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Messes of Men by Roonyskatoony
Chapter 28 : Welcome to the Land of the Mortal
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 Christmas swung by at a ridiculous speed. I was awoken at about 2 a.m. on Christmas day by an over excited Marie and Francesco (who was staying over) with excited squeals of 'PRESENTS!'. 


I'd never been an early riser, I didn't see why Christmas day had to be any different. 


Marie had to be the maddest most excitable, easily amused person I'd ever met. Francesco was also completely off his rocker and balanced Marie perfectly providing the voice of 'reason' when she came up with her mad schemes (believe there were many). 

I let out a groan, pulling the duvet further over my head. 

"It can wait," I mumbled. 

"No it can't! Iris!" Marie cried shaking me back awake. I let out a moan before reluctantly, pushing my pillows up and sitting up. 

"Yay!" Francesco clapped excitedly before emptying a sack full of presents onto my bed, sitting on my other side. 

"But...aren't we supposed to leave some for some decent hour of the morning," I said. 

"We're sampling darling," Marie told me. 

"There are plenty more," Francesco told me. 

Bloody hell. 

I opened a few sleepily, my eyes widening as I began to actually process the things I was handling. 

" this a diamond bracelet?" I asked holding it up. 

"Oh yes, there's the necklace to match somewhere," Marie said matter of factly. 

"Oh darling look! It's a monkey...and it claps!" Marie said in delight watching one of those horrid clapping monkey toys that flips sporadically. Bloody creepy if you ask me. 

"That's incredible!" Francesco cried. 

"Says it's a 'muggle toy'...oh darling isn't it fantastic!" She cried. 

"...Sure," I said. 

It hadn't taken me long to realise the obvious. The woman was besotted with muggles. 

Thankfully I didn't receive one. 

"Can I go back to sleep now?" I asked. 

"Darling it's Christmas day! You should be more excited!" Marie said. 

"...come back in a few hours, minimum six," I said before sinking back into the sheets. 

Thankfully they did leave me alone. 

I got up at a leisurely pace, giving my hair a quick brush before donning my nightgown and proceeding out of my room and along the corridor to the front room where Marie was sat giggling like a child as she tore through a huge mound of her gifts. 

"Morning," I yawned. 

"Oh Iris finally!" Marie cried getting me up and steering me towards a slightly smaller pile. 

"Open that one first,” She told me pointing to a squarish one 

"Open it!" Francesco insisted. 

I sat down, pulling it onto my lap before beginning to pull at the wrapping paper as neatly as I could. 

I frowned ever so slightly when it revealed a little wooden box. I pulled up the lid, peering inside when the sides fell away to reveal two figurines on a podium, one male, one female, both exquisitely beautiful and yet faceless. 

"It's fantastic, watch this," Marie said sitting down beside me. 

"Play,” She told them. 

They immediately turned to one another, the taller figurines arm moving around the others waist before slowly they began to dance, a simple delicate melody playing from out of nowhere, filling my ears. 

A music box. 

It was quite honestly one of the most beautiful things I'd ever seen. 

"That's...beautiful," I said as I watched the figures move with unimaginable grace and elegance, perfectly in sync. 

"I thought so too," Marie smiled. 

"The outfits change too," Francesco beamed. 

"Designed by yours truly of course,” He added. 

I looked up and smiled. 

"Oh I do have to warn you though, they do stop when they feel like it...but they always return after a bit," Marie said. 

"So like it?!" Marie said excitedly, that bounce returning. 

I grinned. 

"Love it," I said happily. 

"Fantastic!" Marie cried. 

"Now open your other ones darling!!" Francesco cried. 

I did so, laughing when I pulled open one present to reveal a wizard Polaroid camera. Funnily enough I'd ALWAYS wanted a camera. I grinned, more excited by my presents then I'd ever been before, starting somewhat tentatively and finishing surrounded by piles of wrapping paper that I'd ruthlessly ripped away. 

