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Turning the Tables by explosion
Chapter 2 : I'll Be There For You
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Disclaimer: Alright I'll admit it, I'm not JK Rowling. I know it's a shocker! Please don't hate me. Oh and also the chapter title comes from the theme song in the TV show Friends.


Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Home is pure agony. I can feel the time slowly passing, as I sit alone in my house with nothing to do. That’s the downside to living with my dad. It’s like living alone. Sometimes it’s great, you know, because I can have people over and won’t be bothered with a parent bustling around, but most of the time it’s like this. Just sitting.

I always wondered what life would be like if I had stayed with Mum and continued going to Hogwarts.  She was always around ready to spend time with me. We would always bake, or watch movies, or listen to music. She was my only friend through all the bad things in my life.

My parents had had a messy divorce. When I was seven, my dad walked out on her, and left her all alone with just Bailey and me. Dad had still sent us presents on our birthdays, and written the occasional letter, maybe even stopped by if he had time, as if it could make up for how he abandoned us, but it was never really the same. It wasn’t that my dad left Bailey and me, he had just left my mum, but in leaving my mum he had kind of left us too. Mum was heartbroken.

Life had been perfect when my parents loved each other. I steadily gained weight the year they divorced. I just remember running to the kitchen and smuggling jars of peanut butter up to my room to eat raw, while I would listen to my parents fighting downstairs. Food was kind of the only thing I had.

When I had asked dad if I could live with him, he had been surprised at first, but eventually agreed because I was old enough to fend for myself mostly, and maybe it was kind of out of guilt of how everything had changed. Mum had not been happy with my decision. She had seen it as me choosing him over her, and when I left, she told me not to come back. Sometimes I write her letters, but I never send them. It seems stupid, because I know how badly I hurt her.

That’s why it’s sometimes hard to live here. I miss her so much. I miss our dance nights, our cooking escapades, our firefly catching. She had been sensational as a mum. I had just been too stupid to realize it.

One day I hope I can express to her how much pain I had been going through at Hogwarts. I had never told her. I pretended things were fine-just-fine when I came back from holidays at Hogwarts, and told her stories about pretend friends I had never made. I wonder if she’d still be mad if she knew that the closest thing I had had to a friend was an oil painting. If she’d be mad if she knew that I would cry every night.

My thoughts were interrupted by the family owl, Barnabee, who swooped in and perched down next to me. I noticed a bundle of letters attached to his legs and untied them quickly.

Getting letters from my friends was kind of the only thing that kept me going when I was alone like this. I checked them and saw one was from Dom, one from Tyson, one from Wyatt and one from Chaise. I then had letters from some seventh year boys wishing me a happy summer and wondering if we could get together sometime. I threw those letters out.

I of course opened Dom’s immediately. I mean, she is my best friend, might as well read what she has to say first.


            MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY. And yes, I am in fact screaming this as I write it down. But back to the point, it’s been almost two weeks and I can barely remember your gorgeous face in my mind! I am literally COUNTING down the days until you come here, because let’s face it: I can’t function without my little Coco around to make me all happy and bubbly.
           Freddy and Roxanne came over today. Normally I wouldn’t mention it but he happened to see a picture of us hanging in my room. You know, the one of us from last summer at the beach in our hot pink bikinis? He said and I quote, “Who’s the chick with the nice arse?” Thought you’d get a laugh. I didn’t tell him that you were, you know the girl he had taunted mercilessly, because I didn’t know if you’d want me to so I just slapped him upside the head.
           And then, when we were at my dad’s parent’s house with all of my other crazy cousins, Fred told James about the picture of us he’d seen, and him and James continued to pester me about who you were so I just said Coco because I mean, that’s who you are. They then said they wanted me to introduce you to them at my party and I told them it wasn’t a good idea so now they’re determined to meet you themselves. But enough about those losers. I just thought it was funny because you can totally show them up and hopefully bring their egos down a size.
           In exactly twenty-six hours, thirty minutes, and two seconds you are going to be at my house and I am so excited, which is probs the reason I’m writing this letter. But I miss you so so so so much and I love you and you’re my best friend ever so, yeah.

Love xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Dommy Dearest

P.S. Is it just me or is Chaise like kind of hot?
P.P.S. Pretend I never said that.

