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Seducing Teddy R. Lupin by Dancing Fool
Chapter 6 : Christmas in April (Date: Part 2)
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“Why is this trunk so heavy?” I cursed attempting to haul it onto the train. I staggered under its immense weight as I tried fruitlessly again. I looked back towards my parents who were unhelpfully staring blankly at me.

Seriously, what did I even pack?

A body?

... That’d be kind of awesome.

In a disturbing way, of course.

“Are you going to help or just keep staring?” I asked annoyed, tapping my foot impatiently and my mother promptly burst into tears.

“I can’t believe ma petite fille is growing up!” she wailed hugging me tightly, much to my embarrassment. I gasped for air as she was cutting off most of my supply.

“Maman!” I exclaimed trying to pry her off me. People were starting to stare at our spectacle. I looked away abashedly from their eyes.

“Geroff, mom!” I grunted, failing to remove her.

“It won’t be long until ‘Nique goes to Hogwarts,” my mother sobbed profusely, refusing to relinquish her death grip. “Then little Louis will go then I will be all alone!”

“What am I? Chopped liver?” my dad asked, thoroughly amused.

Thanks, dad. I’m glad my pain amuses you.

“All my babies are growing up!” my mom cried again, sniffling into my shoulder. “It’s not too late for you to stay home! It’s fine with me! You can live with us forever! I’ll cook and clean for you! Don’t you like it at home?”

I looked pleadingly at my dad and mouthed ‘Help’ to him. He just shook his head and laughed good naturedly.


“Fleur, I think she’s had enough,” dad chuckled finally after mom pretty much emptied her entire nose’s contents onto my clean shirt. That’s disgusting. “Stop embarrassing the poor girl! It’s her first day!”

Mom let me go hastily and wiped her puffy eyes on the sleeve of her shirt. “I’m sorry, Victoire. I don’t know what came over me.”

I smiled at her kindly. “I’ll miss you, mom.” Her bottom lip wobbled dangerously, threatening me to start crying again. “I’ll be back by Christmas,” I said before she could start crying again.

My mom looked at me then covered her eyes with her delicate hands. She burst into tears again. My dad patted her back softly while she wailed then knelt down next to me.

“I’ll miss you, sweetheart,” he said kissing me on the cheek. I stared back into his bright blue eyes and grinned at him.

“I’ll miss you too, daddy.”

“Stay out of trouble.”

“You know I will,” I lied, but he definitely saw the twinkle of mischief in my eyes.

“No boys, sweetie,” he said sternly, wagging a finger at me.

I rolled my eyes. “Of course not, daddy.”

“I’m serious! If I hear a word of you and a boy, I’ll let George loose on them-“


“You don’t want your uncle trying to kill any boys.”

“Oh my God,” I sighed, slapping a hand to my face.

As if it was timed, a stupid, tall, sandy blonde git walked passed with a black haired bloke. My eyes made contact with his and narrowed. I avoided the stupid wanker at all costs. He even didn’t want to see me. He’d go to great lengths to assure that he wasn’t present at the Weasley/Potter gatherings – which was fine by me, because nobody wanted him there.

“Weasley,” he said distastefully as my father glared at him with hate. Even though my dad used to adore Teddy, after our little mishap he insisted that he always knew that that boy was trouble.

What a liar.

“Go to hell,” I spat maliciously. Dad (who normally lectures me on how inappropriate swearing is) didn’t even reprimand me for my language on that one.

“Finally old enough to get into Hogwarts, huh?” he asked mockingly as his friend beside him shifting his feet awkwardly. “That’s good that you finally grew up. But knowing you, you’ll do something remarkably stupid anyways.”

“Ted, don’t,” the boy beside him warned worriedly, but Lupin shrugged him off.

“Stay away from my daughter, Ted,” my dad said forcefully, standing up and stepping protectively in front of me, grabbing my small hand in his own. Lupin rolled his eyes and scoffed.

“Dad, I can fight my own battles,” I told him firmly, then turned to Lupin, gently moving my father out of my way. I looked straight into Lupin’s hazel eyes – for a moment I thought his eyes were apologetic.

Just for a moment.

“Stay away from me. Don’t talk to me. Don’t talk about me. Don’t walk near me. Don’t even look at me. If you get remotely close to me, I will punch you so hard so that your pretty boy face will never be the same again,” I threatened viciously and for emphasis I rolled my sleeves back. Lupin glared challengingly back at me.

My dad smiled proudly and messed up my hair affectionately. “That’s my girl.” I grinned at him briefly then turned my attention back to Lupin.

