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A Bump In The Night by prettywishes
Chapter 7 : The Hole Gets Deeper
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AN: So heres another chapter! Hope you like it..

 “What do you mean you think I killed Albus, he’s my best friend?!” Scorpius insisted. Glancing at the man before him who still hadn’t identified himself, he wondered if he thought like so many others and was blaming him just because of something as stupid as his name. Sometimes the blonde boy wished that he could have had parents with any surname but the one he’d been stuck with because he hated always been judged because of it.

“Well you were found with Mr. Potter’s body in the empty common room by a prefect, and it doesn’t appear that anyone else was out of bed.” The man explained, as though he thought Scorp was stupid for not already knowing why he was being suspected.

“I didn’t do it!” He insisted, his eyes wide. Scorpius hadn’t even hit someone before; he didn’t see how anyone could honestly think that he had killed his best friend. Even though his family had always been known to be a dark one, he still failed to see how anyone could think that he’d managed to lay his hands on anyone. “He was just like that-he-I would never do that to anyone!” Scorpius managed, distressed by the fact that anyone could think so low of him.

“Well the evidence says otherwise Mister Malfoy, and you would be smart to get a lawyer.” The official continued, causing Scorp’s eyes to nearly bug out. How getting cake in the middle of the night due to jitters from a Quidditch match had evolved to what it had was unknown to him. So much of him wished that he’d just rolled back over or that Albus had woken him up when he’d left bed so that none of this would have even happened.

The Auror was still sending Scorpius dirty looks and he knew that he should probably do something-say something- to try to make this situation less bleak. It wasn’t as though he knew the name of a lawyer off the top of his head, and when he realized what he was going to have to do the boy almost wished that he’d been the one to drop dead in the middle of the common room.

“Can you contact my father?” He questioned, knowing that he was going to regret it at some point in the future. His father was hardly happy when he was dragged along to drop him off at the train station and he doubted that he’d appreciate being called to the school in the middle of the night because his son was a murder suspect.

“I will have someone get on that-but you are not to move from this seat are you clear?” The man commented, only to receive a nod from Scorpius. The blonde wouldn’t dare to move a muscle, he was already in enough trouble as it was and it was going to take a bunch of digging to get himself out of the hole that had already been dug.


As soon as the words slipped from the obnoxious blue robed boy the students filling the halls seemed to have gone completely insane. It was almost as though someone had dropped a chip onto a beach full of seagulls. Several of the younger children started to cry, and Lorcan could have sworn that she heard someone going on about how the entire school was going to be murdered. Despite the fact that it was quite a serious situation the girl couldn’t help but to laugh at the outlandish comment. Just because one person had turned up dead didn’t mean that they were all going to die.

Still the fact that someone had been killed at Hogwarts was shocking, and Lorcan could hardly process the fact that it was Albus Potter, a boy whom she’d known her whole life, her best friend’s older brother. It was hard for her to process the fact that it wasn’t just a stranger that had died, or a name; it was a living breathing person. Except of course they were dead. 

“Ugh.” Lysander muttered under his breath, not having expected his words to be overheard. Lorcan didn’t see why he even bothered to be upset, it wasn’t as though they weren’t going to figure it out sooner or later. Ravenclaw was supposed to be a bunch of geniuses after all.

“Are you sure it was our Albus?” Lorcan questioned, twisting the braid around her fingers as she followed the heard down the hall. While they were clearly more distraught and much more awake then they’d been only moments ago the group was still making a good pace towards the Great Hall.

“Of course it’s our Albus-he’s the only Albus.” Lysander replied, rolling his eyes at his sister’s stupid suggestion. Not that he could blame her; it wasn’t as though he wanted it to be their Albus either. There was something about the death being someone that they knew that made it seem scarier but at the same time it made it feel as though it hadn’t happened.

“So do you know who did it?” The loud boy who had announced the incident to the whole group questioned. His eyes lit up as he spoke, and both of the twins found it strange that he didn’t appear to be bothered by the fact that one of his classmates had just been found dead in the middle of a very secure castle.

“No, I don’t know who did it.” Lysander snapped back, not even wanting to think about such things. It had to have been someone in the building after all, most likely a Slytherin, and the blonde didn’t want to believe that any of them would be capable of killing someone in cold blood.

“Well, he’s a Slytherin-I bet he deserved it.”


“What’s going on?” Draco Malfoy demanded, making his way into the Slytherin common room as though he owned the place. Despite the time of night he was fully dressed, although his balding hair wasn’t neatly placed as it normally was. His presence and booming voice caused most of those who were still working on the investigation in the room to turn to see who it was. When they realized that it was just any angry parent most returned to interviewing students or searching the dormitories for some sort of clue about what had happened that night.

The slightly intimidating man who’d been questioning Scorpius turned his back on who he assumed was the criminal, and made his way over to the scum’s father. The Malfoy family hadn’t been well regarded in the eyes on the ministry for ages, and it was obvious in the way that the Auror looked at the disturbed father.

“We believe that your son was involved in the death of a student here tonight.” He explained, cutting right to the case. Draco Malfoy’s eyebrows shot up and for a moment he glanced from his young son to the investigator before him. While they had never had any sort of close relationship Draco knew enough about his son to know that he wouldn’t even know how to go about killing someone, let alone go about it.

“You think-you think that Scorpius killed another student?” Draco clarified, wondering if perhaps what he’d had for dinner had caused some strange dream. None of this made much sense. The father was expecting to be called in because Scorpius had been subject to some sort of shenanigan, not because he was involved in executing any.

“Yes sir.” The man replied, giving him a nod.

“And who are you?” Mister Malfoy questioned, trying to figure out if this was for real.

“Detective Ryan.” He explained proudly, clearly having worked to get into his position for quite a while.

“Well, Detective Ryan, do you have any evidence that my son was even involved in all of this?” He demanded, hoping that he’d be able to get this over with rather quickly. For a moment the man fumbled through his notebook looking for the specifics, then he looked back up at the skeptic father.

“He was found by a prefect standing over Mister Potter’s body yelling something, no one else was out of bed-” The detective went to continue but he was cut off by the started father.

“Did you say Potter?”

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