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The Time of Cupids by GryffindorGirl153
Chapter 3 : Booger Facials and Puppy Dog Faces
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The Time of Cupids
By: Gryffindorgirl153

Chapter Three

Potter and I stared at each other with wide eyes the size of golf balls. His younger brother had just caught us in an incredibly compromising position, which would of course lead to the involvement of the entire Potter/Weasley clan. How, in the name of Merlin, do I manage to get myself in situations like these?

Oh yeah. I have a best friend who’s a cupid, the bane of my existence is the one and only James Potter II, and one of my best girlfriends is Dominique Weasley. That’s how.

One I finally regained full control of my own body, I immediately jumped about five feet away from Potter. I ended up awkwardly standing by the foot of his bed, while Potter, being the repugnantly imperturbable guy that he is, simply sat up and ran his hand through his hair.

How the bloody hell could he be so nonchalant about everything?

Both his and my life is about to go to shit, and he’s simply sitting there, ruffling his bloody annoyingly perfect hair.

Well.. it does look incredibly soft… Damn, I just want to run my hands through it. It’s sticking out at odd angles as usual, but as I focused my eyes on his unruly hair, I couldn’t help but notice how it made him look even more attractive..

What the shit.

I find it incredibly strange that I can completely go off on such a large tangent, completely forgetting about how mortified I should feel at the moment.

While I was being the little love sick idiot that I was, imagining running my fingers through Potter’s seemingly soft hair, the other Potter stared at us with bewilderment. “Wha—ho—hang o—no—whe—I thought you two hated each other!” he stuttered as he pointed at both Potter and I with his forefinger. “Oh my Merlin! Lily won’t believe this!” before I could even stop him with my amazing Quidditch reflexes, Albus ran out of the seventh year boys’ dormitories and disappeared down the stairs.

I stupidly pointed to his retreating figure, while my head slowly turned towards Potter. “Is—is he really going to tell Lily?”

Potter scowled, completely ignoring my question. He sat up and quickly followed Albus out the door and down the stairs into the common room. I was left standing alone in the middle of his dormitory, staring blankly at the empty space of the doorway. It took about thirty seconds for me to realize how stupid I was for simply standing in an empty dormitory.

I quickly ran down the staircase and into the common room where I found Potter hovering over his siblings who were perched on an armchair by the fireplace. I slowly approached the Potters, slightly afraid of the information Albus had already divulged to his younger sister. With each step, I watched Lily’s face turn from indifferent to completely surprised and giddy. She began squealing behind the hardcover book in her hand as she looked from Albus to James and back to Albus. Once I cam into view, her eyes widened even more, along with the grin that spread across her face.

“What is wrong with you, you bloody wanker?” Potter demanded, glaring at Albus. “You’re like a little girl, running to your littler sister with new gossip!”

I almost laughed.

“Why so secretive, James?” Albus teased back, grinning from ear to ear.

While the siblings continued to argue, all I could do was stand by Potters’ side awkwardly, not knowing what to say at all. “Er—“ I attempted, but no one bothered to pay attention. “Uh, guys?” I was still ignored.

“Hey Lils, Albus, James; how goes it?” Oh yeah, pay attention to Hugo when he comes by, but not me? I see how it is. Just because I’m not a Potter or a Weasley, the things I have to say is just completely irrelevant when it comes to arguments such as these.

“James and Vicky are finally dating!” Lily exclaimed, pointing to both Potter and I. “After years, they’re finally together!” she squealed excitedly. “Albus just found them snogging in his dorm!”

We were not snogging!

“We were not snogging!” I cried indignantly. No matter how much I wanted to opposite to be true, there was still a little bit of myself left in my brain, and that little part was enough for me to tell Lily the truth before it spread even further.

Hugo’s eyes widened as they shifted back and forth, from Potter and then back to me. “No freaking way!” he exclaimed with such excitement and galore, that I might have just puked on the spot if it were not for the arrow stuck to my arse feeding me lies about my own feelings for Potter.

“What’s going on?” Louis Weasley approached the little circle that was a small portion of his family, probably sensing that there was something interesting going on between his cousins. “Sup, Hugh?” he asked, accompanied with a Louis-like head-nod.

“James and Vicky are dating!” Hugo exclaimed, informing Louis of the little lie that seemed to have put all these children on their toes.

Since when were little fourth years interested in their older cousins’ relationship status?

Not that he’s in a relationship or anything...

