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The Dursley Freak by rey
Chapter 10 : Charlie, The Loony?
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Charlie, The Loony?




"This is seriously an overkill." I moan while writing my Arithmancy essay.

I question my sanity in the moment I chose it to be one of my classes. What was I thinking?! If only I could remember. Maybe it would make more sense.

Or not.

"You wanted to deal with numbers. Now deal with the consequences." Lee smirks into my face.

I stuck my tongue out at her.

"Still so immature, I see." Faldo says before sitting next to me on the common room couch.

"Still so snotty, I see." I return.

He grins. It's not a derisive grin, but a light, sincere one. I have seen Faldo grin countless of times these past three weeks since we ended our arguments, but it's still unusual.

"Aren't you supposed to be reading a book, or something?" I examine his face curiously.

"I should. But you're a big distraction, Blue. It's just too fun to mock you."

"I'm not even that mockable, you know."

"Mockable?" He raises his eyebrows.

"Shut up." I mutter under my breath.

He still manages to outsmart me. Needless to say, it's not a very pleasant fact for me to know.

"And always so original." He pats my back.

I roll my eyes.

"This is just too weird." Lee shudders and stands up to go and sit by the fireplace, all by herself.

"There you go." I point at her to Faldo who's smiling insensibly. "We actually succeeded in disturbing Charlie. Charlie, who believes she's from the distant future and that dragons are cute."

"We're brilliant, obviously." Faldo nods.

I look at him, trying to act all seriously full of myself, but it fails as we snicker.

That's when Scoprius storms in and beams at his friend like a mad person.

"They you are, Chill! You were going to forget about our class, didn't you?!"

I smirk at Faldo as he smiles lazily. He has been avoiding Scorpius these past week as his friend's dedication had grow out of that and became an obsession. Which isn't a surprise really, when you know how Scorpius can get when he's into something. I still can't shake the memory of their first Quidditch match this season out of my mind. I immediately regretted that I agreed to watching those. Damn Faldo and his persuasive methods.

"Sorry." Faldo stands up slowly, hesitant, but quickly gets dragged out by one of his best friends.

Which makes me wonder just where his other best friend is. Again.

"Lee, have you seen Al?"

"What?" She looks up from her Divination essay.

"I mean, you two went to lunch together. Has he said anything about going somewhere after that?"

I'm nosy, so what?

Lee shakes her head. "Not that I know."

She then frowns, which is an unusual expression when seen on her always happy face. "What's it to you, anyway?"

I blink. "Well, for starters, he's my cousin."



Lee stares at me with those big brown eyes of hers.

"And... Ok, I'm too curious. Happy!?"

She smiles. "You're making an improvement, Dora. So yes, I am happy."

Charlie then returns to her homework. I roll my eyes.

Apparently, people around me are majorly in love. Or just plain crazy.

But I was sure Al'd  stay composed in spite of everyone. Now, I'm not sure what to think of him disappearing like this. All the time. And with Roxy acting more weird as Quidditch matches go by, I'm really glad Faldo's my friend right now. It seems we're the only sane ones left.


Don't tell him I said that.




* * *




At dinner, Lee and I share a meal as neither one of us is quite hungry. Midst it all, I steal a glance at Louis. He's chatting with James and Fred, seeming more happy than the previous weeks. Apparently, he and Dawn ended it on good terms. They remained friends. But it's still hard for him. He needed time to adjust. And now, that he did, it appears that every hot girl in Hogwarts is after him. Which frustrates me to no end. I'm back to where I was at the beginning.

"Seriously, Scorpius needs to relax. He's driving me mad." Faldo's voice brings me back to reality very rudely.

He, of course, doesn't notice the fact. But instead takes a seat next to Lee and opposite me.

"Oh, so now you think you were ever sane." I smirk at him.

"Very funny, Blue." He shakes his head in that Faldo way.

But I think he does it only when I say something outrageous. Like now. Or so he believes. I grin in response.

"And how's the essay going?"

I frown. "You're being plain mean."

Now he smirks. I hate how he still thinks he's the smartest being alive. Jerk.

Then finally, Al graces us with his presence. And he looks...

