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A Step Back in Time by potterprincess07
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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A/N: Welcome to the first chapter of my new story! This story is inspired by a fanfic that I had started awhile back, non-HP, that I never go around to finishing because I lost inspiration. Then this challenge came up and I thought it was the perfect change to write for the challenge, as well as allow something to come of that story. 

This takes place during their seventh year, but its very alternate universe to that. 

Read and enjoy! 

I claim no ownership of anything that comes from the Harry Potter universe, that all belongs to J.K. Rowling, Scholastic, Bloomsbury Publishing, and Warner Bros, as well as the movie ideas from Titanic that will come into place in a chapter or so. Anything that is reminiscent from that movie belongs to James Cameron.


Draco Malfoy rolled his eyes. “I honestly can’t believe that we had to come here.”




Hermione Granger sighed. She tried to ignore his tone as she allowed the excitement that had been building up within her to tune out his negativity. "Well, it's too late now. We're here and we're going in."




“I just don’t know what the obsession is,“ he said, kicking at a rock on the sidewalk. “Yours or anyone else’s for that matter.”




“It’s not an obsession. It’s more of a fascination. That as well as its historical impact. Not to mention it‘s only one of the best movies that was ever made.” 




He glared at her. She sounded just like Professor Burbage, who had come up with the rubbish idea in the first place. 


“That’s fine and all,” he said. “I’ll even admit that as a movie, which I suppose isn’t that stupid of a muggle invention, it wasn’t that bad. But why me? Why did I have to be the one to come here?”




“Because we’re the Heads this year. And this is a first time thing. We’re supposed to test out this new idea and see if it would benefit the other years as well. You know this, and I know that you do because you were there when Dumbledore explained the whole thing.”




Did she have an answer for everything? he wondered. He knew she was smart - everyone knew it, whether they wanted to admit it or not. But she had gone from being smart to being a smart ass in about ten seconds. 




Their conversation ended there, however, because they had finally reached the sign. 








Hermione could swear that her heart stopped beating for just a moment. It seemed so real, right there in front of her, and yet she had trouble making herself walk any further. 




“What are you waiting for?” Draco asked, this time being the one that was too impatient to wait. 




She knew that she couldn’t explain it, even if she had wanted to. She had been so excited hearing about this opportunity, that even being told she would have to share in the journey with Draco Malfoy hadn’t dampened her spirits. But there it was, sitting in the water, a half scale to the original, docked in the water, and it took her breath way. 




“Are you just going to sit there all day and look at the sign or are we going to go inside?”




“We’re going, we’re going,” she said, in a faraway voice. For someone who just moments ago had wanted to be anywhere but right there, he certainly did seem to be in a hurry to get there.




They walked up the gangway, her head still tilted upward facing the sign, as well as the massive ship replica that they were walking onto. 




“What is your problem?” Draco hissed, this time seeming truly annoyed. 




“It’s just… so real. Don’t you feel it?”




“Not really,” he said, sounding bored. “I just want to get this over with so that we can do what we have to do and then go back. Some of us have a life, you know.”




She chose to ignore him and they made their way onto the ship. 




If the outside was something to be in awe about, it was nothing compared to the inside. The moment they had stepped inside, it seemed as if they had truly taken a step back into 1912.




Even Draco had a hint of being impressed on his face, though Hermione knew that there was no way he would ever admit it, out loud at least. 




Until she made the mistake of looking outside, however, and realizing that they were really on the water. Obviously, she had know they were on the water when they walked in, but there was a difference in knowing your going to do something, than actually doing it. 




That was the moment that her stomach started churning. She knew they were anchored, and that nothing could happen to them, but that didn’t ease her fears, at least completely. She had always been fascinated by reading about the history of the Titanic, everything that she had heard about it, both in the muggle world and in the Wizard world, but it certainly hadn’t eased her fear or water. After all, 1,500 people had died that night - who was to say that the same thing couldn’t happen again?




They made their way toward the ticket counter, as she set those thoughts to the back of her mind. It wouldn’t do to think about that right now. 




On the way, they passed the Grand Staircase, and even Draco paused a moment to take in the beautiful architecture that had gone into the recreating of the masterpiece. 


They crossed the landing that was actually where the clock was standing and Hermione stared at, wondering how many times that she had looked at that same image within history books. Unfortunately, the more she backed up to take it all in, she stepped further back than she had originally intended and where she put her foot down on the step that was supposed to still be there, she was met with air, and before she could stop herself, she found herself tumbling, and worse of all, she was pulling Draco down with her. 




“Ouch,” she muttered as she hit the bottom, Draco landing with a thud next to her. 




“Ouch is only the beginning of what I’m feeling right now,” he said, glaring at her through narrowed eyes. 




Her head, as well as a few other body parts, didn’t feel so hot, but she didn’t she, or Draco for that matter, had been seriously hurt.




“Draco, must you always be so ---” she stopped mid-sentence suddenly.




He rolled his eyes. “Must I always be so what?”  he said trying not to draw attention as he tried to avoid wincing as he tried to stand up. 




But as his eyes followed the direction that hers were in, he forgot what he was going to say. 




They were still looking at the clock, there was no doubt. But that was just about the only thing that seemed to be the same.





A/N: Sorry this is so short, it seems my prologues are always short. I also apologize for all the narration, but I found it necessary to really explain the setting of the story as well as what all is going on in the story. 

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A Step Back in Time : Chapter One


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