Not that I want to be in a relationship with him.. No, definitely not!

“No, Hugo!” I interjected before Louis could say anything more. I felt my anger sky rocketing. “We’re n—n—n—no—not da—ating!”

Seriously? This arrow isn’t even letting me tell the truth?

This is ridiculous.

“Look at Vicky all shy, trying to hide it.” Lily cooed, as if she were speaking to a baby of mere months.

I turned towards Potter for the second time, and noticed that he seemed to have given up in trying to defend his nonexistent relationship status like I had expected him to. Instead, I simply saw that he hand left my side and had taken refuge on the red, velvet couch placed about five feet away. His elbows were propped up on his knees, and his face was buried in the depths of his palms. It seemed as though he felt that attempting to convince his family otherwise was a lost cause.

“What’s Vicky trying to hide?” Dom appeared on my left side. I almost jumped out of my own shoes when I saw her. Her blonde hair was wrapped around several large curlers, and there was a thick layer of green gunk spread across her face, steering clear of her eyes and lips.

“Dom, what the hell have you been doing?” I asked, completely forgetting about my Potter problems.

She gave me an expression that I couldn’t exactly decipher, probably because the green gunk that she applied on her face had hardened to the point where she could no longer move any part of her face properly. “I haf a date, remember?”

I stared at her for a good ten seconds, and so did the rest of her family. “Whut?”

I shook my head, and turned back to Lily. “Lily—er, guys. Po—Pot—James and I are not da—“

“What?!” Dominique exclaimed, grabbing my arm.

Her outburst surprised me as her loud voice blared through my ear. “You’re dating my cousin?!” she screeched. I looked at her face, and noticed that the green mask had cracked in several places because of her sudden outburst and change in facial expression.

The common room went quiet. Dead quiet.

I could hear the fly zooming around my head.

Gee, thanks Dom.

Several faces turned towards our little powwow in the middle of the common room, and all we could do was stare back. I felt like a tiny bug under a gigantic microscope.

“What are you all looking at?” Dom barked sourly. The rest of the Gryffindors immediately turned their heads back to their laps, resuming their previous conversations or focusing on their unfinished homework. Whatever the did, they continued to tune us out, probably afraid that Dominique was going to eat them or something.

Now that I think of it, half of these people—the boys mainly—could just be staring at Dominique and her cracked, green face.

“Dom,” Louis spoke up, breaking the silence as he stared at his sister. “Have you no shame?” he asked incredulously. “How could you just come down looking like that?”

Dom rolled her eyes. “Honestly, its as if none of you have seen a girl with a facial mask on her face.”

Louis rolled his eyes, and leaned against the back of the armchair Lily was sitting on. “That’s no reason for you to parade around the common room like that! Merlin Dominique, you’re so embarrassing.”

Albus snickered from beside Hugo.

“Wazgoinon?” My attention turned to the approaching voice and I found Fred Weasley walking towards us with his hands stuffed into the pocket of his trousers. His girlfriend, Rhiannon McKenzie trailed behind him with a book opened in her hands. “Rhi, seriously, stop reading while you’re walking. You’re going to damage your eyes.”

“Hehe, look at Freddie being such a sweet boyfriend.” Dom teased, grinning widely.

Fred lifted his gaze and looked at his older cousin. “Jesus Dom!” he exclaimed, holding his hands in front of him in defense. “What’s on your face?”

“Har, har.” Dom bit back, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “Now, back to what we were previously discussing.”

“Did it by any chance have to do with why your face looks like a booger?” Fred asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

I watched as Rhiannon elbowed him in the ribs, followed by a threatening glare.

Man, this boy was whipped.

“You!” Dom surprised me once more by grasping my arm tightly, and pointing her perfectly polished finger at my face. “You’ve got a lot of explaining to do! When were you planning on telling me that you and my cousin were dating?!” she demanded, shaking me slightly.

“Hang on!” Fred exclaimed, his arms unfolding from in front of his chest. “Vicky, you and Albus are dating? I didn’t really take you for a cougar..”

“What?!” Albus exclaimed resentfully. “We are not dating!”

“Who’s not dating?” Oh, Hello Tyler. Perfect timing. I was beginning to think that this little gossip group was short a few heads. Please, feel free to join us while we discuss the fact that I am apparently now taken as a cougar. “Better question. Who is being accused of dating?”

“Then you and Hugo?” Fred asked, his eyes growing wider.

