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Someones gotta give by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 26 : Running In Circles
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Okay, so just to remind you guys! Potter One is James Potter, and Potter Two is Lily Potter. I mentioned it at the previous Quiddich match, but that was a lot of chapters ago! Enjoy reading!




    “I title this one—The Girlfriend in Acoma.”





    I looked to Caitlin and sniggered. This ought to be good. We both looked to Dom, who didn’t seem to understand what the word Acoma meant. I’m actually surprised that Drew did to be honest. 




    “On A bed of rusted nails you make me wait. You just sit there, and stare at the wall. I come into your room really late. And watch you just sit there, as the snow starts to fall. You just sit there, as I pull the sheets up over you fast. Because you aren’t responding to my needs. I tried to remember the Sunday before last. As I look through your stuff for a deed.”




    Silence. I’m pretty sure that everyone was thinking the same thing…What. The fuck. Was that?




    “Mr. Finnegan,” Even Deerey’s voice didn’t have its usual snootiness in it. “That was—really quite disturbing.” 



    The silence that the class displayed showed that we all agreed with the man for once. Drew just shrugged and read over what he had just read aloud one more time. By the way his eyes were squinting you could tell that he was comprehending what he read this time. Then he started to laugh, which made him look even more creepy.




    “Oh, heheeh, this was a letter to my ex-girlfriend in the first year.” He stuffed it back into his bag and rummaged around until he found another piece of paper that was covered in what looked to be peanut butter. “Here’s the real thing! The potion that I decided to make was a shrinking solution. This is because it shrinks things and I like small things—I can’t read the rest, I started to write in ancient runes accidentally.”





    This is possibly the weirdest thing that Drew has ever done. And trust me, Drew has done some strange things.




    “Mr. Finnegan…” Deerey trailed off again. “Why—why did you write in ancient runes? No, I don’t think I want to—”





    “Well, I was doing Fred’s runes for him and I accidentally wrote all of the answers on my essay. But in the end it made it look longer so I just kept it!”




    “I—I don’t really know what to say. First you read the class a sonnet that is highly troubling, and then your paper has the quality of a three year old. I think that you have failed…”




    “Oh Damnit! I worked so hard on that!” 




    Then Dom decided it was time to quit the dormant act and erupt. But she doesn’t like to do those little spurts, if you haven't noticed. No, Dom likes to erupt somewhere along the lines of Vesuvius.




    “WHAT—was that?!” She stood up and marched over to Drew. “Explain, you idiot, what the HELL is the matter with you?”




    “It was an accident, Dommy. I wrote that for Vivacia Parkinson in the first year. And the homework? I dunno what happened with that, but whatever, right?”




    The silence was eerie. And then…








    “Ah shit.” I murmured more to myself than anyone else.









    And then she ran from the room.

     “Dommy! Dommy wait!” Drew ran after her, dropping the ‘essay’ along the way.




    I got up, looking at Deerey for a moment. He seemed to have been shaken up by Dom’s outburst. “Don’t worry about it Deerey, she was due for an explosion anyways. Now I’ve got to go before she blows up Hogwarts, okay? Thanks!”

    I was out of there before he even said a word. After about five minutes I found Drew who was screaming something about a cat and a squirrel in a pub. “Drew?” I asked him timidly.



    “Oh, hey Kiersten.”




    “Hi…I think you should, you know, let her be for a bit?”



    “Let her be? Why would I do that?”



    “Well, Dommy can be a bit—temperamental from time to time. I think it’s best for you to just give her some space?”




    “Right,” He looked as if he was deep in thought for a moment before banging on the door again. “Dommy! I’m sorry okay? Please come out? That wasn’t for you, it was for Vivie!”



    Oh no.



    “For WHO?” She came out of the classroom with her hands shaking. “For VIVIE?”




    “Yeah, you know her right?”



    “I HATE YOU!”



    “Nah, you don’t.”








    “Oi, shut up, would you Dom?” Fred eased his way in-between the two of them. My stomach churned a bit when I saw James right behind him. Let’s just say we haven't been speaking much since last week.







