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Lucky Thirteen by Emily Potter
Chapter 4 : First Day of School
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“Arty, wake up! Wake up! For god sake, Artemis, wake up, or we’re going to be late!” Anu called, shaking me violently.

“God, Anu, I’m up!” I said irritably, wiping water of my damp face, since Anu couldn’t think of any other way to wake me up.

“Anu, I need the bathroom!” I said, banging on the door.

Anu emerged from the bathroom, fully dressed, but her hair was a mess.

I walked in with my robes and slammed the door shut, having a quick bath and magically dressing up.

When I came out, Anu was braiding her hair.

I tied my hair into a ponytail, grabbed my bag of books and dragged her out to the common room of our dormitory.

Our dorm had three rooms, each having two beds and one bathroom. We had a common room as well.

Each dormitory (one for every six girls) was built like that.

“Dom! Kris! Emma! Cam!” I yelled.

“We’re coming! Don’t panic!” Dom’s voice yelled from their room.

I heard a crash.

“Yeah, I’m not panicking. I’m going for breakfast with Anu. Don’t be late!” I said.

Anu and I went out before anything else happened, and she led me to the Great Hall.

“Guess who I bumped into last night?” I asked Anu.

“Who?” she said.

“Pretty boy, Diggory.” I said.

“What did he say?” I asked.

“Nothing. Got pissed off that I wasn’t in bed after curfew.” I said.

We entered the hall, and a few heads turned.

“By the way he’s looking at you now; I highly doubt it was nothing.” Anu said.

I slowly turned to the Ravenclaw table, and did see the Head Boy staring at me.

He caught my eye, smiled, and looked away.

“Yikes.” I said.

“What if he asks you to Hogsmeade?” Anu asked.

“Rule number 2, we will not date a guy one of us like.” I said.

“I don’t think he’s coming here just to talk, though.” Anu said.

I cursed as I saw him approach.
“Have you seen Dom anywhere? I have letter for her from her mother. It came to Louis on accident, but he is running late, so he told me to give it to her.” Cedric said.

“No, Head Boy Diggory, we have not seen her.” I said, being polite, remembering how pissed he was when I showed him cheek.

He, however, looked amused, “Interesting title, miss.” He said.

“It was an insult. And this shows how pompous you are, accepting that ridiculous title.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“You could get detention for that.” Diggory said.

“I’ve been expelled before, Diggory. Detention is nothing.” I said.

“What’s your name?” he said.

“None of your concern, is it?” I asked.

“It is of my concern.” He said.

“Well I won’t be the one to tell you.” I said, and turned to my food, disregarding the fact that he was still standing there.

Kris, Dom, Emma and Cam arrived.

“Saw your boyfriend leave in frustration just now. What happen, Kris?” Cam said

“I just came too, you know.” Kris said.

Cam paid no attention, and shoved down some breakfast, just in time for the bell to ring.

Anu, Cam and I had the same classes.

Dom and Kris had the same, and had an extra class of Care of Magical Creatures, forextra credit.

Of course, that was only half an hour, since it would be too much at NEWT level to cope with.

We all dispersed for classes, the first being, Transfiguration with Pauline Swan.

“Today, we will be learning Avifors, which is used to turn a statue into a bird. You will wave your wand, and gently flick it, like this.” She said, showing a complicated wrist movement.

“Try the movement first.” She said.

I pulled out my 12” Rosemary wand with the Dragon Heartstring core, and did the movement.

“Now do the spell.” She said.

Though most people tried immediately, I first focused myself, and then I said the spell and the piece of rock in front of me.

It flickered, then melted into a bird, and flew around the class.

“Very good, Miss Kane. 20 point to Gryffindor. Try the counter spell.” Professor Swan said, showing it to me.

I focused my aim on the bird fluttering above my head, and muttered the spell.

The results were immediate.

The bird sank to my table, and turned into stone.

“Take another 10 points, Miss Kane.” She said, pleased.

I sat idle the rest of the class, transfiguring random objects, and trying not to look nervous about Professor Swan’s watchful eye.

When the class ended and everyone left for Herbology, “Miss Kane, can you wait for a moment?” Prof Swan said.