It had stopped feeling particularly real by now, like a dream I was to wake up from at any time but for the moment I'd enjoy myself. 

"What did you get the house elves in the end darling?" Francesco asked Marie, already on his 5th cigarette of the morning. 

They smoked like bloody chimneys. 

"Dusters, I couldn't think of anything else. They were delighted though," Marie told him. 

"House elves?" I said looking round, I'd only seen human servants since I'd arrived. 

"Oh yes! How truly awful if me! I haven't introduced you all. In all honesty we tend not to see them that much; they work in the kitchens you see. They are lovely you all honesty I think they work too hard though,” She said leaning as she added the last part. 

"If you ever want anything from the kitchens darling it’s across the other side of here. They're more than happy to make you anything at any hour." Marie told me. 

I nodded. 

We spent the rest of the morning getting ready for the proposed guests. We were having Christmas dinner more as a large evening event than for lunch. It promised to be huge. 

I should have written back to Sirius but I completely forgotten due to the huge amounts of new things being pushed by way. I felt like a child again, a state that had come to an early end in my life. Ace was therefore the last thing on my mind.

I had a quick shower after having tried on all my new clothes (just for fun) before putting on the dress for our Christmas dinner. It wasn't as formal as the other one but still pretty as well as fitting beautifully. 

By the time I had come out the door bell had been ringing steadily for the last 10 minutes or so. 

I became suddenly uncharacteristically nervous as I took in the 30 or so people. I moved forward, attempting to find Marie or Francesco when I heard a very familiar (and very welcome) voice. 


I turned to see Bridgett.

I looked at her in surprise before I let out a relieved sigh.

“What are you doing here?!” She asked happily.

I laughed, shaking my head.

“Long story,” I said.

“Bridgett darling...oh you’ve met her! Don’t you love her?!” Marie beamed appearing at her side.

Bridgett laughed.

“I’ve known her since she was 11,” She replied, picking up 2 champagne glasses as they passed, handing me one.

“Oh, I forgot to ask, any new proposals recently?” She smirked.

I rolled my eyes.

“Proposals?” Marie said.

“Iris is in very high demand,” Bridgett teased.

I rolled my eyes.

“Bloody hell,” Marie said.

“Aren’t you a bit young to get married yet? I thought you were 16,” She said.

“17, and yes, I am,” I corrected her.

“Oh! You know when you get married? I’ll be the mother of the bride!” Marie cried suddenly excited.

“...mother of the...Marie?” Bridgett said slowly looking between us.

“Oh yes, I am sorry darling. This is the new baby!” She cried, moving her hands onto my shoulders.

Bridgett raised an eyebrow.

“I thought you wanted a muggle baby?” Bridgett said.

“Oh this was totally by accident,” Marie said cheerfully.

Bridgett chuckled.

 “Well this is far too convenient. Iris’ going to be my head bridesmaid,” Bridgett said as she took a sip of her drink.

I choked on mine.

“Pardon?...I wasn’t told about this,” I said.

Bridgett waved her hand dismissively.

“Sarah slept with Frederick...again,” She said.

I just looked at her.

“Oh Bridge darling I don’t know what you’re doing with a man like that,” Marie sighed.

...I’m surprised the bloke was still alive!

Bridgett shrugged.

“Just as long as he gets down that aisle,” She said glancing at her nails.

Marie rolled her eyes.

“You’ll regret it darling!” She said before moving off. I watched her go before turning back to Bridgett.

“Are you kidding me?” I said flatly after a moment.

 “...about?” Bridgett asked.

“You’re marrying a prick who cheated on you with your head bridesmaid?” I said.

She looked at me before she laughed.

“Oh don’t look so scandalized, Frederick and I have an agreement that benefits us both, I highly doubt he’d want to break his end of it,” She said.

“...but what’s the point in marrying him if you don’t even love him?” I said.

She looked at me before she simply burst out laughing.

