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Love Goddesses, Overprotective Brothers, and James Potter by dobbyismyhero22
Chapter 9 : Whining, Practice, and Sisters
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Disclaimer: I own nothing!


       As of now, I currently have, wait for it, a grand total of…*drum roll*…two friends in my own house. That’s right two.


Give it up for the loser of the Gryffindor tower.


       Word spread very fast about the little, erm, incident, and suddenly I was being glared at or told off by everyone in my house.


People who I didn’t even know were walking away whenever I entered the room.


People who already hated me were being especially cold. As in, they throw food at me.


Mustard doesn’t come out of clothes, let me tell you.


Even my ‘friends’ ignored me, or didn’t even look at me when I was around them.


All because I ‘betrayed’ Gryffindor. I find that very unfair. I mean, sure maybe it was a mistake that I went on the date with Noah right before our game, but he didn’t even ask me one question about quidditch! Noah is a good person.


He comforted me after all the guys left. You would think that someone who just got the shit beat out of him would be a little bitter towards the girl who sorta caused it, but he wasn’t. He honestly and genuinely cared.


       The only two friends that haven’t dropped me like a sack of potatoes are Dom and Elle. Dom, because like I said before, couldn’t care less about quidditch. And Elle, because she’s a firstie and doesn’t really have any other friends besides me. Plus, she doesn’t know enough about quidditch yet to care.


I love Dom and Elle, I really do, but a first year and a girl who only talks about boys aren’t really a good selection of friends right now.


I suppose I shouldn’t really be picky considering everyone else hates me.


And no, I’m not just being dramatic.


Al hates me. Laid back, sweet, and caring Albus Potter hates me. How is that even possible? The kid scowls at me when I’m within a thirty foot distance of him. I didn’t even know that Al was capable of scowling.


And Rose! Forgiving, loving, and understanding, Rose didn’t even look me in the eye. She’s not even on the bloody team! I guess it is her stupid quidditch obsession that made her angry that I was sacrificing the chances of winning by ‘dating the enemy’.




The whole situation sucks astronomically.


I feel guilty about going out with the guy that my brother hates, which is my fault and probably a bad decision on my part.


I feel guilty that I went out with him two weeks before the game, which made me feel like I was in some way letting down my team.


I feel guilty that Dom wasn’t talking to any of her cousins because none of her cousins were talking to me.


I feel guilty that all of Gryffindor is practically spitting on my boyfriend when he walks down the corridor.


Err…yeah. Noah is my boyfriend. I don’t really know how it happened. I know I’m an idiot for staying with him after what happened, but it’s nice to have someone with me that honestly cares, you know?


Am I a terrible person? I am, aren’t I?




I don’t even deserve to be a Gryffindor. I’m not brave enough to deal with this kind of shit. I’ve always had someone there with me. Ever since I was born, it has been Apollo. He has always been my best friend. After we got to Hogwarts, it was Rose, Dom, and Al.


And now, it’s just Dom and Elle. I can’t deal with two friends. I’m the kind of fucked up person that needs at least five people with her at all times. I hate being by myself. I hate being lonely.


I should just like transfer to Hufflepuff or something. They’re known for being sweet and loyal bastards aren’t they? That could work. I look shit in yellow and black though. Who the fuck even decided on yellow and black? Like seriously, it makes people look like bloody bumblebees. Who wants to look like a bumblebee, honestly?


Nobody. That’s who.


I couldn’t be a Ravenclaw, I don’t think. They are a bunch of snobbish freaks that read all the time. Losers. I mean, yes, my boyfriend is in that house, but still. That house does way too much studying for my liking.


And even the mere thought of being in Slytherin makes me want to puke. I used to like the color green before I found out it was Slytherin colors. Stupid Slytherins made me hate green. SEE WHAT YOU’VE DONE YOU STUPID FUCKS!




I apologize for that, Albert.


But for real, I only belong in Gryffindor, and they hate me.


Being a human sucks, you know?


I’d much rather be the giant squid or something.


The bloody thing just gets to chill in the Black Lake the entire time without a care in the world. How awesome would that be? He doesn’t have to worry about shit other than…nothing. What the hell does a squid have to worry about?


