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Lucky Thirteen by Emily Potter
Chapter 5 : Making Moves
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I was almost late, and quickly walked to DADA and sat with Anu, who asked, “Where were you in the free period?” she hissed as our teacher, Prof Boot, walked in.

“I got promoted to seventh year Trans. I have it in the free period we have after the first two periods every day, and the sixth year ones as free periods.” I said.

“Cool. You must be really good.” She said.

“I did these spells to pass time. No biggie.” I said.

“What you did for pastime is homework to us.” Anu whispered.

“Okay today, we will do Patronus Charms. Who has heard of a patronus?” Prof Boot asked.

“A Patronus Charm is an insubstantial animal protector created by the advanced Patronus Charm spell, and one way to defend against Dementors and certain other Dark creatures. The spell requires the use of a wand, concentration on a powerfully happy memory, and the incantation "Expecto Patronum". The Patronus Charm is advanced magic and difficult to master, especially in emotionally difficult circumstances.” Kris said.

“10 point to Gryffindor, Miss Lewis. Yes, a Patronus is a way to defend yourself from dementors and dark creatures, and is extremely difficult to master. The youngest wizard to have been able to conjure a corporeal patronus, is Harry Potter, at the age of thirteen.” Prof Boot said.

James smirked.

“Can anyone conjure a patronus here, even if it is just a puff of smoke?” Prof asked.

What was this bloke playing at? CIM was so much more advanced. I could produce a corporeal patronus.

I raised my hand, as did James Potter.

“Miss Kane, you can produce a patronus?” Prof Boot asked.

“A corporeal one. Mine takes the form of a fox.” I said.

“Impressive. When did you learn?” he asked.

“At the end of fourth year. I was bored and I needed a new spell to try, then I found this one. It took a while to perfect it, but by the middle of fifth year, I could produce a corporeal patronus.” I said.

“Very good, Miss Kane. Mr. Potter, I would not be surprised if you can produce a corporeal patronus as well.” Prof Boot said.

“I’m still working on that, but I can produce a good patronus. Not a corporeal, but I can ward off a dementor.” James said.

“Okay, class. The incantation and wrist movement are on the board. I want everyone to practice.” Prof Boot said.

I did the spell at one end of the class with James, while everyone else struggled.

“How do you do it so easily?” he asked me.

“I think of my happy memories, when my family was complete.” I said simply.

“What is your memory?” James asked.

“My memory, every time, was when we all had gone for a holiday to Spain, and mom and I spent all our time shopping, while Dad, Dylan and Aidan slept the whole time.” I said.

“Now you try to think of something happy.” I said.

He tried again, and the patronus took the form of a stag.

“It’s always a stag.” He muttered.

“Miss Kane, Mr. Potter, come to my desk.” Prof Boot said.

“You both are very advanced in this class, you know.” He said.

“I did all of this two years ago.” I said.

“What else do you know, Artemis?” Prof Boot asked, turning to me.

“A lot.” I said. “Demonstrate.” James said.

I showed James and Prof Boot everything I knew, and they were impressed by the standards of CIM.

“CIM didn’t teach me anything. Their board is the same as yours. I learnt it all myself.Then again, I had my brothers to help.” I said.

“Miss Kane, you perform spells the most accomplished wizards have difficulty in! CIM has indeed taught you much. And a lot of credit goes to your brothers.” Prof Boot said.

“Puh-lease. I hate that school.” I said.

They chuckled.

The bell rang.

“I want a 2 feet essay on Patronus charms, their uses, and which creatures they work against tomorrow. Class dismissed.” Prof Boot said.

“You’re amazing, Arty! Where did you learn?” Anu said.

“Library, brothers, experience.” I said.

“A corporeal Patronus is wicked! Even dad has trouble with it sometimes!” Dom said.
“It takes a lot of practice. It didn’t come in one night.” I said.

“You’re still really good.” Cam and Emma said.

I laughed, “Well, I’m going to the library to get started on our DADA essay. Not to mention Trans.” I said.

“Yeah, we should get started. Prof Zabini is definitely going to give us homework in Potions.” Emma said.



We all walked to the library.

I took out some parchment and a quill, and settled down with my copy of seventh year Trans.

“God dam it! This is so hard!” Anu said in frustration. “I hate Trans.” Emma said.

“What’s the problem?” I asked. “We can’t finish the essay. It’s too hard.” Cam said.

“Give me the book.” I said.

They handed me a book. I quickly underlined some things that would make their essay easier to write. “Love ya, Arty.” Kris and Dom said.

I smiled, and scratched a conclusion to my Trans essay.

“Done with one thing on the list.” I said. “Lucky.” Kris said.

“Don’t call me lucky. That will just curse the luck I already have as a person born of Friday the 13th.” I said.

“How much more time do we have until the next period?” Emma asked.

“About ten minutes.” I said, consulting my clock.

They groaned.

I took out a DADA book to pass time. Seemed like a textbook, but I read it anyway.

There were some interesting spells in it, I mastered one in ten minutes. I was proud of myself.

We shoved some lunch down and made it just in time for Potions to start.

A pretty lady, names Daphne Zabini, was our teacher. It seemed odd having a lady as a potions teacher, but whatever; I didn’t really care.

