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Life Throws a Punch by still_fly
Chapter 1 : I'm The Only Broken Hearted Loser You'll Ever Need
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*A/N: Heyy! It's the sequel! Anyone as excited as I am!?!?

Alright, just some insight (I guess). This story is going to be set in James' POV. Exciting right!? I think I like writing from his POV over Lily's to tell the truth. Oh, and just warning you guys right now, this chapter is sort of, kind of reallreallyshort. I'M SORRY. I suck at first chapter, but I promise the other chapters will be lengthy :)

And now, enjoy!*


Chapter One

I couldn’t stop the words as they poured out of my mouth, “Lily and I are engaged!” The sentence floated around in my head, and I couldn’t seem to be able to concentrate on much else. Did I really just say that?

“Yeah!” Lily exclaimed, a smile on her lips, oblivious of my words because of the easy banter she had settled into. I watched as it dawned on her, and her smile melted away and was replaced by a look of confusion and surprise, “Wait—what!?” Her head snapped from Petunia’s mortified face to mine. Her green eyes stared at me in shock, her mouth hanging open slightly.

I grabbed her hand, hoping to Merlin that she wouldn’t explode into a fit of fiery rage.

“Erm . . .” I started lamely, “We’re engaged?”

She ripped her hand out of mine, sliding her chair back with an ear-splitting screech and standing up so that she could properly place her hands on her hips.

“Why is it that I don’t ever remember being proposed to then?” She interrogate harshly. Merlin, she was so cute when she was angry.

But I probably shouldn’t be focusing on that right now, eh?

“Er . . .” I was frantically searching for something to say, “I-I—well, you see—I can very well explain this to you, Lily . . . if I thought about it long enough.”

Her eyes flashed in irritation, “If you thought about it long enough?” She threw back sarcastically, “Well I can explain it too, but I only need two seconds to think about it. I don’t remember being proposed to, because it bloody never happened!”

“Right,” I said sheepishly, sighing in frustration at myself all the while running my fingers through my already unruly hair, “I suppose I got a bit carried away there.” I could feel the stares of her family and—Vernon—burning holes in the back of my head.

“A bit?” She groaned, “James, I told you not to do this!”

“And I never intended to, I promise.”

Lily’s dad cleared his throat, cutting through our banter, “Perhaps you two should take this somewhere a little more . . . private.”

Lily nodded at her father stiffly, but she kept her angry gaze glued on me. She grabbed my arm a tad bit roughly, yanked me out of my chair, and dragged me around the table, through the doorway and to her living room. She practically pushed me into the couch. I stumbled a bit, and let myself fall into the cushions without a word of complaint.

She stood before me, and for the first time in my life I noticed how incredibly tall she was. Even without the heels that her mother forced her into, she would be able to tower over me effortlessly . . . at least, when I was sitting down like right now.

I gulped noisily.

“What possessed you?” She asked angrily, seeming to be too antsy to stand in one place for too long. I watched as she began to pace back and forth from behind the coffee table, “That’s all I really want to know right now.”

“I’m . . . not really sure.”

“Well, great!” She exclaimed, throwing her hands up in the air and then pulling at her shoulder length red hair in exasperation, “Then how are we—no, you—going to explain this to my family?”

I sighed again. I saw only one solution to this, and it was the one thing that I did not want to do right now, “I suppose I have an inkling as to what possessed me . . .” I trailed off slowly, unsure of how to continue. I reached into my pocket and wrapped my hand around the tiny box that I’ve been carrying with me everywhere lately.

“Well?” She urged, “Out with it!”

“Well . . . I’m not really sure how to begin,” I told her, “But I suppose telling you that proposing has been on my mind a lot lately is one way.” I stood up and walked in front of her, sighing again, this time in vain attempt to rid myself of the nerves. Slowly, I got down on one knee, pulling out the box, holding it with two hands towards her and opening it to reveal a sparkling ring, “Lily, I love you. And I know that we’re young, and we haven’t even graduated from Hogwarts yet, but . . . will you marry me?”

“James, I love you too,” She said softly. That made me smile real big, and I straightened out so that I could put the ring on her finger. She snatched her hand back when I tried. She spoke again, her voice returning to its previous tone of annoyance, “But that doesn’t mean that I will marry you.”

“What?” I asked incredulously, raising an eyebrow, “Why not?”

“Because, James,” She said, as if it were all very obvious. Guess I was just that oblivious, “That—that stunt you just pulled in front of my family, it proves how immature you still are. Don’t get me wrong, I still love you despite that, but . . . I can’t marry you yet. Plus, I would like a real proposal, thank you very much.”

I nodded, a little too shocked to say anything. She smiled at me, but it was a weak smile. She grabbed my hand and led me back into the dining room. She sat back down in her seat, and I followed suit. Mr. Dursley was sending me a smug look, and I fought the urge to pull out my wand and hex his arse to next Thursday and back.


“Er . . .” Lily’s mum cut through the awkward silence that had settled over the dinner table, “So what’s the verdict then? Are you two engaged . . . or not?”

“We’re not.” Lily stated simply, and then she picked up her fork and her knife and began to cut through the food that she had piled onto her plate.

“Hah!” Petunia sang, setting down her cup, and pointing a finger at Lily, “I knew it! No one would ever—”

“Petunia!” Mr. Evans cut in irritably, “Not now!”

More like, not ever.

Her family watched us through dinner as if we were some strange new species that they’ve never seen before. It was really weird, actually, and that is saying something because it takes a lot to make me feel uncomfortable. I glanced at Lily, who seemed to be at ease.

Oh, so she wanted to play it that way then. Alright. I’m game.

Lily is going to regret rejecting my proposal, just like she regretted rejecting my go-out-with-me-Evans’. That’s right. I’m going to relentlessly propose to her until she gives in. It worked the first time I did it, right? Granted, it took six years, but still. It’s bound to work again, right?


Lily looked up at me, quirking her eyebrow in confusion at the smirk that was beginning to spread across my lips. Something seemed to click in her mind, and her eyes widened.

Oh yes, Lily.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

This starts now.


*A/N: I know I ranted at the beginning, but just reminding you guys to leave a nice lil' review for me ;)


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Life Throws a Punch: I'm The Only Broken Hearted Loser You'll Ever Need


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