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A Forgotten Weasley by Lucy Weasley
Chapter 3 : First Days and First Years
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First Days and First Years

September 2nd 2019

Disclaimers: I don't own anything but my OCs.

Chapter image by GinnyPotter25 @ TDA

The next morning, I wake up and look around the room. I'm the first awake, and I can just see the blonde hair of my roommate and friend, Ariadne Blackwell, peeking out from beneath her blankets. Sitting up, I toss one of my pillows at her, get out of bed, and head for the bathroom. She rolls over and glares at me.

"What the hell, Weasley? It's too early for any human to be up." I just grin at her from behind the door frame.

"We only have thirty minutes until the first class of our fifth year. Now, I don't know about you, but I want to look semi-decent for all the seventh year boys that we are now socially allowed to date."

Aria curses at me, but gets up, along with all the other girls. I don't know how much time you spend around girls, but they like to look nice. Even when they say they don't care, they care.

Aria shoves Haylee Thomas out of her way (Aria isn't really the most ladylike woman in the morning), and joins me in the bathroom.

"So, hook up with anyone interesting over the holidays?" Aria asks. She has asked me this question on the first day of school every year since third year. Yes, to those hard of hearing, I said third year. And that includes not only the ones after summer holidays, but the ones after winter and spring holidays, too.

"Yes actually, there was this Quidditch player, very buff- you know- and we totally got it on in the locker room after Aunt Ginny took us to a match." I say.

Ava Jordan, one of the other girls, snorts from the doorway.

"Please Luce, that's a lie and I can prove it. Number One: You told me last year that you would never "do it" with a Quidditch player because you've seen what they're like after a match and you don't like it. Number Two: Your Aunt only gets you tickets for Harpies matches, and the Harpies are an all female team, therefore, unless you have changed your sexual preference, you couldn't have 'got it on' with a Quidditch player in the situation you just described." She says.

Sometimes I really hate that girl. Too smart for her own good. She's one of those girls that can roll out of bed after a long night at a bar and look amazing. That's probably why Freddie can't take his eyes off her.

"God Jordan, why do you always have to ruin my fun?" I growl as I stalk past her. "And for your information, the Harpies are the only all female team so the teams they play against have men on them. So there."

After the boys, Ava and Aria are my best friends. Ava is the Quidditch commentator- just like her dad- and, as I said before, perfect and the object of Freddie's affections. Aria is the only one of us not involved with Quidditch, so she and the Scamaders cheer for us. That's pretty much as close to playing as it gets, for them. Well, except for when she dates the players, which she does a lot.
We all pick out our cleanest, best looking, uniforms (how are they dirty already anyway?) and throw them on. After messing with our hair for about ten minutes we (meaning Ava, Aria, and I) head down to the Great Hall. I sit down across from Freddie and James, and glare at the second years next to me until they move over so Aria can sit down. Ava slides in between the boys and Dom- that way everyone is happy.

"Morning Blackwell, sleep okay?" James asks. Because he's stupid, he likes to comment on Aria's sleeping in the morning to try and make her mad. It usually works and this morning is no different.

"Piss off, Potter." Aria may look like an angel with her halo of flaxen hair and those lovely baby blues (I can be very poetic when I want to be) but she curses like a Weasley sailor. James and Freddie giggle like little boys but as stop as soon as their female counterparts (me and Dom) smack them.

"Sorry Aria. Here, have a pastry." She looks suspiciously from James to the pastry in his hand.

"What did you do to it?" To be fair, this is an understandable question. At my birthday party last year, James gave her a Canary Cream, and she's never really forgiven him for it. It did make my birthday special, though.

"Nothing," James says, looking offended. Aria studies him, and (for reasons I'll never understand) takes the pastry. It doesn't do anything to her, so I guess he was telling the truth- for once. We all stuff our faces and watch for the new Weasley first years. Louis is the first to show. Dom tells us that he spent all summer getting up early so that he would be ready. Hugo comes in with all the other Hufflepuff firsties- in Hufflepuff they make sure all their students are on time. To me that sounds like no fun. I mean, what's the first week of school without being able to watch the firsties scramble? Lily is the last one to show, and the only one that's late. She comes in just as we're getting up to leave. The look she gives us is one of pure hate.

"Mum told you to wake me on the first day." She snaps at James, who looks rather terrified. That's the thing about Weasley girls, and Potter ones too. They don't like to be screwed over, especially by men. And any boy that wants to have a long, meaningful relationship with one of us had better know that right away, otherwise they won't last long.

"I-I'm sorry?"

"Sorry doesn't give me time to get ready and eat, Potter." I exchange grins with Dom and Freddie. When Lily uses last names to family, she's about to start cursing, and I mean the magical kind. Come on people, she's eleven- get your heads out of the gutter.

"What's the matter Squirt? Hot date?" We all groan in unison and make a run for the doors. James has dug a hole, and he can climb out of it himself for all we care.


"So Freddie, I hear you made Quidditch Captain." Freddie goes red at Ava's words.

"Uh, yeah I did." She smiles at him and I swear I hear his knees go weak, whatever that sounds like.

"Well, see you around Freddie, Dom. And hey Luce, good luck in Runes." She waves and walks off, her skirt all swishy and her hair all bouncy. Merlin, sometimes I really hate her!

"Well, I'm going to wait for Scam and Ly. If James makes it out alive, I'll let you know. And Freddie, Quidditch tryouts are this weekend right?" He nods, still watching Ava walk away.

"Oi, Perv, her eyes are a little higher, and in the front." He glares at me and walks off after Ava, while Dom follows. I pace the Entrance Hall, waiting for my friends. James oddly comes out first, looking very shaken, but otherwise unharmed. Lorcan and Lysander are right behind him.

"Took you long enough. Come on, we're going to be late." I grab Lysander's arm and wave to the others. James, being in a different year, doesn't have class with us. And Lorcan has Muggle Studies (I never expected him to pick that). We split our separate ways, planning to meet at lunch and head off to class.


"So, how was your first night back?" I ask Ly, as we set off for Ancient Runes.

"Good. The usual, you know?" He replies carefully. Ly is treated much how is mother was when she was in school, and so me and Lorcan took it upon ourselves to defend him. Even though they fight, the Scamanders will do anything for each other.

"Anything too bad?"

"Nah, just a couple remarks, nothing big." As he tells me this we pass a couple of third year girls chattering about nothing. As soon as they see Ly, they stop talking (thank God) and stare at him much like Vic and Teddy look at each other. Ly gives them a strange look as we pass and then looks at me. "What was that about? They always do that." I grin and look over my shoulder at them. They're now watching us, whispering to each other.

"You're so blind, Ly. They think you're cute." He smiles one of his sleepy smiles and his blue eyes light up.

"Really? People like me?"

"Of course they do, you're friends with the most popular person at school." I declare grandly. Ly looks confused.

"You mean James?" I puff up, a bit like a cat, and put my hands on my hips (I am related to Molly Weasley you know).

"Me, you idiot. Take that back about James, there's no way he's more popular then me." Ly grins and takes off running. I chase after him, yelling at him loudly. I love my friends- they're so much fun to chase.

Next chapter: Quidditch tryouts! (I hope, maybe that won't go so well.)

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