“Oh Shorty, I didn’t know you were so sentimental, marriage is a binding legal contract, a declaration of love in some cases but a contract nonetheless,” She said.

I rolled my eyes.

The funny thing was that I’d spent the majority of my first year greatly disliking her, after all it was so easy too and at times she irritated me more than I could say but in the end I usually ended up coming round to her way. After all, she was the first person who’d really encouraged me to strive to reach my potential, the first person who’d taken a real interest of me. Whether I liked it or not Bridgett looked out for me.

“Now, we’ll need to sort out your measurements and your +1 of course,” She said leading me over to a cluster of chairs away from most people.

“My measurements?” I said.

“For your dress,” She said rolling my eyes.

“Oh how silly of me,” I said rolling my eyes in return.

Her lips twitched ever so slightly.

“I suppose you’ve met Francesco then. He’ll be doing the general things but the bridesmaids dresses will be done separately. It’ll be a fantastic opportunity to really put yourself out there, the press’ll be there as well as a great many extremely wealthy...” She began but I cut her off.

“A debut?” I said tiredly.

“Well yes I suppose,” She smiled.

“...Do I have any say in this?” I asked.

“Well if you like I’ll let you chose which shoes you’re wearing,” She said. 

“Oh what a great honour,” I said sarcastically.

“Iris don’t be too sarcastic, men don’t like it when they think you’re more intelligent than them,” She said. 

I couldn’t help but laugh slightly.

“So what, now I’m in your clutches again you’re going to mould me and sell me off to the highest bidder?” I said.

“I’m so glad you understand,” She said pleasantly.

I’m rather sure she was serious too.

“It’s not happening deary,” I told her.

She ignored me.

“We’ll be cutting a little fine with the fittings, the weddings in February but there’s nothing to be done about it,” She said simply.

“Will you let me chose my plus one then?” I said.

“I don’t know, it would depend on your taste,” She said. 

I looked at her, an eyebrow raised.

“Look Iris, good looking boys at for school and social functions, the geeky brainy ones who go on to discover huge money making schemes are for long term. I’ll pick,” She said.

I was just about to respond when I was aware of someone before us.

Bridgett looked up too before her gaze cooled.

Frederick ignored it and sat down besides her.

“Oh darling we were just talking about you,” Bridgett said coolly, absolutely no warmth present whatsoever.

“Oh...nice,” He said distractedly watching something over my shoulder.

Bridgett’s lips pursed. 

“You have lipstick on your neck,” She told him matter of factly.

That most definitely caught his attention. He turned abruptly and she gave him a smile.

“Don’t look so disturbed darling,” She said with a slight pout, conjuring a handkerchief with her wand and using it to wipe away the incriminating dark red shine that sat just above the top of the starched collar of his robe.

I felt suddenly awkward sitting there as she set the handkerchief into his hand with another too sweet smile.

 “I...must have forgotten to wipe it off,” He said slowly.

“You’re lipstick tends to stick darling,” He continued easily after a moment, a ‘teasing’ smile moving to his lips.

“Oh I know,” She said.

“So who’s this...I felt I’ve seen you before,” He said turning his striking hazel eye on me.

“This is Iris, the new head bridesmaid,” She said pleasantly.

He turned to look at her.

“Head bridesmaid...I thought Sarah was...” He said.

“Oh well you know, Iris is so much prettier and I really do think it’d be a bit of a waste,” She pouted.

“I thought you’d already organised the dresses,” He said through gritted teeth. 

“She was never going to get into hers anyway...and if she had I’m rather sure you’d have her out of it seconds later,” She said pleasantly, the last part spoken in an undertone into her glass.

He didn’t say anything for a moment.

“I thought it was going to be part of the magazine shoot,” He said.

“Oh it is,” She said lightly.

He turned silent again. 

“You promised her didn’t you darling, you told her that you’d get her there and what she gave you was in return, wasn’t it darling," She said turning to him, her voice soft, almost whispering in his ear although loud enough for me to hear. To anyone outside it looked like a simple show of affection.