"Hot." Charlie winks at him.

Al's face turns red.

"Thanks, Lee."

She beams at him.

Wait a minute... Am I missing something here?

"So, where have you been all this time, eh?" I fixate my gaze on him.

He shifts uncomfortably. Good boy.

"I hate when you look at me like that."

"My 'Tell me everything.' look?" I offer.

He nods.

Faldo laughs. "Al, just don't look at her. It's that simple."

I twirl to him and point my fork in his direction. "Faldo, don't mess with my game. I'll come after you."

"With what, your pouting?"

"You're not funny." I frown deeply.

"And you're not scary." He retorts.

We proceed to glare at each other.

"What's this? I though you were friends now." Scorpius and Roxy stride to us, with Scorpius giving us dark glances.

"We are." I say, confused as to why he would think otherwise.

"So... it's always going to be like this, then?" Roxy sighs and sits next to Al, who still looks uncomfortable.

"What did you think? Just because we're friends now, doesn't mean I suddenly like Faldo." I point to him with my fork again and snort.

"Thank you, Blue." He snorts back.




In all that and with Scorpius gazing intensely at Rose, I forget about Al completely.

"Scorp, you're seriously starting to resemble McLaggen. And, let me tell you, that's not attractive."

"It's not attractive to you." Scorpius says, defensive.

Oh, Havens. Love apparently kills all of your brain cells. Well, at least it didn't do that to me. I look at Faldo, seeking support. He nods and turns to his best mate.

"Scorp, Blue's right. It isn't attractive. It's creepy."

"So you're saying that if you had a hot girl like Lee here (Lee smiles smugly.) following you around, you'd be creeped out?"

"Did you just call yourself a hot girl?" I question but don't get my answer as Faldo interrupts me.

"Ok, in the reversed situation, it's not that creepy. But it's just because guys see it differently. Girls are more sensitive."

It would sound a bit sexist if it wasn't so utterly true.

"Fine! I don't need your support. I have Al. And Lee. Right, Lee?"

She beams at him. Brilliant.

Scorp then gets up and leaves us to stare after him.

"Boy, he's gone way crazy." Lee chuckles.

"It's not funny." I moan. "It seems everyone's mental these days. Is it contagious or something?"

"Maybe you should try it, too. It's fun being crazy like that a little bit." Lee suggests.

At that I steal another glance at Louis. And, just like that, he looks back. I feel that my cheeks are burning red, so I look away. Only to be met with Faldo's gaze.


He shakes his head. "Nothing."

I sigh and stare at my dinner.

Maybe Charlie's right. Maybe it's time I experience some of it myself. But going that crazy? I don't think I ever will. No matter how much in love I am.




* * *



I stare at the ceiling, feeling particularly strange. Am I weird if I don't behave like most teenagers these days? Am I weird if my hormones are not raging quite as much as everyone else's? It'd be nice to have at least something in common with the rest of the world.

But after all... Why does love have to imply insanity?




"Dora, you'll want to come down in the common room." Lee says to me, entering the dorm, looking a little... off?

But I'm not in the mood to interrogate her.

"Why?" I sit up lazily.

"Drake's waiting for you."

I frown. Faldo and I don't wait. We barely catch up with each other.

I head out, curious as to what it is about.

And sure enough, there in the center of the room, stands Faldo. Complete in some preppy pants, black shirt and a deep blue jacket. It's weird seeing him out of his uniform at school. He usually never takes it off.

"Faldo, what..."

"Come on, Blue. No time to loose." He pulls me by my hand and we exit the common room.




"Are you kidnapping me? 'Cause if you are, why didn't you let me take at least one pumpkin pie with me? That would've been human of you."

"Stop babbling, Blue. We're almost there."

"Where?" I look around, insecure. "We're in the middle of the courtyard."

"Exactly." He smiles.

"No." I take a better look. "We're in Hagrid's yard."

"Even better." Falgo grins.


We stop near the forest. What the... He doesn't expect me to go in there, right? He just can't! But Faldo does something else. He whistles loudly and a majestic grey hippogriff comes out from the woods.

