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Harry Potter and the Ravenclaw Progeny by HarryGinny05
Chapter 26 : Chapter 25: Flame of the Phoenix
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“Reducto!” Ginny shouted as she cursed a werewolf that jumped toward her. For a moment the wolf was suspended in mid air and illuminated in a red light before it was hurled back towards its pack. Ginny and the others had agreed to herd the werewolves’ to the stronghold’s ballroom where they could defeat them all in one go. So they had calmly apparated in different points in the stronghold, their purpose: to get the werewolves to follow them. Bill, George and Fleur were left in the tunnel to explain to Mr. Weasley what happened to Ron.

“Damn!” Cho Chang shrieked as two werewolves jumped at her. Only her strong shield protected her and she was forced to back down as the wolves clawed at her invisible shields. “Get away from me!” She screamed, her shield exploding and cutting down the wolves near her into piece.

“Save some for me!” Susan Bones ran passed Cho Chang, with two werewolves behind her. Honestly, she questions why Ginny had chosen her and most of all, Cho Chang as her team: an auror who would willingly follow Harry anywhere, perhaps a little too willingly and a socialite who is head over heel over him.

Cho Chang took down another werewolf by blowing its heart out in a shower of fur and blood.

“Can you beat that, Weasley?” Susan Bones laughingly blasted another werewolf. “I think she could make a run for Harry’s heart.”

“It’s Potter.” Ginny’s eyes turned green, mimicking Harry’s and shot greet lights that turned three wolves into stone. “And she’s not even much of a challenge and neither are you.”

Susan was left opened mouthed as Ginny jumped, landed on top of a wolf and blasted its head off before jumping away and on to her next target.


“I think I prefer to be out there fighting death eaters than werewolves” Draco drawled as he drilled into a werewolves’ chest. “The life expectancy of the people inside here is a little bit low.”

“Shut up, Malfroy.” Hermione grumbled though only half heartedly as she applied a freezing charm against a wolf. Michael Corner shattered the frozen wolf with a well aimed blasting charm. “We need to move fast, they are too many and too big for us to keep this up.”

“Afraid of getting your hands dirty, Granger?” Ritchie Cootes and Jack Sloper ran passed her and decapitated a wolf with a simultaneous slashing of their wands. Behind them Oliver and Demelza disapparated in mid jumped, probably going into their assigned territory.

“This is our territory!” Draco grumbled as he ducked and threw a reducto curse at a lunging wolf.

“Pay attention!” Hermione slammed against Draco and saving him from a wolf’s bite. Hermione immediately stood up and sent a strong blast of wind against the wolf. “Do you have a death wish or something?”

“Thanks.” Draco only murmured before running away to confront another wolf. Hermione can’t help but notice a blush on his cheek before he disappeared within the melee.


Outside, most death eaters had already retreated behind their master. Some were stupid enough to run into the direction of the vampires. They were all bitten and killed. Harry’s forces regrouped and stared hopelessly at the advancing forces. Dean had suffered a cut on his cheek while the Patil Twins both sports bleeding shoulders.

“Harry…” Seamus glanced at their leader who was still standing on top of his boulder.

“I’ll handle the dementors. Padma and Parvati will protect me and watch over the death eaters in case they do something stupid. The rest of you deal with the vampires. Use spikes and fires. If necessary conjure fiendfyre…”

“Harry, we got more problems!” Luna pointed at the bog pit in front of the stronghold. Dark shapes were emerging from it.

“Inferi.” Harry cursed under his breathe and looked at Damocles who smiled at him.

“You came here.” Damocles laughed. “It is your fault you are outnumbered.”

“You never know when help will be provided to those who need it.” He prayed that Ginny accomplished her task in saving the resistance. It is vital in his plan to finally reach Damocles.

“Harry…” Seamus caught his attention again. The dementors are nearing.

Harry raised his Elder Phoenix wand and silently thought of the happy moments he had shared with Ginny. Immediately, a bright, huge silver stag burst from its tip and surged toward the dementors with its head bowed down.

”Confringo!” The Patil Twins shouted while Luna and Katie sent a volley of arrows flying toward the vampires. Dean and Seamus turned to face the inferi and sent fiendfyre toward the living dead.

“Ginny, where are you?” Harry murmured even as Damocles smiled at him


“I can’t believe what I am seeing.” Mr. Weasley murmured upstairs on the veranda of the ball room. They had apparated after Bill had explained what happened to Ron. “Normally wizards would be no match for such big adversaries but look at your sister and the others. They are doing far better than I hoped.”

They have already converged on the ball room and were slowly backing down to the center of the ball room. Mr. Weasley and the other giving them air support.

“They are great, aren’t they?” Bill laughed as she hexed a wolf advancing on Susan Bones. He was glad that his father is sharing his optimistic attitude towards what happened to Ron.