    “Dom?” Potter came up behind her and grabbed her shoulders. She attempted to kick him to death, but it didn’t really work. “You’re overreacting.”




    “But I’m NOT!” She turned away from all of us. Oh god no…this could only mean…Dear lord, time for me to take over.



    “Drew, please go away.” I said it softly, forcing myself to look him straight in the eyes. “Just—please?”





    “Kiersten, is she…you know…” Fred whispered.





    I chose to ignore his comment. “Please, all of you, Fred, James and Drew,” I think Potter might have stiffened up a bit when I said his name. “Please just go for now.”





    “C’mon.” Potter said, being the first to start to leave. We caught eyes for a minute, and I nodded to him. He didn’t give any expression away, but it’s not like he ever does. Slowly Drew and Fred started to follow him. When they were out of earshot I took a half a step closer to Dom. 







    “I—I want to be alone.”





    “I understand.”





    “So, uh, leave?”




    “Okay. I’m going back to the common room, alright? And I’ll get Caitlin or Halley to bring up that really good chocolate cake if you feel like talking or something.”




    She didn’t say anything, but I knew that eventually she would wind up in the dorm. She always did. For as long as I’ve known Dominique, I’ve only seen her cry a total of six times. They aren’t really pretty scenes, but eventually you just get used to them and learn how to deal when one arises.




    So about one hour later she found her way up to the dorm. I didn’t say anything as she sat next to me on the bed, she would start first. “So where’s this goddamned cake you promised me?”




    I smirked, “Your dog decided to eat it.”




    “What?! Missy can’t eat chocolate! It’ll kill him!”




    “It’s okay, he threw it all up anyways.”




    “Keri! Dogs can’t handle chocolate! What are you, stupid or something?”





    “Well sorry I’m not a dog expert! He’s fine, Halley even took him for a walk and all.”













    We went silent for a moment as I turned back to my homework. “Why does my life hate me?”




      “I don’t think that it does Dommy.” I paused thinking of how I would place my words without making it bad. “I—I just think that you may have overreacted a little bit.”




    “Me? Overreact?! What? I never do that! You sound just like Victoire!"







    “Yeah! God! No one understands! Drew was the only guy who didn’t want me! And I got him! Do you get that? And then he goes and reads some overly bizarre love poem to a previous girlfriend to the class. I am so fucking embarrassed right now!







    “Finally! You understand! Why does he think that it’s all okay if he just says ‘oh sorry, I was being a dumbass, want to make out?’. Newsflash Keri, IT’S NOT OKAY!”







    “HELL YES!” She looked away from me again kicking the wall where Missy had gnawed through previously in the month. “I don’t want to be in Hogwarts anymore! I want to get the fuck out of this place! I hate it!”



    “C’mon, be reasonable now—”





    “I am! God! I want out! I hate all the immature guys and all the papers and teachers! I’m almost eighteen! I just want to start to live!”




    “You’re being dramatic.”



    “Who cares!”



    “Dom—go talk to Drew.”






    “Fine, then be miserable. But I know you’ll be happier if you do. And he’s upset too, remember that.”



    “God, I’m not that self-centered! I know that he’s part of the relationship!” 




    “You do?”





    “Don’t be a smartarse.”



    “You know what Dom? You really need to start to take your own advice.”




    I slammed the door to the bathroom before she could retort. Sighing, I realized that there was nothing to really do in the bathroom. Damn, what was I thinking? I should have went down to the common room. No never mind. Potter’ll be down there. Potter…



    We hadn’t really talked since that one awkward day after practice. I don’t know exactly where we stand—in between relationship and hatred maybe? It wasn’t like we were Lily Johnny bad. No, we still were playing Quiddich as if nothing was wrong, but we weren’t talking other than on the field. We had the big match against Slytherin tomorrow, and he was going crazy from that. Potter’s normally a freak about Quiddich, but this week he’s been even more over the deep end.