I immediately smile and go to pat her. It's Cinderella, my favourite hippogriff. We instantly bonded on my first Care of Magical Creatures class, years ago. I named her Cinderella, because I never saw her by night and have imagined wild stories as to why that was so.

I was young, ok?!

I turn to Faldo, amazed and out of breath.

"How did you..."

"Sources." He shrugs.

I pat Cinderella before I realize that this whole situation is kind of... well, random.

"Ok, not that I don't appreciate this... But... Why..."

"I noticed that you were looking at Louis Weasley today." He says bluntly and my mouth drops.

"What?!?" I feel my eyes are going to drop out of my skull.

"Relax, Blue. Your secret's safe with me. Anyway, I can see you want to be with him. But, naturally, you being you,  you chicken out."

I stare at him, still in shock, not muttering a word. Faldo sees this as an opportunity to further explain his actions.

"So, I brought you here to help you with that." He smiles.

"But... But... How is this going to help..." I stutter.

"Well, if you're able to conquer one of your fears, you'll be able to face them all. So..." He slides to Cinderella and pats her back. "You're going to fly."


"No! NO, no, no,  no! Not a chance, Faldo! No!" I stumble back, panicked.

I feel as if he cornered me and I have no where to escape.

"Six times no? I think I can handle that." He smirks.

"You don't understand. I can't fly. Ever since I pretended to be a butterfly and fell from the tree in our yard, I have had nightmares about flying. Seriously, I can't do this."

Sadly, the butterfly bit is true.

Faldo walks to me and looks me in the eyes. "Listen to me. You can do this."



"NO!" I shriek. "Faldo, this is ridiculous! Flying won't help me. I'll always be a coward. And Louis will never like me!"

I stop, startled at what I'm saying. This is Faldo. The guy I despised for almost four years. And now... Look at me. I'm telling him my deepest secrets. Why am I doing this?

I breath in and out a couple of times. Meanwhile, Faldo waits patiently. But as soon as he guesses that I'm calm enough, he pulls me to the hippogriff.

"No, Faldo. Don't, please!"

He twirls. "You can agree to this on your own or we can go the hard route. Suit yourself."

Major deja-vu just there.

I sigh. "Only if you fly with me and promise to never, not in one second, let me go."

"I won't let you go." He says seriously.

Ok, here it is. I'm insane. Really. Again, what am I doing? Even though I have no clue why, I suddenly feel the need to trust him. As if he could really help me. As if I believe he knows exactly how.

I nod my head and Faldo smiles happily. He then helps me up and I sit nervously. Cinderella stays still. Well, at least one of us is calm. Then Faldo climbs up, too, taking his spot behind me.

I turn to him, freaked out. "Grab me, you idiot."

He listens to me, amused. Then, he pushes Cinderella slightly and...

"Oh my Havens! Oh my Havens! We're flying! We're flying!"

"Calm down, Blue. We're only two feet of the ground." He chuckles.

"Shut up!" I shriek as Cinderella takes off fully and I can now see the clouds so close like there're in my hand reach. I gasp loudly and close my eyes, feeling dizzy.

"Open your eyes, cry-baby!" Faldo yells from behind me. "Or you're going to miss it!"

"Miss what?" I do so and follow Faldo's palm pointing to the sky above us.

I gasp again, but this time from admiration.

The blackness is full of millions and millions of lights. Stars twinkling away, making me wish I could touch them. Feeling unusually calm, a smile creeps on to my lips. Then, I suddenly become very aware of the prick sitting behind me. I turn to Faldo once again, my heart beating madly form the height.

"You're really a good friend, Faldo."

I can't see his face clearly so I'm assuming he's just rolling his eyes away. Or shaking his head a la Faldo. Like he does almost all the time with me.

"That's just the dizziness talking from you."

I laugh, not surprised by his blunt answer. "You're probably right."

There's a short silence followed by his deep voice. "So, going down?"

I take one huge breath in and nod. "Going down."

Faldo shoves Cinderella again and we start to near the ground. My dizziness grows enormously as we get closer and closer. Thankfully, it all ends as fast as we hit solid ground. Or... ?




I crouch down, feeling sick.


"Turn around! It's gonna get ugly."