I went to her desk, “Miss Kane, you are an extremely talented young witch.” She said. “I know.” I said.

“Can you perform the following spells?” she asked, showing me a list on her desk.

I quickly scanned the list, and saw the spells were many that I knew which I looked up in the library for pastime.

I performed them quickly, and Prof Swan’s eyes looked surprised.

“Miss Kane, I do not think sixth year NEWT is suitable for you.” She said. “Okay.” I said.
“I would like you to come to my seventh year class.” She said.

“I can’t do that. It’s not allowed.” I said.

“I will speak with the Headmistress and let you know by the end of this period.” She said.

“I don’t see any benefit.” I said.

“If you pass this year, than you do not need to study next year, leaving one less subject to focus on. That will make it so much easier.” She said.

“It would be easier.” I admitted, “How about you check it out, and let me know?” I said.

“I’ll tell you by the end of this period. When do you have a free period?” she asked.
“After Herbology.” I said.

“Perfect, I take the seventh year then. Show me your timetable.” She said.

I pulled it out of my bag.

“They all fit into your free periods. If McGonagall says yes, you will have sixth year Transfiguration classes as free periods, and the free periods I’ve marked as your new ones.” She said.

“Thank you, Professor Swan. I’ll see you later.” I said.

She nodded, and smiled.

I walked out of class, and ran to Herbology, muttering a quick apology to Prof Longbottom, before taking a seat next to Anu and copying the homework down, which was researching about the Fanged Geranium.


After Herbology, Prof Swan found me, “She said yes. Come quickly for class. I took out a spare book out for you to use.” She said.

I took the book from her and followed her to class.

I walked into a class of seventh year Gryffindor and Ravenclaws.

“Class, we have a new student joining us. She is a sixth year, but circumstances have caused the Head and I took promote her to seventh year Transfiguation.” Prof Swan said.

I waved nervously at them.

They smiled warmly.

Almost everyone was partnered up, expect for a few.

“Miss Kane, would you please join Mr. Diggory?” she asked me.

I grimaced, but plastered on a fake smile, and put my bag down next to the seat next to Diggory.

“Hello, again.” He said.

“Hello.” I said politely.

“Now may I know your name? I am your partner.” He said.

I grimaced, “Artemis. Artemis Kane.” I said.

“You’re a very pretty girl, Artemis.” He said.

“I’ve been told before, so don’t give me any shit.” I said.

“You will be interesting to talk to, Artemis.” He said.

“I know. I’m dynamic in nature. I’ll leave you dumbfounded.” I said.

“I’ll see about that.” He said.

“You won’t see anything, Diggory. You’re as blind as a bat. The obvious escapes you.” I said.

“What was so obvious that I missed, Miss Kane?” he asked, while Prof Swan was explaining a spell.

“That you are a pompous, stuck up snob. Good-looking, I won’t deny, but vain. I don’t even know why that girl fawns over you.” I said.

“Girl? What girl? There was a girl? When? How recent? Is she pretty?” he said.

I laughed, amused.

“It’s been a while since I’ve found a girl who interests me.” he said.

“There is a girl. She still likes you. And she is smoking hot.” I said, imagining Kris from a guy’s point of view and thinking that she could be a guy magnet.

“May I know her name?” he asked.

“No, you may not know her name. But I can say she is a good friend of mine. Go figure.” I said.

“Miss Kane, would you demonstrate the spell, please?” Prof Swan asked.

I looked the board, which had the hand movement and the spell, concentrated, then conjured the object I was supposed to.

“Very good, Miss Kane. Everyone else, let’s see you do it.” she said.

Nearly everyone got it in the class, and I wasn’t surprised. The standard would be much higher now.

When the bell rang, we got homework, “I want a 2 page essay on Conjuring Animals by tomorrow. Class dismissed.” She said.

That was fun, I think.

I just hope I can cope with doing advanced Trans and sitting next to the guy Kris likes.


A/N: What do you think?

And I forgot to mention why  a certain Cedric Diggory still exists. I like Cedric (I) too much, and wanted his family to continue.

Questions? Comments? Reviews? Your reviews will help me write better.

XOX Emily

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Lucky Thirteen: First Day of School


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