I finished reading the letter and smiled at the last bit. Thank God, Dom was finally seeing that Chaise was her soul mate. Okay, maybe she hasn’t seen it yet, but thinking someone’s hot turns into liking them, liking someone turns into loving them, loving someone turns into getting married and having twenty kids with them… Or something along those lines.

Hey a girl can dream, can’t she?

I wrinkled my nose thinking about Freddy and James however, and knew I did not want to see or even talk to them at Dom’s party. My thoughts instantly flashed back to the days when I would try and blend into the wall, only to have people around me oink or squeal. Apparently they considered me a pig, and oinks followed me wherever I went.

I read the other three letters, which were typical guy talk. You know, guys can’t really express their feelings very well so it was all just about how they couldn’t wait for Dom’s party, and of course some inappropriate jokes just to insure their testosterone levels were still balanced.

As I finished reading Chaise’s letter (in which he asked me what I’d think Dom would like as a gift) I heard a familiar crack of my father apparating into the house.

“Hey Dad!” I said to him. My dad looked at me, made a nod of acknowledgement, and then walked to his office, probably to do more work. I heaved a sigh, and decided to go to my room and make sure everything was packed.

As I padded across the plush carpet, I peeked in at my father’s office and saw him, head in the fireplace, already talking to a work associate, even though he had just gotten home.

“Yes, Alfred, I understand that the meeting did not go over as well as expected, so instead we’re going to make another pitch, only this time, to the Minister, and this way they can’t refuse!” My dad’s voice echoed down the hallway. I wonder if Alfred knew that he knew my dad better than me.

I opened the oak door of my room and was instantly soothed by the view that I saw. My room was probably the only thing in this house that I loved. It was completely white, and I mean the walls, the carpet, the bed, the sheets, the curtains, the dressers, everything. I always thought it made the room seem elegant and enchanting. The only touches of color were the lavender candles that I had sitting on the top of every surface in my room. I found the lavender scent soothing, and I had always been into candles.

And then, covering one wall was a huge mirror. The mirror itself looked to be ancient, probably from Elizabethan times, as it had ornate decorations all around the edges, and it was absolutely gorgeous. The only thing is that the mirror itself I detested.

I hated mirrors. You see, when you live most of your life hating your reflection, mirrors can really get to you. Which is probably the reason that whenever I looked in the mirror I was always shocked at my reflection.

I still felt like the fat girl, with the lifeless hair, and the constant butt of every joke. But the mirror showed me a slender body, with long legs, and tanned skin. It showed me glossy hair, and model lips. It showed me someone else.

Sometimes I wondered if this mirror was just one of those magical mirrors that transformed how you looked.

It’s still completely mind blowing to think about how my life had changed so drastically because of that one summer.

When I entered Beauxbatons, I had been immediately flocked by guys and girls in my grade, who wanted to welcome me to the school. Not because I was pretty but because they were genuinely nice people. However, I was overwhelmed by all the attention and tended to get really shy since I didn’t know anyone.

When Dom and I however had made it known that we were friends, everyone in the school would come up to me and welcome me. Guys seemed to hover around Dom and me like moths to a flame. It was so incredibly unbelievable that people actually thought of me as pretty.

Dom had thought it was normal. She had said something along the lines of, “Shouldn’t you be used to it by now, I mean you’re bloody gorgeous.” This had then caused, after a bunch of badgering by Dom, for me to tell her how Hogwarts had been.

She was shocked at first that people would make fun of me just because I was overweight, and then she had just been angry. According to her, who was anyone to say how ugly or beautiful a person was. It was all about who they were. She then proceeded to tell me I was beautiful inside and out.

That had been the first time anyone had ever called me beautiful.

And Dom and I were attached at the hip ever since. Everywhere she went, I went, vice versa. We had too many inside jokes to count, and even had our own sign language that nobody really understood. The sign language had developed whenever Dom and I had assigned seating in classes, and still had things to say to one another. Professors should have hated it, but they were amused at our second (actually third) language.

I of course had still managed to make not-so-nice with some girls. They were the same ones who didn’t like Dom either. Dom insisted they were jealous of me, but sometimes I thought it was because they knew I was a fake. I wasn’t actually this pretty girl my whole life. But mostly, girls didn’t like me because of the boys that I ended up snogging.