And... I did it again. Vomited my whole dinner out. I fall back on the grass. Faldo shadows me from above, his eyes piercing mine.

"I'm disgusting."

"Not more than usual."

I kick him in his leg.

"What was that for? " He yelps.

"You're always gonna be a jerk, Faldo."

He laughs and offers me his hand. I take it and almost fall from the pull. After finally finding my balance, we head to the castle. There's a comfortable moment of silence that suits me. But it doesn't last long as one thought pops into my mind.

"You think I'll ever be able to tell him?" I mumble, feeling hot.

Faldo doesn't answer immediately and I fear that I freaked him out to the point of running away for his dear life.

"I think you're capable of more things than you believe, Blue."

I glance at him. Suddenly, I feel like choosing to be his friend instead of his 'enemy' was one of the best decisions in my life.

"Why did I ever call you a jerk?"

"Because I am a jerk?"

I grin. "Right. Almost forgot it there."

"I'll remind you if you ever do." He pats my shoulder lightly and opens the door for me.

And as we share another look, I smile to myself contently.




* * *




"Where is Lee?" I sit next to Roxy and again stare at her.

It's hard getting used to her now slightly longer wavy hair. I never though she'd decide to grow it out. But I guess a lot has been changing at Hogwats this past month. Why not Roxanne?

She shrugs, her mouth full of food. At least that has remained the same. I wish it was reversed, honestly.

"Right, she had her Divination class." I remember.

But shortly after that, one thing more. "But it ended twenty minutes ago."

"I'm sure she's fine." Roxy mumbles.

I frown. Lee is a very organized person. With all her extra activities and meetings, she always succeeds to manage everything in time. Plus, when has she ever missed out lunch?

"I'm gonna go and find her." I decide.

Roxy rolls her dark eyes at me. "All right, Sherlock. I know you NEED to know."

I point my finger at her. "Don't make fun of me, girl!"

She gasps. "Don't call me GIRL!"

We glare at each other. After a minute or so, I break the stare. "Truce?"

Roxy nods. "Truce."

I walk out. Bumping into Tate Carringtone on my way, non the less. And his girlfriend who's name I just can't seem to remember. I smile at them.Tate smiles back. The girlfriend, instead, frowns. Well excuse me for being nice! Apparently it's a crime nowadays.

"Hey, Dora."

"Hi! How's it going, mate?" I pat his back.

Yeah, we're totally buddies now.

"Great!" He gives me a knowing look. "Thanks for..."

"Don't mention it." I smile.

We share another glance of understanding and part ways.

Tate and I had a very overdo talk the prior week. He told me he still loved me. I told him to snap out of it. Maybe I also slapped him a bit. I was so doing this film scene that I always wanted to. And so... He snapped out of it. And moved on. And we are now friends. I'm such a social butterfly and a master for understanding humans. A natural. I mean, I can smell a romance from hundreds of feet away. I can see your whole soul, just by looking into your eyes. Beware, humans. Beware.




I finally reach the Divination classroom, very unwilling to step in. But I figure that maybe Lee stayed behind to have one of her crazy future talks with Trelawney. I wouldn't be surprised.

I open the door and a very strong, disgusting smell that reminds me of old eggs, surrounds me, combined with a lot of smoke.

I walk in like I'm about to have my head chopped of.


"If you're looking for miss Wood, she is no longer present."

I shudder as I glance at Trelawney's big hair with something that resembles a stick stuck in it.

I try to walk away but she doesn't let me. "Humans are very intriguing. Your friend Charlie has a great mind. But a weak heart."


"Her future is very grim looking, my dear. You should look out for her more."

I roll my eyes at her fake mystification and finally walk out.

Damn lunatic.




I return to the Great Hall, as my stomach is roaring for food. But Lee isn't there, still. I crumble down into my stool. Faldo's eating his boiled food, not helping my lubricous mood. I huff.

"How can you?" I moan.

He cocks an eyebrow at me. "Be a prick?"

"Not that." Then, I think it through. "Well, that too. But it's not what I mean. How can you eat that?"

Faldo sneaks a glance at the rest of the group. Roxy yawns, Scorpius shrugs confused.

