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Age 17 Becoming a Snape by qtbaby88
Chapter 6 : *Chapter 5*
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Sorry for the long wait but i have had many family issues trying to deal with the death of my grandpa and trying to make everything put in order for my grandma hope you all like it

I own nothing of J.K Rowling


Blaise’s POV

          Well it has been a month since I asked Aura to me my girlfriend, but we haven’t been able to be alone or actually go on a first date since she still hasn’t got her feeling back in her legs. I just want her to feel better. Its almost August now and in  everyone has been spending all our time keeping Aura company, we would bring her outside and she would sit on the stairs to the pool with her legs dangling in since she cannot go fully in since her cut hasn’t healed yet. The scratch has but the cut would heal fast enough it was that deep. “Babe are you ok? You don’t look that great” I said while moving from behind her “Blaise I’m so tired, can you please help me go inside, and I need my dad I want to ask him a question” Aura said while trying to keep her eyes open “Dad can you please get uncle Severus please” I asked my dad “She said she was tired, and she wanted to ask him something” he nodded and showed us to the 2nd floor it was the first door we saw straight ahead from the stairs, he opened the door and I noticed it had many double beds. I don’t know how Uncle Severus did that but as soon and he saw Aura, he nodded and showed me to this massive room with multiple beds. Well if you have all been wondering, we have all been staying in the lounge room for over a month, keep Auras cuts clean and tracking her sleeping. Aunt Mia said it would be best since it was the closet room to theirs. Everyone has been taking shifts on who stays up with her, and who mainly the girls helps her get to the showers, and cleans the wound like Madam Pomfrey showed us.

“Asian, is Hermione I mean Aurora here, Ron and Harry just told me when I went to see them at the burrow once I got back and they said if I wanted to see the true Hermione the liar, the traitor I had to come here, is it true she’s your sister?” I heard Luna Lovegood say “Yes, babe she is my sister she is up here come on, I think she will be very happy to see you, she wanted to tell you as soon as she go back but she has been in a lot of pain and well I thought she waited long enough to finally see you this summer” Asian while coming to the door.


Luna’s POV

          As we walked into the bedroom everyone was in I heard it. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh when it this going to stop” Aura screamed “Asian what happen?” I whispered he pulled me out of the room and explained everything that he knew and was told. I felt so bad but Asian said that I shouldn’t give her any pity she was tired of it and just want to live life like it should and that we will know when it is time to worry. We walked back in and she was asleep peacefully, and so was Ginny. That’s when 2 others girls walked in and I noticed Fred and George were trying to figure out who they were and if they had boyfriends.

          “Hey Luna, I didn’t think you were going to come” I turned towards the voice and laughed “Yah, I thought I was going to the burrow first, I didn’t know Hermi-Aurora was here I until I got there and Ron and Harry told me, Astoria when did you get here?” I asked her

“Oh I got her a week ago, I would have owled you to come but we were all sticking by Aura because of well I’m sure Asian just told you” Astoria replied softly. I went to give everyone hugs and then sat with Asian on the bed and gave him a kiss while cuddling up to him. “Wait how long have you been dating Asian, Luna?” Fred asked “well… about”… “it will be a year in October” I turned to Asian and smiled “she needed help finding her things, because her house thought it would be funny to hide them and I found her shoes in my trunk” Asian said with a smile “Yah, I was putting up a sign when he walked past me and asked me if they were mine” “He smiled at me when I nodded because I was blushing like Ginny whenever Blade was around her” I said blushing once again “I said I would help her find the rest, and found out that we like a lot of the same things, at first Blade, Blaise, Draco, and Astoria laughed at me but once they got to know her they were cool, but same with Blade and Ginny over there” I pointed over towards Blade and Ginny but they were both passed out. “Fred, George, This is my sister Nica, and this is Blaise’s sister Esmee” Stori said while covering her laugh in Draco’s shoulder. Saw Nica and Esmee blush as Fred and George try to get to know them. I Hugged Asian and went over to Aurora who started to stir in Blaise’s arms. “Hey Aurora, how are you feeling?” I asked her once she was done rubbing her eyes

