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Scarlett by LadySarahMalfoy
Chapter 3 : Perfect
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............. This chapter is loosely based on Black Swan (I JUST SAW THE MOVIE AND I AM OBSESSED WITH IT SO DON’T IVE ME A HARD TIME ABOUT IT) uhh other than that you may see my personal beist against the Greengrasses and my obsession with Black Swan as I mentioned above. Also, Scarlett sort of looks like Natalie Portman in this chapter. See you at the bottom



“Draco! Darling! We’re going to see Swan Lake with the Parkinsons, Zabinis and Greengrasses and Severus tonight! It turns out that he got tickets and he’s invited us! We’ll be in a box!” Narcissa Malfoy smiled and turned to Draco’s curtains which she threw open.



The sixteen year old slammed a Green pillow onto his face. Narcissa shook Draco and whispered to the house elf that he should make breakfast for the Family, be prepared to open the door for the other families at noon and lay out something nice for Draco to wear.



Narcissa left the room; Draco got up out of bed and looked around his suite. It had a closet the size of a muggle apartment; His four-poster California King sized bed was black with Slytherin Green silk pillows and sheets. His dresser was once again black and his walls had a full size painting of himself and Slytherin Quidditch posters all around. He looked around back to his unmade bed where his house elf had put out a pair of black dress pants with a black dress shirt and dark green tie.



He put on his clothes and walked downstairs a whole hour after he finally woke up. “Draco its 11:00 already! What have you been doing for the past hour? Here eat breakfast quickly and go to the sitting room to meet Pansy and her family! They’ll be here in an hour! Now hurry” Narcissa sat Draco down, he made a face behind her back. He looked at his mother; she was wearing a floor length Slytherin green dress, the torso was tight on her body and the skirt flowed down like a waterfall. Lucius came in a moment later wearing his usual black attire with a cape. His parents kissed each other, Draco looked away. I hate it when you guys do that you should know that by now Draco thought. He decided to look back to the best night of his life.






It was fourth year, the Yule ball. He had escorted Pansy but she had stormed off when she saw him looking dumbfounded at the most beautiful woman in the room, Pansy had thought that it was Hermione but Draco was more interested in the girl with a white dress, it was white and the bodice seemed to have feathers pointing up towards her face and the skirt was almost exactly like it except with the feathers pointing down, Draco didn’t know who she was so he walked over to her. He cleared his throat “Excuse me, but who are you” The girl turned and smiled lightly her auburn hair framed her face



“Draco, I think that you remember me but just not like this!” Draco looked at her, puzzled. Then he looked at her dark green eyes



“Scarlett!” He exclaimed and lifted her up in the air, she laughed they both smiled and their smiles faded, Scarlett closed her eyes and so did Draco who started to lean his face in towards her. Their lips met and the world seemed to explode in happiness for the both of them. Scarlett pulled away quickly “Scarlett? What is it” Draco put his hand on her cheek, with tears in her eyes she turned towards him once more



“I want to, so much Draco, but I can’t. You wouldn’t understand, we can’t be together” Draco looked down and back to her and brought his lips once more to hers. Scarlett didn’t hold back this time, with tear running down her face she gave in to her emotions. Their lips moved in synchronization, some Gryffindors and Slytherins looked on at the two, both whispering what would become tomorrow’s gossip, but Draco and Scarlett didn’t care. Their lips parted “I’m sorry” Draco whispered into Scarlett’s ear. She nodded and looked into his eyes



“I know how this ends, it doesn’t end good for us Draco, you have to know that” more tears erupted from her eyes and Draco held her close to him



“I don’t care, I’ll go through anything with you Scarlett, we may not have known each other for very long but I feel as if I’ve known you for a lifetime” Draco smiled and Scarlett looked back into his eyes



“I know but you know as well as I do that” She lowered her voice “Voldemort is coming back” Draco nodded. Draco kissed her again and the music in the room went to a piano playing (A/N Song: Claire de lune) Draco took Scarlett’s hand and led her onto the dance floor where they started to dance. Scarlett started to smile and Draco noticed that it seemed like she hadn’t smiled in a long time. Draco saw Harry and Ron out of the corner of his eye. They were frowning, obviously not having a very good night. Hermione had just walked out bawling her eyes out. Harry and Ron were looking at Scarlett and Draco dancing. Ron was whispering something to Harry, and then the song ended. Draco and Scarlett went off the Dance floor and sat at one of the tables there. Draco went out of the room to go get drinks.