Lupin seemed to contemplate whether or not I was worth starting a fight with, then shrugged indifferently and walked in the train with his friend who gave a weak smile at me. I grinned as I watched them disappear.

Yeah, peace out, sucker.


Fucking Lupin decides that it would be a great idea for us to go to Madame Puddifoot’s for our date.

Yeah, no.

Do you know what I can see right now?

Fucking pink.


It’s all I can see.

Is Puddifoot’s always ready for Valentine’s day? It’s April. I think it’s a little late for it.

I hate Valentine’s day. Damn flowers, damn pink, damn chocolate, damn... Lupin.

God, why am I even here?

But these were the least of my concerns – Lupin was trying to reach across our little table to grab my hand that was innocently sitting next to the sugar. Honest to God, that boy thinks of only sex... and boobs. But that’s related to sex. Let’s just say he’s got sex on the brain.

I glared at him harshly. “Just because my hand is on the table, Lupin, does not mean I want you to hold it!” I growled furiously at Lupin’s hand inching closer and closer to my own.

“Merlin, Weasley, don’t you ever want to get a little bit of action,” Lupin complained irritably, refusing to move his hand. I snatched my own off the table and put it safely in my lap.

“It’s really not my fault that you are perpetually horny,” I snapped back, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Not perpetually, just usually,” Lupin corrected sounding slightly offended – even though he knows that the statement was entirely true.

“That’s so much better,” I muttered angrily, sliding my seat as far away from Lupin as possible, which was proving to be difficult seeing as the table was tiny. Thankfully, our waitress was making her way over to us with are drinks that were in little pink mugs.

Who honestly loves pink this much!?

They could’ve used, I don’t know, white mugs.

I like white – much better than pink.

Pink’s overrated.

“Here you go, dears,” the pretty, young waitress said with a kind smile, putting our coffees on the table. Lupin looked at her and raised his eyebrows at her. Lupin’s eyes darkened (literally) with lust as he looked at her pretty face.

That’s cool, I’m not on a date or anything with you.

“Thank you,” I said politely, returning her smile.

“Yes, thank you,” Lupin said in a husky voice, eyeing her from her white sneakers to her ponytailed red hair – basically undressing her with his eyes.

Her face hardened. The waitress looked at me and gave a look that clearly said ‘what in Merlin’s name are you doing with this wanker’, which I thoroughly agreed with. “My pleasure, sir,” she muttered tightly, narrowing her eyes at Lupin. She turned around and stormed towards the kitchen quickly, moving her hips as little as possible.

Hey, I like her.

I turned to Lupin whose eyes were still dark and following the waitress out of the room. “Can you please not have eye sex with girls while you’re on a date with me?” I asked, my voice dripping of disdain as I glared accusingly at him.

Lupin’s eyes brightened again as he turned to face me and smiled cockily at me. “It’s not my fault if I’m ‘perpetually horny.’”

“Could you at least have some class?” I sneered, wanting desperately to get up and leave, but the three girls dressed in all black (secretive, I know) seemed to be hanging on our every word. I’m sure they’d object to me leaving in the middle of the date seeing as they keep making faces at me every time I insult Lupin.

My friends are nutters.

“Now, would that be me?” Lupin asked with a smirk, pushing off the table, leaning on the back two legs of the chair.

“I wish it would be,” I muttered quietly, picking up my pink coffee (gag) and sipping it hesitantly. I hacked and coughed it back up. “How much sugar did they dump in this thing!?” I shouted in outrage and slammed it back onto the table, allowing its sugary contents to spill out of the mug.

“Hey, it’s not their fault that you take your coffee bitter like your personality,” Lupin retorted grinning as he picked up his own and drank a mouthful of it.

“Fuck you,” I snapped harshly, giving him the deepest look of loathing. I turned my head sideways and saw my friends sitting around table like ours. They frantically gestured at me to face Lupin which I did grudgingly and unimpressed.

“I’d love it if you did,” he replied wiggling his eyebrows suggestively at me. He leaned forward on the table, letting his chair land on all fours. His face was inches away from my own. I could see his eyes darkening with lust, black exploding from his pupil and slowly dying the rest of his eye black.


I stomped my foot hard on his and he howled in pain. “In your dreams, you pervert.”

“You can count on it,” he gasped through his pain, but still trying (and failing) to sound cool, or appealing, or whatever-the-hell he wanted to sound like.

“Is there an off button for your stupid pick-up lines?” I growled at Lupin who was bent over and holding his foot in his hand. “Because listening to them non-stop is really starting to get on my nerves.” Lupin still wasn’t giving me much attention and was rubbing his injured foot.

Come on, I’m not that heavy.