I was never good at figuring out which boys were the good ones and which were the rotten apples, so I had been taking advantage of for my open trust in the past. Like when they lied to me about whether or not they had girlfriends. It had earned me a reputation that I hated, but most people at the school still admired me anyways. It was just the girls who were always trying to pick Dom and me apart, that believed and enhanced the rumors.

I went over to the three very large trunks full of clothes, makeup, purses, shoes, books, school supplies, and anything else I could possible need at Dom’s. It seemed that everything I needed was there and I had that building up excitement in my stomach at spending a whole two months at Dom’s full of sleepovers and gossiping and laughs.

Because when I really thought about it, who else could I possibly want to spend the summer with than her?


“COCOCORINNE I MISSED YOU SO BLOODY MUCH!” I was greeted with Dom jumping on me and us both falling to the ground as she smothered me to death with her hug.

“I MISSED YOU TOO!” I screamed back laughing and returning the hug. We continued to squeal as we reunited after two long weeks apart, and her parents watched us in amusement.

“Girls, it’s been two weeks,” her father, Billy (yes I called him by his first name, he insists upon it), said to the both of us as we laughed.

“Two incredibly long weeks, in which I had to listen to Louis here, tell me all about the Quidditch teams he was rooting for,” Dom responded in mock horror.  Louis was Dom’s younger brother, who would be entering his fourth year at Hogwarts. Yes, Dom was the only one of her siblings who chose to go to Beauxbatons. Billy and Fleur each gave their kids the choice as to which school they wanted to attend. It had greatly pleased Fleur when Dom had made the decision to go to Beauxbatons.

“Hey! You told me you liked listening to me teach you about Quidditch,” Louis responded indignantly.

“Dom says a lot of things she doesn’t mean Louis,” I told him before giving him, Billy, and Fleur a hug.

“We are so happy to have you here,” Fleur said to me as I drew back from the hug.

“Of course you are Auntie F, I mean what would you do without me to tame your brute of a daughter?” I responded cheekily. Fleur let out a tinkling laugh while Dom huffed resentfully.

“Some friend you are,” Dom said crossing her arms. I stared at her sulky expression for about three seconds before we both cracked up laughing.

“Such a baby you are,” I said before looking around for Victoire, Dom’s older sister. “Where is old Vicky dear?”

Victoire and I did not have the best relationship. I just so happened to hate her, not only for my own selfish reasons of her being a snooty bitch, but because of how much pain she had caused my Domster over the years. Victoire loved to try and one up her sister, which is part of the reason Dom decided to attend Beauxbatons. Since no one at Beauxbatons knew her sister, they couldn’t compare the two of them.

For example, when Dom had gotten her first serious boyfriend last year, and decided to introduce him to the family, Victoire had announced her engagement to Teddy in the middle of the meal. This had sufficiently scared Dom’s boyfriend off (bloody men who can’t commit) and had also made her parents forget all about Dom the whole night, and fawn over Victoire and Teddy instead.

Another example was when Dom had gotten her O.W.L. scores back and had scored more O’s then Victoire had on them (which is ridiculously impressive because Victoire only got two E’s and the rest were O’s), only for Victoire to interrupt Dom’s victory dinner in order to inform them that she had won a coveted two-year internship at the Ministry. Dom was always getting the short end of the stick whenever Victoire was involved, and that’s where I come in.

You see, Dom couldn’t be a bitch to her sister, but I sure could, and I could do it secretively too so her parents still loved me.

It all started when I ‘accidentally’ spilled cranberry juice on the white dress Victoire had bought for herself, after Dom had expressed interest in it to wear to an event they were going to. Victoire had evilly stolen it for herself, so I had to take matter into my own hands. Victoire hated me ever since.

Not that I minded.

“I think she’s upstairs, why don’t I go get her,” Fleur said going to the bottom of the staircase and screaming up. “VICTOIRE, COME DOWNSTAIRS AND GREET CORINNE! SHE’S DYING TO SEE YOU!”

Did I mention Billy and Fleur think I look up to Victoire and really admire her?

I heard Victoire give an exasperated huff and then she came down the stairs flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder. It was hard to admit but Victoire was beautiful too. Her and Dom both had the same silvery hair, although Victoire’s was more wavy, and she also had blue eyes like her mums. I think Dom has prettier eyes still but I might be bias.