"It's the way I was raised, I guess." He answers politely.

That's another thing I hate about Faldo. When he's not being an idiot, he's actually a gentleman. And he makes me feel guilty that I'm mean to him. What? You're saying I'm supposed to feel that way? Hell, no.

"So... You don't actually like eating it?"

Please say yes, please say yes. Don't make me feel even more guilty.

"Well, it's just a habit, I suppose. Mum..." He shifts in his seat. "Mum likes it that way and... She didn't have time to cook two different meals, so..."

I gaze at him. It then strikes me how rarely Faldo talks about his family, really. I never thought about it more profoundly.

He stays still for a second but then decides to continue eating again.

"You know what? I'll help you pick out a sweet that you'll become addicted to your whole life."

He looks up at me, confused. "Why?"

"Well... Everyone has a favourite sweet. Right guys?"

They all stare at me. Doesn't anyone know how to live here? Amateurs.

"Either way, you need to experience real food."


"Don't you but me." I cut him off. "It's done. The first Hogsmeade trip, I'm going to take you to 'Sweet Lavander' and get your mouth rocked."

He looks at me, weirded out. What did I say this time? Oh, nevermind.

"Trust me. You don't want to miss this. Nay, you can't."

Finally, he smirks. "Alright, Blue. I'm in."

"Then it's a date." I smile.

Wait... Did I just say... ?

"I mean, it's an outing... of two friends... who are totally... friends." I finish awkwardly.

Everyone bursts into laughter.

I am blessed with such great friends, indeed.




* * *




We enter the Ravenclaw room laughing at Scorpius and what he calls his 'bad talking day'.

"I just have these days when I should seriously be banned to utter one single word."

"Scorp, hate to brake it to you, but it happens more often than you assume." Faldo adds.

I snicker.

But then Marilyn and her puppy friend walk beside me, shoving me in the process.

When she realizes who it is, she turns around, annoyed.

"Would you tame your friends better? This is getting ridiculous."

The two of them then leave.

Just as I'm about to think-random, Ophelia walks down from our dorm and approaches me after saying 'hi' to everyone.

"Dora, you should go up there."

Now I'm starting to get nervous.

"What's going on?"

"Lee is, um, not... in her zone."

"What do you mean?"

She nods toward the dorm and I finally decide to go. But as I near it, my heart starts to pound. What is going on?

I walk inside the dark room with not one source of light. I try to make out any form. But it soon becomes unnecessary as one sound fills the room and pulls me just to the right place. I sit on her bad and take my wand.


And there, rolled in a ball on her bad, is Charlie. Sobbing.

My heart breaks. I never EVER saw Lee cry. Her bubbly persona is the one thing that makes my days brighter. Better. Her smile melts my cold. And now, it's gone.

"Charlie! What's the matter?"

She turns to look at me. Her eyes are not only red but too big to fit her face any more.

"I'll end up aloneeee!" She shrieks and stuffs her head in her pillow again.



She pulls her body toward me again, trying hard not to cry. She's not really good at it, though.

"Professor Trelawney said-she said-d... I'm... I'm going to end up aloneeee."




Oh, Havens. I roll my eyes. All this for that?

"Lee, for the love of your love of all things weird, stop listening to that old bat!"

"She's not an old bat! She's right! I'm never going to make someone love me! I mean, look at me! I'm a joke! No one takes me seriously. Not even my friends!"

I blink. Ouch. This is not about Trelawney then.


"Don't you see, Dora?" She gazes into my eyes. "I'm a loony. No one's ever going to love me."

I stare at her, not knowing what to say.

Ok, so I don't think Lee is a loony. No! I don't! But she can be a little... strange sometimes. She's just eccentric. But I still love her. I do. I adore her! I just... don't say a single word.

She sighs. "You see? Even my best friend thinks I'm crazy."

"No, Lee..."

But it's too late.

"I don't wanna talk about it." She covers her head and cuts our conversation short.

I stare at her ball-shaped form.




What the crapity crap just happened?