I’m decently light... I think – I hope so.

“Perpetually horny, remember?” Lupin chuckled, dare I say it, jokingly.

“Are you really going to keep bringing that up?” I snapped already getting irritated with his stupid quoting of my own stupid mouth. “Because that’s getting old.”

“What’s really getting old is you denying that you have no feelings whatsoever for me,” Lupin retorted with a proud smile. I rolled my eyes.

“I don’t have any feelings for you, Lupin,” I snarled back at him. “Just because you have it implanted in your sad, deluded head does not make it true.”

“Then why did you agree to this date?” he asked amused, drumming his fingers on the table.

“You keep asking that, and every time you do makes me regret my decision more and more,” I hissed while pushing the blonde hair out of my eyes.

He smiled. “You don’t yet?”

“Oh trust me - I’m getting close to it.”

He smiled easily and rocked back and forth on his chair. “So what else did you have planned for our marvelous date?”

I raised my eyebrows him. “I get to pick?” He nodded. “Go back to the castle.”

Lupin frowned. “You get to pick what we’re doing on our date. You don’t get to decide when our date is over.”

I sighed loudly, and then looked over to my friends trying to sit inconspicuously at the table next to us. The girl who had a black hat and scarf who I identified to be Kristen mouthed to me ‘Weasleys’. “How about my uncle’s shop?”

Lupin made a face. “Most of your family hates me. Can’t we go somewhere without any of your family members present?”

“That’ll be difficult,” I said cheekily. “There are a lot of us - we inhabit most of the world.”

“How about Honeydukes?” he suggested. I glanced at Kristen who shook her head firmly.

“No,” I answered stubbornly. “You said I can pick. I want to visit Uncle George.” I grinned satisfyingly at Lupin who huffed immaturely.

“I really don’t think it would be a good idea,” he muttered.

“Doesn’t matter,” I shrugged him off. “Shouldn’t the lady get to decide?”

“You’re right.” Lupin looked around mockingly. “Do you see one around?”

He let out a wail as I kicked him hard in the shins.

Bloody prick.


“George!” I yelled happily and launched myself into his waiting arms. My uncle laughed as he twirled me around.

“What are you doing here, Vick?” he said gleefully, setting me down and patting down the mass of curls sitting on my head. I scowled. “I haven’t seen you in ages!”

“Sorry, George,” I said apologetically with a grin. “OWLs are soon and I need to do well.”

We burst out laughing together. George smacked his leg as he wiped imaginary tears off with his finger. “That was a good one, Vick! But seriously, do you need something?”

I shrugged casually. “Oh, nothing. I’m just here on a – um, on a-“

“Date,” Lupin finished for me. I glared at him maliciously. Did he have a death wish? Lupin cleared his throat as George looked at him for the first time today. “Pleasure to see you again, Mr. Weasley,” he offered charmingly (depending on your perspective), giving his hand for George to shake.

George stiffened and looked accusingly at me. I shrugged my shoulders carelessly as if to say ‘it doesn’t matter’. George looked at Lupin’s hand in distaste and said harshly, “I wish I could say the same for you.”

I laughed hysterically, looking at Lupin’s stiff expression. George glared at me next. “What are you doing on a date with him?”

I shrugged my shoulders again. “Lapse in judgment.”


I ignored Lupin’s outraged cry. George shook his head disappointedly. “I really thought you had better taste in blokes, Vick.”

“Everybody’s entitled to a few mistakes,” I joked. George still wasn’t too impressed with my answer. “Don’t worry, I’ve got this handled.” He shook his head and opened his mouth to retort. I quickly cut him off. “I’ll see you in a bit, George. Me and Lupin are going to walk around.”

Without another word, I grabbed Lupin’s arm and dragged him to the back of the busy store where all the leftover products from last year were.

“Well that was a hoot,” Lupin said sarcastically, putting his hands casually in his pockets. I glared at him darkly.

“If you just kept your big mouth shut, it would’ve been fine,” I growled, folding my arms.

“Yeah, I’m sure that when you told your favourite uncle you were on a date with yours truly, he’d jump for joy.”

“Oh boo-fucking-hoo,” I snapped.

“Why did you even want to come here?” Lupin asked irritably. I looked around quickly. I was sure that Kristen, Emily and Lindsay were here somewhere.

“I wanted to see George,” I replied monotonously.

“Well, you’ve seen him – now can we leave?”

“No!” I said sharply. Lupin raised an eyebrow at me and I coughed loudly. “I want to take a look around. I haven’t been here in a while.”

Lupin rolled his eyes. “It’s a store now – it’ll be a store later. Can we just leave?”