Wow .. these Weasley’s were a bit more thick than I thought.

“Way to ignore me guys.” Tyler pouted, shuffling to the seat next to Potter. “Christ, Dom.” His voice sounded surprised as he caught sight of the blonde standing in front of him.

“Doesn’t she look like a booger?!” Fred cried, hoping to find another person to take his side in the matter.

Tyler chuckled, but didn’t laugh loudly like he normally would. Instead, he cowered back against the couch under Dominique’s glare.

“Mate, she’s almost four years older than I am.” Hugo replied exasperatedly. “And no, it’s not Louis.”

“No.. James?” His jaw dropped down to the red carpet. “But you two—Never in my life have I ever seen you two have a civilized conversation!”

“They were snogging in James’ dorm just now.” Lily informed him.

How many times have I said that we were not snogging?!

“Way to go mate.” Tyler grinned, slapping his hands against Potter’s broad shoulders. “I always knew it would happen some day.”

Am I the only one who has never seen this?!

I looked at Potter, and saw that he was still in the position I had left him in a couple of minutes before. How could he just sit there? How could he not even bother to defend himself against this ridiculous lie?

“You two were snogging?!” Another shriek clawed its way through my ears.

The common room went silent again, and all heads turned towards us. “Mind ya business, nosy sods.” Dominique barked again. “Would you mind telling me what’s going on?” she asked.

“No Dom—Potter and I are not dating. We were not snogging either.” I answered dryly. “Albus seemed to get the wrong impression when he saw us on—er.. discussing something earlier.”

“Discussing something my arse!” Albus exclaimed. “You were on top of him!”

I suddenly felt heat rise up my neck, filling my cheeks. I discreetly shook my hair closer to my face in attempt to hide the blatant blush that has crept up on me. How could I fight my way out of this one? Albus clearly saw Potter and I on his bed. He clearly saw me straddling Potter. What was I going to tell him? ‘Hey Al, the truth is, Desmond is a Cupid and he shot me with an arrow that made me fall in love with your brother. Now I have no choice but to follow him around hopelessly professing my love over and over again until he accepts me.’

“Dom,” Potter’s voice broke through my thoughts along with the sentence forming on the tip of Dominique’s tongue. “That’s enough.” His voice was surprisingly assertive enough to get Dom to stop in her tracks, and stare at James.

For the first time since this little friendly discussion of ours started, Potter stood up and tightly wrapped his hand around my wrist. He then proceeded to drag me away from his family, and back up the staircase we came from. “Potter, what are you doing?” I asked hastily, trying my best to keep up with his fast legs. His hand was wrapped tightly around my wrist, causing my skin to burn against his. “Po—James!” I exclaimed.

He walked into his dormitory, pulling me inside with him before he shut the door and locked it with a spell. “What did you drag me all the way up here for?” I asked.

“It’s pointless to convince them different.” Potter told me indifferently, running his hands through his hair again as his jaw muscles tightened. His hair.. his face.. how could he be so attractive? ldkjloaksdl. Excuse my minor spaz.

“For years, they’ve been thinking that something’s bound to happen between us. They won’t believe anything different—well, Dom would, but the rest…” he trailed off.

Well.. that was definitely something I wasn’t expected. All Potter and I ever did the past few years was bicker like there was no tomorrow. How could any of the Potters/Weasley’s expect anything more than enemies?

“What are you saying, Potter?”

He smirked bitterly. “Say hello to your new boyfriend.”

Er.. whut?


To clarify a few hazy aspects of my now incredibly fake relationship with Potter: neither of us wanted it. Desmonds arrow may have wanted us to be in some sort of doomed-from-the-start relationship, but not me—no, definitely not me. This boy is the bane of my freaking existence. I hate him—no, scratch that. I abhor him, with every single bone in my body.

Which is why it was incredibly unfortunate that I am not able to express my hate for this boy, all because of a certain Cupid sitting across the table, within arms reach. That means if I reach over just a little bit, I could shatter his nose with my fist.

If only.

“Why hello Dominique, where’s your little mask of horror this morning?” Tyler asked nonchalantly as poured pumpkin juice into his goblet.

“Shut it, Ty.” Dom snapped viciously, wiping the sleep from her eyes. “I’m so not in the mood right now.”

Tyler stared at her for about ten seconds, while the rest of us simply waited for an outburst. “Dom,” Tyler began seriously, staring at her straight in the eye.