Exactly. Maybe there is some kind of spell to change me into a giant squid.


I’ll be known as Aphrodite-The-Girl-That-Changed-Herself-Into-A-Giant-Squid-Because-Her-Life-Sucked-And-Nobody-Liked-Her-Price.


Dandy title, don’t you think?


And what’s really horrible is that I have my first quidditch practice since the Hogsmeade day.


I’m just a tad nervous.




Did you seriously ask why, Albert?


Merlin, you are such a dipshit.


How about this: Angry quidditch team+Me (The person they are angry with)= Poop.


Got it?




Fuck my life.


And you know what the worst part of quidditch practice is?


That James didn’t even tell me about having practice in person.


He owled me. He bloody owled me.


He knows I don’t like owls! He knows I hate owls.


Creepy things scare the shit out of me.


And literally, the only thing the letter said was: Practice. 5:30.


Then, the fucking bird bit my finger. It started bleeding and everything.


I may or I may not have run out of my dorm crying and yelling about getting bird rabies.


Shut up, Albert. I was scared.


Right now, it’s 5:20. And I might possibly be hiding underneath my blankets, dreading going to practice.


Don’t judge.


       “Eggs! What are you doing? You have practice in ten minutes!” Dom screeched when she walked in the room and saw me in my pathetic state.


       “I don’t wanna gooooooo!” I whined, pulling the blankets more tightly over my head.


       “You do realize that if you don’t go that you’re going to be kicked off the team?” Dom said, trying to rip the blankets off of me. She didn’t succeed.


       “I don’t care!” I moaned, trying to kick her off my bed.


       “I’m sick of this sulking shit! Get your whiney little arse to practice!” She shrieked, grabbed my ankles, and yanked me off the bed.


Isn’t my best friend just a flipping saint?


       “ACK! What the fuck is wrong with you?” I yelled, massaging my elbow, which slammed against the hardwood floor very hard.


       “I told you.” Dom growled, her blue eyes bright with anger. “I’m sick of your sulking around. They’re pissed at you. I get it. But it’s time for all of you to- Move. The. Fuck. On.”


She lightly tossed me my sneakers.


And when I say lightly toss, I mean she chucked them at my head.


I glared at her, but put them on regardless.


       “I hate you.” I told her, pulling a light gray sweatshirt over my head. 


       “I know!” She called back cheerfully, as I ran out the door.


Insane bint.


And to think I call her my best friend.



I got to the quidditch pitch, literally, one minute late.




       “Nice of you to show up.” James said coldly, eyes narrowing slightly when he looked at me.


Shane folded his arms across his chest. Roxanne glared at me. Al froze. Fred scowled. And Apollo refused to look in my direction.


Don’t cry. Don’t cry, Aphrodite. You are not a pretty crier. You look like a psycho loser when you cry.


I really do. You should see me. It’s honestly slightly frightening.


My nose starts running like a disgusting faucet of goo, and my eyes get all puffy and bloodshot. I look like I’ve just been doing drugs or something. Not to mention that my face scrunches up, and I look like I’m constipated.


Not even remotely attractive in any way.


I hate the girls that look all peaceful and beautiful when they cry.


Dom looks gorgeous when she cries.

(I hate her sometimes.)


Rose looks really weird when she cries. Her whole entire face turns red. Like it’s fucking creepy. You should see it, she looks like a tomato or fire truck or some other thing that looks red.


Wait, am I still allowed to make fun of her if she hates me?


Eh. Who cares?


She looks weird.


Why am I even talking about this?


Merlin, I am not right in the head.


       “Sorry.” I said in a pathetically small voice looking at my shoes.


I am such a bloody coward.


       James ignored me. “Okay team, the usual fifteen laps around the pitch!” He yelled, and everybody began running.


I took my normal spot on the bleachers.


       “That means you too, Price!” James called angrily, arms folded across his chest.


Say what?


First of all, did anybody else hear the use of the last name? He called me by my bloody last name. This is fucking bad.


Second, say what? Running? I don’t do running. Remember the whole fall on my arse thing and taking everybody down with me? Yeah, that still happens.