I gave him the death glare.

That settled the matter.

We stayed in the back to avoid Uncle George (who undoubtedly would want to murder either me or Lupin – or both). I tried to avoid Lupin as much as possible. I picked up the items sitting on the dusty shelf and observed them. There was a lot of Christmas merchandise left forgotten on the shelves. I grinned. George had a very odd sense of humour. His personal favourite was the sticking mistletoe. When you stepped under it, someone would need to kiss you to get out. It’s what we used to get Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron to stop fighting.


I whipped my head around frantically. I nearly dropped the exploding snow globe I was holding. A short brunette was waving madly at me. I looked quickly at Lupin who seemed thoroughly interested in a magical Christmas singing Yule log – either that or the assistant showing it to him.

“Emily?” I whispered back quietly. She nodded, gestured for me to come to her, and then disappeared round the corner. I hurried quickly after her, making sure that Lupin was distracted by the leggy assistant. Just as I was turning the corner, I realized my feet were stuck firmly to the ground. Confused, I tried again to pry my feet from the ground. I looked around – nothing else seemed weird. Then I looked up.


That little –

“BITCH!” I bellowed viciously to where I swear I could hear my friend guffawing.

Those little bitches. I’m going to kill them.

“What’s wrong, Weasley?” Lupin said cooly. I whipped my head around to face him. The assistant seemed to have left and he was casually resting against the shelf. Sodding wanker.

I glared at him then pointed to the ceiling. Lupin’s eyes followed to where I was gesturing and he grinned.

“I guess it’s time for our long overdue kiss,” Lupin said. He started quickly advancing towards me.

“What!?” I shrieked (in a very high voice). “No, Lupin! No! Call George! He’ll be able to get rid of the charm! GET AWAY FROM ME!”

Lupin was standing directly under the mistletoe with me, his arm slowly creeping up my arm. He grinned at me as his eyes glinted with playfulness. I swatted his hand away hysterically as I heard the laughter of my friends.


“Stop it, Lupin!” I persisted, leaning as far away from him as possible. He chuckled and sent me a dimpling smile.

Hold the phone – he has dimples?

“Lupin, stop!” I yelled at him. “Go tell George!”

“I can’t love,” he replied cheekily. He looked down and wiggled his feet. “I’m stuck with you too. Guess the only thing there is for us to do is kiss.”

I was hyperventilating. “No, Lupin! We’ll just scream for help!”

“It’ll be faster if you just kiss me,” he pointed out.

“No!” I protested, pushing his body away from me.

“What, you afriad?” he chortled leaning in towards me again.

“No!” I snapped back a little too quickly, my voice a little too high.

“I think you are,” Lupin said in a satisfied voice.

“You think, now?”

“You are so afraid.”

“I’m not!” I yelled heatedly.

“Then kiss me.”

“Tell your hormones, I said no,” I growled at him.

“You’re too scared of admitting that you actually have feeling for someone. Because Victoire Weasley doesn’t care about people - I guess you’re just the same heartless girl,” he antagonized, knowing that it would make me mad.

It worked.

“I am not heartless,” I snarled and he grinned at me.

“Prove it,” he challenged as I stared him down.

“Fine!” I yelled before thinking and suddenly, he was leaning in and I was breathing fast.

He leaned in towards me and everything seemed to slow down. I was acutely aware of his hand darting towards mine, his other on my back pulling me closer to him. I was more aware of my own thumping heart beating loudly in my chest. I could see every little crease around his golden unusually intense eyes. His eyes fluttered closed as he leant in closer.

I froze.

Did I really want to kiss him just to prove a point?

He was the reason why I cried so many years ago. He antagonizes me on a regular basis. He makes me miserable. He criticizes me and generally just makes me feel like a piece of shit. I’m just another challenge for him. I don’t have any feelings for him whatsoever. Why would I want to kiss him? Sure, the kiss might help with our ‘plan’ but do I really want to be a girl who does something that means absolutely nothing to her?


I whipped my head around in panic, thinking that I needed to get out of here.

Break the charm, and then run.

I kissed his cheek swiftly, feeling the charm release my feet. Without waiting, without looking and without saying a word, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, pushing through the crowds of people, down the Hogsmeade streets and back towards the castle.

My friends will kill me for ruining the plan later - but I can live with that.

At least my mouth is free from any diseases that Lupin may have been carrying.



A/N: The depleating amount of reviews really saddens me... Leave a comment for the sadly neglected box down there? I swear I'll update faster! :D

--- Dancing Fool

PS Is the new banner rubbish? Should I go back to the old one? Anyoooooone have an opinion on the matter?

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