    It’s not like I really want to break up or anything. We weren’t even really going out per-se. I really like Potter. I don’t want to get with anyone else or see anyone else. I just want him to apologize for acting the way that he did.



    Yeah, I know. My expectations aren’t exactly reasonable. But it’s not like I’m going to say sorry.








    “Keri! Open this sodding door!”










    “Jesus Dominique, what’s happening?”


    I opened my eyes to find myself sprawled out on the bathroom floor…really? Had I really fallen asleep in here? It’s all Dom’s fault. If Dom just hadn’t freaked out at Drew for being the idiot that he was then I would have slept in a nice and comfortable bed.










    “SHIT!” I sprung up and unlocked the door to face a frazzled looking Dom. I put my head in my hands and groaned for a good five seconds. “Potter—Oh I’m so fucking dead!”




    “You’ve got six minutes and forty three seconds! Run woman, run!”



    And that’s exactly what I did. I grabbed my broom and sprinted as fast as I could out of the room. What was wrong with me? He’ll kill me. It won’t even be painless either. No, It’s going to be excruciating and drawn out to the longest about of time he can make it. As Potter said at that practice—he had to win 




    “Kiersten?” Rose Weasley looked up from her book with crinkled eyebrows.



    “No time Rose—Late!”




    By the time I got down to the entrance hall I couldn’t have more than three minutes. What would he do to me? Ban me for the rest of the year? No, no that’s too lenient. It’ll be more like ban me for the rest of the year, and then proceed to destroy my sense of confidence. But not really, I don’t listen to Potter when he get’s all fussy like that.




    “Miss. McCabe! Do you not know the rules about running in the halls?” Deerey looked astounded at my speed as I brushed past him 




    “No time Deerey! Late!”



    “Late? Could anything be more important than the rules of this school?”







    I was almost there now. Maybe, just maybe, I would actually make it right when the game was beginning? But I would still be killed anyways. He has a show up thirty minutes before a game policy. He’s such an over achiever.





    “Would you like to buy a souvenir for the game?” Some random kid asked me.



    I pushed him out of the way. “I’ve got to PLAY the game kid!”




    “Oh, you’re the rogue chaser! Beat the snakes, would you?”




    “Yeah, yeah!”



    About five seconds later I heard Fred’s voice sound over the megaphone. “Thirty seconds till game time! I’d like to introduce the Slytherin team! Braza…Rosier…Goyle…Nodsel…Kennedy…Malfoy…Potter!”




    I kicked off the ground and started to fly over to the locker rooms. Screw running. “I’m here!” I stumbled off of my broom and fell into Evan. I was out of breath, I was delusionally tired, but I made it. I was happy.




    “Where the hell have you been?” Potter breathed down my neck.



    “It’s a really long story, how about we just play the game?” I squeaked out not meeting his eyes. 


    “Oh no, you’re not getting off that easy McCabe. You have no idea how many suicides you will be running—no god damned idea.”

     “Let’s save the death threats for after, shall we?” Lily piped up just as Fred’s voice came back over the stadium.



    Potter gave me a death glare that made me want to go and cry under the nearest rock, but he did stop.




    “And now we’ve got the baddest, the greatest, the overall bestest—The Gryffindor team!”




    “Did he just say ‘baddest’ and ‘bestest’?” Benny whispered to me. I just nodded, my brain more focusing on all the ways I could escape death later on.




    “I welcome…Potter one…Potter two…McCabe…Cole…Decker…Wood…Epperly!”




    We all walked out onto the fields at the sounding of our names. When the referee blew the whistle, Potter walked up to Rosier with a stiff hand. I think that the goal of the whole ‘captains shake hands’ thing is really to see which captain would crush the others hand before the game started.




    Both teams kicked off and started to circle the field for a moment before bringing it in and getting into position.


    “On my whistle!” 




    “We’ve got this one guys.” Potter turned around and murmured to all of us.






    The whistle sounded and I immediately flew downwards to retrieve the Quaffle. 