* * *



So Lee has locked herself up in our dorm, refusing to go out. I tried everything that I could think of to get her out of there. But nothing worked. This just makes the news that we're having a Halloween party at the end of the month sound even worse. Not like it isn't a bad idea to start with. And not like I don't refuse to go every year. But still. Without Lee, it's completely meaningless.

"I hate balls."

Scorp sighs. "You hate everything that normal people love."

"Hey!" I yelp. "Since when don't you support me?"

"Since you're doing the same." He crosses his arms.

Here it goes again. Rose Weasley. Curse her and her charming self.

"Come on, Dora. Everyone's going." Scorpius now moans.

Except Lee. But I choose to not bring this up since everyone is still hoping I'll think of something until Halloween. Yeah, just lay it all on me, guys.

"That's exactly my point." I huff.

"No." He eyes me. "You don't get it. EVERYONE's going."

My heart speeds up and I glance at Louis across the Hall.

"You mean..."


"I can't go." I squeal and run out of there as fast as my feet can handle it.

I stop in the first deserted corridor and take a deep breath in. Ok, Dora. Calm down. It's not like he's going to ask you.


I turn around to see Faldo running after me.

"Leave me alone."

"Not until I remind you of your own words."

I frown.

"Come on, Dora. You need this. It's the perfect opportunity to tell Louis that..."

"No." I mutter. "I can't."

"What if I come with you?"

I pick my head up. "But you hate parties."

"I might make this one exception." He smiles.

"You'd do that for me?" Honestly, I'm a tad surprised. "But why?"

He sighs, frustrated. "Would you just act normal and take an offer without suspecting that I want to kill you afterwards?"

We break into a long laughter together. But then I gaze at him. I never noticed how much sadness there is in his eyes. He's not happy. And I want to know why. He thinks no one notices. And that's why I appreciate his offer even more. I really do.

I close the gap between us and hug him awkwardly. "Thanks."

But it doesn't feel so awful. Actually, it's nice. The familiar pleasant winter smell dances around me. I pull away quickly, a little confused.

He blinks. "See you at the party then?"

I nod, with a hesitant smile. He offers me his hand and I take it.

And in that moment, I feel like his touch is burning me. I pull away quickly.

"Is something wrong?" He asks, confused.

"Nothing!" And at the same time, it hits me. "I just figured out how to help Lee!"

And with that, I run away. Maybe a little more because of the fire and a little less because of Lee. But Faldo doesn't need to know that.





* * *




Finally, after those three horrible days of misery and not seeing a single smile from Lee, that perfect idea struck. And I was determined to make it work.

"Dora, you know it doesn't work that way." Alice rubs her eyes because I just awoke her from her nap.

This is an emergency!

"I know, I know. It doesn't even have to work, though. Just... Just tell her something. Something nice. Please."

She eyes me. "I can't have anyone know, Dora. You're aware of that. I'm sorry."

"She won't tell anyone. Trust me! Lee is great at keeping secrets!"

Weeeell... What? Shh!

Alice sighs. "All right, all right. Let's go."




I open the door slowly. Lee instantly moans. She has behaved like a bat herself these days. It's really hurting me as her friend. Yes, I do hurt because of her. I'm not a monster!

"Lee, I brought someone."

"I can't." She mutters back.

Alice glances at me ready to shake her head.

I stop her and near Lee. "She can see the future."

There's a moment of silence. Then, Charlie slowly sits up and looks at us.

"You know, Dora, I may be a loony, but I'm not stupid! I know Alice is not a Seer!"

"Shut up, Lee!" I cover her mouth.

Even though the room is empty except for us, there are people just outside of our dorm.

She mutters something in my hand.

"Do you promise to be a little less loud?"

She rolls her eyes and finally nods. I put my palm down.

Lee stares at us again. "So... you're, like, serious?"




"Oh my Merlin!" Lee trows herself at Alice and they fall to the floor.

Alice glares at me. I mouth a 'sorry'.

"This is amazing!" Lee exclaims. "I never really believed Trelawney. I always knew there was someone real out there."

I snort silently. Thankfully, Charlie doesn't notice.

"Um... Can you maybe... get up? I'm suffocating here." Alice utters from underneath her.


