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For The First Time by imaginary lines
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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“I swear to Dumbledore that if you first years don’t move your bloody arses I will hex you into oblivion” Kara hissed to three little first years. The group looked up at her and one let out a yelp before they moved out of the way. “Thank you.”

She dragged her trunk and barn owl, Snickers, towards the Hogwarts Express, a frown on her face. If her mother had bothered to wake her up an hour earlier to actually allow her time to get ready, perhaps Kara would have been in a better mood. But no, she had rolled out of bed an hour later than planned and rushed to get ready. Granted, she should have packed the night before, but whatever. Now, her trunk was messy and most likely missing things and she was wearing pretty much what she slept in.

Her shirt was a vintage Boil and Trouble band shirt that she bought from Diagon Alley and she was wearing jeans and flip flops. Compared to most of the students dressed in their Hogwarts robes, Kara looked grossed.

Yawning, Kara dropped her bag off by the conductor and grabbed the owl’s cage before climbing the stairs and entered the hallway, her eyes searching for an empty compartment. Finally they landed on one and she entered, placing Snickers on the seat across from her. She took out the newest edition of Words of Wizards and smiled at the pictures of attractive singers and Quidditch players that often were featured throughout the magazine.

The compartment door opened again a couple of moments later and she glanced at the newest addition to the almost empty compartment. “Look what the hippogriff dragged in” she said, small smile toying on her lips.

Michelle O’Connell smiled at her friend. “I would have been here sooner had Wendy actually woken up at the correct time. Instead, she ignored the alarm and mum yelling. I had to hex her for her to actually wake up” Kara laughed “Life is so much simpler now that I’m of age.”

She shrugged in response. Her birthday was a month away and she hadn’t been allowed to do use any type of magic during the summer. Michelle had been over enough times after her birthday in June and most of her friends had turned seventeen during their sixth year at school.

“Did I mention I’m head girl?” Michelle causally asked as she cleaned her shirt of lint. Kara gasped and smiled at her friend.

“Apparently sucking up to all the professors has been of some use. That’s great Michelle!”

“And Jason Swift is Head Boy.” Kara made a sound of annoyance in response. Who really cared about the know-it-all Ravenclaws? They were pretty much stuck up teapots that liked looking at reflections of themselves.

“That prat? What is the world coming to?” Kara murmured, opening her magazine once again. Michelle continued talking about how a Hufflepuff by the name of Logan Elm should have been Head Boy instead. Honestly, Kara could care less. She spent more time in trouble than anything else and completely agreed with the headmistress, Professor Greyn, that Michelle should be Head Girl.

Michelle was everything that Kara wasn’t. Michelle was a pretty blond that was a know it all and never did anything wrong. Granted, Michelle had had more men that had been in her life then Kara had talked too, but that was alright. Kara knew that the reason that the two got along so well was because they were total opposites. That was alright with her.

Moments later, before the train had even started to move, Michelle stood up. “Great catching up, Kara, but I have to head to the front of the train to talk to all the Prefects. I’ll come when I’m done, though. Save me some candy from when the cart goes by?”

Kara sighed and nodded. She shouldn’t be surprised, since she usually spent the beginning of the train ride by herself since Michelle was a Prefect. But she waved and watched her friend hurry down the hallway towards her destination.

The brunette rested her head against the cushion and closed her eyes, wondering if she could sleep before Michelle returned. It had been a busy morning, without really being busy. That was what she paid for a chaotic lifestyle, though.

She felt sleep coming towards her when the compartment door open suddenly and closed with a loud noise. Kara opened her eyes and looked towards the person creating the noise, ready to yell, but wasn’t allowed to talk before the red head started talking.

“Kara! Thank god! I don’t think I could take another Weasley or Potter for the trip. I mean, spending the summer with them just gets too tiring, you know?”

No, she didn’t know, but Kara nodded anyways, her annoyance slowly fading. It was impossible to remain mad at Rose Weasley when she was ranting about her siblings and cousins. Kara knew the family well enough to know that there was only a certain amount one could take before going insane. After all, Kara wasn’t exactly the definition of normal. “I suppose. Did you guy just get here?”

Stupid question, considering the train was already moving, but Rose didn’t seem to notice. “Hugo and Albus were taking forever to get ready! They hadn’t packed the night before, so of course they had to pack when we were about to leave. And then Lily forgot her fortune telling cards that she wanted to show her friends, so Uncle Harry had to turn the car around. Mum wanted to wait for everyone, so we pulled over to the side of the road.

“Then, of course, Dominique just had to go to the bathroom on the way and made Aunt Fleur pull over, which made everyone else pull over after. It took us fifteen minutes for Dominique to find a suitable bathroom, which dragged everything on. And then, of course, as though there weren’t enough things going wrong, we got to Kings Cross and James forgot something at the house. He had to Apperate all the way back to the house and come back. We all barely got to the train! I think Uncle Percy held the train for us. After all, you can’t miss all of us.”

Rose took a deep breath, her face flushed from how fast she talked. Kara had started laughing somewhere in the middle of the rant. “It’s not funny!” Rose protest, but even she had a smile teasing her lips.

Kara thought her life was chaotic, but then all she had to do was thinking about the life some of her friend’s led. There was no way her mother would be able to handle such a big family. Perhaps that was why Kara was an only child.

“I just woke up late and had one of my aunts drive me to Kings Cross. Mum apparently had to go to work early, because god forbid she actually takes her daughter to the train station for the last time,” Kara said and Rose gave her a sympathetic smile.

“She cares…she just has an odd way of showing it, I suppose” Rose said, nudging Kara with her foot. “But don’t even get me started on James’s new obsession. One of his friends was talking about tacky-“

She never finished her sentence, considering the compartment door opened and shut with a loud noise. A deep voice broke the silence. “Hey Kara, do you mind if I Slytherin?” James Potter chuckled before sitting next to his friend.

“-pick-up lines and he uses them all the time.” Rose finished lamely and Kara snorted. She was sure James has a million other lines that he was just dying to try.

And, of course, she was right considering she spent the rest of the train ride listening to cheesy Hogwarts pick-up lines that James had come up with over the summer.

Chapter Two is all done ! Please review <3

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For The First Time: Chapter Two


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