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One Evening by CharlieDay
Chapter 1 : One Evening
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Angelina stared at the frying pan she was washing. Was she ready yet? Was George ready? she thought. She scrubbed the frying pan a little harder than she normally would, noticing that she could hear George saying something in the shop below. They really needed to move soon with all that was happening. She picked up a bowl from the side and sighed, realizing that it was stained. She had told George not to use the good china for his potions. It had happened to Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, nearly the whole of their combined families for that matter, so why wouldn’t it happen to them?

She got out a packet of pasta. That was romantic. What would Fred have said? She pushed that thought out of her mind quickly. Where had the tinned tomatoes gone?

“Accio Tomatoes,” she said with a quick wave of her wand. Not only did the tinned tomatoes hit her in the head, but a bright, purple tomato plant dropped onto the surface beside her. In all her worry with she had forgotten to be specific.

As the sauce slowly sizzled in one frying pan and the pasta boiled in the other, Angelina tapped her foot. She wondered how it would be telling George. Would it be hard? Would she even be able to get the words out? She quickly chopped an onion, turning her head away so she wouldn’t cry. She did though, she couldn’t help herself. She wasn’t sure it had anything to do with the onions. Fred’s image popped into her head, laughing, happy, joking, young Fred. She couldn’t believe that he was really gone. She loved George but sometimes she couldn’t help thinking of Fred.

She looked in the refrigerator for a bottle of wine. Wine was the most romantic drink in her opinion, even if it was a Muggle one. She went into the bedroom and looked in her shoe cupboard. George never looked in there, so it was where she kept her diary a the key to a certain cupboard. She had found that anything left unprotected in the kitchen ended up getting used for one of George’s experiments, so Hermione helped her put a magical lock on one of the cupboards. She opened the cupboard in question carefully and removed two very expensive- looking champagne glasses that had been a wedding present from Alicia.

Angelina shook a white table cloth and put it on the little table.“Orchideuos!” A rose fell onto the table and Angelina placed it into the vase. She wanted this dinner to be perfect. She would have to tell George at some point and over a romantic dinner was probably the best time for such an important conversation.

She heard a knock at the door. George never knocked, so it had to be Verity.

“Mr Weasley says he’ll be home extra late tonight. He is going with Mr. Jordan and Mr. Weasley for a drink at the Leaky Cauldron,” she said, looking rather frightened. Well, she should be, thought Angelina. It was her own fault that she got shouted at last time. thought she was being funny Angelina supposed, trying to get in George's good books.

After carefully turning the hob off, Angelina went downstairs to the shop. Tonight was not the night for George to go and get drunk with Lee and Ron. The shop was busy, as always. George was smiling and talking to one of his customers, a small boy. She pushed through the crowd, frowning. George spotted her after a teenage girl looking at one of the many love potions got out of the way.

“I’m going out with Ron and Lee tonight, Angie. I thought Verity had gone up to tell you,” he said as she reached his side. The shop bell tinkled and George glanced at the door. Angelina looked at him in her friendliest, most enticing way.

“Would you rather have a romantic dinner with your wife or go out, talk about Quiditch and get drunk?” she said, trying to sound stern. She couldn’t have said what she had to say, there, in the shop. George frowned, but he followed her back towards the stairs into the flat telling Verity to watch the till. The shop bell tinkled again. Lee walked in.

“Please Angie, Lee is going to Albania tomorrow to commentate on the match. I won’t see him in ages,” George whined.

Angelina groaned inside; when Lee was going away for one of his commentating jobs there was little chance that George was going to come home with her. What would she do?

“George, please come with me. I made pasta and I have something important to say,” Angelina said, hoping that George could be persuaded to come with her. George walked over to Lee, scowling. They talked for a minute, then Lee left the shop and George returned to her side.

“There, are you happy now?” George said as he shuffled up the stairs. God, George could be so childish sometimes. Angelina felt more like his mother than his wife.

He opened the door, which Angelina had left unlocked, and then, to Angelina’s surprise, he smiled as he sat down at the table. Carefully, she took two china bowls from the cupboard and put the pasta inside. It looked good, elegant. this was probably the best dinner Angelina had ever cooked. She knew something like this called for a special effort. She set the two bowls down on the table and they both began to eat.

“Business was good today. I had about a hundred Hogwarts students come in for my new range of Skiving Snackboxes. You know, the ones that you just have to sniff. They should foil those Hogwarts teachers for a while! Do you remember when me and Fred-” He stopped short, it was still painful for them to talk about Fred and he saw Angelina slowly turning white. They continued to chatter all through dinner, but Angelina still didn’t say anything about the situation.

Angelina sat in the bed, trying to read some Muggle novel that Hermione and Ginny had recommended to her. The room was small and the light didn’t get in very well through the window. She waved her wand at the light bulb, but it had blown again. George was in taking in the new stock. She could never understand why he always had to take the new stock in late at night. All he would ever say was that it was easier for his suppliers.

Angelina had barely read another chapter when George came in with two mugs of coffee and handed one to Angelina.

“What are you reading?” he asked, as he began to brush his teeth.

“Some Muggle book. Hermione and Ginny recommended to me,” Angelina said as she took a sip from her mug. Surprisingly, it was still hot.

The evening wore on. George read one of his inventing manuals and Angelina continued to push on through her own book. Finally, George got out of bed to turn the lights off, placing his book down on the bedside table. Just before he reached the light he turned round, looking as if he had remembered something.

“Angie, what was the important thing you were going to tell me?”

Angelina knew this would come. She couldn’t hide from it now. She had told George that she had something important to say and he rarely let things drop once they had been said. If Angelina had been wearing boots, she most definitely would’ve been shaking in them. Now it came to it, she didn’t even know if she could tell George. Her anxiety made her head spin.

“Are you okay? I asked you what the important thing you were going to tell me was,” he reminded her.

What was she going to do? How could she tell him? How had Katie and Alicia and Ginny and Hermione and all her friends done it? Why hadn’t she thought to ask them? She could be so stupid sometimes!

“George W-” She didn’t finish. She simply didn't know how she could tell him. It would change their lives, for God’s sake.

She tried again. “George, I think we’re going to have to move."

“Is this because of the blue mice? Because I’m getting someone in to get rid of them. A customer saw one and ran out of the shop."

“No, it is not because of the bloody blue mice.” What was happening to her?

“What is it then?” George said, puzzled.

“Well it’s just- it’s just-” she stammered, “George? We’re pregnant.”

He stood there with his mouth hanging open for a moment then said, “Well, you’re right, then. We will have to move.”

A/N: Written For SlytherinChica08’s we’re Pregnant Challenge. Beta’d by Fleur Delacour Potter.

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One Evening: One Evening


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