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Apple Sauce by Twinklestar
Chapter 2 : And So Summer Vacation Begins
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fantastic chapter image by cookie monster! :)


I wonder what he thinks of me. Actually, I wonder if he even actually thinks of me.

I mean, why wouldn’t he? I’ve lived across the street for ages, my bright strawberry hair is hard to miss (especially when I’m stalking him), and -not to be conceited or anything- I’m pretty damn beautiful.

Well, I look like my mum, and Dad says she’s beautiful all the time. So technically, yes - I’m freaking damn gorgeous. I mean, I’m not supermodel beautiful, or even tall enough to be a model. I’m like a cute little elf compared to them. A cute little, red-haired, freckled face elf.

Who’s unbelievably radiant, if you ask me.


Gosh, do I really have anger management problems? I blame my imbecile brother. Oh, please - do not give me that look. If you’ve had to live with an older brother who thinks it’s quite humorous to annoy and tease his baby sister all the time, you’d become a crazy loon as well.

Oh my god. That makes me sound like a crazy loon. I’m not, I swear!

Just don’t ask my brother because he will say indifferent. As will my parents. Oh crud, my whole family is just bananas! They all just gang up on me like some hungry hippo’s and I’m some yummy grass they can munch on.


Insert: Squeal.

Grass is the color of green, and green is the color of The-Most-Hottest-Boy-To-Walk-This-Plant-And-My-Future-Husband-Once-I-Decide-On-Either-A-Summer-Or-Fall-Wedding’s, eyes.

In other words: Albus Potter. Who is the love of my life, even though he has no idea. Which to me utterly sucks because all I want to do is just walk right up to him and snog his bloody face off whenever I bloody god damn want to!

Maybe I will do that right now. “Susie, Chelsea and Mia are here!”

Okay, maybe not.

I travel out of my bedroom, dropping my binoculars on my nightstand on my way out. By the way, he didn’t even go outside. He didn’t even go to his window! This is such a horrible way to start my day. It’s like a need to see him, or my day will not be complete.

But don’t you worry, I’ll make sure I see him before the beautiful day ends. I always do.

I figure Mia and Chelsea are in my kitchen because well, they’re always in my kitchen. They eat basically everything in my fridge, and my mom just adores them so much - she stuffs their faces with everything like they are cute babies. But instead she yells at me when I eat all the apple sauce cups.

Stupid Mrs. Jerk face! I call her ‘mom’ to her face because if I ever called her that, or anything else very rude to her face, she’d probably poison my pot pie. Seriously.

When I enter the kitchen, Mum is fawning over Chelsea giving her all we have in our fridge (as if Chelsea looks like she get’s no meals at home), Mia and Ozzie are arguing because he probably pinched her bum, and Dad is wearing a Superman Snuggie.

Whoa, hold up. My Dad is wearing a Snuggie? A Superman one, no less! Oh my freaking god, I’m going to end up in an asylum because of these crazy people I call family.

Dad! What on the bloody earth are you wearing?! Do you enjoy embarrassing me?” Everyone in the room stops and stares at me because of my sudden outburst and because I wasn’t even in the room a minute ago. Even Olive drops her spoon in surprise.

Chelsea erupts in laughs, “Oh please, we passed the embarrassment stage ages ago!” Now everyone laughs. Even baby Olive. Go ahead, laugh Olive. You’re now on my ‘I Hate These People’ list. Suck it. No, not your pacifier…

I scoff and grab an apple sauce cup from the fridge. Yes, I do eat apple sauce cups for breakfast. Problem? I didn’t think so. Now go sit in a corner and cry because I gave you my scary stink eye!

“Susie, you know nobody is afraid of your ‘scary’ stink eye.” Crap. I didn’t notice I was actually doing it! I think I need some serious and expensive help…

The morning goes to it’s usual Summer Vacation Routine, as we love to call it. Mum decides to get ready for work when she knows she’s going to be late, resulting in her turning into a psychotic woman running around and yelling at everyone that gets in her way. She lectures Ozzie and I about taking care of Olive, even though we all know I’ll be the one that takes care of her anyway. And then she kisses us all on the forehead (even Mia and Chels) and speeds off to the smelly Nursing home she works at.

Dad takes off his snuggie (thank god) and watches T.V before heading off to the Fire Department where he sits around and waits for some building to catch fire. Or for a small old lady’s cat to be stuck in a tree. Or something.

“Nice bum, where you from?” Ew. My damn brother is at it again. He’s at Mia. AGAIN. I’m going to kill him one of these days. Hehe, just kidding…

Mia scoffs and flips her dark brown hair over her shoulder, which whips him in the face. The Three Very Sexy Amiga’s laugh as Ozzie looks utterly peeved. All because Mia knows he’s a complete git and utter fool who thinks he can get any girl he damn well wants.

Well, a lot of girls want him, actually. Which is definitely disgusting and horrifying to know that Ozzie will probably get the chance to reproduce. Those children will cause havoc everywhere wearing red little horns on their heads. Want to bet money on it?

I really don’t see why they do, and here’s why:

Ozzie is a vile and jerky creature. I swear he was really hatched, but I have no proof because I was born after him. Mum and Dad say he was born like any other human-being - but I digress. He picks on me, flirts with Mia and Chelsea (but more on Mia because she actually gives him a reaction whilst Chels just ignores him), and is a cocky douche who gets better grades than me. Plus, he farts with no shame. Gross!

To make things short, Ozzie is a butt.

“I have a boyfriend, you twit.” Mia rolls her dark blue eyes and crosses her tan arms over her chest, and my brother scoffs before smirking. Oh god, he looks like a bleeding idiot. Please tell me I don’t look anything like him!

