough, Scorpius had also realised what was happening, as did most of the student body. As Professor Longford’s black robes turned pale blue with white daisies decorating it and Professor Sprout’s wide brimmed hat turned yellow, the students exploded with laughter. The professors looked up in surprise to see everyone doubled up with laughter. Looking at each other, they exchanged bewildered looks before turning back to the students.


“Now, now, Minerva. It is April 1st after all. We’d be fools to think this day would be like any other.” Headmaster Flitwick was trying to placate a pink-robed Professor McGonagall without much success.

“But who knows what they’ve done to us! We can’t even see the results of this prank!” she said, disgustedly.

“And more's the pity. We could have done with a laugh too, you know. I hope I’m in stripes; I’ve never worn stripes before.” Professor McGonagall looked down at him derisively and walked off.

Further down the table, Professor Longbottom was examining his hat and clothing, trying to work out what it was that was amusing the students so much. Professor Longford had realised someone had put a spell on the clothes and was waving his wand frantically, trying to reverse the spell without any success.

“That was amazing! It turned out much better than I thought it would!” Rose laughed as they walked out of the Great Hall.

“I never thought I’d ever see Longford wearing floral!” Scorpius was laughing so hard he could barely walk.

A second later he spun around to hear an explosive bang behind them. From the entrance of the Great Hall, colourful fireworks burst out into the air, whizzing and spinning around the students’ heads. Showers of reds and blues and greens and golds flew high and low. Some of the smaller students screamed and ran away as fireworks followed them down the hall. Albus pulled out his wand and, with a knowing smile, tried to vanish the fireworks. Instead, they multiplied producing bigger effects. As a blue and a silver rocket collided, more sparks flew resulting in a deafening bang. Fireworks raced back into the Great Hall leaving sparkling trails. Some Professors recognised these fireworks and did nothing to stop them. Those who had never encountered them, tried to vanish, stun and repel the fireworks. To the students’ amusement, this only created bigger fireworks with better effects. A green firework rushed past Professor Longford very close to his face. He jumped back, collided with a suit of armour, and fell over onto the floor. Even amongst the squeals of the fireworks, his cry of pain was heard clearly by most of the crowd and they roared in laughter at the sight of the severe Professor dressed in floral robes on the floor with fireworks whizzing around his head. Even Flitwick chuckled quietly to himself.

“Weasleys’ Wildfire Whiz-Bangs,” Albus stated. “The best fireworks around.” As if to prove his point, a red firework and a gold firework collided. Once the smoke had cleared, a colourful message was spelt out to the school:

Happy April Fools’ Day!
From Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes


Thank you to Miss and Libby103 for beta’ing and TheProphecy for that amazing summary you all read before! Thanks for reading this. Please leave a review at the bottom of the page. :)

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Sunny-Side Up With Pumpkin Juice: Sunny-Side Up With Pumpkin Juice


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