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Harry Potter And The Missing Years by Wayne
Chapter 24 : Chapter Twenty-Four: Dobby’s Room
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Chapter Twenty-Four: Dobby’s Room



Harry introduced his great grandparents to Ginny and asked her if she had any problems about them being there.


“Of course they can be here. Why did you even ask?”


“Well I was just unsure whether you would be annoyed at me for not asking. They told me that they had been stuck in that vault for such a long time so it felt right bringing them home with me.” Harry replied.


“Well we need to start filling the library as well. The shelves are a little bare and at least the walls have some colour on them now.”


“Yeh, I’ve been thinking about that. There are loads of books in the vault where I got the portraits and I have thought about asking Flourish and Blotts if they can get some for us. I have already put all my school books on the shelf, so I suppose it’s a start.”


“Not much of one.” She giggled looking around the room.


“There is something else I need to show you.” He grabbed her hand and led her outside. He walked her over to his Room of Requirement and led her inside.


“What is this?” she asked as she viewed the small room.


“This is Dobby’s Room. I asked Professor McGonagall if I could the study the Room of Requirement and she granted it. Well I managed to recreate it here and hid the main room from the inside and the out. I want you to come in with me; I wanted to test a theory of mine.


Harry stood for a while thinking then a door appeared where Harry knew it would. Ginny jumped as it appeared but regained her composure after a few seconds.


“Wow Harry, you really are a powerful wizard.” She entered the room to find the place that she had left that morning. She looked over the grounds at the many turrets of Hogwarts. To the left stood Hagrid’s hut with the beautiful forest surrounding it and the lake glistened in the twilight.


“Well you certainly made it work. If I didn’t know any better than I wouldn’t have thought we were in a brick room in Phoenix Hollow. How did you make it look so real? I didn’t think the room of Requirement at Hogwarts could conjure this sort of scenery.”


“Well I’m not quite sure. I thought I cast the spells right, but you must admit though, it looks good.”


“Good, it’s better than good. There seems to be no barriers. No walls, no ceiling and you even managed to bring the outdoor smells into the room as well. Anyway, what’s this theory you were saying?”


“Well, you know Neville stayed in the Room at Hogwarts and when he asked for it, it created a passageway to Hogsmeade, well hopefully if I have l created it as good as I hoped we should be able to......”


Harry grabbed Ginny’s hand and led her towards the cabin resembling Hagrid’s. He knocked on the door and heard Fang barking within. Ginny looked puzzled for a second before Hagrid opened the door.


“What’re you two doin’ ‘ere. Didn’t you left Ginny, or did you miss the train?” Ginny looked at Harry again before entering the hut.


“Harry, how did we get here?”


Harry sat down and told Ginny and Hagrid about the room and how the portal worked.


“So it’s a one way portal? How do you know it’s one way ‘Arry?”


“Well I don’t know for sure. But I assume it’s one way because of the wards surrounding Phoenix Hollow wouldn’t allow it to be bidirectional.”


“But surely the wards surrounding Hogwarts are stronger than what’s surrounding Phoenix Hollow.” Ginny interrupted.


“True but we weren’t actually on the grounds of Hogwarts until we stepped through Hagrid’s door. The portal just allows us to see the real door and when I knocked, Hagrid actually heard it up at Hogwarts and opened his end of the portal. If he wasn’t in then the portal wouldn’t have worked and we wouldn’t be here. And if we open the door now then we would really be at Hogwarts.”


“Wouldn’t that be a security risk for ‘Ogwarts?” Hagrid asked.


“Well no because they only way in is via Phoenix Hollow and no one can get in to Phoenix Hollow and the portals that Dobby’s room create hopefully will all be one way.”


“Do you think it would go to other places as well?” Ginny asked.


“I don’t know but there is one more thing that hopefully it will do, but I don’t know how to test it. I have put the same spells into it that Hogwarts has, that includes undetectable underage magic.”


“I thought they could detect the magic but they ignore it due to the fact it is a place of magical learning.” Ginny said.


“Well that might be true as well, but I have cast various spells over the building since to mask magical signatures so that even if they could detect it before then they won’t be able to distinguish who actually cast it now; adult or underage.”


“But if it was that easy ‘Arry then everybody would have done it.” Hagrid returned.


“True, but not everybody knows that if an underage person performs magic next to an adult wizard then it cannot be established who performed the magic.  Dumbledore once told me ‘They can detect magic, but not the perpetrator: remember that I was blamed by the Ministry for the Hover Charm that was, in fact, cast by Dobby.’ And with all the spells I have cast then they shouldn’t be able to even pick up the signature in the first place.”


“Well you could ask Kingsley to oversee a test for you and then ask someone underage to perform some magic. Who do you know is underage?” said Hagrid.


“I don’t know anyone, do you Ginny?”


“Well I could ask someone from the Gryffindor Quidditch team to assist.” Ginny replied.


“That sounds an excellent idea. We need to set it up. Hagrid, is your floo still connected?”


“Yeh, but I wouldn’t disturb......”


Before Hagrid could continue Harry had already threw some floo powder into the fire. “The Ministry of Magic, Minister Office.”


“Harry, how are you.” Kingsley asked upon seeing Harry.


“I’m fine thanks; I need to ask a favour,”


“Straight to the point I see. Ok, how may I be of assistance?”