“What?” she snarled without looking up from her cup of coffee.

“Are you pmsing?” he whispered, loud enough for the four of us to hear.

“Idiot.” Desmond muttered under his breath.

“What?” Dominique asked in a low, daring tone.

Tyler glanced down at his food, but shifted his gaze back to her scrunched up-with-anger face. “Are, you, pmsing? You know, that one week of the month where girls get their.. you know.”

“Yes, I know what pmsing is, Tyler.” She retorted snappishly. “You know what, I find it incredibly disgusting how men always assume that girls are on the period whenever we’re angry. Did any of you boys ever stop and think ‘Nah, she’s not on her period, maybe I just pissed her off’.” And with that, Dom grabbed her bag and stormed out of the Great Hall in a huff.

Tyler then proceeded to turn to Layla expectantly, as if waiting for an answer.

Layla didn’t notice until about five-ten seconds later, until she sighed and reached for the pumpkin juice sitting in front of Tyler. “No, Ty, she’s not on her period. She’s just had a rough night.”

“What happened to her?” he asked, pressing closer against the edge of the table.

I’ve never seen a boy so excited for information about a girls’ life.

“Why are you so interested, Tyler?” Layla asked, smirking as she leaned closer against the table as well. “Are you—dare I say—worried about Dominique?”

Tyler scoffed in a manish way, and recomposed his posture. “Don’t make me laugh, Layla. I was simply curious.”

She nodded, but the mischievous smile on her face told us different. “Anyway, I advise you three to steer clear of Dom today, or at least be nice to her when you come across her.”

“Yes ma’am.” Desmond replied.

I flickered my gaze towards Potter who had surprisingly remained quiet for the entire conversation. He was slowly shoveling large amounts of food into his mouth while he occasionally took a sip or two from his pumpkin juice, before he continued his love affair with the silver fork in his hand.

I watched as his jaw tightened when he chewed. I stared at him for a while as I attempted to venture a guess on what he was thinking—what was hidden behind the blank expression on his face. He seemed to have felt my eyes on his, which would explain why he raised his gaze from his plate, and shifted it in my direction.

Well.. isn’t this awkward.

I quickly shifted my gaze and continued eating my breakfast, as if it was what I have been doing this entire time. Potter did the same, and we were both back to square one: sitting in our own awkwardness.

I wasn’t surprised that news about Potter and I spread like wildfire. In between last night’s events and this mornings’ breakfast, almost every single student in the castle has heard that James Potter and I were now officially dating. Hell, I’m pretty sure that even the Professors heard the oh-so-lovely news before they even reached their seats on the staff table. Several girls were huddled up together on all four tables, gossiping relentlessly about the latest who’s-dating-who, and other garbage that the rest of the bleeding world could care less about. Honestly, I never cared much for gossip, even if they were about me. I could easily deal with girls whispering in each other’s ear about how I woke up stark naked in the middle of the common room after a wild party the night before, where I most likely ended up sleeping with a random boy (which is a horrendous lie, by the way). But this time—no, you see this time; the rumors were not just about me. They were about Potter AND me. Emphasis on the ‘and’.

The sound of owls hooting brought my attention away from James and towards the ceiling. I watched as the owls swooped through, carrying letters or various packages in their beaks. However, once I realized what I was doing, I quickly turned my head away from the owls, feeling silly for suddenly realizing that there was a small sliver of hope in my chest that I would receive a letter from my family, or at least one from my sister.

Ever since I’ve become of age, my parents hadn’t bothered to contact me at all, which would explain my surprise once an owl dropped a letter on my plate, entirely covering my breakfast. However, as I stared at the enveloped, I noticed the Potter seal stamped on the opening, and my heart immediately sank. “Er,”

Before I could even pick up the letter, Potter snatched it from my plate. “That ruddy bird is useless.” He muttered under his breath, as he ripped the envelope open.

Even owls have the capability to fool me.

How bloody perfect.

His eyes scanned the letter, and his eyes slowly widened with each passing word. “LILY!” My heart literally jumped right out of my chest as his voice boomed through the Great Hall while he frantically searched for his younger sister. “LILY! Get your arse here right now!”

Several heads turned our way, and the majority of the chatter in the Great Hall had dissipated upon Potters outburst.

“What does the letter say?” Desmond asked curiously, snatching the letter right out of Potters’ hands.