Ron and Harry walked over to Scarlett. “So who are you? You sure got Malfoy’s attention” Scarlett laughed and shook her head at the two boys in front of her



“You wouldn’t remember me huh? I was here at about this time last year. I’m Scarlett, if you were wondering. Scarlett Snape” Ron’s eyes widened and Harry’s jaw dropped. They both started to stutter “It’s okay though you two, I have nothing against you, yet” Scarlett laughed and stood up and walked to Draco.



Draco shook his head and started to finish his blueberry pancakes soaking them with syrup. Narcissa gave him a dirty look for having so much sugar. Draco just sighed and continued to eat. Narcissa put her hand on his shoulder and smiled lightly “I know you miss her Draco, I bet she misses you too but you’ll see her again soon”



Draco hugged his mother and nodded Lucius patted his son’s shoulder. Draco withdrew himself from his parents and shoved down the rest of his food, trying not to think of Scarlett. You remember her smile and how it shined and how she laughed the two voices had been talking like this to him for months again and again. She never wrote though did she? The second voice questioned Draco had thought about that many, many times. Wasn’t Umbridge monitoring the owls? She could have intercepted every one of them and given them to the ministry. The first voice was right again.



The house elf in a moment later with a handful of letters “These are for you Young Mister Malfoy” The elf croaked and left the letters on the table beside Draco and he picked up the plate and returned to the kitchen. Draco picked up the pile. They were all to him from the same address, Beauxbatons. Draco opened the top of the pile the first one was dated the first day that Umbridge took the place of High Inquisitor.






Wow, school already! I hope your summer was good. I miss you already! Dad says that I might come to Hogwarts next year! Wouldn’t that be fun! I hope I can see you at Christmas, but that’s so far away! Voldemort though, I’m afraid. Not for Dad but for your family as well. I hope everything will be alright. I miss you!



Love, Scarlett



There were lots of letters at about the third one the mood changed, Scarlett started to get worried and ask why he wasn’t writing back. She started to become even briefer and then her letters stopped entirely after Christmas. Her final letter broke Draco’s heart






You haven’t been replying to any of my letters for the past four months and if you didn’t want to talk to me you could have just written back saying so instead of shunning me like this. I guess that my interpretation of you was wrong. This is my last letter Draco. I just wanted to let you know that I’m not going to Hogwarts because I don’t want to, because I don’t want to be anywhere close to you or your Death-eater family. I’ve run away from home, I’m dropping out of school. Good-bye Draco. Stay the hell away. I hope Voldemort is good to you and tell him: I’m not going to let him get me, but let him try






Draco dropped the last letter just as the doorbell rang. He had moved to the sitting room. Pansy ran in the room wearing a green floor length halter neck dress, she kissed Draco on the cheek and sat down behind him. Mr and Mrs Parkinson came in with Draco’s parents who were followed by The Zabinis and Mr and Mrs Greengrass along with their two daughters. They continued to gossip about other wizarding families and their scandals.



Draco watched empty minded, thinking only of Scarlett. Then Snape came in at about six o’clock, looking like a debonair. “Oh, Severus wonderful! You’re here, but I thought your lovely daughter Scarlett was coming?” Snape looked around the room at all the faces; Draco had come out of his trance after hearing Scarlett’s name.



“No. We’ll see her at intermission” Narcissa smiled and the house elf re-appeared



“Mistress the town cars are here” It croaked Narcissa smiled and motioned for everyone to come outside. When they all were out four black cars with drivers and open doors were waiting. Narcissa, Mrs Greengrass, Zabini and Parkinson went into one, Lucius, Mr Greengrass, Zabini and Parkinson. The Last two cars the three girls filed into. Snape, Draco and Blaise slide into the last car. When the car started to move, Draco started to talk



“I just got all the letters from Scarlett from last year; she said that she ran away from home and that she dropped out of Beauxbatons. Is it true?” Draco wrung his hands in his lap. Snape looked out the window and back at Draco