“Because that’s the type of man you are, you promise things that you can’t make happen. I’ll let you break the news to her, I know how close you are,” She said condescendingly, patting his knee before she got to her feet and moved off.

I just sat there for a moment, watching as he sat, completely rigid, before I moved off after Bridgett.

And yet despite that they still sat beside one another during dinner, playing their roles beautifully, laughing and joking as if everything were simply perfect. The thing was no one seemed to second guess it, Marie may have known but she didn’t acknowledge it.


Marie remained in bed with a hangover for the majority of the next day leaving me to wonder around a bit. I don’t know why but I still felt the need to check around, see that everything was as it should be, nothing that would mean imminent danger or anything.

I guess I was just paranoid really.

So convinced that absolutely everything was out to get me that when everything seemed to be actually ok I ended up looking tirelessly for something bad to appear.

I therefore returned to my room with a large slab of chocolate cake and began flicking through a few magazines in bed. If I’d had the sense I would have used the time to write to Sirius or Ace or Hemera but in all honesty none of them so much as crossed my mind.

The next week or so was simply chaotic. The New Year’s Eve was apparently a VERY big deal. There were people in and out endlessly, new things being brought in every five seconds, a new problem occurring another 10...mostly I just stayed out of the way.

Bridgett came round once or twice, unsurprisingly she was extremely good at ordering people around although (rather frighteningly) Francesco was even better.

Marie went round endlessly apologizing for Francesco every time he went off on a strop, reminding me inexplicably of some kind of preadolescent school girl.

It seemed to work though.

The place had already been beautiful but by the time New Year’s Eve swung by it had been transformed. Every single little detail was catered for, from the flowers to the presentation of the food, to the way the loo roll was the time the night came I simply couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Bridgett of course wasn’t helping.

She seemed to be obsessed with ‘finding me someone’.

It was only after a while I realised why.

She was using me as a huge ‘fuck you’ to Sarah for sleeping with Frederick who had to be one of the most irritating letches I’d ever met. He was like Ace...ok so he was nothing like Ace, Ace I could handle, Frederick just downright creeped me out.

He hung around far too much for my liking (and apparently Bridgett’s too), I’d go to my room and he’d follow me then say he was ‘just nipping to the bathroom’.

Uncomfortable didn’t quite cover it.

“He’s going to try and seduce you,” Bridgett said simply when I brought it up as we both got ready in my room.

“He’s stalking me, that’s not seduction,” I said flatly.

 She laughed.

“Frederick may be a lot of things but he’s not a threat darling, he’s a coward,” She said.

I wasn’t so sure but didn’t like to bring it up.

“Bridge...why are you bothering if you loathe each other so much? And it can’t just be the money, there are plenty of guys out there,” I said.

She smiled at me in the mirror.

 “Because he has fame too,” She said simply.

“There are plenty of famous rich guys,” I said flatly.

“But there aren’t plenty of famous rich guys whose fathers work in influential positions in the ministry. Darling there’s a war going on. Do you understand what that means?” She said turning to look at me.

I just looked at her before I shook my head.

Bridgett always had the ability to make me feel so small and childlike.

“You know this is only the beginning Shorty, it doesn’t take a genius to see that...he-who-must-not-be-named will take over eventually, I don’t know how long it’ll take but I know it’ll happen. The ministry’s already been infiltrated. When the shit hits the fan, and believe me it will, I want to be sure that I’m secure, I want to know that if I had to leave the country I wouldn’t be leaving my life behind,” She said before turning back to the mirror.

I just looked at her before I spoke.

“But they’ll fall. You just said yourself it’s already been infiltrated, it’s only a matter of time before they all fall,” I said.

“Then I’ll ensure to have back up plans,” She said.

“He’ll be brought down eventually,” I said simply but confidently.

knew he would, I didn’t know how or when but I knew it, somewhere deep down inside me.

She turned to look at me again, her eyes probing mine before she gave a small smile.