While he quickly skimmed through the letter, Lily grudgingly approached her brother. I could tell that she was not a morning person. Her hair was slightly tousled and there were dark circles beneath her eyes. Her hand was currently buried in her mess of red hair as she scratched her head absentmindedly, possibly to try to find out why she was in the Great Hall so early in the morning. “What?” she spat with great annoyance hinted in her voice.

“How many times must I tell you to keep your nose out of my bloody business? At least have the decency to refrain from telling mum!” he snapped through gritted teeth.

Lily blinked several times. “What on earth are you talking about James?” she asked groggily.

“I’m talking about mum’s letter, you little bint!” Potter snatched the letter back from Dominique’s hand, and shoved it into Lily’s face. “Explain this!”

It was then that I realized that Dominique was trying her best not to burst out into fits of laughter. I was suddenly extremely curious as to what was written in that letter…

Potter waited until a smirk appeared on Lily’s face till he grabbed the letter out of her hands and shoved it deep into the pockets of his trousers. “It’s bad enough that the blasted rumor is going around school. I don’t need mum and dad knowing about it as well!” he bellowed, flailing his arms around wildly.

Sigh. Potter was so… oddly sexy when he was angry.

The way his nose flared in such a cute manner; the way his ears would turn into a deep shade of red. The way his eyes would fire with anger—it was just all so… appealing, so attractive.

“Dear brother, are you still going on about that whole rumor bit?” Lily asked, running her hands through her hair. The infamous Potter smirk played on her lips as she stared down at James who was still seated on the bench in front of me.

The five of us watched the two siblings bicker for about ten minutes before Tyler finally cut in.

“Would any of you three mind telling us what the bloody hell was written in that letter?” he demanded, huffing slightly.

Dear Merlin. The rest of us stared, dumbfounded that this seventeen year old boy could be so incredibly oblivious.

“Mate.” Desmond began with a sympathetic look on his face. “You really need to start paying more attention.”

“You’re going to fix this, Lily!” Potter exclaimed as he completely ignored Tyler’s remark. “Owl mum right now and tell her that you’re an insane, compulsive liar!”

“I’ve got nothing to fix, big brother. Now if you’d excuse me, my breakfast is waiting for me.” Her red hair twirled behind her as she swiftly turned and walked down the aisle, back to where she was sitting with the rest of her Gryffindor friends.

“What the hell was that all about?” Tyler asked on the immediate moment that Potter exasperatedly turned back to us. “What’d your mum write?” he pressed further.

Yes Potter, enlighten us all. What did ol’Miss Potter write?

Potter scowled.



Excuse my spaz. Hehe.

“Lily, being the darling sister that she is, told her that Victoria and I are now dating. Mum expects her in the Manor for Christmas.”

Desmond cracked a grin.

I couldn’t help but crack one too.

The mother of the boy I’m currently in love with wants me over for the Holidays. Which means that I would get to spend more time with James! I love the tosser. Sue me.

Dear James,
I must say that I am rather disappointed that I heard about your new girlfriend from your sister. Your father and I have been anticipating this for a while, and it should have been you who first informed us. Nevertheless, even though we’ve already met Victoria several times, I expect you to bring her over for the Winter Holidays so that your father and I can formally meet her. You may bring the rest of your friends over as well, even though I know that you are already planning to with or without my consent. Oh this is so exciting! Finally, you and Victoria are dating! After years, and years of arguing, it has finally happened! My baby boy is all grown up! You best treat her right James. You won’t ever find another girl who’s as perfect for you as Victoria.
By the way, tell your brother that your father is raging mad that he stole his old broomstick, and tell Dominique that I found her missing rag doll hidden behind the couch in the attic. Give your cousins my love, and please keep your brother and sister out of trouble.

Love, Mum.

P.S. I’m buying you a new owl.

“Hey, look at the bright side.” Tyler said, grinning down at the letter as he read it over Desmonds’ shoulder. “At least you won’t have to worry about your parents liking your new girlfriend.”

He smiled.

So did I.

“Party at the Potters!” Tyler shouted, followed by a loud ‘whoop’.

Ugh, I barely survived the last Potter/Weasley party. The morning after I found myself sleeping behind a set of heavy curtains with my purse filled with puke, not to mention about forty-seven hickeys covering my entire body. I still have absolutely no memory of what happened the night before.



All heads turned to the back of the classroom where Alyssa Stone flailed her arms around wildly. I don’t see how flailing one’s arms around wildly would help put out the fire that has accumulated in one’s brow. But hey, if she thinks it will do the trick.