“So? And I have a girlfriend,” is his ‘cool’ reply. Since when does Ozzie have a girlfriend? He’s probably lying to sound like some ‘hot stud’ in front of Mia and Chelsea. But if he really does, I bet she looks like a horse.

Okay, that was a tad rude. But I forgive myself!

Olive erupts in a fit of screaming like a banshee and tears roll down her now bright red face. Ugh, I’m never having children.

“Look what you did! You mentioned your girlfriend, and made her cry for that poor poor girl‘s misfortune. You’re a jerk-butt,” Chelsea says to Ozzie with a serious face and cradles Olive in her arms to calm her down. It immediately works, and I now think of my best friend as a God.

Actually,” Ozzie drawls and we groan with a roll of our own eyes. Now Ozzie’s going to go into some lecture about how his girlfriend is so lucky to have him, because they just all want a ‘piece’ of him. Ugh, he’s so annoying.

“Tiffany is one very lucky girl to be able to hook arms with me, ladies. Plus, she’s bloody hot as well.” Again, with the rolling of our eyes. Is this supposed to make him seem unconceited?

“She’s much hotter than you, Mia.” My eyes flash towards Mia because we all know Mia gets a tad peeved when boys say another girl is much prettier, or ‘hotter’ in Ozzie’s words, to her. It’s not because she’s a self-centered bitch, because she really isn’t. Mia is actually quite self-conscious about her looks (even though that’s completely ridiculous because she looks like a super-model). But there’s nothing you can do to change her mind. Trust me.

When I look at Mia, she is flipping through one of my Mum’s Recipe books with a bored look on her face. “What kind of name is Tiffany? She must be a Barbie doll.” Her tone is equally as bored as the expression on her face as she flips through the book. Her eyes are glued to the book. Ozzie rolls his eyes and stomps off.

We, The Very Sexy Amiga’s burst into laughter. Baby Olive claps her hands in delight.

The Very Sexy Amiga’s: 1

Butt-face: 0



“This is a really bad way to start vacation.”

“Shut up.”

“I agree with Chels. We could be tanning near the local pool where all the hot blokes take their shirts off, Susie! Think about it - Shirtless. Blokes. Hot ones!”

Chelsea smirks, “Oh, what about your boyfriend?” I mentally point that as a good point as Mia scoffs, “Oh, please - Byron is always checking out other girls, so why can’t I check out other blokes? I don’t work that way, you both know this.”

I look at Chelsea and we both nod our heads in agreement. Mia’s boyfriend of eight months, Byron Clark, is a total playboy. He’s basically like my brother - he flirts with anything that has nice legs. Specifically girl‘s legs. Well, I think so…

Mia could do a lot better than him, to be honest. But boy, is he one good-looking lad!

“So can we PLEASE leave?!” Oh my god, I’m going to slap my best friends one day. I truly am, just you wait. It will probably happen in a matter of three seconds with the way they keep complaining.

We’re not even doing anything boring!

“You know, sometimes I really hate that you’re in love with the Potter boy and enjoy stalking him like your life depends on it. No offence,” Chelsea says and shrugs her shoulders casually. Her dirty blonde hair is in a high ponytail and she’s wearing her blue and white striped bikini under a white T-shirt. Mia’s also wearing a bikini under her see-through clothes.

What the hell?

Since when did they plan on going swimming this afternoon?! I said nothing of involving the word ‘pool’…

“This has nothing to do with him! Can’t I just enjoy sitting on the sidewalk in front of my house with my two best friends?” I feel offensive. Well, not really but whatever. I just want them to feel bad and stay with me incase Albus decides to come outside so I could drool over him.

What? Don’t look at me like that! I am not obsessed. Really!

Okay, I am a little. I’ll freely admit it.

Mia and Chelsea share a look and start to laugh. And laugh. And laugh. Bitches…

I suddenly think of Ozzie handling baby Olive all on his own. She’s probably giving my brother hell and he’s bleeding freaking out. I really hope so.

“Well, Chelsea and I are going to the pool to tan for a little. You are invited, obviously, but if you’d like to sit here and drool over Lover Boy - be my guest. We’ll be back later!”

And now I sit here alone. Looking like a damn fool. Oh, nuts.

I sit here in the same spot for exactly twelve minutes and then decide to go after them because it looks like Albus won’t be granting me with his beautifulness today. What a shame.

I think I’m going to cry. Honestly.

As I’m walking down the sidewalk, I hear a door shut close and my heart flips with hope as I turn my head towards the Potter household. Oh my god, it better be him!

Oh my god. Oh my freaking god. He’s at the mailbox. He’s at least like seven feet away from me. I’m going to die, people.

As if I had just screamed ‘HEY YOU! YES YOU, THE BOY I’VE BEEN LUSTING OVER FOR THE PAST TEN YEARS - MARRY ME, OKAY? OKAY!’ he looks right at me, and I can actually see the perfect little sparkle in his beautiful almond shaped green eyes (damn, I think I might have superpowers). His jet black hair is messy and he looks so bleeding delicious.

He cracks a weak smile and I’m pretty I look like a freaking gold fish because I am just too shocked and happy to have actually see him. And oh my god he also smiled at me!


Albus looks quite confused, grabs the envelopes (and I notice also a package) and starts to walk back to his house. What the bloody fuck! I just want to run up to him and snog him like there’s no tomorrow.

But I really think that’d be a bad idea. He’d probably put a restraining order on my since he doesn’t even really know me. And my parents are the wackiest people on this street so that wouldn’t help at all.

But oh my freaking god, this summer is going to be AWESOME.





Second chapter! :) Tell me what you all think, and please leave me some reviews!

Oh, and for anyone who has the name Tiffany, please don't hate on me! I actually really like the name :)

Thank you!!

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