“Don’t look so worried, I promise you, nothing’ll happen to you," She said.

I sat down beside her.

“Bridgett,” I said.

“Yes?” She said.

“I’ve...I’ve always wondered...why did you pick me? I wasn’t anything,” I said.

She laughed and shrugged.

“You reminded me of myself, you obviously don’t remember your younger self very well but as well as being exceptionally stubborn and hot headed...and a complete and utter pain in the arse at first, although a little rough round the edges, I scrap that I know you could be amazing. You just needed the opportunity to prove it,” She told me.

“And you saw that from one meeting?” I said sceptically.

She laughed.

“ first it was nothing personal, I thought you’d just make a good legacy or something but then...” She stopped then giving a chuckle.

“One time I asked you what you wanted to do when you were older and you said you wanted to be ‘a lady’,” She laughed.

I grimaced at the memory.

 “Christ,” I breathed.

“Nah you were way cuter back then, it was sweet. Anyway you looked like you meant it so I decided to help,” She shrugged.

“...There are plenty of little girls who dream of being fairy princesses,” I said flatly.

“Well they weren’t Iris Tear,” She smiled and that was the end of it.

Marie came in about half way through, it was rather funny how childish she was compared to Bridgett despite being a lot older. It was fun though, like some kind of weird game of dress up.

Marie and Bridgett left before I did, Marie to welcome the majority of the guests and Bridgett to answer a message.

I sat in front of the mirror for a while, glancing at myself nervously.

I don’t know why but I felt so completely out of my depth; I was used to being in control and yet in this case I had pretty much no understanding of what was going on.

When I finally did, the second worst thing possible happened; I went straight into Mary and Elsa.


I’d failed to appreciate that they’d be there although I guess they had been talking about their New Year’s Eve arrangements since September.

“Oh...Iris,” Mary said her lip curling.

“I’ve never seen you here before,” She said in a steely tone.

“I could say the same,” I muttered.

There was a moment of silence, consisting of a series of glares before Francesco came over.

“Come on darling,” He said lightly, steering me off.

They watched him wheel me off, most probably a little confused.

“If you looked any less happy to see someone you would have resembled Dione,” He muttered.

“Who’s Dione?” I asked.

He gave a laugh.

“You’ll know when you meet her, believe me. She’s not here tonight though so I wouldn’t worry too much about it,” He chuckled picking up a drink as it passed, champagne in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

You just couldn’t beat my ‘role models’.

He disappeared after a bit, going off to talk to a tall man in magenta robes.

I went off to sit down after a while feeling more than a little awkward.

At that moment I think I would rather have been curled up in bed, I was already tired and it was only 9. I doubted Marie would notice if I slipped off...Bridgett might though...Bridgett would also find me and drag me back out again...

“Do you want to” a voice choked beside me.

I turned to see some boy who looked to be just about my age, his face rather red, his friends standing a little away, obviously having egged him on.

I contemplated for a moment.

Oh what the hell, it wasn’t like I had anything more interesting to do.

“Sure,” I shrugged, setting down my drink and my ridiculously unnecessary clutch bag and moving my hand into his rather clammy one.

It wasn’t a dance that required any particular concentration; step, step, twirl, look interested in whatever he was stammering about, smile, step, twirl.

It was incredible, looking around I could easily name at least half of the guests, from magazines and other such things alone. A few I’d met before at a few of Slughorn’s parties, David Horthford was there, a tall pretty red head hanging off his arm. 

I still didn’t quite understand all the girls’ fascination with him...oh the things being able to successfully manipulate a cleaning utensil brought you.

There were a few other famous Quidditch players about, Mary and Elsa moved round together, Elsa happily (and obviously) flirting with pretty much any bloke that came within an audible distance of her but Mary seemed to have her eyes peeled for someone in particular because for once she didn’t join in.

She must have found him eventually because rocketed off, leaving Elsa with a few boys.

