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Black Consequences by leahpotter93
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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A/N Hi everyone this is my second story I’m working on now!

I am hoping to make this one a novella at least. It’s an idea I’ve had for a while now so I hope it works. =)
Please review I need feedback. Even if it’s bad (I hope not!) 


The sun was streaming bright through the window as Adhara woke form a fairly peaceful sleep. She stared at the high ceiling of her room, thinking about the night before…

 It was dusk and Adhara was in her room reading when her father’s booming voice echoed throughout the house calling her down to the kitchen. It was strange. Dinner wasn’t for another hour or so: she wondered what was going on. A minute later she heard the voice again only this time it was directed to her brother Regulus. She crossed over to her door and opened it at the same time her brother opened his own. They gave each other a puzzled glance. Regulus shrugged and motioned for her to follow him down the stairs.

They descended the stairs in pace with each other and saw the warm glow of the fire coming from the slightly open door of the kitchen. With one last glance at each other Regulus opened the door for his sister to walk through first. “Ugh prick” she thought he always made her go first just because she was older. (Only by 13 months!) 

“Adhara, Regulus have a seat.” Their father’s coarse voice echoed off the stone walls, as he waved his hand and 2 of the grand table chairs slid back to accommodate them. 
They of course obeyed immediately Orion Black was not one to play games. He was a quiet, harsh man. He was tall and broad and moved with an air of superiority. He said little and spoke in monotone; he commanded the attention of every room he entered no matter how full of guests it may be. Next to Orion stood their mother Walburga, she was a tall slender woman with all of the features of “good pure blood” breeding. She had thick black hair that she kept neat and tidy, large green eyes framed with thick lashes, her face was sharp and her neck thin. She wore the Black family crest around her neck. She was a proud woman. And her temper a force to be reckoned with! Above all both parents held blood status to the highest esteem. Once crossed their was no going back for forgiveness as none would be given and more often than not you would be disowned forever.

 “Now you both know,” Orion began pulling his children’s attention back to him. “Hogwarts is going to begin soon.”

Adhara looked down at the table she had never been allowed to attend Hogwarts, because of their oldest brother Sirius’s betrayal. Her parents decided too much corruption was going on at Hogwarts and Adhara had her duty as a Black Woman to uphold the family standards. So, she had been home schooled by her mother and a private teacher hired by her mother.
“Adhara, look at me,” of course she did “I…well WE” motioning to his wife “believe it’s time for you to attend Hogwarts this year.” Adhara’s mouth dropped, this was the last thing she expected to hear. 

 “Your major exams start this year with your OWL’S.” her mother explained. “It is the same way my parents done me dear, home school for basic learning and application and Hogwarts for exam years.”


“You will be starting your 5th year. Regulus will be starting his 4th. We will go to Diagon ally and pick up both of your school things tomorrow morning, I have already written to the old fool Dumbledore about your attending and your letter will be at the leaky cauldron when we arrive.” Said Orion in short order like sentences.

“Now, Adhara dear, we would like you to remember your status and reputation while you are attending. You will only associate with family, family friends, or other people of pure blood standing. You will make a fantastic Slytherin you are so much like your mother after all.” Her father smiled slightly and dismissed them to wash for dinner…

Adhara smiled uncontrollably she couldn’t believe it was her turn to finally get to go! She dressed quickly and went down stairs for breakfast. Her family was already there waiting for her. They were quiet as usual. Her father read the Daily Prophet and sipped on coffee, while her mother quietly spoke to Kreature (their loyal house elf) about the chores and dining arrangements for the day. Adhara sipped her pumpkin juice silently and ate her porridge.

At last her father stood up and announced it was time to go. They all got up and went to the fireplace. Her father went first followed by Regulus, then Adhara she grabbed a hand full of the ash like floo powder and tossed it into the fire turning it a brilliant emerald green color, she stepped in and shouted “Diagon Ally” and off she went passing through fireplaces quickly until she finally stumbled out of the one in the Leaky Cauldron.

Her father handed her a letter, her Hogwarts letter, she opened it and read aloud her supplies, her father nodded and crossed to the back of the pub. He said the password and a door opened revealing the street full of life and commotion. They passed family members and old friends as they scavenged around the various shops collecting supplies. Once they passed the entrance to Flourish and Blotts book emporium and Adhara begged to go back and get her school books instead of ordering them by OWL. Her father complied with little struggle, and they entered the old store unprepared for what awaited them.

Standing next to the advanced Transfiguration section was 4 boys, one was tall and slim, with an athletic build. With raven hair and hazel eyes framed by glasses. He was actually very attractive by Adhara’s standards, the next was just as tall but frail and sickly looking with mousy brown hair and scars on his face, the next was short and stocky he looked quite out of place there he was not cute at all and acted very skittish. He had blonde hair and a rat-like appearance. The last one had his back turned but Adhara already knew it was her big brother Sirius, he was tall and thick just like their father, and he had stunning grey eyes and shaggy black hair. 

He turned around and was laughing at something the raven haired boy had said, his smile faded instantly and was replaced with a loathing scowl as he looked at their father. He scanned their party and his eyes widened when he saw his little sister there carrying school books. He gave her a curious look and turned back around before Orion could spot him and start a screaming match.

Adhara always admired Sirius’s courage, and still considered him family. They were very close before he ran away. They would play and Sirius would teach her defensive maneuvers to practice. Last summer he had enough of his parents mocking him for being the only Gryffindor in the Black family, and forcing their values on him and he left. She hadn’t seen him until now he looked healthy and content and she was glad. She herself grew tired of her mother and father’s closed minded beliefs. She didn’t really see how there was a difference in a muggle-born and a pure-blood. Magic is magic!

They finally exited the shop and gathered the rest of their supplies. Orion did a quick spell to send the merchandise home and they returned to the Leaky Cauldron to floo home themselves.

When at home, the 2 teens returned to their rooms and packed away their supplies their supplies and clothes. The Hogwarts Expressed departed at 9am the next morning and they wanted to be as ready as possible.

 She stared at her walls and wondered if she would miss them. She stared thinking what Hogwarts was going to be like she’d heard all the stories and imagined it in her head. She thought about maybe not wanting to be a Slytherin, she quickly shook that out of her mind when she remembered what happened to Sirius. Of course she was going to be a Slytherin! She went along with the family values to be anything else. She had a destiny to marry a rich pure-blood and carry on the traditions. But the question was does she still want to? With all the pandemonium Voldemort was causing and the entire family getting involved she had to figure it out. Does she go along with it even though she knows it is wrong or defy it and forever be on the run like Sirius. That’s a big decision to put on anyone! especially a 15 and a half year old girl.      

Ok thats the First chapter hope you like it

Please Review =)

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Black Consequences : Chapter 1


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