       I’m pretty sure I sputtered like an idiot for two whole minutes. “W-what?” I said spastically.


       “Get your arse on the pitch!” He yelled with authority, his expression fierce.


I flinched at the coldness in his voice, and quickly made my way to the pitch to begin *shudder* running. I hid my face with my hair as I passed him.


I. Am. Such. A. Bloody. COWARD.


I ran for about three minutes before I started wheezing.


I repeat: I do not run. Ever.


My chest felt like it was on fire, my nose was running (very attractive, I know) from the cold, and I literally sounded like I was about to die.


Everyone else was starting to lap me. Most ignored me, including Apollo. Roxanne purposely hit me with her shoulder as she ran by.


I am almost certain though that Freddy cracked a smile when he passed me.


Whether he wanted to show that I wasn’t alone, or he found my current state of near death humorous, I don’t know. But I’m going with the latter.




       It was the fifth lap where I tripped, knocked over Roxy, and then fell on top of her.


Class is just oozing out of me.


       “Sorry!” I squeaked. She glared at me, her brown eyes bright with anger.


       “Why are you such a fucking klutz?” Roxanne screeched and pushed me off roughly. She ran off muttering ‘stupid bitch’ and ‘bloody whore’.




Roxanne and I have always been pretty good friends. Being the only two girls on the quidditch team gave us a bond. Now she was just being well…a bitch.


Why are these bitches always hatin on me? They tryin to ruin my flow? Ya feel me, homie?


Did you appreciate my attempt at being ghetto, Albert?


I enjoyed it quite a bit myself.


Somehow, I managed to scrape up my knees pretty badly and cut open my hand on a rock when I feel.


I honestly have shit for luck.


Life is rough.


My hand was bleeding. I didn’t have any bandages, and since I wasn’t about to go ask James for something, I used the sleeve of my sweatshirt to try and stop the bleeding.


Brilliant. You know I always wanted a blood stained sweatshirt.


Oh I am just so sarcastic today, aren’t I, Albert?


“Fuck.” I muttered under my breath when the bleeding still wouldn’t stop.


“Give me your hand.” Someone sighed. I looked up, and Apollo had his wand out. He was noticed my confused expression, and raised an eyebrow as if to say, “Well, are you going to give me your hand to heal or are you just going to look at me?”


I shakily placed my palm, turned upwards, in his.


I tried not to show that I was practically shitting my pants because he was helping and talking to me.


He set to work, muttering spells and charms under his breath.


I glanced up, and he was avoiding my gaze, only concentrating on repairing my wound.


“There, all done.”


“Thank you.” I said gratefully, and caught his eye for a split second before he quickly looked away. Apollo didn’t respond. Instead, he heaved himself up, and started to go back to his running.


“Apollo…” I said, my voice breaking.


He turned around with a hard expression on his face. “Don’t,” was all he said, emotionlessly, before jogging away.


You have no idea how much will power it took not to burst into tears right then and there.


I am a sad excuse for a human being.


No comment was necessary, Albert.


“So how was practice?” Dom asked me, barely glancing up from her most recent copy of Witch Weekly as I stomped into the room, exhausted, grumpy, and pissy.


“It was the worst practice of my life, and I hate you with all of my brain for making me go.”


“All of your brain? I thought that the expression was ‘all of my heart?’” Dom questioned, cocking her head to the side slightly.


“Yes, Dominique,” I sighed tiredly. “That is the normal expression, but as of right now, all of the bloody hatred in my bloody heart is being bloody reserved for every bloody person on my bloody quidditch team!” I exclaimed just a tad bitterly.


“Say bloody one more time.” Dom smirked annoyingly.


“BLOODY!” I screamed, and collapsed back on my bed in frustration.


“Tell ol’ Dommy dear what happened,” She said in an irritating cooing voice as she climbed onto my bed, and started to pat my head in a patronizing way.


“Don’t touch me.” I growled, glaring up at her in very scary way.


She giggled.




 “Come on! What was so bad about it?” She asked, poking me in the cheek.


I smacked her hand away roughly before starting my story.