“Yes, they are. But I am more interested in what happened to Ron.” Charlie said, glancing at his brother as he too blasted a wolf who simply shrugged of his spell before being taken down by Cho Chang. He can’t believe Bill just left Ron to be mauled by wolves but he knew now is not the time for confrontation. “And why does our spell not working as effective as theirs?”

“I think it is because Harry trained us.” George grinned as she took down a wolf with a single shot, irking Charlie more. “Somehow, his training strengthened our magical essence and in turn strengthening the effect of our spells. As for Ginny, well I can’t explain hers.”

“I think she and Harry are more connected than we can imagine.” Mr. Weasley watched in fascination as Ginny calmly stood in front of a rampaging wolf before hitting it with a drilling spell that left a fist-size hole in its chest. “As Harry grows stronger so does she.”

“Never seen such a pair.” Fleur conjured vines to tie down several wolves.


“I think we got all of them more or less…” Cho Chang muttered as they continue to back down from the werewolves’ onslaught. Ginny and the others were also backing down to the center of the ball room.

Susan Bones flew passed as Cho ducked out of her way. Susan was using her wand to propel her even as her left arm was trying to hold a werewolf at bay.

“We got…” George was about to jump down after her when the werewolf without its head was thrown up toward them. Bill and Fleur jumped out of the way while George pulled Mr. Weasley to the side.

“I believe she can handle herself.” Oliver Wood chuckled as Susan Bones zoomed passed them. Oliver and his Quidditch team had already clambered up the veranda and were also sending jinxes and curses against the hoards of werewolves. They had to admit, in terms of dueling, they can’t hold flame against the former DA members.

“They better hurry up.” Bill glanced nervously at the window as George kicked the wolf’s body over the veranda’s edge. “I think Harry’s need’s his back up now.”

Ginny was getting desperate too. She needs to finish the wolves fast. Harry’s plan rides on how fast she gets to the resistance.

“Chang!” Ginny shouted as she turned more werewolves into stone. “I want these wolves gone yesterday.”

“Bug off, Weasley!” Cho Chang rolled her eyes before jumping out of a werewolf’s way and driving a spike through its heart even before it could pounce back on her.

“It’s Potter!” Ginny smiled mischievously as she jumped up into a veranda. “Now!”

Draco magically locked all doors in the ballroom. He then magically reinforced all walls even as Hermione and the others jumped up to join Ginny in the veranda. Smirking, he casted a fiendfyre to the nearest wolf before jumping up.

To his horror, the burning wolf grabbed at his ankle and slammed him hard against the floor. He barely heard a scream somewhere up on the veranda as he fought against the darkness that was threatening to claim him. He rolled over, barely escaping the burning wolf’s massive paw.

He stood up swaying only to fall back as another wolf swiped him at the back, giving him three long burning sensation at the back. He fell on his knees even as he shook his head to clear it.

“This not how I die…” He muttered. Dimly, he is aware that other wolves are being taken down by spells raining from the veranda. The fiendfyre has also spread to other werewolves and the whole room was filled with howl of pain and frustration. He looked up, trying to clear his vision only to see a gaping snout. He valiantly tried to raise his wand but his hand seemed not to respond. “This is not the way I …”

Bright light filled his visions as a shield enveloped him and the wolf was thrown back with a huge hole for its face. He looked up to see Hermione standing over him protectively.

“Granger…” He whispered feebly.

“Shut up.” Hermione grabbed him by the shoulder and howled him up much to the complaint of his back. “We need to get back up there. The demon fire is spreading.”

“Just let me…” He wasn’t able to finish what he was saying as he felt a familiar pull in the navel. The next thing he knew, he was stumbling in the veranda.

“Ginny…” Hermione shouted

“He’ll be all right. But you need to help the others control the fiendfyre.” Ginny knelt beside Draco, turning him around to see his wounds better. As she healed him, she smiled wryly to herself. Hermione saving Draco would have been a ridiculous idea during their Hogwarts days but here they are now. Hermione had endangered herself to save the Slytherin who once called her mudblood.


Harry braced himself as the dark forces near their line of defenses. Dean and the others back away as the inferi and vampires walks closer them, trampling their dead as the Phoenix Army desperately throws hexes at them.

But surprisingly, Damocles raised her hand and the dark forces stopped in their tracks. Harry glanced at her questioningly.

“One last chance, Harry Potter.” Damocles spoke softly, her voice amplified by the sonorus spell. “Surrender yourself and I will spare your friends.

“Never!” The others shouted for Harry. “We’d die first before we let Harry surrender himself.”

“So be it!” As Damocles raised her hand, a lot of things happened at once. As the dark forces surged forward, red sparks flew to the sky from the resistance stronghold.



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