“Miss Stone!” Professor Slughorn boomed from the front of the class. “How many times have I told you not to experiment on your potions? To the Hospital Wing!”

The universe must love me today. Guess who is now partner-less.

That’s right. Potter.

Guess who is in need of a partner.

Yeah. Me.

“Mr. Potter, go work with Miss. Rose.” Slughorn instructed as he pointed to where I sat.

The entire class made a serious of ‘ooo’s’ and ‘aahs’. Seriously guys, what are we, five?

Nevertheless, I slumped over the table and began banging my head against the wooden desk. “Fuck my life.” I muttered quietly to myself. “Fuck my life. Fuck my life. Fuck my life. Fuck my life. Fuck my life. Fuck my life. Fuck m—”

“Where’s your partner?”

I immediately sat up in an upright position, and my eyes instantly landed on Potter. He was already sitting on the seat behind me, lounging back in his chair. His arms were folded behind his head, and his feet were propped up against the surface of the desk. How could he look so good without even trying…

“He—er—he’s in the hospital wing. No one knows what happened to him.” I answered with a stutter. “I think he’s slightly embarrassed to tell people what really happened.”

Potter smirked suspiciously.

“You wouldn’t have anything to do with it.. would you?”

He didn’t answer, he merely smirked. He smirks. The arsehole smirks. Is that all he knows how to do? To smirk?

But Merlin, he looks hot doing it.

“Shouldn’t you get started on our potion?” the smirk was wiped from his face, replaced with a demanding look as he stared at me expectantly.

I stared right back at him. “Don’t you mean, shouldn’t we get started on our potion?”

“You’re better at potions than I am.”

“We’re still partners, Potter. And partners work together in order to get the work done.” I snapped.

“I’m well aware of what partners do, Vicky.” He told me exasperatedly.

“Then why are you still on your arse, James?” I questioned, raising an eyebrow.

He was suddenly on his feet, towering over me. Abruptly, i found him standing incredibly close to me, and it was only then that I noticed how he has been taken slow, steady steps in my direction. Upon instinct, I took a step back, hitting the edge of the table.

It was difficult to decipher the look in the depths of Potters’ eyes. Was it curiosity? No—was it.. desire?

Haha I almost made myself laugh with that one.

He continued advancing towards me, his green eyes never once leaving mine. Eventually, his hands came in contact with the edge of the desk, and I found myself trapped in between his arms. “Is this better, Vicky?”

His face seemed to be inching closer and closer. Soon enough, I would be able to feel his breath on my face. Just a little more…

My heart was bounding so loudly, to the point where it was the only sound that filled my ears. Half of my body was itching to shove him away, and to stick his fat head up his own arse, while the other half, waned him to close the gap in between our bodies.

“Potter! Rose!” Slughorn exclaimed from the front of the room. “Back to your potion!”

To my surprise, Potter smirked before he pushed himself away and began walking towards the storage cabinet.

Curse that Potter.


“Vicky,” Desmond whined, tugging at my arm. “Pretty please with a sugar quill on top?”

I rolled my eyes at his childishness. “No, Des.” I told him sternly as I tried my best to focus on the book opened on my lap.

“Please,” He whined relentlessly. “Please, please, please, pretty please? I’ll do your homework for a month.”

“Des, you barely do your own homework.” I informed him.

“Yes, but I would do yours if you do this small, itsy-bitsy favor for me.” He grinned cheekily as he pressed both his hands together in a pleading manner. “Please, Vicky, please, please, please, please, please.”

I sighed exasperatedly and shut my book, ready to give Desmond a full blown lecture on how bloody annoying he could be. I loved this boy to death, but sometimes he needed to know when to shut that gigantic hole in the middle of his face. For the past fifteen-minutes, he has been begging me to rejoin the Quidditch team and put the rest of the out of their misery.

I turned towards him, and realized that he had put on his infamous puppy dog look. “Ugh, Des.” I groaned, looking away from the cuteness. “Stop it.”

“Stop what?” he questioned, his tone pure of innocence.

I focused my eyes on the amateur chasers flying around, trying to get the quaffle into one of the three hoops on either side of the Pitch. Potter was hovering around the left side of the pitch, over the tallest hoops. I was not able to see his face, but by his body motions, I could tell that he was not happy.