“VICKY!” I shouted giving Victoire air kisses and a hug. Victoire tried to step away from me but it went unnoticed by the rest as I greeted her.

“Hey Corinne,” Victoire responded flatly.

“Vic, don’t be rude! Coco here was excited to see you,” Billy said commandingly. I smirked.

Victoire gave me a glare and then plastered a fake smile on her face and gave me a hug back, “And I thought you were here to visit Dom! Well hello mon cherie how long its been!”

Billy and Fleur looked happy with her response.

“It’s been too long! Can’t wait for us to hang out!” I lied. Oh how fun it was to push Vicky’s ickle buttons.

“Me too! Although I do have so much work this summer. It’s incredibly hard to be an intern of the Ministry, and still manage to have a social life,” Victoire responded. Ah, always trying to get out of seeing me. I wonder why?

“Coco, come on! Let’s go upstairs now, I have loads to tell you,” Dom said interrupting the conversation and grabbing my hand. She then proceeded to skip up to her room, with me lumbering behind her, as I waved goodbye to her family downstairs.

She opened the door to her room, and revealed what looked like it belonged in Wanda Witch’s Dream Castle. The walls were cotton candy pink and white striped, and there were pink beanbag chairs right by a glass sliding door that opened up to a balcony, which had railings that were painted pink. Dom’s bed was huge. It had a really fancy pink bedspread, about a hundred lacy pink pillows on top of it, and white, sheer drapes all around it. She also had a huge makeup station that could rival my own, and her room led into her own bathroom that was also pink. In the corner she had stacks and stacks of Witch Weekly magazines all organized by date of issue, and she had pictures of models that she loved, hanging all around her full-length mirror.

But that wasn’t the part of the room that I loved. On one wall of Dom’s room, it was absolutely covered in pictures. There were pictures of me and Dom at the beach (and yes the hot pink bikini one was up there), pictures of us shopping, pictures of us with the boys, pictures of Dom that I had taken that we considered “artsy”, pictures of me and Dom surrounded by Beauxbatons friends, pictures of Dom and me with previous boyfriends. There were so many pictures that sometimes I didn’t know which ones to look at first, but I loved looking at each one of them because they were always memories. It was like a road map to our friendship on that wall for all to see.

I noticed a photo that seemed to be taken fairly recently of me and Dom both sticking our tongues out at the camera as we sat in the Beauxbatons common room studying for finals.

“Already started adding more pictures?” I asked Dom.

“Of course I did,” Dom said before flopping onto her bed and opening up the newest Witch Weekly magazine. I continued to look at the pictures on the wall and then stopped and inspected a new one of Dom and Chaise arms around each other’s shoulders.

“So…” I said smirking and turning to look at Dom. “You think Chaise is hot?”

Dom refused to look up from her magazine, and instead flipped through it even faster, almost ripping a page with the force of it. Her cheeks blushed pink, but she continued to glare at the magazine.

“Oh come on Dommy! You can’t just mention it to me in a letter and expect me to not ask about it,” I complained jumping on Dom’s bed and crossing my legs. “Spill.”

“There’s nothing to spill! I just happen to think he’s attractive it’s not a big deal,” Dom responded without looking up from her magazine.

“Dom, it’s okay to admit it. You liiiike him,” I sang before pulling the magazine out of her grasp so she was forced to look at me.

“Psh- No- Just-I-Maybe-No-” Dom sputtered as she reached for the magazine that I was now dangling over her.

“Dommy and Chaise sitting in a tree-”

“Stop!” Dom shouted as I continued to sing over her protests. I knew she would give in and spill if I annoyed her long enough about it, if only to get me to shut up.

“Not until you admit it Dommy,” I mocked standing up on her bed and bouncing around it as she crawled on the bed and chased me trying to grab my legs.

“NEVER!” Dom said as she made a snatch for my feet but I quickly jumped over her and started bouncing up and down again. As I did this, Dom started to flop in the air. She resembled a dying chicken at this point and I started to get a fit of the giggles.

“Stop” flop “it!” flop Dom said as her body continued to bounce around her bed. I jumped even more at these words.

