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Dismantle. Repair. by MakeMeAMalfoy
Chapter 3 : Inevitable
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A/N: Hey guys! Sorry, I know it was longer for this update than it was for the previous chapter. I’ve got a load of school work (mostly a 12-page paper), but after this week I’m mostly free. So hopefully, the next few chapters will be coming up faster. Anyway, here it is! Hope you guys like it! :)

Hermione’s head snapped up as she heard the voice that shouted her name. It was a voice she would recognize anywhere, and a voice that she’d been waiting to hear since she left The Burrow. She turned in the direction of the voice and smiled widely when she saw Ron Weasley, the boy she’d been in love with since their sixth year. He returned her smile and smile and quickened his pace to get to her sooner. When he reached her, he pulled her in and hugged her tightly. She wrapped her arms around his waist and sighed happily as he kissed her forehead quickly and muttered, “Finally.” They stood with their arms around each other until they heard someone clear their throat loudly and another voice laugh. Hermione pulled away from Ron and grinned at the couple standing behind him.

“Harry! Ginny! It’s so good to see you both,” she cried, hugging both of them in turn. “Though I still don’t understand why you finally made your move after I left. I hate that I missed history in the making,” she joked to Harry.

“At least he finally did it. Imagine how relieved I was,” Ginny laughed, joining in the teasing.

“Very funny. Believe it or not, I needed more courage doing that than I needed fighting Voldemort,” Harry added. Even Ron, who blanched at the thought of Harry ‘making a move’ on his sister, laughed at Harry’s comment.

“Congratulations, you two. I’m really happy for you,” Hermione said.

“Thanks ‘Mione,” they replied at the same time. “Oh! Congratulations to you too! For being Head Girl,” Ginny added. Ron hugged her again and kissed her cheek. “I’m so proud of you, ‘Mione. I know it’d be you.”

Hermione blushed lightly and smiled at her boyfriend and two friends. “Thanks, guys. I’m so happy. I’ve wanted this since I was 11!”

“And you deserve it,” Ginny told her. “Any more ideas who Head Boy might be?” Hermione frowned and shook her head. “Just that one. I thought he might be here by now, but he’s not. I figured he’d put his things in the Heads compartment before we usher everyone else, like I’m doing. I suppose I’ll just find out when we meet in our compartment.”

Harry’s eyebrows shot up when Hermione said ‘just the one’, and he opened his mouth to comment but Ron started talking first. “It’s too bad we don’t know who the smartest boy in our year is. I never bothered to find out because I always thought Harry would be Head Boy. I guess Dumbledore thought you deserved a break this year, mate,” he said to Harry. “Well whoever he is, he’s a lucky git, isn’t he. Gets to practically live with you for a whole year, Hermione,” he continued bitterly, turning to his girlfriend. “He better not try anything with you though, or else he won’t be so lucky anymore.”

Hermione, Ginny, and Harry laughed. “Be careful your wand’s not broken, yeah? We don’t want you spewing slugs again,” Ginny teased, causing Hermione and Harry to laugh even more. Ron’s ears turned a light shade of red and he scowled at his little sister. “I’ll make you eat slugs instead –” he started to retort, before Ginny interrupted him, “If you weren’t so terrified I’d cast the Bat Bogey Hex on you.”

In the midst of their laughter, Ginny grinned at her older brother. “I’m just kidding, Ron. You know how much fun I have trying to annoy you. Anyway, Hermione, who else do you think it could be?”

“Wait. What do you mean by ‘who else’? And earlier, by ‘just the one’? ” Harry asked. “Have you got theories already, ‘Mione? I suppose I wouldn’t be surprised if you did.” Hermione shrugged. “I’ve actually got more than theories. I’ve got a really, really nasty feeling I already know who it is.”

“Who? And how come you told Ginny but not me? Or Harry?” Ron asked, frowning at Hermione.

“Because I knew you’d freak out, Ron. And I didn’t want you or Harry going off and doing something stupid, which I’m sure you would’ve done. And Ginny thinks so too,” Hermione replied. “You’re not going like who I think the Head Boy is, anyway.”

“She’s probably right about that, Weasel” A cold and unfortunately familiar voice said from behind them.

Draco smirked as all four Gryffindors turned to face him at the sound of his voice. To his surprise though, they all had different reactions to him being there. Potter and Weasel, unsurprisingly, glared at him with scowls on their faces. The Weasley girl stared at Granger, who sighed as if in defeat.

“What are you doing here, Malfoy?” Harry asked angrily, his hand already inching towards the wand in his coat pocket.

“I’m not here to pick a fight with any of you, so don’t even bother getting your wand.” Draco replied. “I just thought that Granger, who I’m assuming is Head Girl, would like to know who she’s going to be working with for the next year. And here I am.” He spread his arms as if presenting himself, and smirked at Ron. “Assuming she thought I would be Head Boy, then she’s right, isn’t she Weasel? You’re not going to like it.” Draco then turned to Hermione. “Congratulations to us, Granger. There’s no better tandem for Head Boy and Girl, don’t you think?” He asked, sarcasm dripping into his voice.

“Couldn’t agree more, Malfoy. I’m thrilled.” Hermione retorted with equal sarcasm, rolling her eyes.

At that moment the train whistled, signaling that it would be departing in five minutes. “We’d better get going then, Granger. Don’t want to shirk our first duty, do we?” Draco smirked.

“Wipe that smirk off your face Malfoy,” Hermione replied, as she turned to levitate all her luggage into their compartment. That was when Hermione noticed the look on her friends faces. Ron and Harry had paled at the thought of Malfoy living so close to Hermione; Ginny simply looked apprehensive. Hermione sighed. “You guys should go find a compartment before they’re all taken. I’ll meet up with you after I’ve gone to the Heads compartment. And then Ron, Harry, I promise I’ll tell you everything I told Ginny.”

Harry nodded in agreement, still too shocked to say anything. Ron looked like he was about to argue, before Ginny pulled him away. “Ron, let’s just go. She said she’ll explain and she will, just not now. You just have to wait.” Hermione shot her a look of thanks as she continued to drag her brother away.

“Right then, you take the front half of the train; I’ll take the back half,” Draco said before turning his back on Hermione and walking towards his end of the Hogwarts Express, not bothering to wait for a reply. “I hope he doesn’t think he’s going to be ordering me around like that the whole year!” Hermione thought to herself.

“Out of all the things I could be right about, why did it have to be my suspicion that Draco Malfoy would be Head Boy?” she muttered quietly, before walking off to fulfill her first duty as Head Girl – to usher the rest of the Hogwarts students onto the train.
A/N: So! How do you guys like it? I know this chapter is shorter than the previous one, but Draco’s revelation of himself as Head Boy can’t really be dragged out and so I decided to make it straightforward. :)
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE rate and review. I’ve had plenty of reads for the prologue and chapter 1, but only one review. :( It really encourages me to write when I read reviews, so please do review! :) I’ll respond to every single one, whether it’s good or bad.
Stay tuned for the next chapter! Like I said, I’ve got it outlined so it won’t take me long to type and get up for validation. Anyway! Stay tuned! :D

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