    “McCabe with the Quaffle—She passes to Potter Two! Potter Two passes to McCabe—Potter One—Intercepted by Goyle!”


    I groaned falling back to my tail, Braza. He was two years younger, and as much as I hate admitting it? Rather good. 




    “Goyle’s going up the field—He’s almost there—No! Pass to Rosier! Rosier is looking good—he’s going to shoot—he’s—NO SCORE! Saved by the one and only Caitlin Wood!”




    I cheered as Caitlin through the Quaffle to Lily. Lily looked between Potter and I as she ducked a bludger sent to her by Malfoy. She decided on Potter, and I flew up the field ready to retrieve 



    “Potter One has the Quaffle—McCabe—Potter One—McCabe—Potter One—Shoot! He’s got it! He’s got it! He’s—No score. Saved by Nodsel.”



    “Damn.” I muttered more to myself then to Braza



    “The Slytherin team is the most prestigious.” He said to me in his arrogant voice. I’d been tailing this kid for almost three years now. You just get used to his rudeness.



    “They’re also the worst under pressure.” I said to him sticking out my tongue.



    “Rosier has the Quaffle! He passes to Braza—Rosier—INTERCEPTED!”





    I willed my broom to go faster as I flew up the field. Lily was open.



    “Passed to Potter Two! She’s gaining on them! Potter Two—McCabe—SCORE!”




    “Yes!” I said smiling all big.



    “Ten to nil!”



    The game went on, and by the time thirty minutes had passed the score was Seventy to Fifty Gryffindor. We had one time out when Johnny was almost knocked off his broom by a bludger, but other than that things were running rather smoothly. Now if Benny would just catch the snitch we’d be all set.



    “Braza—Goyle—Braza—back to Goyle—Rosier—Braza—SCORE!”



    I groaned again as the score became Seventy to Sixty. 



    “Potter Two with the Quaffle, rather feisty one she is…don’t steal her food at the dinner table…Passed to McCabe! McCabe passes back to Potter two! Potter Two—Potter One—Potter Two—She’s going to shoot—She’s—NO SCORE!”




    “Damn!” I heard Lily yell as I flew by. 



    “Goyle is taking it up the field—He passes to Rosier! Rosier—Rosier what are you doing? You’re going to regret that—He’s shooting! He’s-SCORE!”




    I waited for the penalty whistle, but none sounded. “What?” I screamed loudly to the referee. “Did you miss that or something?”




    “Get back to your position!” He shouted back to me.




    “A chaser was just thrown off of their bloody broom!”


    “He looks fine! Get back to your position Miss!"



    I looked to Potter who was acting as if he was okay. “If I remember correctly, it doesn’t matter how hurt the player is, it’s the deed that was done!”





    “If you say one more word Miss you’ll be—”




    “Let it go.” Potter said angrily pulling me away from the Ref.





    “I was defending you!”



    “Yeah, I don’t need you to.”



    “You know what?”







    “You’re a jerk.”





    “Original McCabe, now get back to the game, would you?"




    I was about to retort when Fred’s voice interrupted our mini fight. “Potter Two seems to be flying solo—her shot’s deflected! Braza takes the Quaffle—WAIT! Does Potter—er—Number Three? See the snitch? Does he?”




    We all looked to where Albus was diving, Benny was hot on his tail.




    “Is it going to be enough? Is it? Potter Three is so close! He’s almost there—C’mon Epperly! C’mon!”



    But it wasn’t. Albus got there first, and the whistle sounded.




    “Slytherin Wins.”




    I groaned flying away from Potter before going down to the ground. He would be pissed. Not only did we just loose, but we lost to his brother and Gryffindor’s biggest rival.




    It’s going to be a long after-practice.



  So, I know, not the happy chapter then I'm sure you were looking forward to reading. Sorry about that! I understand that most of you just want them to get together and all, and I promise you, they will---SOON! Next chapter some shiz is gonna be hitting the fan, and to all that remember Female? She's baaaack!

Thanks so much for reading! And PLEASE, review for me..?

Love ya lots,


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