“OMG, Luna when did you get here?” she said while grabbing me into a hug. “About 20 minutes ago you were sleeping and Asian filled me in on everything. I wish I was there when the asshole flipped on you. But he got his and Harry got his when I went to see you and they had the whole house in a tizzy. How is Ginny doing?” I added at the end while we all looked at her and Blade. “I guess she is starting to accept her mother’s decisions but I don’t know, I can’t hear what she is really thinking in her mind like I can only on Blade and Asian” she said with a slight frown looking at Ginny. “Actually Aura you can, well we think you can since you could hear mine, Astoria, and Blaise’s” we both turned to Draco, with confused looks “He’s right babe, push your thoughts to mine while I do the same.” Blaise said the Aura

Aurora’s POV

“Actually Aura you can, well we thing you can since you could read mine, Astoria, and Blaise’s” me and Luna turned to Draco, with confused looks “He’s right babe, push your thoughts to mine while I do the same.” Blaise said the Aura

*Aura, see what we mean, I can hear you just like Blade and Asian but you have to do more work since you 3 are triplets and we are just best friends well were and hopefully will be again*

*I think that can be possible Blaise, like I told Asian and Blade I want you all here with me again, I always felt like I had a big void in my heart that I could never fix, but now I can*

*That’s going to happen don’t worry well never let you be taken away or hidden away from us ever again. I have missed you so much love, you can ask anyone of our parents and our friends, I always wished you would return back to us and to me.*

*Well I want you to be the first to hear this but I have forgiven Draco and Aunt Cissy and Uncle Lucius *

Wow that’s awesome now I don’t have to talk out loud when I want to say something private. I can have the most fun with Blaise I’m thinking I am ready to take mine and Blaise’s next step even though we have only been dating for  a month.

*Actually Sis we have to teach you how to block your thoughts from us first, I know what you were thinking and you better wait for at least 6 months before you think of that with him, I don’t want to have to break my best mates nose*

*Blade jeez get out of my head, and for your info you don’t have a say what I can and cannot do but out sometimes jeez argh*

“Aura, what’s the matter, Aura stop freaking out what’s wrong?” I heard Ginny freaking “What you all heard what I said?” oh jeez please don’t please. I looked at everyone rubbing their ears, I looked down “oh shit they all know” I groaned “Aura, stop please your killing our ears” I looked over at Fred, just what I needed everyone hearing everything ARGH kill me please I don’t want everyone to know what I was think about Blaise. “Ahhh Aura, seriously please stop screaming” I looked up to see everyone looking in pain holding their heads “Omg you all heard what I was thinking, I never thought I was pushing out my thought I thought I was only thinking in my head, OMG I’m so sorry” I said putting my face in my hands blushing and slightly crying into Blaise’s shoulder “Hey you never pushed out your thoughts you just pushed out your screams of embarrassments” I looked up to them all agreeing  “Um I now this is a very bad time to ask this but can all you guys leave I need to pee and change really need an shower” I asked softly after I said that my feet started to tingle “Aura, Dad said you can try walking now, you should be able to hopefully” Pippa said while walking back in with mom. “Ok sweetie; want to try?” mom questioned, and looking at me hoping.  I wiggled my toes and nothing happened at first but then I felt tingling from my toes to my hips, within about 2 mins I could bend my knees. I nodded and slide them off the bed.

I grabbed the first two sets of hand I saw and looked up “ok, Blaise and Draco make sure you let her have some of her own wait but don’t give her too much” mom said with the biggest smile I looked at the door hearing  happy sighs I saw everyone and their parents. I giggled and took a step forward “That’s it keep going, ok guys give her some more of her wait” mom assured them I could try more.  I was looking at my feet feeling so happy, and then I remembered I had to pee really bad and bolted to the bathroom before I could pee myself. I heard grasps of shock when I was done, I tried to walk another step back out and screeched and fell laughing. I was laughing so hard that I never noticed Nica and Pippa walked in an burst out laughing as well they tried to carry me out but couldn’t because they were laughing so hard.