“She did, she has been studying the arts for the past few months, she only just got in touch with me a few weeks ago and she gave me these tickets, I don’t even know why” Snape sighed “She was really upset about you, she as I have heard, joined the Order of the Phoenix. And she doesn’t live with me anymore; I have no idea where she is living.” Snape looked to see Draco’s reaction; Draco was just looking out the window



“I understand from what Narcissa has told me, you miss her terribly. Before she left she went to the owlry everyday waiting anxiously for a letter from you. I remember the day before it happened, she was screaming in her sleep, crying when she woke up. Did she ever tell you that she could see the future?” Draco gasped and shook his head “She had a vision of her future, continuing on the path that she was on and she didn’t like it so she left and started something else” Snape finished, Draco took a deep breath, the car pulled to a stop and the two got out of the car to join the others. Pansy grabbed Draco’s arm, Narcissa led them into the theatre.






When coming to their seats Draco opened his programme to the plot line and read it through. He smiled, the classic story had always made him happy, then he flipped to the cast list, and his heart skipped a beat. Swan Queen: Scarlett Snape He looked to Snape who was looking anxiously at the stage.



The curtains opened and the dancer’s proceeded with the first scene being the prince’s birthday ball. Draco looked at Pansy who was just thrilled like a child locked in Disneyland overnight. Then the second scene opened and he saw her, as beautiful as ever with a white tutu that fitted to her tiny frame. She was graceful as a swan which probably had been a contributing factor for being given the main part. Draco noticed form her expression she was an amazing actress, the emotion of forbidden love came through her motion and expression. Draco looked around the box the women were crying because of the emotion put through, Snape was beaming with pride. Draco looked back to the stage; Scarlett still danced her heart out losing herself in the music.






When intermission came all the ladies were obsessing over the beauty of the performance, the men were congratulating Snape on his daughter’s performance. All the underage students were asking if they would be able to go to the dressing rooms. “Please, please, please! I would love to see the ballerinas getting ready and all their costumes” Astoria Greengrass pleaded “Pansy and Daphne would too” She pouted



“Yeah and me and Draco would have to go with them so that they don’t get lost!” Blaise grinned. Just then one of the backstage managers ran up to the group



“Would you Young ladies and men care to come backstage to see Miss Scarlett and the other ballerinas?” He smiled and Astoria squealed, Pansy and Daphne grinned and Blaise and Draco smirked. The adults laughed and waved them away.



“Right this way!” the manager smiled and led them through a door. He walked down a hallway and motioned to a door on the left “This is Miss Scarlett’s dressing room, she’s probably putting on her makeup, If you would like to see the costume room, or female’s dressing room come this way” Everyone except Draco followed the manager.



Draco took a deep breath and knocked on the door and he heard a faint “Come in” From inside he opened the door and saw her she was wearing a black tutu, the back was low, the front was almost exactly like the white swan tutu which was now hung up in the corner of the room. Scarlett turned and Draco gasped slightly, her skin was ghostly white and her eyes were framed by black and silver makeup like two swan wings around her eyes, which were red.



“Your metamorphing ability came in handy here I think Scarlett” Draco walked forward; Scarlett turned back to her mirror and continued to apply black and silver paint to her hands. Draco kept walking towards her



“What are you doing here Draco? You’d think that after that last letter I sent you’d know to stay the hell away from me” Scarlett scoffed. Draco put one of his hands on her shoulder, which he realized was extremely boney



“Scarlett, Umbridge was keeping all the letters that weren’t from our family. I didn’t get a single one of those letters until this morning” Scarlett turned towards him shocked



“Liar” She said simply “Get out of my dressing room, go find Blaise and Pansy, get to your seat and stay away from me, I have a show to finish” Her mirror had started to vibrate to the point of breaking. She put on a distorted black tiara with a face net.



“Scarlett, please listen to me for one minute” Her wall mirror shattered, Scarlett stood up and turned towards him and her red eyes flashed “OUT!” She pointed to the door. Draco scrambled out of the door, which locked behind him. He walked down the hall back to the entrance hall of the theatre.



When seated again, the group of Slytherin families were hooked on seeing Snape’s fragile daughter, who had been perfect for the white swan, come out with her dark side and portray the black swan. Pansy was holding Draco’s hand and he was gently pulling away, which earned him a dirty look from his girlfriend who held on tighter. The curtains lifted up to reveal more people dancing at a ball. Then fanfare played and the back curtains were drawn.