Harry spent the next thirty minutes explaining his predicament. As he finished the Minister said, “Harry as Minister I cannot condole this fragrant disregard to the rules. However I understand that that you and your family to be will be always targets to the forces of evil, and in that respect I will try and cover up if it does flag up any underage magic from within Phoenix Hollow. But I will do this on one condition; you must invite me for dinner.”




Harry and Ginny spent the next week either auror training or sending letters to the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Eventually Ginny had a reply of Lyra Kessog:


Dear Ginny,

Although I am really curious as to why you need my help, I am willing to do so. I understand that precautions are in place that should I be caught performing underage magic, it would be overlooked. Please inform me of when and where you would like to perform this test.




Harry had spoke to Kingsley and confirmed that the weekend would be fine so Ginny had already replied to Lyra confirming this.


The weekend arrived with gorgeous sunshine. Ginny had just got back from collecting Lyra from Diagon Alley.


“This is a lovely place.” Lyra stated as she was brought into the main part of Phoenix Hollow. Ginny had forgotten that so few people had been here and although she was now used to the views she looked around and agreed.


Harry ran over to the girls, waving to Mrs Weasley as he went. “Harry, this is Lyra Kessog. Lyra, Harry Potter.” After shaking hands, Harry escorted them both to his and Ginny’s house.


“Wow.” Lyra said as she entered their house. “This is magnificent. I would love a place like this.”


Harry just smiled and dived straight in to the purpose of her visit. “Well apart from this building I have built a place next door that I want you to try out for me.”


“I understand. Ginny mentioned it to me in the letter. So what sort of spells do you want me to try out?”


“Well I think something small to begin with. Something like lumos or wingardium leviosa. We could build it up as the day progresses.” Harry said looking directly at Lyra.


Harry, Ginny and Lyra went through to Dobby’s Room and once the door opened they found themselves in a room which looked similar to the room where the DA used to have their practices. After the first spell Lyra cast Harry sent his patronus to the Minister. After a few minutes wait the reply came back that it was undetected. Harry beamed a little at this and instructed Lyra to continue with the next spell.


Harry’s and the Minister exchanged Patronuses for the next thirty minutes; the last one instructed him to come over to Phoenix Hollow.


“Harry, how and what did you do to screen the magic from this place?” The Minster asked. “The only signature that was picked up was the last one that was cast from outside this building.


Harry had welcomed the Minister into Phoenix Hollow and more importantly into Dobby’s Room and showed him around. Kingsley was impressed with Harry’s magic and told him so. Returning to Peaceful Dwelling Harry, Ginny and Kingsley ate a wonderful meal prepared by Spryke and Temerity.




“Today we have an assignment for you all. The assignment is a request from the Prime Minister. As usual he has asked if we can station a few of our men..... and women, “ Edwin Cauldron said looking at Roberta Jessop and then at Tania Didcopt, “at a place called Wembley. Wembley is holding the F.A Cup final between Manchester United and Newcastle United this afternoon and although the war is over we feel that there may be a disturbance in the way of Dementors. The Dementors have caused manic and mayhem since the start of the year and they will not be able to resist the lure of all the emotions of the spectators, so it is our job to slow down an attack if it occurs until the Aurors turn up.”


The trainees moved in their seats restlessly. The idea of holding off Dementors did not bide well with them. Harry on the other hand sat eager on his chair.


“I want you all to wear one of these jackets.” He continued as he passed around some brightly coloured jackets.  “These jackets are the official jackets of the people known as stewards. A steward’s job is to protect the players from the crowd and to protect the crowd from each other. They are also there to give help and support, directions and assistance. Today this will be your main job. What we also need you to do is to protect them from the Dementors if they do indeed turn up.  I want no heroics but we do need you to cast patronuses to keep them from attacking the crowd.”


“But won’t the Muggles see us performing magic.” asked Tania.


“Yes they will but all the exits have charms on them so by just one command they will all seal themselves automatically and all broadcasts from within the ground will cease transmission. Now grab you wands as we need to apparate to Wembley Stadium before it starts to get busy.”


Twenty minutes later all the trainees were gathered inside the stadium with all the other stewards blending in nicely and getting their final instructions from stadium security. Edwin Cauldron and Gawain Robard were both over the far side talking to what Harry assumed were head of security.


The trainees were all sent to different areas of the stadium; Harry’s point was the north stand tier one, which Harry decided was the best place to be as it was next to the player’s tunnel entrance. Harry assumed that he was placed here because he is the strongest trainee and best placed for the player’s safety.


Ten minutes in to the game Harry watched as half the crowd jumped for joy as a player  scored for Manchester United and put their team 1-0 up. The side of the stadium that was in red screamed and shouted and emotions ran high. If the Dementors were in the area then this show of emotion would definitely attract them, but they didn’t show up and all was well.


After another thirty minutes the game finished for half time. People got from their seats and sought refreshments. Harry then felt the familiar sense of coldness and despair: The Dementors had arrived.


A/N Sorry about the delay in posting this chapter; i lost my memory stick and had to rewrite. i also had a problem with my computer and the backup was lost. i have had to copy and paste all my chapters back onto my computer. due to my computer crash i have lost all contacts and that includes my beta reader. if you were my beta reader then please contact me.

if anyone knows how to fix my laptop (battery wont charge and the charger light on the transformer just blinks (i replaced the battery)) then please also contact me.... cheers.... wayne


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