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Of Love, Lies and Loss by Jenna822
Chapter 6 : Lorcan
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Lorcan Scamander
A story of: Loss

Lorcan was the plan-guy, so his brother always said. Time after time, the boy proved himself to be full of ideas. Whether it was a simple prank -like the time he and Lysander filled the teachers' lounge with Billywigs- or a more elaborate idea, Lorcan always had something up his sleeve.

“It'll be more than fun!” Lorcan insisted to his brother, Lysander, and their two best friends, Nigel Aubrey and Simon Moran. When the three boys showed no signs of agreeing, the blonde dropped to his knees in a pleading position. “I promise you'll have fun!”

“Camping, though?” asked Simon in a hesitant tone. “Sounds a little...dirty.”

“And potentially dangerous,” added Nigel as he pulled out his inhaler and took a deep puff from it.

“You thinking reading is dangerous,” Lysander teased, pushing on the boy's shoulder. “I say we go. It does sound kinda fun. Muggle camping.” He let the words roll around on his tongue, trying to get used to them. “You only live once, right? Unless you're....” He pointed towards the near-by ghost of the Fat Friar and let out a laugh.

Lorcan nodded eagerly and jumped to his feet. “It'll be a great way to celebrate leaving Hogwarts and you can both consider it a birthday present to me and Lysander.”

“Whoa, whoa, they can call it your present. I still want gifts.” Lysander pointed between Simon and Nigel and gave them a cheeky grin. “So we're on then? No wands, no magic tents, just four guys and the call of nature.”

“Call of nature? Sounds like you're taking a piss,” Simon laughed as he lodged a sofa cushion at Lysander's head. “But okay, I'm in. Nigel?”

Nigel frowned at the other three Hufflepuffs and let out a heavy sigh. “Fine.”

It took three months after leaving Hogwarts to get everything ready for the camping trip. Lorcan and Lysander headed up the supplies, purchasing Muggle tents, cooking utensils, how-to Muggle books and sleeping bags. Simon and Nigel volunteered to find the perfect location; one that wouldn't upset the latter boy's allergies too much but still offered hiking, swimming and plenty of adventure.

Lorcan rolled his eyes as he tossed aside the copy of Searching for Snorkacks that his mother kept trying to sneak into his bag. “She's never gonna give up,” the boy laughed as he zipped up his bag and slung it over his shoulder. “Give me your wand.” He held out his hand to his brother and took the boy's wand. After stashing both Lysander's and his own in his night-stand drawer he took a deep, preparing breath. “Let's go, Bro,” he called out, waving his hand and charging out the door.

Three hours later, Lorcan, Lysander, Nigel and Simon stared down at the mess of red nylon that was meant to be their tent. “It can't be that hard,” Simon voiced in a bitter, mocking impression of Lorcan. “If the Muggles can do it, we can do it,” Nigel joined in on the taunts.

Lorcan narrowed his eyes at the complaining boys and frowned heavily. “You two aren't even trying,” he huffed. “Just...just go start dinner; me and Lysander will handle the tent.” He waved off the other boys and waited until they were out of earshot to fall onto the ground next to the mess. “I can't believe I thought this was a good idea,” he whined as he tugged at the nylon in an attempt to make it match the illustrated instructions.

“It is a good idea,” Lysander laughed as he helped out his distressed brother. “I wanna tell you something. Well, more like ask you something,” he said. “Remember last week when you asked me for five Galleons and I told you that I was broke and you asked me where all my money went?”

“Yeah....” the boy hesitated, eying his brother.

“Well I was broke because I...I bought something for Lucy.”

Lorcan gave a small laugh and nodded at the other boy's words. “Why didn't you just say that last week? You're always buying her stuff. Wait, you said you wanted to ask me something.”

Lysander nodded and put on a goofy smile. “You don't wanna know what I bought for her?” the boy offered. When his brother gave him a look of confusion, Lysander couldn't help but laugh. “Okay, so I bought her an engagement ring and I want to know if you'll be my best man when we get married,” he said, his words coming out quickly and half-laughed.

The other boy looked up with a huge smile on his face. “Engagement ring? Did you really? That's fantastic!” he cried out, jumping to his feet and embracing his brother. “And of course I would be. That is, if you're not afraid I'll be more handsome than you.”

“We look the same, you dolt,” Lysander laughed, pushing his brother away with a smirk.

Lorcan merely smiled at his brother and dropped back to the ground to finish setting up the tent. “Get down here and help me,” he said playfully. “Before I lose you to a Missus.”

The boys managed to set up the tent and the four enjoyed a dinner of cold sandwiches and Muggle sodas. It was a rough night; none of them were used to sleeping on the hard ground without their plush blankets and overstuffed mattresses. Lorcan tossed and turned most of the night, unable to fall into a deep sleep. He meekly waved off the others when they awoke the next morning with swimming in mind. Lysander, Nigel and Simon left the cranky boy to his tent and went on their way.

Lorcan wasn't sure how long he had been in a light sleep before he heard someone shouting and tearing at the zipper on the tent. “Lorcan, you have to help him!” came Nigel's breathless shouts through the nylon as he finally managed to get the tent open.

“What's wrong?” Lorcan asked groggily as he passed his hand over his cropped hair and squinted at his panicked friend.

“It's Lysander,” the boy gasped, fighting for a proper breath. He dug into his pockets and pulled out his inhaler, holding up one finger to the other boy.

“What's wrong with him!?” Lorcan shouted, pushing past Nigel and climbing out of the tent. He didn't care that his shoes were still in his bag and the ground was harsh. The boy ran desperately towards the sight of Simon in the distance, his feet being clawed at by sticks, rocks and rough patches of grass.

The blonde dropped to the ground and stared in horror at the sight of his brother's body laying still on the ground; he was soaked and in his swim suit. Simon dragged his hands through his hair and stuttered out something that the other couldn't understand.

Lorcan grabbed onto his brother's face and shook the boy. “Wake up!” he yelled, shaking the boy again. He leaned his face down and listened at his brother's chest. Silence. “What happened?” he asked, his voice rising in fear.

“He went under,” Simon answered as he lowered himself next to the other boy. “I couldn't get to him very fast. He was kicking and I couldn't.... I'm not very strong,” he finished defensively. “By the time I got him pulled up here....” He didn't need to finish.

“He's just swallowed too much water, that's all!” Lorcan shouted. His hands patted over his body instinctively, searching for his wand. “My wand,” he breathed out. “Where's your wand?” he shouted at Simon, turning to the boy with distressed eyes.

“I didn't bring it!” Simon shouted back, throwing his hands into Lysander's still chest. “You said we couldn't bring them!” He lifted his fallen friend into his arms and held him still as Lorcan pounded his fist into the boy's back in an attempt to clear the water from his lungs.

Nigel skidded to a stop in front of the boys as they continued trying different angles to help Lysander breath. “No one brought their wand?” he asked, his words broken. He let out a sharp cry when both Simon and Lorcan shook their heads.

Lorcan pulled his brother's cold form into his arms and cradled him against his chest as he broke out into a fit of sobs. “I said not to,” he whispered. He hung his head, sure that it was his fault his brother's life was lost.

A Note From the Author: Okay, well thank you for reading and don't forget to leave me a few thoughts in that little grey box down there. :) Next up is Molly with a story about love! --Jenna

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