I watched her make her way across the room, a flirty smile moving onto her face as she neared him. Apparently she wasn’t the only one. They all seemed to converge at one time, 4 girls appearing all at once before coming to a stop, looking each other over critically.

It was almost comical.

It was however Bridgett who got there first, breaking through them, a huge smile gracing her face as she hugged him tightly...I don’t think I’d ever seen Bridgett that pleased to see anyone.

All I could think was that man was either extremely lucky or the complete opposite.

I couldn’t help but laugh to myself slightly at that. The more I relaxed the more I began to enjoy may also have had something to do with the fact that I had a larger company of blokes than Elsa (hey what can I say, I’m competitive).

Fairy princess dream realised? I think so.

"Iris darling you have to meet my godson!" Marie enthused, appearing out of nowhere all of a sudden, obviously failing to notice the fact that I was actually already talking to someone and dragging me off anyway. 

Bridgett sent me a knowing smirk when I approached, now back beside Frederick.

"This is the oh so famed recently adopted 'daughter'," Bridgett announced with a smile to the small group, of which Marie, Francesco, David and a few others I didn’t know, were a part of. I chuckled slightly. 

"'re that Iris...I’ll be right back," David Horthford said, his eyes widening slightly, disappearing moments later. I frowned ever so slightly but chose to ignore it.

“Oh darling where do I get one?!” a rather eccentric looking woman laughed.

Yeah, that’s me, the latest accessory.

“Oh well you know just don’t go to a muggle orphanage darling," Marie said.

“You’re absolutely gorgeous darling,” the woman beamed at me.

I think she may have actually been a little on the drunk side. 

"She is isn't she?" Marie said proudly. 

"So much so that I think I'd rather like to ask her to dance," a younger man smirked at me. 


My feet were already killing me! 

"Oh she'd love to," Bridgett smiled broadly. 

"Play along, he's loaded,” She whispered ever so discreetly so that only I'd hear. 

I looked at her, an eyebrow raised. 

"Money is a girl’s best friend darling, looks are for school,” She said dismissively as she pushed me off towards him. 

He grinned at me, extending a hand. With all the eyes on me I felt quite frankly obliged. 

I accepted, taking his hand with a smile before moving off. If I'd known I would have then ended up dancing with a load of other blokes for the next hour I would have told him to fuck off. 

"Look I'm sorry but I'm really going to have to sit down," I said flatly, unapologetically cutting through the speech of the man I was dancing with. 

"Oh,” He said. 

"Thank you," I said with a smile before moving off and occupying one of the seats in another room, away from the general hub. I was boiling and I was now bordering on rather irritable. Bridgett was being quite frankly impossible, pointedly nudging me off toward any man she considered to have a decent enough cash-flow. 

She may have been 'looking out for me', but I really had no intention of marrying anyone, rich or not. 

I moved onto the balcony, taking deep breaths of the beautifully cold air. 

It was entirely dark but I knew there was a chair in the corner and moved to sit down only to find, with a great deal if embarrassment, someone was already there. 

"Oh...I'm sorry," the voice said which I quickly established as male. 

"No I'm sorry I should have been looking where I was going," I replied rather glad that he couldn’t see how my cheeks burned.

"Yes well...I suppose I should be getting...getting back,” He said awkwardly. 

"I didn't mean to frighten you away," I laughed. 

"Not at all,” He chuckled. 

"I should be getting back too I guess," I breathed. 

"Gets too much doesn't it,” He chuckled. 

"Far too much," I agreed starting towards the door. 

"I...I don't suppose you'd like to dance...inside of course,” He said. 

I turned, my eyes finally finding him, finally making him out. He looked to be ever slightly older than me, handsome too in a rather old fashioned kind of way, neatly presented with a certain inexplicable charm about him. 

Suddenly one more dance didn't seem like such a bad thing. 

"Of course," I smiled before moving off, back inside without waiting. 

We arrived in the main room just as one dance ended and another began. 

"I've seen you somewhere before," I said thoughtfully, as we began to dance. 