“I told you Dommy Dearest, there’s only one way I will stop,” I said as I gave an extra powerful bounce. Dom bounced into the air, hit the side of the bed, and then continued to fly off the bed and make a face plant on the floor. I stopped jumping and there was dead silence.

Dom picked her face up off the floor and looked at me with a deranged expression, her silvery hair a mass of tangles. We took one look at each other, and burst out laughing. It was one of those laughs that go deep into your guts where you feel like if you laugh any harder your stomach will explode. I was clutching my side and Dom was near tears as we both continued to guffaw at the events that had unfolded.

“Your-gasp-face-gasp!” I wheezed pointing at Dom and then throwing my head back into another laugh. We continued to laugh like this for the next couple of minutes until we reached the point of just intermittent giggles.

“So maybe I do like him,” Dom said to me as she looked ponderingly out the balcony window.

I let the words sink in as I realized that Dom was actually admitting her feelings for Chaise, before jumping up onto the bed and squealing. However, it seemed that I had overestimated the room I had on the bed, and my foot slipped off the bed, with me tumbling on top of Dom.

I looked at Dom whose shoulders had started to shake, signaling that she was about to laugh again, and that set us off into another round of gut-wrenching giggles.

“What I mean to have happen is this,” I said after we had calmed down. I then proceeded to squeal at an alarmingly loud decibel and give Dom the biggest hug known to mankind. I mean Dommy here had just realized her love for Chaise! This was a monumental moment in the history of our friendship.

“Merlin, Coco. You can’t make a big deal about this. I don’t want you to make if awkward between Chaise and me next time we’re all together. I know how you love to play matchmaker,” Dom said giving me a pointed look as my arms were still wrapped around her.

Maybe Dom had a point. But I still didn’t like how she underestimated me so much. I could be the queen of subtlety when I wanted to be.

“Me make a big deal?” I said exasperated, pulling away from our hug. “I mean I’ve only been waiting two years for you to realize your love for him, and I have to act like it’s no biggie?!”

Dom clucked her tongue, “Corinne, you’ve been waiting three months ever since me and Chaise worked on that Potions project together.”

“Two years, three months, time is but a number!” I said dismissively. “So, when’d you realize you liked him?”

And with that, Dom let down the pretend wall she had been putting around herself in turning to mush whenever Chaise was mentioned, and continued to pour out her undying obsession with him ever since he told her she looked good in pink. Which you know, explains a lot, considering Dom had made me go shopping in Paris with her near the end of the school year and all she bought were pink shirts.

Apparently she had only liked him for a month, but it was still long enough for me to question how she could’ve kept it from me for so long. I mean we were basically the same person! How could she think of not telling me?

“And I mean, he’s always seemed you know, different whenever it’s just me and him. Like he doesn’t joke around as much and he never notices all the girls that hang around him either. And also, he always mentions, like, guys around me as if to see if I like them and when I say something about not liking them, he always gets this smirk on his face,” Dom rambled.

“Dom, it’s already so obvious he likes you, I’m insulted you think you need to prove it to me. It’s so obvious like he’s always staring after you when you leave, and asking me about you when it’s just me and him!” I said interrupting Dom. Dom’s ears perked up at me mentioning him asking about her.

“Really?! What does he say?! How often?! When did this happen?! Start from beginning to end!” Dom said excitedly. Ah, that’s the Dom I know and love.

And so, being the best friend I am, I recounted every occurrence I remembered to Dom, and explained every situation in which Chaise showed his interest in her.

Sometimes, I think I should get a medal for this kind of friendship.


A/N: Hey guys! Here's my next chappie of the story I hope you liked it. You might be wondering when there will be some James/Coco interaction but I hate to say you'll have to wait a couple more chapters for James to be introduced into the story :(

I just want to strongly introduce my character and her friendship with the Domster before jumping into the good stuff.

Tell me what you think of this chapter because I'll always reply to reviews and I really want to know what you all think! Also, I have the next chapter written, so the more reviews, the more likely I am to post it sooner XD

Oh AND I'm dedicating this chapter to my bestestest friend ever Olivia, who reads this story despite the fact that she knows very little about harry potter. That's when you know you got a good friendship going. The friendship dynamics between Dom and Coco I base off of our friendship in case you were wondering.

Okay well thats about all I gotta say! See ya next chapter.





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