“C’mon Vicky,” Des continued, tugging on my arm lightly. However, this time, there was something genuine in his voice. “Look at the poor bloke.” He said, turning towards the pitch. “We’ve got a game coming up, and none of these chasers have made a goal in the past twenty minutes. Dom still won’t join, but even so—you’re still better than she is.”

“They’re not entirely terrible…” I trailed off, trying to find a chaser that showed even an ounce of prominent skill. “Look! Number fourteen was close enough to make a goal. Peter’s keeping skills have just improved over time.”

I caught Desmond rolling his eyes. “Please.” He scoffed. “We both know that Peter isn’t that great at keeping. We’re basically relying on the offense of the chasers and the defense of the beaters and chasers to win the game. It’s not much, but we do have James, the best seeker in Hogwarts.”

I sighed, and turned back to tryouts. Tyler and Fred were hitting around a bludger as they lazily zoomed around the pitch as if they were playing a game of catch. Layla was aiding the newbie’s around the pitch, playing along with them. Well, she was basically playing on a one man team, considering how terrible the other players were. They could barely stay on their own broomsticks.

“You can’t seriously leave us with one of those players.” Des said.

I growled, getting annoyed. “Shouldn’t you be over there, helping Layla out? She’s basically playing by herself.”

He shrugged. “Nah.” He said, lounging back against the bleachers. “Maybe if they had a bit skill, maybe. Layla can handle this. Besides, James sent me up he—“ Desmond suddenly stopped in his tracks as his eyes widened. “Er—He sent me up here because I was pestering him about having a new girlfriend. He didn’t want me bothering him while he held tryouts.”

I stared at Desmond. “Smooth.” I commented. “Real smooth.”

So, either I swallow my pride and save my team from further embarrassment, or I sit back and watch them flounder. Why does everything have to be so hard?



Fine. Ugh. I hate my life.

“Looks like I have to do everything around here.” I muttered under my breath as I stood up and reached for Desmonds broomstick.

“Oi!” Desmond exclaimed. “Where are you going?”

I ignored him and mounted his broomstick before kicking off the stands and making my way towards Potter. It was amazing to feel the wind through my hair. For the first time since I was forced to fall in love with Potter, I felt free. I felt that there was nothing pushing me to feel a certain way about anyone, and it felt bloody amazing.

But of course, Potter’s extremely large head had to ruin it.

The fluttering feeling in my stomach took me off guard as I neared Potter. The last time I felt butterflies in my stomach was the first time I took off on my broomstick when I was eleven years old. Now, I couldn’t seem to shake the feeling, no matter how much I swooped up and down on Desmond’s boom.

“Hey,” was the only thing I could think of saying once I approached Potter. My mind seemed to have jumbled itself up into tight knots, and my stomach felt as though I was about to barf up everything I ate for breakfast. I swallowed several times, hoping that it would remove the horrid feeling of butterflies fluttering around in my stomach. God, I wanted to barf. This was sickening. The feeling of loving someone was sickening. I take one look at Potter, and I suddenly feel like I would just in front of a Cruciatus curse for him. This is definitely not normal. People in love are mad. Bloody fucking mad. “How are try outs going?”

He sighed heavily, and ran his hand through his hair. “Wonderful.” Potter replied with scorn. He turned around to face me, and that was the first time I noticed how badly stress was wearing him down. “Just bloody great. What happened to all the Quidditch Players in the world?” he said, muttering the last part to himself.

“I have a deal for you.” I offered, ignoring the rapid increase of my heartbeat. He ignored me. Of course he ignored me. Arseholes ignore me. And Potter classifies as an arsehole. “It’s in your best interest to at least listen to me, Potter.” I snapped.

Finally, he sighed and turned around. “What?” Potter demanded. “What could you possibly offer me at this point?”

I glared at him, but nevertheless, I attempted to control my anger, stuffing it back down my throat. “I’ll come back to the team.”


“You heard me.” I said. “I’ll come back to the team.”

He stared at me for a while before saying, “Where does your little deal play in?”

“I’ll come back to the team, IF,” I paused and looked at him. Honestly, when I jumped off the bleachers on Desmond’s broomstick, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t have a plan when I decided to fly over to Potter and offer a deal. I was a crazy woman on a broomstick with an arrow from a Cupid stuck up my arse, and it was that arrow that compelled me to say the next few words. “You go on a date with me.”

Holy shit, what the fuck?


“W—what?” he sputtered.

“Go on a date with me, and I’ll re-join the team.”

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