He chuckled. 

"Really?" he said. 

"Well you look familiar at any rate," I shrugged. 

He smiled. 

"Well just in case, my names Antony. Antony Noble,” He said. 

"Iris T...Lynette...I'm not sure which," I said. 

He laughed. 

"Which do you prefer?" I asked. 

"It would depend entirely on you, do you want to change?" he said. 

I chuckled. 

"I’m rather sure I already have. It's ridiculous how emphatically I'd dreamt of everything like this when I was younger, I'd given up...and then..." I said before giving a short chuckle. 

"Then two people turn up at the orphanage and decide to adopt me and suddenly that week seems like years ago," I said. 

Lord only knows why I was telling him this, I would never have divulged so much information to a stranger before but I simply put it down to the heat and the fact that I was tired, failing to look hugely forward to waiting up the extra hour to welcome in the new year (god if I'd known the fashions that came with the 80's I would have turned and run). 

"I'm sure it was a shock. I heard they brought the car,” He chuckled. 

I couldn't help but laugh. 

"We've been trying to get her off the cars for a while now” He smiled. 

"You're close then?" I asked. 

"She's my godmother,” He told me. 

I smiled and nodded. 

"I was a little worried for my safety at first I have to admit, more the mention of having no idea how to work the brakes?" I said. 

"She has moments of attempting to be a muggle,” He said. I smiled. 

"Sounds dangerous," I said. 

"It is." he said. 

I couldn't help but smile. 

We ended up dancing for rather a long time, failing to really notice as the conversation flowed, unfortunately this was cut short by someone else asking me to dance. 

Again I would have happily told them to fuck off but Antony's hands had already fallen to his sides. Seeing as I didn't want to look as if I were enjoying his company too much I turned to the other bloke. 

This time however I didn't let it spiral and moved to sit down, just so happening that that was near Antony. 

Don't ask me why or how but I think I rather liked him. 

God I never used to like so many people before this year.  

He smiled when he saw me and I smiled back, taking some champagne from the table beside me.

Crap what did I say? 

"Antony darling you've been avoiding me!" a sudden cry sounded.

We both looked up to see Marie. 

"Of course not,” He laughed. 

She sat down obviously a little tipsy. 

"Isn't he lovely darling? Has he asked you to dance yet? He should be asking you to dance!" she exclaimed vehemently. 

"Y..." I started. 

"I have to have my new ward and my godson acquainted, wouldn't want either getting jealous because you know I'm rather sure it happens, child number..." Marie began babbling. 

"Right well I guess we should then," I said before getting up. 

I ended up then spending the rest of the evening...well night with Antony but that sounds rather dodgy. 

At 1 minute to midnight everyone began to move to the balconies to watch the fireworks sprawling over London. 

By now most people were either tipsy or drunk and I soon discovered; a drunk Marie was even madder than usual. I leant against the frame of the French windows, Antony beside me as the seconds began to tick by, down to infamous countdown. 

I counted each in my head while the cacophony of people all but yelled the numbers out. 

I gave a small smile as the new year came, ignoring the people all but jumping on one another and glanced at Antony. 

"Happy new year," I whispered. 

He smiled. 

"Happy New Year Iris,” He responded. 

And that? Well that's how I fell head over heels for a man I barely knew. 

That was how I met my Antony. 

Author's Notes

DUN DUN DUN! Hahahaha another random twist that's not actually random and has once again been planned from the beginning xD If you look back at the chapter with Slughorn's party (the one with Bridgett in it) Antony's there too as well as the 1st match where Iris realises Hemera's a seer too, so there! Not so random! :P

Bridgett's also quite an important character so expect much more of her...oh and Marie and Francesco of course...and Antony. 

Anyway on another more important note, I'll be taking a little time out to go back and do the much needed editing so give it about a month or so...ok ok so I'll probably end up posting a few chapters during that time...I haven't really decided yet so feel free to check back every so often! 


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