We were making an Everlasting Elixir. It was rated number 8 on a scale from 1-10 for difficulty, so it was bloody hard.

By the end of it, everyone was sweating and coughing from the fumes. Barely five had managed to make a prefect Elixir.

Fred, James, Kris and I had managed to make an above-average potion, earning us 5 point apiece.

When class ended, “I want a 3 feet essay on Everlasting Elixers, the number of elixirs that come under the category and how to brew at least 2 of them. Due on Wednesday” Prof Zabini said.

The whole class groaned.

She smiled, “Fine, 2 feet essay, but it’s due tomorrow.” She said.

I decided I liked her, even if she did give us a lot of homework.

Next, we had Charms, with Professor Alisha Taylor

So in charms, we did Aguamenti, which conjured water. It was one of the easiest spells I had ever done, though most struggled with it.

Even in charms we got homework, a 1 foot essay on the charm we had learnt. That was also due tomorrow.

We had a hell lot of homework.

“We should get to the library so we can finish all of this.” Cam said.

So we all trudged to the library and I started on my Herbology homework, which I finished in about half an hour.

Then I went to my DADA, which took a little longer, since I wanted this to be a good essay, DADA being my favourite subject, this took forty five minutes.

Last, I did Potions, which took the longest, without me wanting to do it. It took a full hour.

I decided to do my Charms after dinner, since I was too tired. It was a 1 foot essay anyway. I could finish it tomorrow in the sixth year Trans period, which is after Potions and DADA.

After that I had a free period, then I had seventh year Trans, then it was Charms. Then it was another free period and Herbology to end the day.

“I’m going for dinner, guys. Who else is accompanying me?” I asked.

Everyone closed their books. I smiled weakly.

We entered the Great Hall and a few heads turned again.

“You look like a fright.” Rose commented. “Gee, thanks.” I said.

“Sorry, but have you guys been studying?” a girl next to Rose asked.

“You haven’t met my best friend have you?” Rose said. I shook my head.

“Artemis, this is my best friend, Maylene Diggory. May, this is Artemis Kane.” Rosesaid. “Nice to meet you, Maylene.” I said. “May. Call me May.” She said. I smiled.

“Now, May, to answer your question-” Kris said.

“We haven’t been studying. We’ve been doing homework. One day’s homework. All due tomorrow. Al, Rose, you don’t want to come to sixth year.” Dom said.

“Now that you mention it, I don’t want to end up like you guys.” Albus said.
We all laughed.

“Hey guys, Quidditch tryouts for the team are this Saturday. Anyone entering? They need a new chaser, and a keeper, I believe.” Rose said.

“Who else is on the team?” I asked.

“James is captain, and chaser. I am seeker. Fred and Dom are beaters. Rose play chaser. We need one more chaser, and a keeper.” Albus said.

“I think I’ll go for keeper this year.” May said.

“I think you’d make a good keeper.” Albus said. May smiled and a faint tinge of pink appeared on her cheeks, “Thanks.”

“I always liked playing keeper back at California. I never really liked Quodpot. But if May is going to go for keeper, and the beaters are already taken, then I’ll try for chaser.” I said.

“I’d like to see you play, Arty.” Anu said.

“I’m decent. I can play almost all the positions. My brothers always needed someone to be a chaser, or a beater, or seek for them, or keep. I was always there to help.” I said.

“That’s cool, really cool.” Cam said.

“May, are you Cedric’s sister, or cousin?” I asked, changing the topic from Quidditch.

“Unfortunately, I’m his sister.” May said, grinning.

“I’ve got to say, he’s very irritating.” I said.

“He’s cool, actually.” Albus said.

“He is so not. He’s downright annoying. I don’t know how he can be my brother, let alone be named after the Triwizard Champion, Cedric Diggoy.” May said, rolling her eyes.

“Someone say my name?” a voice said.

‘No, Cedric. So you can just go away and let me talk with my friends.” May said, flipping her waist length black hair from her green eyes.

“Oh, hello, Artemis, I didn’t see you there.” Cedric said, noticing me.

“Hello, Diggory.” I said, looking across the table at Kris. She didn’t seem too happy about it.

“Any of these girls the one you were telling me about in Trans?” he whispered in an undertone.

I looked towards Kris; she scowled, and I grimaced.

“Figure it out yourself.” I said, “I think you should go back to the table you’re supposed to be at. I believe that is Ravencalaw.” I said.

“Listen.” He said in a low voice, “There’s a Hogsmeade weekend soon, and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me.” he said.

“You move awfully fast, Cedric. I don’t think I can say yes to that offer.” I said.

“Offer? What offer?” Cam said.

“Nothing.” I quickly said, but Cedric beat me to it, “She turned down my invitation to the Hogsmeade weekend coming up.” he said.

I looked at Kris, and her eyes flashed with anger and hurt. She picked her bag up and quickly walked out of the hall.

“Thanks a lot.” I hissed. “Great going Ced.” May said.



Dom, Cam and Emma promptly ran after Kris to the dorm.

I came with Anu, thinking how stupid I could have been to get on my friend’s wrong side on the first day of school.



A/N: What do you think? Questions? Comments? Reviews?

XOX Emily

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