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Leonis by Hermione389
Chapter 1 : Leonis
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Disclaimer – I am NOT J.K. Rowling, though I wish I was, and the whole concept of Draco having another son and remarrying is made up and not to be trusted as canon. Hope you enjoy this one-shot story!



At King's Cross Station, about to board the Hogwarts Express. Time – 11:00


A tall, slim woman with black hair and warm hazel eyes kissed a boy on his forehead. A man standing next to him, a normal sized figure with sharp eyes that bore into you, pulled his son away and yanked him over.

'You better get into Slytherin like your brother, Leonis,' he said testily. The boy looked back at him with a scared look in his eye.

'Yes, Father,' he squeaked.

The man shook him and demanded that he answer him again.

'Yes, Father,' said the boy in a stronger tone, though inside his heart was hammering around like a caged bear desperate to escape from its prison.

The boy boarded the train with his older brother and only looked back once. His mother waved for a split second and vanished into the crowd. When his brother Scorpius disappeared off, he sat down and thought things over. His name was Leonis, Leo for short, which meant lion. He wasn't a lion at all, more like a mouse. When Scorpius' mum died after being hit by a rogue broomstick, his father Draco remarried a woman named Eleanor and had Leo. He, according to Scorpius, used to be fun and full of laughter, but since the accident he was silent and harsh.

Many a time had Draco been rough with the boy. He remembered when he was a 5-year-old-boy and he spilt a glass of fruit juice. He got a slap on the bottom and a lecture as well, though when accident-prone Scorpius tripped and did the same, he only got a talking to. From Leo's point of view this wasn't fair at all.

Leo could see his reflection in the window. He saw his brown hair and square-rimmed glasses in front of his misty hazel eyes. He wasn't what his father wanted him to be – he never, ever would be perfect in his Draco's eyes.


'You did what?!' screeched Draco as soon as the door was closed. It was the beginning of the holidays and Draco was furious. Leo hung his head.

'It wasn't Leonis' fault,' said Eleanor. 'He couldn't help being sorted where he was.'

'But Gryffindor?' cried Draco. 'No son of mine is in Gryffindor! I am so embarrassed of you. Go to your room and don't bother coming down.'

Leo hurried to his bed and threw himself down. He spent the best Christmas ever at Hogwarts, without having to behave in front of his brother (who was ashamed as well) or hold himself high like he just didn't naturally do in front of Draco. After a long hour of thinking and thinking, he gave up and slumped back. Eleanor came in with a plate of crackers and sat down next to him.

'Never mind your father, Leo,' said Eleanor.

'What?' he asked.

'He's too wrapped up in grieving for his old wife. I married him because I pitied him – why? Ignore what he thinks. You are who you are, Leo, and no one will ever change that. No one.'

Leo felt better.

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Leonis: Leonis


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