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Family Life and Child Development by elainesilva
Chapter 2 : The Partner
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A/N: This chapter was revamped.


“NO!” Three voices rang in the hall at the announcement from the Sorting Hat. Three sets of eyes glared at each other, three people reacted violently, and those three were Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley and Draco Malfoy.

“Miss Granger, Mister Weasley, Mister Malfoy, I must ask you to calm down! Boys sit down! Miss Granger, I do not have the power to change the decision, the hat has just read both of your minds.” Headmistress McGonagall explained causing Hermione to sigh in defeat and stormed across  the hall to her new partner.

Harry sent her a sympathetic glance while Ron was busy sending glares on her partner. “Do not think for one second I would want to be in this situation! I loathe it to my very bones.” Hermione hissed as she sat down as far as physically possible while still being next to him, proving quite the challenge.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Granger because the feeling is mutual.” Draco hissed in a quiet tone that made shivers run up Hermione’s arms. Thiswas the first time they had talked to each other and it was clear that both had venom in their voices. She couldn't blame him though, seven years of animosity were hard to vanish.

As silently as they could Draco and Hermione waited for the ceremony to end. Hermione sent an appreciative smile at Harry as the hat announced him as Ginny’s partner. It was given; the two would end up being together until the end of their lives. This lessened her anger about her predicament momentarily,  Harry and Ginny were the perfect example of a happily ever after story. Hermione wondered when she would find her own prince, but as rational and logical as her mind was, Hermione shook those thoughts out of her head. Fairytales didn't come true in real life, Harry and Ginny were just a special case.

“Granger, pull your over-analyzing brain out of those thoughts for a moment, McGonagall’s talking.” Draco sneered at her. Hermione sent him a small glare but managed to blush a little. It was an embarrassing thought to have Hermione, little Miss Perfect know-it-all to be caught daydreaming and spacing out by the Slytherin Prince himself. Who knew what he would do at that kind of information.

“As I was saying, you and your partner will share a bedroom with a little crib inside. There you would find a doll and a note with instructions on how you would give life to your babies. The living arrangements will be here.” The professor flicked her wand and a large parchment with the partners’ names and their dorm mates written on it appeared.

Ginny came rushing to her happily and gave her a bone crushing hug. “Ca…can’t breathe.” Hermione stated in a little voice and Ginny pulled back, turning light pink. “Sorry.” “We’re dorm mates, Hermione with Zabini, Luna, Ron and Padma.” Harry announced when he reached where Hermione and Draco were seated.

Hermione groaned when she heard Ron would be there as well, it was quiet disorienting thinking about what would happen when Ron and Malfoy clashed with each other. Hermione hoped  at least one of them would know how to manage their tempers; however she knew firsthand that would be impossible. 


“Granger, get your ass off that seat and let’s go to the dorm.” Draco scowled at the Gryffindors as hebegan to walk out of the hall and towards their new dormitories.

 “Hey mate, you alright?” Blaise clapped Draco’s back as he walked with him towards the fifth floor, Draco nodded but continued to walk in silence. Blaise sighed at his friend’s unnatural silence, Draco had lived with them last summer after the trial. Blaise wasn’t as active as his friend when it comes to blood purity so he maintained a neutral force, but the change in Draco’s character was something he was beginning to get used to and Blaise knew that Draco needed someone to be there for him.

They neared the portrait of the young, blonde girl of about seven from the Regency era picking flowers and transforming them to crowns. “Kind sirs, you need to wait for the others before you can go in. The password should be agreed upon everybody, monsieur.” She stated offering a curtsy and returning to her play. Not long after Granger, Potter and the Weaslette arrived with Lovegood on their heels. 

Potter and the Weaslette gave Blaise and Draco curt nods of acknowledgment that both Slytherins returned, Draco less so than Blaise. Hermione looked away, biting her lip to prevent herself from speaking out at tha) moment. “Are we complete then?” Luna decided to break the rising tension between the Gryffindors and Slytherins with her calming sing-song voice.

“Not yet. Padma and Ron are---“Ginny was cut off by a loud bickering coming towards them. Padma dragged Ron towards the portrait. “I will go to McGonagall! This isn't fair! Hermione should not be partnered with that… that foul git.” Ron fumed and Padma smacked the back of his head before anyone could retort. 

“Shut your big mouth Ronald Weasley. McGonagall clearly stated that the decision was not hers! So manage yourself before I send you to St. Mungo’s for that bloody temper.” Padma said in an exasperated and angry tone, turning to the group she smiled politely. “Sorry, shall we pick our password then?” The group nodded and decided that ‘Unity’ would be the best one, as Harry said, ‘a reminder of the war and its repercussions’.


Ron was still red and practically steaming with anger glaring at the blond wizard as they entered the common room. It was a neutral, light room painted in calming, earthy colors. Four loveseats were strategically placed in the center portion of the room, and a simple mahogany coffee table in the middle facing the fireplace. It was warm and cozy like the Gryffindor common room although it lack the house colors. There was a small kitchen, two bathrooms (for the boys and for the girls) and four bedrooms (each with two twin-sized beds and crib).

Draco and Blaise sat down on one of the couches talking in hushed tones, Harry went into the kitchen, rummaging through the cupboards for some drinks, while the girls looked around the quarters, admiring its glory. Blaise left the common area for the bathroom and Draco stood up, walking towards the furthest left room that he would share with Hermione when he ran into somebody.

“Watch where you’re going, Death Eater,” Ron hissed maliciously at Draco as he stumbled back, losing a little of his balance.

Draco’s face showed  little anger  even though he was clearly insulted by the statement. “You don’t know me Weasel so sod off.” He hissed back.

“Oh, I know you. You are the foulest creature at and you don’t deserve to be here. You are a cowardly Death Eater and the poorest excuse for a wizard ever seen. Why don’t you go to your father in Azkaban and ask him to pull the strings like you did before? Or run to your whore mother and cry your heart out like a ninny?” Ron answered, jabbing his finger at Draco’s chest. The mention of his mother made Draco’s blood boil. How dare this Weasel insult his mother? If not for her, the Weasel's best friend would probably be dead by now.

“I said sod off! You don’t understand English? Then let me tell you slowly, SOD OFF WEASEL!” Draco hissed once more, his eyes narrowing and his fists clenching. Ron, who was still fuming, swung his arm back and connected his fist to Draco's jaw and causing a crack to be heard.

That same moment the girls, Blaise and Harry all heard the commotion and rushed in to the common room. “What’s happening here?” Hermione screeched at the sight of Draco’s bleeding lip as he lay on the floor. Draco was about to throw a punch at the redhead when Blaise rushed to his side and caught his arms while Harry did the same to Ron’s.

Hermione moved between the two and faced Ron, the other girls still standing dumbfounded. “Ronald Weasley, listen to me and you better listen very well! Do not do this again or else you’ll find yourself in the hospital wing without the knowledge of how you got there. Do you understand?” She spat, anger seeping through her body.

“So you’re defending that Death Eater? How dare you Hermione? Don’t you remember what he did to us? What he called you?” Ron retorted.

“I do remember, but nobody, and that includes you Ronald, messes with my grades. And if good grades includes having to have a truce with him and living peacefully I'll do it!'” She said, turning abruptly to Draco she grabbed his wrist, dragging him towards their room, even as Blaise let him go.


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