After fighting for her breath for a moment, Alice, together with Lee, finally takes a seat at Charlie's bed. I watch them from mine.

Alice nods her head and takes Lee's hand. She then closes her eyes.

Lee beams. "This is so exciting!"

"Shh!" Alice and I both hiss.

"Sorry." Charlie smiles.

I look at her, feeling guilty. It's like I'm cheating her. Alice will lie to her. Which brings me to... I just made Alice lie for me. I'm such an angel, really.

A minute passes and nothing happens. Until... Alice suddenly frowns and puts her fingers to her forehead rubbing it slightly. A yelp escapes her mouth. Lee glances at me in horror. I nod my head as a way to reassure her that this is completely normal.

Finally, Alice opens her eyes.

"Can you get me a glass of water?" She asks me seriously.

Wow, she's gooood. I listen to her immediately and run to the bathroom.

Sipping the cold drink slowly, she looks at Lee, crooking a smile.

"What is it? What did you see?" Charlie glares at her.

I'd be scared if I was Alice right now.

But she, instead, smiles even wider, putting her glass on the night stand and taking Lee's hand in hers.

"You don't have to worry, Charlie."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll be very happy."

"What did you see?" Lee's eyes just keep getting bigger and bigger.

I'm actually a little scared they're going to pop out. That wouldn't be a pretty sight.

Alice grins warmly and then answers. "Your engagement party."

And... Lee screams so hard, the glass almost breaks. I try to calm her down. But she won't let it. It takes a big, cold dousing to stop her eventually.

After twenty minutes she's still 'oh my Merlin'-ing.

"I really need to go now." Alice says through a laugh.

Charlie doesn't register us anymore as she appears to have a major daydream so we take the chance and sneak out. As we make it to the corridor outside, I let out a big sigh. I hug Alice briefly.

"Thank you so much. You have no idea what you did for her. She was really starting to drown in depression."

"Yeah, I could see that."

"And, by the way, nice acting skills you have there." I punch her in her arm playfully.

She giggles.

"What?" I ask, confused.

"Dora." She suddenly gets all serious. "Do you believe that Charlie will someday find someone?"

I think about it. Aside my stupid thoughts from the other day, I think Lee's brilliant. Right, she's a bit loony. But so am I. And I still hope that I can find someone someday. So if I can, Charlie most definitively will, too.

I smile. "Absolutely."

"Good." Alice smiles. "You scared for a second. I though you have no faith in your friends."

"I do. Thanks for everything, Alice."

She smiles even wider. "You know, Dora... You're not as bad as you think you are."

"Sure." I snort.

She pats my back and says just one more thing before leaving.

"And by the way, nice choice of dress. It goes well with his suit."

With that she walks away, leaving me alone in the deserted corridor.

I frown, confused. But then it hits me. Oh, no, not again!

Don't ever tease people about the future. It's just plain mean.




I walk inside while shaking my head.

And then, I see it.

A book. But I know it's not any book. It's the one Faldo's been carrying around for the past two months. I know I should just walk away. But what if someone else comes around and maybe steals it? Ok, it's not about that. I just really, really want to know what it is!

I look around. The room's deserted. I sneak to the book silently. It appears to rather be a time schedule or a notebook with solid black covers. I pick it up. With one last glance around our common room, I open the notebook curiously.

The first page has been left blank, so I go to the next one.

And it really is Faldo's handwriting. I've read enough of his homeworks to know so for sure.

I sit next to the fireplace and the fire lights itself to give warmth to my presence.




I was once a naive child with big dreams that I believed were ought to be fulfilled. But then I walked out of my childhood.

No. I didn't walk out. It was taken away from me.

Now I know dreams are just fairytales people feed you with, so you don't have to actually face the truth. That's their last gift of humanity to you. The ultimate truth about life... That it has no meaning. You're just here. With no higher purpose than that.

You're just here. And one day, you'll be gone. Just like that. With no sense.




I drop the notebook in my lap, my heart aching.

But I'm summoned to reality soon enough. With a very familiar voice.

"What are you doing?"

And I turn around...




A/N: So the next one has the Halloween party in it. Excited? I know I am. :) I hope you enjoyed this and, please, review.


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