“It was awful. Roxanne was being a right bitch, Shane and James practically glared at me the whole time, and the rest of the team barely even looked at me!” I whined.


“Well, look on the bright side of it!” Dom exclaimed cheerfully.


Bright side?


“What’s the bright side of my whole entire quidditch team hating me and playing so badly that even the Puffs could beat us?” I pointed out reasonably.


She paused for a moment. “Hmm..Well, you’ve got some pretty nice legs.” Dom was looking up at the ceiling in concentration. I raised my eyebrow.


“And you like to eat cheesecake. Not many girls are unafraid to admit that these days. And I mean, you eat a lot of cheesecake. Like honestly, it’s a miracle that you don’t way like eighty-seven million pounds!” She chirped, smiling widely as if she just helped me in some way.


Okay cool. So the bright side is that I have nice legs and that I like to eat cheesecake.


Is it just me or does that not make any sense whatsoever?


It’s not just me?











I tried to block out the harsh whispers that I heard as I walked into the Great Hall with Noah holding my hand.


I told him. I told him that this would happen.


But he just insisted on eating with, well, actual, you know, people.


I, on the other hand, was perfectly content on eating in the kitchen as we’ve been doing since Hogsmeade.


You see, the cute little house elves don’t give a rat’s arse about quidditch or any dumb house drama so they still shower me with yummy food without calling me a buttload of bloody names.


I enjoy the house elves.


And of course, I couldn’t sit with the Gryffindors so I was stuck eating dinner with the Claws, half of which were reading or studying.


Kill me now please and thank you.


“I knew this was a bad idea!” I muttered to Noah as we sat down at the Ravenclaw table. I could practically feel the Gryffindor glares burning into my back.


“Calm down. It’s not even that bad.” He said, rolling his eyes before turning to talk to his quidditch mates.


Such a sassy person.


I was sticking my tongue out at his back, when I heard an “Aphrodite?”


Athena plopped down in the seat next to me looking confused. “What are you doing here? I thought you said that all Ravenclaws are boring arse motherfuckers?”


Surrounding Claws glared at me.


Athena raised an eyebrow, and tried to hide a grin.


Whoa, who knew that my sister could be such a devious, conniving little bitch?


I think I like her.


“I don’t recall, sister dearest. Perhaps you are confusing me with someone else?” I said in my best innocent voice, which still sounded guilty.


“Perhaps.” She repeated, and grinned widely.


See, when I’m not pissing her off, and when she’s not screaming like a banshee, she’s actually pretty chill.


This doesn’t happen very often so get excited.


“So how does it feel to be the outcast of Gryffindor?” Athena asked jokingly, I assume, pouring herself a cup of pumpkin juice.


Why don’t you stab me in the heart while you’re at it, Athena?


I didn’t respond, and looked down dejectedly, pushing peas around on my plate. 


“Ooh, too soon?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.


“No shit.” I hissed, glaring at her.


She turned to me, giving me her full attention. “Apollo can’t be mad at you forever. You know that. Hell, nobody can be mad at you forever, even me. For some reason, it’s impossible to be angry with you for more than a week.” Athena pursed her lips in thought.


“It’s almost as if there is like some sort of wonky, annoying arse curse that prevents somebody from being pissed at you for too long. Cause seriously? No matter how bloody annoying you are, I always have to forgive you. Always.” She said, putting a hand on my knee.


“Apollo can only be mad at you for so much longer. It’ll blow over, I promise.” Athena said all of this very sincerely and sweetly.


It amazes me that she can pull all this sentimental shit out of her arse.


It’s a gift that only Athena could possess, and I loved her for it.


That’s when I tackled her with a hug. Well, tackled as much as I could while sitting on a bench, but still.


I missed my sister. I need to spend more time with this chick.

A/N: Please do not kill me! I know this chapter was absolutely awful and full of poop, but I was just trying to get it done so you guys didn’t abandon me and my horrid updating schedule!


I have a new story though! That should compenscate for the badness right? RIGHT?! It’s called Enemies with Benefits and it’s a Freddy II/OC. Check it out if you get the chance!


Review to let me know that you still kinda/sorta love me? (: 

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