Scarlett was with another man but all eyes were on her. She opened her eyes and the audience gasped at the color, then she started to dance with the man, in perfect synchronization they preformed hauntingly beautifully, after her first dance was done she ran offstage with the man who was playing the prince.



Then after three performances Scarlett returned, this time alone on stage. Scarlett preformed the Black Swan with a vengeance. As the audience gave her a standing ovation, Draco ran out.



He found a chair outside the door to his box. Pansy walked out after him and put a hand on his shoulder “I understand Draco; you’ve been in love with her for almost three years. I knew that I was never really the one you wanted. We can be friends, but no more than that Draco. I bet she feels the same way” Pansy smiled “I know she does” Draco put his head between his hands



“She hates me, I know. She won’t ever feel anything else” Draco walked back into the theatre and pulled a full size red rose from his blazer and threw it. The rose landed on stage right in front of Scarlett who was bowing. She picked it up and smelled it, she smiled and bowed again. Draco sat down and sighed whispering to himself “That was all the reassurance I needed Scarlett”






Scarlett was finished the third act of the ballet and sighed falling into her dressing room chair. She looked into her mirror her black makeup started to leak down her face. She buried her face in her hands, then seeing the rose on her table she smiled lightly. She washed her face and hands clean of the black swan makeup and she took off the black tutu and pulled on the white and put on her swan crown. She looked at herself in the mirror once more and turned her eyes a dark green again. Then she heard a knock on the door, it was Pansy Parkinson.



“Miss Parkinson, to what do I owe this pleasure” She smiled; Pansy walked in and closed the door



“Scarlett, I wanted to speak with you. Draco has been...” Scarlett waved her hand “Pansy you should know the whole story, please sit down” Pansy sat in the chair opposite Scarlett



“It was the last day of School, fourth year...”



Draco and Scarlett were standing in the clock tower window. “I’ll miss you so much” Draco whispered kissing her hands and putting them to his cheek. Scarlett smiled lightly



“I’ll miss you too Draco, more than anything. You have to promise to write every week! You’ll be my only companion, since Fleur is finishing school this year” Scarlett sighed and Draco put his hand on her cheek turning her face towards him



“Scarlett, I promise that I’ll write to you twice a week!” He smiled and a tear slipped down her cheek “Hey, what is it?” Draco hugged her. She shook her head and rested it on his shoulder.



“I just want... never mind” She sighed, Draco kissed her and she pulled away, he groaned “Scarlett! I thought we had gotten over this!” She sighed and he kissed her again this time with extreme passion



“I’ll watch the horizon” Draco whispered “I love you”



Scarlett smiled “As I you. Goodbye Draco.” She slipped out of his arms and down the stairs joining the other girls, Draco ran after her as she and her classmates boarded the carriage. The horses took off and Draco ran after it to the balcony seeing the carriage one last time before it disappeared into the mountains. Scarlett rested her head back in her seat, and smiled.






“I waited every day after that for a letter from him, and in the third week after school started again I sent him a letter. I didn’t get a reply, so I sent another one, and another one, and another one. Then I decided that he didn’t want to talk to me, so I sent him one last letter, I had to re-write it three times because I couldn’t write the whole thing out without crying and getting the paper tear-stained. I don’t want anything to do with him, because he broke my heart and nearly killed me. I hate him and I never want to see him again” Scarlett finished.



Pansy took a deep breath and nodded “Scarlett, did you know that Umbridge intercepted our letters, read them over and only let through the ones that she thought were acceptable and they had to be from our family? She took all your letters.” Pansy put her hand on Scarlett’s “Draco talked to me every day about how he wanted a letter from you and he had sent many to you but he had never gotten one. He missed you terribly and he even stopped picking on Harry, Ron and Hermione for a while. After Christmas he came back in a ghost-like state and joined the inquisitorial squad and asked me out, I said yes because I had a crush on him. He had a picture of you that he remade over and over again and put it in all of his school-books, Umbridge eventually confiscated all of them” Pansy smiled and the announcer came on the speakers



“Ladies and Gentlemen, this evening’s performance will resume in five minutes” Scarlett looked at Pansy who stood up and nodded to Scarlett and left the room.



