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Stormy Grey Orbs by Ginny45
Chapter 1 : Stormy Grey Orbs
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter

Stormy Grey Eyes

The Worst Story Ever Challenge by ToujoursPadfoot

With a sharp thud the portrait door slammed behind Hermione. Her day was going from bad to worse, Ron was really getting on her nerves. Slicking her fringe off her face, Hermione sighed and walked into the Head’s Dorms. For the next four hours she would have to sit and listen to Draco insult her two Gryffindor friends or go back to Gryffindor tower and get annoyed by Ron.

“Granger, is that you?” Draco was sprawled across the worn burgundy couch. His gleaming blond hair lying across the cushion behind him. He was staring directly into her eyes with his stormy grey orbs. She couldn’t look away.

“Granger it would be great if you stopped staring at me.” He stated with indifference. Hermione flicked her perfectly straightened hair over her shoulder before stalking to her desk in the corner.

“I think you’ll find I wasn’t staring Draco.”

“Really? I would say you were in fact I would say you were staring intently.” Hermione whipped round to face him, fire burning in her eyes. Draco swiftly stood up and walked over to where she sat. Dropping his voice to a whisper and pressing his mouth to her ear he inquired, “Whats wrong Granger, getting hot under the collar?”

“Back off Draco, I’m with Ron.”

“Oh yes, how is the weasel doing?” He replied his mouth still hovering beside her ear.

“He is sweet Draco which is something you will never understand.” Hermione forced the chair out from under her and entered her room with the slam of the door. Draco stared after her, a questionable look in his orbs.

“I’ll show her.”

A few hours later Hermione was still in her room, refusing to come out until she had heard Draco leave. That never happened and Hermione became painfully aware of the bathroom that joined her own and Draco’s rooms together. She didn’t have to worry though, nothing happened and Hermione fell into a dreamless sleep.

Seven o’clock the next morning when the sun was coming over the hills, Hermione started to stir. Moving around her bed, it seemed smaller than normal. With an amount of effort that surely wasn’t needed, Hermione opened her eyes.

“AAAAAHHHHHHH.” Hermione screamed and fell out of her bed, the thump was seemingly enough to wake Draco from his slumber. “What are you doing in my bed?”

“Showing you I can be sweet I have only been here for about 20 minutes, I didn’t realise I would fall asleep.”

“By giving me a heart attack!!” Hermione realised with a quick glance down Draco was lacking one shirt.

“I have something for you, if it is any conciliation.”

“No Draco is is not, out!” Draco reached back and produced a box of Honeyduke’s Chocolates with a small card attached. He placed it on the bed and walked through the door into the bathroom. Hermione crept back onto the bed and opened the small card.

Hermione Granger meet me at the graduation ball in one week’s time.

Hermione felt a strong urge to tell him yes but she was going with Ron. She would never be with Draco anyway they were too different although he was a lot less hostile too muggle-borns now. She would just pretend this never happened, it wouldn’t be too hard.

However, fate had other ideas Hermione couldn’t avoid Draco over the next week. He was everywhere except the girl’s bathroom, that she knew of. It was soon time for the dance and she couldn’t get him out of her head. Maybe he would agree it couldn’t hurt could it?

By the night of the dance Hermione had made her decision, she was going to at least meet Draco. Although it turned out she didn’t have to plan a thing, in her worrying she had forgotten the Head Girl and Head Boy had to open the dance with a waltz.

“So, Granger thought about it?”

“Thought about what Draco?”

“Leaving your boyfriend for a better model.”

“You?” Hermione looked up towards him, her eyes now caught in the gaze of his stormy grey orbs.

“Yes me, I am so much better than him, I would treat you better and I can be sweet.” Hermione lot her footing for a second and tripped over. Draco caught her and made it look like a perfectly executed dip. “So, how about it? ”Hermione slowly nodded her head and Draco brought her back up to meet him. Their first kiss was in front of the whole school, Hermione couldn’t have wished for anything sweeter.


I have nothing to say except I will probably never write another Dramione.

Do you think it is awesome??


Ginny45/RandomRed xxx

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