*Blaise Draco help I tried to walk again but fell on my Ass *

*yah were coming why are you all laughing so hard?* they asked

* Because I fell after I ran to the toilet and tried to come back out*

“I can’t believe you were able to run and now you can’t walk without support” Blaise said chuckling “It’s because she pushed herself to soon, but I guess when she had to go she had to go and there was no stopping her” Dad said with the biggest smile and kissing my head “um whens dinner I’m starving?” me and Ginny asked in unison then we both started laughing so hard well the parents left and everyone went down stairs to get food since that was the only thing to keep mom occupied while was in pain and sleeping. “Blaise, I- um… I want to tell you something I-” “wait let me go first, Aura I have had feelings for you since we were young enough to know coodies were old school, I am not going to run out on you once something becomes to hard, what I am trying to say is that, I love you and have loved you for many years and I will always love you even if you don’t want me around I turely Love you Aurora Starr Snape” Blaise interrupted me, “Aw Blaise I love you too, so much that it hurts when I think about when you weren’t there for me growing up” I said with tears of joy in my eyes and hugged him and kissed him, then Blaise carried me to the kitchen to get dinner.

          When I finally got my feeling back in my legs and was able to walk it was the best. I was dancing around the house I was so happy.  It has been about 4 days before I was able to fully walk again. Before anyone woke I was in the back gaming room it was around 6:30 am, I conjured the back wall in to a mirror and started to stretch. It was about 7 am when I turned on the stereo and went into my routine from hip hop ballet combination. I felt so free to finally be able to move myself again, and then I stumbled. “Argh why can’t this right again, I only did this routine… wow a month ago I didn’t think it was that long”

Severus’ POV

As I watched Aura try and try again doing her dance routine, it brought a smile to my face how grown up my little girl was. As I watched her I noticed she was still stumbling. She let herself rest a bit and lifted her shirt up and looked at her scar she insisted Poppy to leave. She was tracing her scar when she looked up and smiled.

“Daddy how long have you been standing there?” Aura walked over to me and pulled me into a hug “oh I think about an hour, watching you try and perfect your routine, you are a very beautiful dancer sweetheart, but just remember that you are still recovering. I also had a surprise for you, Dumbledore is adding a new subject to the year” “oh really what is and will I be able to take it?” she asked excitedly “well it’s a dancing class, and yes as long as you promise me and everyone else that you will take your time and not push yourself. All the teacher know what has happened but only on a need to know biases.” I told her “Yay I can’t believe there is going to be a dancing class at Hogwarts I can’t wait” she danced around me jumping for joy. “Ok why don’t we go and get some breakfast, everyone is bound to be waking up” I said to her. She danced her way back to the kitchen and ran right into Draco, Ginny and Blaise knocking them down as well as herself.

“OMG, I’m so sorry, are you ok?” Aura said franticly.

“Ha-ha, its ok we are fine, what were you doing anyway?” Blaise laughed and Draco and Ginny nodded while laughing. “Um…. Nothing… dancing” Aura mumbled the last part. “Um ok, wait you dance?” all three blurted out confused.

“Wait Aura, doesn’t anyone know you can dance?” I questioned. She shook her head no, “I only dance when I have time, and that’s what I have been doing when I was still a Granger, when summer just started. I always went when I had enough time when Andrew wasn’t home for the day, or snuck out when he was home. He didn’t like me being out of the house for dancing Ava only paid for it and I have been spending my money that I got from her after her death to pay for it but Andrew found where I kept it in one spot and, took what he found and I only had enough for one more month” Aura said with her head down. “But I would like to show everyone what I can do but, dad as you saw I can’t get the routine to work, plus I pictured it with a few more people but, everyone at the dance school had audition routines to remember so I had to work with myself tweaking it to fit just me.” She looked up with a hopeful smile.

“Ginny and me can help” Blade said from the door way

“I’ll help to babe” Blaise said giving her a hug

“Ok it’s settled than you have 3 helpers unless Draco, Astoria, Asian and Luna want to help as well?” I said while looking at Draco which he nodded

“Of course I will help and Asian as well and I’m pretty sure Stori will too” Luna said with a big smile on her face. When Astoria and Asian finally woke up they were filled in and they both agreed.

“Well since the north Wing hall is in no used other than in the morning for Aura to dance alone and the game room which is never used I guess we will have to make the room as a dance studio and a bit bigger” Mia said after breakfast.

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