Scarlett looked at herself in her mirror and smiled, but it faded She’s probably lying you know, Draco put her up to it her conscious whispered. Scarlett nodded and stood up; she walked down the hall to the stage and took her place on the side. She saw the curtain go up and the music started. I will be perfect this act, for him



Draco watched empty minded at the stage as Scarlett started the final act as the white swan. She put through the emotion as much as she had for the past two acts. Draco laughed to himself quietly how can she do this and yet encompass so much hate and ignorance? Draco looked over a Daphne Greengrass who was looking at him, when she saw him look back she winked. Draco snapped his head back to the stage. Scarlett put so much effort into this act Draco could tell, she was putting too much effort in she was hurting herself Draco rushed out of his box and down the stair case to the edge of the stage and he saw Scarlett finish the act by jumping off a cliff with extreme grace that Draco had never seen before, the audience clapped and Draco waited through the curtain call and Scarlett rushed off the stage and pushed past Draco who followed her.



Draco opened the door to her dressing room seeing her collapsed on the ground hardly breathing. “Scarlett!” He exclaimed “Are you alright?” He knelt down and cradled her in his arms “Scarlett! Wake up please!” Her eyes fluttered. “Draco? Was I perfect?” She asked softly. A tear slipped down Draco’s cheek and he nodded “Yes, you were perfect” Scarlett sighed and smiled “That was all I wanted. I did it for you” Scarlett’s eyes rolled back in her head Draco picked her up and carried her out of the dressing room quickly. He found his group. They all gasped and asked what had happened to her



“She fainted; she worked too hard in the last act. We have to take her back to the manor!” Lucius glided Draco out the door and to the jet black car that was waiting for them. Draco, carrying Scarlett, Lucius and Snape all slid into the car and Lucius told the driver to go quickly. The car sped through London its lights flashing past them. Draco only looked at Scarlett.



When they arrived at the manor Draco, Lucius and Snape all rushed in the doors and up the stairs to the largest guest bedroom. Draco set Scarlett down on the bed and Lucius told the house elf to call St Mungo’s and tell them to send a private doctor immediately. Through the night the doctor worked over Scarlett’s unconscious body, trying to diagnose what exactly had happened to her. Draco, Snape, Lucius and Narcissa stayed in the room the whole time after the other families had left. Then at dawn the doctor sighed and fell back in a chair



“She’ll be alright” They all sighed in relief “But she needs three weeks of rest before she can move out of this house, she not only strained herself dancing but she hasn’t been eating properly, she needs to eat a little more every day.”



A few hours after the doctor left, Scarlett woke up. “Scarlett, you need to lie down, you need rest” she heard someone say, she did as the voice said. “Where am I? What happened?” Scarlett opened her eyes to see Narcissa Malfoy leaning over her. Narcissa stroked her head “Shhh, it’s alright. You strained yourself to the point of fainting and Draco brought you here. A doctor looked over you, you’ll be fine as long as you rest for about a week and you can’t go out of these grounds for a month” Scarlett turned her head to the side. Narcissa held her hand, Scarlett started to cry softly and Narcissa hugged her



“It’ll be alright Scarlett, there’s someone here to see you” Narcissa got up and walked out of the room. Draco came to Scarlett’s bedside and held her hand.



Scarlett pulled it away and turned over, “This doesn’t change a thing, get out or I’ll scream” Draco laughed “You wouldn’t do that, I know you Scarlett. Remember we wrote our names in blood” Draco held up his hand and red scars showed through that said Draco and a lighter Scarlett. Scarlett looked at her own hand and it hand the exact same thing on it.



She didn’t say anything “You were perfect, but perfection is nothing to sacrifice your health for” She turned towards him, and he stroked her cheek “Perfection is everything I wanted, but I know no one can be perfect” She sighed and closed her eyes “But I felt perfect” She whispered and immediately she fell asleep. Draco stood up and walked towards the door just before he left he whispered “You were perfect”









A/N YES I KNOW THAT IS A RIP-OFF FROM BLACK SWAN! Other than that my whole storyline with be my own, except from the Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows. I hope you liked it! Please review; always love it when you do! : D ~Sarah

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